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Lustrum Academy for Troubled Youth Pt. 05

by PastelOrange©

Second half to the 2 chapters where things get bigger. First metaphorically, but it would be unfair if we left out literally. And before you ask, no this is not the end Enjoy :D


As much as Katie wanted her breasts fondled in the shower, the two had to agree to cut the session short and for once not run wild, they needed to get to class on time. Despite her workout, Katie didn't seem interested in the cereal provided by Danna, joking her belly was plenty full with Jason's cum. Jason himself found he also wasn't that hungry, which surprised him. He went to bed (if you could call fucking till you past out that) without dinner and just had three marathon fucks in between his last meals. Yet he didn't feel a tinge bit hungry, he was actually feeling energized. Still, he ate a small bowl just to be sure, partial out of habit and partial because he felt he ought to.

Jason decided that wearing his new uniform was probably a good idea for an attempt to fit in. He found that the white collar polo shirt and black slacks were incredibly tight, near form fitting. It made him feel self-conscious, while his body seemed to have improved in physique, it wasn't all that impressive. He was used to wearing much bagger clothing to hide his shape, and his bulge, which looked enormous as even his soft cock stretched the front of his pants considerably. Katie gave a groan of disappointment when switched back to the sweatpants he wore earlier today, making a compromise of no underwear for her which seemed to placate her a little.

Katie unsurprisingly looked stunning in the tight clothing, though Jason figured she could make a burlap sack look sexy. She seemed an expert at placing her pants just high enough to cover her sex without falling off, and decided a thong would be a good match, the sides of the thong visible for how far down her pants were. Jason doubted she was wearing a bra under the polo shirt, her breast stretching it wonderfully and revealing her belly button do to the combination of her low worn pants and how much fabric her chest took to be fully covered. Her smooth tone midsection was equally as attractive as the rest of her. Jason couldn't help but cop a feel along with her breasts in the shower.

"So you like to jog?"

She nodded. "Used to run for track, till my breasts exploded outward along with my libido. Those two made it hard to run in school. I still try to run every morning, to keep in shape. Running is one of the few times I can focus on something else other than sex." Katie gave a soft heartfelt smile, more toward the memory than anyone in particular. It stunned Jason. "Just the feel of the wind and my muscles burning. It's relaxing."

"Maybe I should join you next time... I'm not much of a runner, but I can try." This was the first activity he most certainly wanted to do with her outside of sex. It made him nervous. He'd seen the girl naked, but hadn't actually spent any real time with her that didn't involve a white hot injection. He found he really liked that thought.

"Sure!" She spoke enthusiastically. "Though I was planning to drag you out running anyway. It'll help build some muscle on you, so you can really ream me. How do you think I stay so tight?" And just like that, the conversation was about sex again, disappointing Jason. His mood brightened however when she added. "It's a date."

Soon the two were separated after they reached the school building. Picking up their class schedules, it turned out they didn't have many classes together, in fact rather no classes together. It made Jason slightly nervous that he would have no one he knew in the same classes. Katie seemed to feel the same way to as she reminded him that they could always meet up at lunch, which was an hour long, and they would most certainly see each other at home failing that. That thought was comforting at least.

Besides being surrounded by incredibly sexy and beautiful girls his age in every class, school was school. Scratch that, it was better than school. He could think hell he could actually learn here. Even if the teachers were also dead sexy, he could actually pay attention to the lessons and read through his textbooks without his body demanding sex 24/7. He was amazed how easy it was to get math without struggling with his cock. It was a profound experience, at least to him. He knew it was mundane, but it was like he had a strange version of ADHD, and now he was cured, or on at least very effective medication. The veil was lifted from his eyes, and he actually found this stuff easy.

It should be said though, how sexy the girls were did get him worried about the return of his affliction, despite receiving near constant attention for his need since arriving. He found himself actually thanking Danna in his head, as baffled by the girl's actions he was that morning. If Danna and Katie had not drained him that morning, he most certainly would have been rock hard, if not harder. Perfect breasts of many sizes leaning more toward the large variety if not bigger, beautiful energetic faces of all designs, a large variety of body types for every taste, asses that demanded to be felt, it was beyond any fantasy he ever had thought about.

