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Wanderlust 01

by Ruby_Sinclair©

Una opened her eyes abruptly. Light poured into the room through the thin, lace curtains adorning the full-length windows. The unfamiliar bed was soft beneath her, and her body was caressed by smooth, silken sheets.

Una's mind started to race, memories flooding back to her. Where was her love, Gael? More pressingly, where was she? Una had no recollection of being in this room before. She sat up in bed. There was a fireplace with a stone hearth, and an ornate armoire with a matching vanity. The gilded mirror on the vanity provided her with a clear view of herself. Her long red hair was tousled as if she had been shaken. She admired the shiny golden mirror; since the wars had begun twelve years ago, precious metals had become increasingly scarce, as gold mining had all but been abandoned in favor of steel for weaponry.

She thought again of her husband, Gael. He was a warlord of the Osis tribe. They were newlyweds, having met only a year prior. She had begged the Osis people for shelter after her own village was torched to the ground. Gael alone took pity on her, saving her from becoming another nameless casualty of war. She spoke little of her past to him, yet they became as close as two lovers could be in this mad, broken new world. She wanted to be back home in her familiar bed. She wanted his body to caress hers, making her feel safe and loved. Where was she? What was this luxuriously adorned room? Una blinked, remembering a glimpse of the night before.

A strong, masculine hand reached down, grabbing her by the waist. The man hoisted her onto his silver horse and firmly held her body in place next to his. She breathed in his scent and the felt the cool, fresh rain dripping onto her white gown. She looked over her shoulder to see his face; chiseled cheekbones and a deep set brow. As she gazed at him he looked down, his sapphire blue gaze piercing her with a blazing heat she had seen from men only in battle or in love. "Aidan," she gasped.

The first few hooks in her corset had been unlaced, allowing her to breath comfortably. She was still fully clothed, though, and she silently thanked the gods for that. The wise ones passed down a saying, "all's fair in love and war." Though she had seen many suffer, as a small, beautiful woman, she was lucky to have been spared violence in the wars thus far.

Her jewelry was intact—a rough-cut, pink diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band, as well as a small simple silver ring strung around her neck on a chain, sentimental in value.

There was a knock on the door. Una started slightly, unnerved and a bit scared. Without leaving time for her to respond, a woman in peasant attire came through the door carrying a small tray. She was about Una's age, though taller and fuller in figure.

"Good morning, miss," said the woman.

"Good morning. Wh...where am I, please?" Una responded, shaken, but determined to remember what had happened and regain her composure. There must be a rational explanation.

"In the Sun Fortress, miss."

Una knew the Sun Fortress to be the base for the Taurani clan. She said nothing, hoping for more information. The maid did not elaborate, and instead set down her tray next to the bed and walked across the room to the fireplace, prodding the dying flames. The tray held a clay tea pot and cup, along with some sort of scone.

"Aidan tells me you had a rough night. I'm here to make sure you're comfortable, miss. Better keep you warm. Is your gown still wet?"

Una slipped her hands under her blankets, feeling the soft fabric of her gown.

"No. It's fine."

Una laid back down as the maid tended to the room. So it was Aidan who had carried her here last night. But how? Her mind raced as she remembered the love they once shared. She felt exhausted and more than anything, just wanted to rest.


Una opened her eyes once more. She was becoming used to the room. She felt groggy, but peaceful. She gazed through the lace curtains into what looked like a forest far away. She must have been very high up in the fortress, as mostly she just saw the red and gold sky. Rain pounded on the stone roof, and clouds covered much of the otherwise brilliant colors of the sunset. How long had she slept? Her thoughts were cut short as a deep voice interrupted the silence.

"You are as beautiful as I remembered you."

Startled, she turned to look at the seated, masculine figure.The face was solemn, but there was a warmth in his sapphire eyes. His skin was weathered from battle, with a scar crossing from one cheek down to his broad mouth. He looked older, and worn down, but it was a face she knew deeply.

