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Eva's Dark Longing Ch. 01

by balsam moon©

Lately, Eva was left to her fantasies to warm her on the lonely nights that Anthony worked late. She began writing her lustful thoughts in a diary kept just for her eyes, in the hopes that one day she would have the courage to act on those fantasies with Anthony. In the meantime she kept them as fodder for her own moments of self pleasure. At first the fantasies were rather tame, nothing more than two people exchanging romantic interludes; the stuff of grocery store novels. Before Anthony, Eva didn't have much experience with men and it was beginning to show in her writing. She was getting tired of the vanilla sex that filled her pages, and the romance novel storylines were starting to blend together. She knew there had to be something more, something with more fire, but she was uninspired.

Eva slumped into the overstuffed easy chair next to her bed with a huff. Anthony had been working longer hours lately and she was finding herself missing him desperately. On work nights, when Anthony arrived home his routine was always the same; he would shower, eat and climb into bed, too tired to do anything more than cuddle. Eva was beginning to realize how much she longed for the days when she and Anthony were able to spend hours lingering over each others naked bodies and making love, as she liked to call it; until the early morning.

It was now passed midnight and Anthony wouldn't be home for several more hours. Eva was restless and reached to a book on her bedside table. Eva's best friend, Cecilia, lent her the book, advising her that it was exciting and erotic and sure to help pass the lonely hours while Anthony was gone. Eva had no idea that what Cecilia lent to her to pass away the boredom would cause a metamorphosis of unimaginable proportions. Eva sank into the chair beside her bed and began to read. Her porcelain legs dangled over the side and she relaxed as the breeze from the open window caressed her feet.

Eva began the first chapter and her eyes were wide and her mouth hung open in utter astonishment as she read of a woman's journey into sexual slavery. She was taken aback and aroused all at once and while she was disturbed somewhat by what she was reading, she felt compelled to read on. This was her first exposure to the dance of Dominance and submission. She had heard about the lifestyle, but could never imagine it being pleasurable. Ironically, by the middle of the second chapter, Eva was on fire with the thought of being bound, spanked and sexually tormented until finally being used as a pleasure toy.

While at one time she thought she would never be turned on by something that seemed so brutal, Eva found herself rocking her hips as she read, her sex throbbing with anticipation of what the lead character would next endure. Her fingers had sub consciously made their way down her silken nightie to her mound where they rubbed through the sheer material. Eva barely made it to the third chapter before she slammed the book shut. Her pussy was dripping as she imagined herself being in the lead character's place; being forced into sexual slavery, suffering cruel and erotic punishments at the hands of a strong, strict and yet passionate Master who would push her passed her inhibitions. It all seemed so taboo, but she was enthralled.

Eva picked up her diary and began to write. Her blazing thoughts drove her in a fury, barely keeping on the page with her racing pen. Her nipples strained against the fabric of her sheer nightie and her throbbing clit prodded her to finish. She glanced at the time as she shut her diary and realized that she still had time to take care of the ache in her sex before Anthony came home.

Eva lay on her bed, reached into her night stand and pulled out a flesh toned dildo; thrust it into her now drenched cunt and started to pump it slowly as she rolled her nipples between her fingers. Curious to see how her arousal was effected by pain, she pinched her left nipple hard and twisted, sending a small wave of electricity from her nipple to her clit. She pumped the cock faster into her sex, her copious juices now spilling into the crack of her ass and onto the down comforter beneath her. She reached down to her hard clit and began to stroke it as she fucked herself with the rubber cock. Eva's orgasm came quickly and harder than she ever had through self pleasure. She laid there for a moment while the last waves of her rapture faded, and withing minutes she drifted off to sleep. The dildo, that slid from her sated pussy as well as her open diary lay exposed on the bed next to her.

As Eva was dozing in her post orgasmic bliss, Anthony was brooding as he drove home. It was almost 2 a.m. now and he had tried so hard to get home earlier. He knew Eva would probably be long asleep and he would be left to stroke his own cock in the shower to release the tension that had built up over the passed few weeks of late shifts. He hated working opposite schedules of his wife. As Anthony pulled into the driveway he noticed the bedroom light was still on and his thoughts turned a full 180 degrees. He barely had the car in park before he was jumping out to unlock the front door. Anthony tore through the hall towards the bathroom, stripping his clothes off as he hopped in and took the quickest shower ever known to man. The entire time all he could think of was tearing Eva's clothes off and fucking her right where she stood. Unbeknownst to him, Eva still lay sprawled on their bed with her secrets lain out around her.

Anthony approached their bedroom door and peered through the crack to see where Eva was. He saw her sprawled on their bed in her most revealing bedroom attire. The gossamer nightie she wore framed her naked form. Her face was serene, and beautiful and he could see all of her delights in clear view. His cock grew hard almost instantly and strained against the towel wrapped around his waist. He entered the room slowly so the squeak of the door wouldn't cause Eva to stir. As he neared her sleeping body, he noticed her open diary next to her and the pink phallus that rested between her legs in the wetness that was her cum. The room was thick with the scent of Eva's arousal. Anthony was throbbing at the site of his normally reserved wife's vulgar display. His curiosity was almost as strong as his hard on, at what made his wife so hot, that she had to get herself off.

Anthony picked up Eva's diary and began to page through it. Some of the entries were rather short in the beginning and had dated back to when he began working the night shift. As he paged further, he read the longer entries intently, amazed at his wife's hidden talent for the written word. The images played like pornography in his mind and aroused him deeply. As he came upon the last entry, he realized that this was not like the previous entries . The deeper into it he read, he realized the characters had strikingly similar qualities to him and Eva. Anthony's hard on pulsed as he read his wife's most secret thoughts and he had to contain his self from stroking off right onto to her sleeping body. He closed the book and vowed to find it again. He had some preparations to make in the morning now. He took a blanket from the spare closet and found his way to the couch. He lay there and rubbed his cock until his orgasm spilled onto his belly and sleep found him.

The following day, Eva was oblivious to the fact that just a few hours before she awoke, Anthony had read her darkest desires. She had gone through her entire day at the office, thinking of the book Cecilia lent her, and couldn't wait to get home to lose herself in it again. She dreaded going home to an empty house, but figured she would make the best of it. Besides, it was Wednesday and the following day she knew Anthony would have off.

Meanwhile, Anthony was making his preparations. What Anthony had read the night before woke something up in him that he had long before put to sleep. It was a side of him that he dared not show to Eva and didn't realize how much he had missed it until now. Anthony rearranged his schedule so that he would have the evening off, and headed out the door. He busied himself with gathering the items he would use to make Eva's last diary entry a reality.

That evening, Eva had taken a long hot shower, shaving her legs and trimming the auburn ringlets around her pussy. She combed out her waist length hair and smoothed the scented lotion that Anthony had given her all over her buxom body and then wrapped herself in a red satin robe. She was feeling sensual again for the first time in a long time. She must have passed the duffle bag that Anthony left a dozen times, not even entertaining the thought of what was in it. His uniform hung in their closet rather than on his body and she never even took a second glance at it. She hadn't noticed the hardware he had installed to the floor on either side of their bed or the lengths of rope that lay coiled underneath. Lastly Eva failed to see the eyes that peered at her through the slightly ajar closet door.

To Be Continued...

Written by: balsam moon

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