And the girls didn't just look sexy, they acted sexy. The girls had some sort of innate natural grace to their steps, natural as it was hypnotizing to watch any single one of them move. They seemed to protrude an aura of attractiveness, even the most mundane actions seemed to be geared to drawing Jason's attention.

He also began to notice, the girls here were far more... affectionate then he was used to seeing. He witnessed several girls feel up each other's asses casually like it was a morning routine, and the recipient always seemed to enjoy it or at least take it in good spirit. It was a common enough greeting or a thing you just did when you passed someone by that Jason got his own ass squeezed three times that morning. He hated to admit it, but he let out an unmanly yelp each time and was beet red afterward. A fourth girl even was bold enough to pass by and squeeze the front of his pants for a feel, blowing him a kiss while walking away. "Nice package."

Kissing was also apparently very common, in between classes there was at least 2 or three couples exchanging saliva, and due to the population, it was always girl on girl. And they were ever energetic. The teachers were not even an exception, his math teacher, another bombshell of African heritage had a girl captured in her arms and lips as the girl seemed to be melting at her touch. There certainly was enough liquid on the floor. And as soon as class started, she stopped with a smug smile and started class like nothing happened, the girl had to wobble to her seat, obviously in heaven.

That brought him to the smell. Jason always had an acute sense of smell, especially when it came to the scent of a woman. No matter where he went, there was at least that subtle hint of sex in the air. It tickled his nose and stirred his cock against his will. Most girls were surrounded by their own personal aroma of arousal, inviting his attention with unabashed glee.

If Jason had not had breaks in the form of classes where almost no sexiness occurred, there was little doubt the morning's ministrations would have been pointless at relieving any tension from his pants past the first hour. As noon arrived, he was already fighting his cock from going past half mast, and he was losing.

He was thankful that noon meant the hour lunch break, though he was lust concerned about the hunger of his stomach than the hunger of his member. Jason didn't want to admit it to himself, but he was beginning to see why he needed this place if he was going to learn. He needed relief, and often, something this school provided in bounty. At home, the prospect to find a willing partner seemed slim to none, he was sure she size of his cock would make most at least hesitant, and the frequency and ferocity of his libido would drive the rest away. Here, if he needed relief, it was plain to see all he had to do was ask. Not a single girl, teacher or otherwise gave him just a mere passing glance, they actively checked him out! The bulge in his sweat pants was apparently sexy instead of disgusting as it was in his original school, and gave him cat calls. Katie had the right idea about the place, he needed such an environment if he wanted to function. He found it a bit ironic if he wanted to stop thinking and focusing on sex, he needed to HAVE sex. Or at least that was how he justified looking Katie to fuck during his lunch break, he could revaluate his opinion of the school later.

Reaching the lunch room, it seemed that this was a common idea. Jason could only look on stunned, not quite mentally prepared for what he saw. The vice principle had told him anywhere and it was apparent that the lunch room was a common use for that rule. Warm bodies filled the room along with lust-filled moans and enticing smells. The few boys were crowded by women as they playfully fought over the cock while others were content with having lesbian fun. Bodies rubbed against each other or were plunged with toys of all sorts. He didn't even see any sort of line for food or an actual place for where some would be prepared, making him doubt the purpose of the room, checking twice to indeed find it was labeled the "lunch" room both above the door, and on the student map he received along with his class schedule.

Jason had never seen an orgy before outside of the internet. Seeing one in person, he had no idea how to react. The only small thought that ran through his head was, it was lot messier then porn made it out to be. The image drilled into his brain as he stared.

His cock however knew exactly how to react even if his brain didn't, get harder. And while most were too occupied with their own partners, the large hidden object didn't fail to draw at least some attention.