"Aidan." They gazed at each other for a time. Her eyes were wide with bewilderment, asking the questions her lips couldn't yet find the words for. Finally, she softly spoke.

"I thought you were dead."

He said nothing, clasping his hands in his lap. He straightened his back, giving some idea as to his intimidating stature. His shoulders were broad, thicker than she remembered, likely from wielding a sword for so long. She reflected on the last time she had seen him, two years ago.

He knelt down, looking up at her face as tears streamed down her rose-hued cheeks. He pulled a ring from his pocket.

"If I come back..." He looked down, choking back tears. This was the first time she saw him cry. He held her small hand and slid the ring onto her finger. She reached down and caressed his cheek, gently lifting his head.

"When you come back, I will be your wife."

"I still love you. I've thought of nothing but seeing you again." Aidan said, confident and calm.

Una paused. Breathless in his presence. "I'm...I uh...I'm married." She stuttered apologetically, glancing down at her diamond ring, before stroking the thin chain around her neck, feeling the smooth curves of the silver band at its end.

"I saw your ring," he said, pausing. "...but I notice you kept mine."

Una felt overwhelmed. His voice was soothing. She wanted to embrace him. Kiss him. Tears began forming as she tried to hold back a sob. It didn't work. She lost what little composure she had. Clutching at her sheets, she tried to speak.

"I'm so sorry," she managed between sobs. "...I'm so glad...just so glad that you're ok."

Aidan stood up, moving closer to embrace her. She welcomed him warmly, letting his broad figure envelop her. Whether she accepted his touch out of pure need or genuine joy, she was yet unsure.


Una awoke in near darkness. She felt a warm body lying behind her, embracing her. Holding her waist and pressing against her back. She grasped a hand and recognized it as Aidan's. She closed her eyes, feeling safe. Aidan stirred awake. He stroked her long hair, brushing it away from the side of her face. She dared not turn towards him. He kissed her neck softly, tracing the spots he knew she loved him to touch. She stilled, wanting him to go on, but knowing she couldn't be unfaithful to Gael. Aidan apparently read her body language and stopped.

"Talk to me." Aidan said softly, and a little too alluringly for Una to ignore him.

"I can't. I want to...part of me wants you...but I can't." She rolled over to face him. Stroking his face. Moving her small fingers over his new scar. Pressing her lips to his cheek, as if to heal him.

"I never would have so much as looked at another man if I thought you might be alive. They said your whole battalion had been captured and...that...that there were no survivors."

He flinched. Perhaps there was some truth to what they had told her. She regretted mentioning it.

"I'm still alive," he said. "I'm here. I don't blame you for what you did. There was a time when I thought I'd never see you again." Una's body tensed and he paused. "To be with you, in any way, is more than I hoped for."

She had longed for him with all her soul before she met Gael. And even after, the parts of her heart that weren't consumed by her love for Gael, were stuck in the past, pining for Aidan. Now that he was here, her heart, and her body, were caught between desire for two different men.

She caressed his arm as it held her waist. Her hand barely covered a small portion of his bicep. She traced his arm up to his shoulder before bringing her hand gently to his chest. He was fully clothed, including a buttoned tunic covering his torso, but she could feel his physique underneath and it made her wet despite herself. He was her first love. Though she was satisfied with Gael, she found herself overwhelmed by animalistic attraction in this moment.

She reached to kiss his lips, softly at first. He pushed back, pinning her to the bed. She opened her mouth, letting his tongue explore the opening between her lips. She gasped, whether out of pleasure or guilt, she wasn't sure.

"I can't," she panted. "I can't," she repeated more to herself than to Aidan.

"Ok," he said. But his body stayed as it was, his hands grasping her wrists, pinning her down to the sheets. His face was close to hers, and she felt his warm breath tickle her lips. He was breathing heavily. She moved her wrists free of his grasp. His scent, his voice, his body. She was overwhelmed with lust to the point where she could barely think about anything else.

"What if...what if we just look at each other?" She hesitated. "Would that...would that be ok?"

