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Angela's Master

by Hudson©

The room was cold dark and damp it had been a long time since her master had invited her down into the cellar. Angela was excited by the prospect of what he had planned for her this evening; it made the hours of waiting worth it.

Angela’s shoulders ached from her hands being shackled high above her head, her knees trembled from her legs spread wide apart by the metal rod strapped to her ankles, her feet numb, hard-pressed against the squared toes of her ten inch black stiletto boots, she wriggled about trying to gain some relief, stopping every now and then to listen out for her master, knowing if he caught her she would endure a longer wait for her pleasure.

The coldness of the room was taking its toll on Angela’s body she shivered as the sharp bite of cold air circled her. Angela’s black PVC bra and crotchless panties did little to comfort her chill, she squeezed her buttocks tight trying to warm them as well as her shriveled pussy lips, her attempt was in vain as her legs were spread to wide to allow the comfort of such luxury.

Angela wanted to grab the chains above her head and lift her body weight off the ground. Only for a few seconds she thought, would give her the relief her body needed to gain another hour of stamina, however her master had shackled her close to the wall making it impossible for her to gain any sort of leverage.

Angela’s head hung low between her arms, her shoulder blades pointing upwards like angel’s wings. The tight blindfold repressed Angela’s sight; with this sense removed the other senses became more dominant. The musk stench from the brick wall irritated her nostrils, she used this like smelling salts when she thought she couldn’t bare anymore she took a deep breathe through her nose, and it was enough to jolt her mind.

The holes in her PVC bra exposed Angela’s pert breasts, her nipples ached from the coldness radiating from the damp bricks, and she could sense the closeness of the wall. Angela concentrated on her hardened nipples imagining them growing longer and harder being drawn towards the wall, she imagined them larger than reality would normally allow, fat, thick and as hard as steel, blushing bright red. Angela felt the warmthness between her legs as her pink tight lips moistened from the sensations she created in her mind.

Angela’s breasts tightened against their PVC restraint, as she urged her nipples to grow longer to touch the cold bare wall, she imagined them pushing forward. Her pussy opened to her imagination the heat generating her lips to swell and her clit to release itself from its cocoon. Angela’s hips swayed in motion her tongue running around her deep red painted mouth, her tits pushed forward begging her nipples to stretch a little more to touch the wall to fulfill their need. Angela imagined her hardened nipples edging closer they were just about to touch the cold hard wall.

“Stop what do you think you’re doing?” Her Masters deep voice echoed around the room.

At first Angela was confused she had not heard the door to the cellar open or close, then she realized her Master had been watching her for the long hours she had been restrained. Her mind snapping back to reality as the sound of leather paddled her panties, the sensation made Angela’s buttocks feel like ice cracking under stress, the second paddle’s sting released warmness across her soft skin giving her some relief.

Angela’s Master paused and she could hear the familiar jingling sound of him removing his heavy buckled thick stiff belt, Angela braced herself, her Master pausing long enough for Angela to relax. The first thwack surprised her as the heavy belt wrapped itself around her body, as her Master withdrew the belt the rough underside of it brushed over Angela’s left nipple, the sensation sending an explosion through her body as she erupted into orgasm. Angela bit her bottom lip she knew if she let out any sound he would leave and make her wait.

Thwack the second lashing hit her thighs, the stinging forcing Angela to stand upright, her Master pulled at the belt which had tightly wrapped itself around her taught legs, he pulled himself closer, she could feel his hot breath against her neck, she smiled from his touch. He pushed his groin into the small of her back she could feel how big he was, Angela wanted him deep in her, but she knew she dare not ask him. Angela’s Master wrapped his arms around her pushing his large member hard against her body, he cupped her breasts with his strong hands and manipulated her nipples between his fingers pulling and tugging at them, she wanted to cum again and she tried to rub her soddened pussy against his crotch but he had positioned her so that could not happen.

He released his grip and stood back. Angela felt the gentle touch of the nine tails as her Master brushed her pouted pussy lips with it. Angela pushed her arse outward exposing as much of her naked cunt to the whip as she could, as she did her Master drew the tails across her pink pussy with a hard slap. In her only way of defying her Master Angela pushed her cunt out further and once again received a slap, the flow of blood rushed to Angela’s pussy lips, the warmth almost unbearable. Her Master did not give Angela a chance to adjust to the feeling as he flicked the cat of nine tails over her lips once more and with his experienced hand draw back the leather whip in such a way it flicked Angela’s enlarged clit.