A pale skinned naked girl with perky breasts broke his stupor. She had crawled on all fours to his tent and began to sniff and nuzzle his cock lovingly through his pants. Jason looked down as she treated the thing in his pants like the most adorable pet, looking up to him in a smile of bliss, licking the outside of his pants. Two other girls arrived and began to join her, both with equally overjoyed faces at the presence of more cock to play with, and soon hands were holding the seam of his pants.

Jason had had thoroughly enough. He couldn't quite put his emotions into words, but he was certain that the whole scene was a bit too much for him. He didn't think he ever would be ready for an orgy. While Katie said she was okay if he had sex with other girls, Jason wasn't sure himself if that's what he desired. Danna had felt amazingly good, but pleasure wasn't all he sought, though he was starting to desperately need relief. He liked Katie, was beginning to know her, and he found, he liked sex better that way. If he was going to have sex with someone else, he'd rather at least attempt to get to know them first.

Jason moved a bit quickly to forcefully push the girls off of him, though not enough to actually hurt them. He was successful, though the original girl had managed to release his cock from his pants before letting go, bobbing in the air and letting out a few drops of pre on their faces. He was rock hard and his libido urged him to fuck. Jason knew if those girls were anything like Katie, Danna, or Pallaca, and he guessed every girl at the school was, if they got their mouths on his cock, it would be over. The supernatural pleasure the girls at this school seemed to possess was too much to fight. In fact, he doubted he would even remember wanted to resist. He had to admit to himself he was probably fully addicted already.

So Jason turned and power walked out, his dick hanging out and dripping. He needed to find Katie soon if he wanted to spend the rest of the day with the ability to pay attention in class. He pulled out his cell phone, and cursed that he hadn't actually gotten her number, they spent more time fucking then actually talking.

He didn't get too far from the cafeteria before bumping into someone. To be fair though, the person had chosen to purposefully bump into him while his attention was on his phone. It was a soft bump as neither of the two fell on their asses, or rather Jason's partner was incredibly sturdy and small. He didn't see her budge an inch, just smile as her body absorbed the impact a little.

She looked down at his dick smiling a cocky grin. "Well well, in a hurry running with ones 'sword' hanging out. That's not especially against school rules, but perhaps you should find a sheath for that thing. " Vice Principle Mentula, or Tula as she preferred to be called, stood before him as his cock pointed directly at her belly on her small frame. She looked up to him, still smirking with confidence. "I think I know a perfectly tight and lubricated sheath to fit such a large tool."

Jason's dick could still feel the ghost feeling of his dick rubbing against something soft, and judging by the trail of pre, his dick had rubbed the underside of Tula's breast. It was a feat accomplished by his hung status and her small height, and a feat repeated when she stepped forward unabashedly till she was near inches from him and looking up, forcing his cock to slide across the dark blue business dress she was wearing, reminding him she wore nothing underneath with most of her chest and belly exposed as it rubbed on skin and touched with its tip the underside of her lovely breast. She refused to lose distance even when Jason took a step back in surprise.

"Look..." Jason began, "I'm um, flattered by your advances but-" Jason quickly tried to pull his pants back up to cover his cock, but a surprisingly strong grip easily halted his movements by grabbing him on the wrist.

Tula cut him off. "Only but with me is my butt, which you promised to fuck." She smiled. "Sorry if I'm seem a little impatient, but seeing such a juicy large cock in front of me, pressing against my belly and tits... how's a girl supposed to not want a good reaming?" Her other hand glided across his cock and formed a grip as it began to slowly pump while her original hand let go of his wrist and sensually slid up his stomach and chest.

Jason couldn't help but grunt. Her hand felt sooo good on his dick. It pulsed in her hand ecstatically, and Jason felt the familiar burning desire of his libido flaring. He was looking for release right? And here was a perfectly willing sexy woman wanting to jump his bones. Jason felt his dick could split rock.

'No' he chastised himself. He shouldn't be that weak willed. He was letting his libido rule his life and he hated that fact. He had given up so easily to Danna, and even though the situation turned out well in his favor, didn't mean he felt good about it or that it was the right thing. He wanted to be stronger than his dick. Plus, he best described his feelings toward Tula neutral at best. While Katie was cool with him fucking other chicks, he wanted to have sex with people he actually liked.