"Whatever you want," he whispered softly, but with obvious desire.

Una was past the point of return. She would feel guilty, she knew, but this was a situation she could never have anticipated, and her lustful body had all but made up her mind for her. She slid out of the bed, sauntering to the window before pulling one of the lace curtains to the side, letting the moonlight shine in. The rain was heavier now, pounding on the window. She heard thunder in the distance, followed a few seconds later by a flash of lightning which illuminated the room.

Aidan's face was visible now in the dim moonlight. He watched her from the bed, never taking his eyes off of her. She brushed her hair behind her, revealing her delicate collar bone and shoulders. Pressing her chest out, her fingers moved to her corset. Shaking slightly, she began to unlace it. Loosening, then pulling out the strings from each hook.

Once her corset was loosened enough, she slipped her gown from her shoulders. She reached her hand underneath her bodice, gasping as her fingers caressed her breast. Aidan swallowed hard as he watched her, illuminated in moonlight. She pulled one side of her corset down to reveal her left breast and small pink nipple, hard with arousal.

Una lifted her finger to her mouth, opening wide to suck it, before returning it to her nipple, circling and enjoying the cool moisture on her sensitive chest. Aidan let out a small moan. He grasped at the sheets, clenching his fists, apparently in an effort to contain his excitement. Una loved the power she felt now. Aidan wouldn't do anything she didn't want, but he would do anything she did want.

"Take off your shirt." She commanded while her hand still gripped her breast.

Aidan reached at his collar, unbuttoning his shirt slowly. His hands were trembling, though he tried not to let her notice. After the final button was undone, he removed the tunic in one swift movement, revealing his muscular chest. Coated with course, dark hair as she remembered, he had gained some new scars from battle, along with a deep black Taurani clan tattoo on the left side of his chest. The new masculine marks excited her. She desperately wanted to pleasure herself.

Pulling apart the corset to undo the last of the threading, she slipped out of it completely, leaving her in only a gown. It was loosely falling from her shoulders, so she delicately slipped it off. The gown was left lying heaped on the floor, no longer filled out by Una's petite, yet womanly figure.

Her body was now nude. She could feel the moonlight shining down on her back as she faced Aidan. She looked down, trying to imagine things from his perspective. Her waist was small. Her breasts were perky and round, and her hips were womanly, perhaps more so than the last time he had seen her; she had filled out, and judging by the look in his eyes, he approved.

"Lift off the covers." She commanded.

Aidan's lower half had remained covered by bedsheets until now. At her command, he pulled away the sheets to expose the rest of his body.

Una eagerly watched. She could make out the line of his sizable hard-on through the fabric of his pants. She felt her mouth wet with saliva, and her face flush.

"Unfasten," she said hurriedly, gesturing at his pelvis. Aidan worked his button open and unzipped, revealing his briefs beneath and making the line of his manhood even more evident.

"Pull it out. Show it to me."

He did as she instructed. Reaching down, he grasped his shaft, pulling down the fabric of his briefs and revealing himself to her. He gasped involuntarily as he touched his member. He stroked it slowly, still looking at her body lustfully. Admiring her breasts and soft, inviting bush as he pleasured himself.

"Stop. Not yet. I want to see it."

Aidan stilled. He moved his hands away from his throbbing cock and placed them at his sides, waiting for her next command. She gave none. Instead, Una approached the bed slowly. She climbed up kneeling next to him. She slid forward, her breasts at his eye level. She felt his hand caress her waist. She grabbed it and placed it at his


"Ok," he obeyed, though his voice was

She looked at his member, admiring it more fully now that she was close enough. Still on her knees, she spread her legs slightly, letting him see a glimpse of her pink slit. He gasped, flinched, and she saw a drop of pre-cum squirt from the tip of his beautiful

Una grasped both of her breasts in her small hands, squeezing them hard in front of his face. She moved her hands down across her belly to her soft, wet bush. With her left hand, she slowly ran a single finger down the length of her slit. She was wet enough that as she spread her legs, some fluid dripped from her pussy onto the bedsheets, creating a small puddle beneath her. She shivered with pleasure as Aidan watched, sweat forming on his forehead and chest. She moved her finger back up to her clit, softly circling it. She began moaning and gasping audibly, though she bit her lip gently as she tried to silence herself.