Angela clenched her fists around the chains that restrained them, fighting for control over her body, she could feel her clit hardening, growing; pushing out as far as it could reach. Angela’s mind and body had crossed the fine line of pain to pleasure her body ached and commanded more she wanted to be fulfilled. Her Master knew this and Angela could hear the chains above her head being lowered, at last Angela thought.

Her Master tied her hands to the restraints in the wall forcing her to lean forward; he then extended the metal rod between Angela’s ankles. Angela struggled at first with her leg spreader as she thought she could not widen her legs anymore, she soon became accustom as she felt her Master’s enormous cock probe the outside of her arse hole.

He placed the tip of his cock on the edge of her arse pushing ever so slowly teasing her. Angela pushed her arse closer but he moved away.

Angela’s cunt was aching dripping wet wanting to be filled, her Master grabbed her buttocks and spread them exposing her pink ring, and he ran his thumb along her crack again teasing her arse. Angela wanted him in any hole she just needed to be touched filled so that her want could be released.

Angela felt the tip of his cock rest against her pussy lips, she tried to squat, her restraints stopped her from doing so; her Master was in total control. He pushed his cock hard against her wanting hole, at first he struggled to enter her tight pussy, and then with a sudden rush his cock filled Angela’s cunt. The sensation sent Angela’s body into spasms as her orgasm erupted, he tightly held onto her hips as she bucked and when he knew she had settled down, started to slowly pump his cock up and down, increasing his pace every couple of minutes.

Angela pushed hard against her Masters cock she wanted to be fucked hard to feel him touch her inside as far as she could take, he responded with fast deep firm strokes his cock pounding Angela’s tight hot cunt. He slipped his thumb into her arse and thumb fucked her. Angela could feel her cunt stretch as his cock pushed deeper into her. Her Master made one final deep thrust and held his cock deep in her hot tight cunt, exploding inside her. The feel of his hot cum splashing the hot flesh inside her pussy sent tiny eruptions through Angela’s body her legs shook as her cunt tightened and spasmed around his cock. Her Master pinched and pulled her nipples drawing her pleasure out for as long as Angela could take, her hips bucked and pushed until she could take no more and begged for her release.

Her Master kept his cock inside of her until his erection subsided letting his jism slowly drip out of Angela’s pussy. Angela’s body involuntarily lurched forward when he finally withdrew. Angela felt his hot breath against her legs as he knelt down and unlocked her ankle restraints. He placed a chair behind her and kicked the metal rod from between her legs, Angela’s knees buckled as her legs were freed, and her buttocks slapped together as she sat down onto the chair. She felt her Master’s rough hands around her wrists as he untied them.

“Thank you Angela,” the deep voice of her Master announced, “you know the rules you can leave when you hear the bolt latch, the side door is open when you’re ready.”

Angela heard the metal latch slide across into its position and she hurriedly removed the blindfold her eyes squinted trying to adjust to the light although the room was dimly lit

she had been in total darkness for hours. Once her eyes had adjusted Angela looked around the room there as always were no traces of any of the event that had taken place over the last three hours, no whips, chains or restraints, only a large bowl of warm water and soap for her to cleanse herself. Angela took her time in washing her body and smiled at how her Master had neatly folded her clothes, she pulled on her short dress and noticed her panties missing; a wry smile came across her face as she whispered the words naughty.

Angela left by the side door and as always the black limousine was waiting for her. She looked up at the large house and caught a glimpse of her Master silhouetted against the light, not enough though to describe him, she opened the car door and sat inside, the windows blacked out so her Masters location remained a secret as would Angela’s as the Limo would deliver her to a car park where she left her car.

On the back seat of the limo was a small package addressed to Angela she opened it and inside was a pair of latex panties with rubber teeth in the crotch Angela hurried to pull them on, at first the latex panties caused some discomfort as the rubber teeth pushed against her swollen sore cunt, after a few minutes Angela’s clit and pussy adjusted to the sensation, she sat back in the seat and enjoyed the rest of the drive.

Angela smiled at the thought of her Master’s cheekiness and at what he had planned for their next meeting.


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Written by: Hudson

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