He began to push back at Tula. "Lady, no means-"

Tula began to frown with a perturbed look the moment he began to try and push her off. Again she refused to let him finish his sentence as the hand on his cock gripped tightly on his base, causing him to yelp a little as her other hand grabbed the back of his head and forced him into a kiss.

Jason's mind exploded with fireworks of pleasure as his eyes rolled back. Tula let the kiss go for a second before returning to rend Jason's mind asunder. "Don't play hard to get, I'm hungry."


Tula continued to pump pleasure into the boy through her lips. Pupae like the boy unconsciously would pump their addictive magic through their orifices into any person that made contact with them, the boys was especially good and it made Tula shiver with delight, but it was nothing compared to the capabilities of a full succubus. The boy wouldn't be able to resist her after a few seconds of her skilled kiss, in fact his hips bucked wildly as his dick tried to cum. Tula was a little put off though by his unreasonableness to want to fuck her. Incubi pupae lived to fuck, INCUBI lived to fuck succubi period. Whatever false morals this kid had, it had pushed her buttons. So she gripped his cock at the base, stopping any orgasm from actually occurring as she ferociously attacked his lips far longer than she needed to. The kid would be a fucking mindless beast when she was done, no need for whatever was getting in her way from tasting that delectable seed she had smelled on the bus.

Her mouth circled around his tongue and began to suck on it like a lollipop, inducing a moan of desperation from the boy. Tula's eyes glinted with victory. She was thoroughly going to enjoy this meal. Her fluids dripped freely down her thigh in anticipation. She never wore panties and there was no need for stockings today, those would just get in the way.

Tula eyes moved to look past Jason to find he had three pursuers from the lunch room. Three pupae with looks of lust and disappointment seeing their target had been claimed by a bigger predator. Tula was in no mood to share and she motioned them away, the three turning back with disappointed faces. Tula released their wet kiss, strands of salvia connected their mouths as Jason gasped for air, utterly disoriented.

Tula looked at her handiwork and was pleased by the desperate glazed look on the boys face. It made her so wet, she licked her lips in anticipation. She let go of his head and daintily ran her finger down his body till she reached the tip of his cock and collected some of his pre to taste. His flavor was extraordinary and tangy, she couldn't wait to taste his cum.

"How about we go somewhere more comfy?" Tula usually didn't care where or when she fucked, but being too close to the cafeteria was a great way to draw moochers to her meal. She was a powerful full succubus, but she couldn't fend off a group of particularly horny pupae if they pressed the issue to get a taste. The way the kid was starting to release pheromones, she didn't doubt that from happening. Succubi were powerful sexual beings, but they had limits, especially when it was outside of the sexual field. Plus Tula didn't feel like dealing with such a hassle.

Jason could only nod dumbly as his body calmed down from being near constant edge of orgasm without the ability to actually cum. Tula relaxed the grip on his dick, giving him some relief as she leaned up to peck his cheek, sending a slight tingle of pleasure. "Good boy."

It wasn't hard to lead the boy by the dick. In Tula's opinion, all boys were lead by their dicks. To be fair though, she was currently being led by her gash she supposed. Still, Jason followed along like a good boy as she held his cock to direct him behind her. In his state she didn't even need to question that he kept up only so she would keep rubbing his cock. He was still in a bit of a lust induced fugue state and all his mind could comprehend was that the pretty girl that felt good was rubbing his dick and moving away, so he followed. Tula giggled at her handiwork, she could be so naughty at times.

Tula flowed a little bit more power into his dick through her hand, his cock responding with almost a squirt of pre as all Jason's muscles tensed at the sudden flow of pleasure. Tula let out a mischievous laugh. Pupae were limited to their orifices to induce their supernatural pleasure, while a succubi with a little bit of trainee to could it through skin contact alone. Tula was rather proud to learn this ability over her sister even if she wasn't a master at it. It still felt good to exercise her power.

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