"Make as much noise as you want," said Aidan, understanding her

She moaned louder as she pressed her finger to her clit, rocking back and forth gently. She stopped, spreading her legs in front of her to give Aidan a better view. She used both hands to spread her slit wider, letting Aidan see all of her

His hand moved from his side, and once again he began stroking his shaft. She watched

"Is this ok?" He asked, breathily.

"Yes. Use both hands."

Una watched as he used one hand to expertly attend to his shaft. With the other hand he massaged his balls, still keeping his eyes on her slit. As she watched him, she removed her diamond ring, placing it on the table by the bed. She moved her hand back to her pussy and let her now naked ring finger slide into her opening. In and out, slowly, feeling her sensitive muscles tighten with excitement. With her other hand, she continued circling her clit. She inserted another finger inside, moaning loudly now with abandon.

"I need...more," she gasped.

"Do you want me to..."

"No. We mustn't." She replied, breathing hotly, though she knew if he protested she would lose her self control and give in.

"What if...what if I don't touch you," Aidan said, regaining some of his calm tone and even a slight smile.

She paused, thinking for a brief second before nodding. She wasn't sure what he meant, but she was intrigued and hot enough to let him have his way.

"Lie down," he ordered.

Una did as she was told, putting one hand at her side, but letting the other one continue gently touching herself, bringing her to the edge of pleasure, though making sure not to cum.

Aidan grasped something from the table near the bed. She couldn't make out what it was at first, though upon second glass it appeared to be a candle holder. Smooth, glass, and very phallic.

"Close your eyes" He ordered.

She obliged. Letting herself trust him and enjoy the sensation of surprise.

"Spread your legs." He ordered again, but in a softer tone.

She soon felt something cold and smooth glide over her leg. Caressing her calf, then her thigh, getting nearer to her core. She placed both hands at her sides, excited to focus on the sensations Aidan was providing. He brushed the phallus against her inner thigh, moistening it with her fluids. He grazed across her bellybutton then back down, pressing into her slit. She shivered and moaned lightly, licking her top lip. The phallus was now completely coated in her juices. He rubbed it up and down her slit, stroking her clit with each movement. She opened her eyes a moment to see Aidan lustfully eyeing her pussy, while continuing to stroke himself with his free hand.

She closed her eyes again, worried he'd notice her disobeying his instructions. Soon she felt him pressing the phallus into her opening. It was larger than she had realized. He pressed slowly, allowing her muscles to relax as he gently applied pressure to her opening. She felt the smooth phallus enter her—stretching her pussy and filling it completely as it slid deeper into her. An inch at first, then more. Then slowly filling the entire length of her pussy. She gasped loudly.

"Oh please...please fuck me, Aidan."

Aidan began to slowly slide the phallus in and out of her, then pulled it out and moved it up her slit to press on her now swollen clit. Her moans intensified as she came closer to climaxing. There was little she could do to hold off now. He pressed the object into her once more, this time harder. She felt all the muscles in her body tense as she came. Screaming in pleasure, she felt her pussy squirt, pouring her fluids onto his hand. At the same time, she heard him moan and felt his hot cum begin to drip onto her stomach. She opened her eyes once more to watch him stroke his shaft forcefully as he climaxed, continuing to spurt hot white cum onto her stomach and breasts. As Aidan let go of the phallus inside her, the muscles of her tight cunt slid it out onto the soaking wet sheets.

Aidan removed his hand from his shaft as well and collapsed on the bed next to her. They lay in silence for a moment before she reached towards him and stroked his chest. Feeling his new scars in the moonlight. She kissed his cheek before falling deeply back into sleep, her naked hands clutching the silver ring at her chest.

Written by: Ruby_Sinclair

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