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A Lot To Learn

by kitiara©

I was 18. Like most kids at 18 I had a group of friends I would hang out with. There was one lesbian couple in the group. They would make out often and I would act like I didn't care but watch them from the corner of my eye

One girl, named Tara, was Hispanic, voluptuous, dark short hair, green eyes, DD's and a cute ass. The other one was a hottie named Jane. She had D's, petite body, blue eyes and really full lips. Yummy!

One night I got a call from Tara that she wanted to hang out.

I was cool with it and wondered if maybe I could get her to cheat on her girlfriend. I acted very flirty but mostly friendly.

Before she came over put on my cutest outfit. I threw on a tight half shirt that made me look like I was always cold. (I have the cutest nipples.) I pulled on a pair of men's boxers, baggy pants (easy to slip off or get into), and Timberland boots. Since I was thin, the boxers would rest low on my stomach and the jeans would rest even lower.

When she showed up she seemed like she had something on her mind.

We hung out until everyone went to sleep. Afterwards we went for a walk outside in the back yard and smoked up. That's when she started flirting with me. I was wondering if she was willing to cheat, or if her girl had broken up with her.

I was lying on the ground, on my tummy, so that she could look down my shirt. She was sitting on the back steps.

"I talked to you're man yesterday," Tara said.

I responded: "Yeah, that's nice."

Tara had a questioning look. "You guys get back together?"

"No, so what's going on? You look bothered." (My way of saying who cares about him, what about us?)

Tara looked down my shirt before responding. She thought I couldn't see her eyes in the dark. I felt an exciting chill in my lower body. "My girl and I got into a fight. We're on a break. Just wanted to hang out and get my mind off things." (In girl talk that means she wanted something.)

I didn't say anything after that. She didn't need to say another thing. I got the point. After we were done smoking, we went back into the house.

As I was opening the door, she put her hand on my bare lower back, closer to the top of my young tight ass. Her hands were so warm and I began to think of them rubbing me, squeezing me, inside of me.

I didn't react as a way of saying it was ok to do more.

As I walked in she let her hand slip quickly and "innocently" down me and then to her side.

There was enough light to see my tight 18 year old body perfectly but it was still dark enough to be comfortable.

I took off my pants, leaving me in a pair of boxers and tight half shirt. (My nipples got harder. I remember thinking that I could see them from the mirror. The mirror was placed perfectly across from the bed. It was behind the front door. Hmm, what that mirror has seen!)

I slowly took off my pants, giving an unnecessary movement of the hip, similar to strippers when they slip their thongs down across their hips. I acted like she wasn't even there, as I got ready for bed. I was so nervous but wanted to seem like I knew exactly what I was doing. My hands were shaking with excitement. I knew I was excited by the wetness already in my boxers.

I even rolled up the hips so that were nice and tight on my cheeks and pussy. If the lights were on, you probably could have seen my wet spot.

I climbed into bed and curled up to her like you would a teddy bear. An innocent girl curling up to her friend for warmth and a friendly hug.

Thinking that she was the aggressive type, I assumed she would put her arms around me and down the back of my pants. She seemed to have changed her mind and was very hesitant. That got me so even more excited.

"I am in control right now," I thought. (I love to seduce!)

I put my lips by her neck and said in a low sexy voice "Mmmm, you are so warm." I made sure that all my "mmm" 's where the same ones I used when I was getting horny and excited. My hot breath tickled the skin on her neck and ears.

Tara stuttered, "T-t-thanks." Her hesitation made it even more fun. I felt like a wolf with a shivering lamb. My mouth was drooling and I couldn't wait to eat every last bite.

Seduction, I've done. Seduction, I am good at. Beyond that-was new to me. I stayed with what I knew and assumed I would figure out the rest.

Instead of letting her off the hook, I let her know that her hesitation did not go unnoticed. I cooed in her ear, "Oh! You must be cold!" I rubbed my hands on her thighs slowly and softly. My hands got closer and closer to her tight lips with each rub. "Mmmm, you have great legs." I faked confusion. "You don't feel cold."

Knowing that she was going to stutter again, she was about to say no. "mgh-" and before she could say another "mgh," meaning no, I slid my hand on the outside of her pussy and began to rub it as I do to myself

"I hope I am doing this right," I thought to myself. She obviously didn't expect it and her last "mgh" came out as a very enjoyable and sexy "mmmmm'. As she arched her back, her legs open slightly and her nipples rubbed against my lips.

I got so wet. I wanted her to eat me right there. I imagine what we would look like. I didn't think my nipples could get any harder than they were. I wanted to rub them but at the same time, I wanted to rub her DD's. I wondered if it would be her doing the eating. Could I really lick her clit and make her cum? What would it taste like? Would it taste like me? Am I any good? Then I was the one that got nervous.

Could this really be happening?

I opened by lips and let my hot breath tickle her ear. "Your pussy feels so good. Oh, you are so wet. Maybe I should stop." I pulled my hand away. "You CAME to relax.," I said making the last part sound like I felt guilty.

Thinking that I would actually stop, she got nervous. She decided that it was time for her to take control. She was right; I did need that. I was so unsure of what to do next.

She grabbed my face and our lips met. Her lips were warm and full. I melted into them and she was hungry for me. I could tell. After kissing me deeply, she pulled back a little and gave me a look.

"That was nice." I said, letting her know that it was exactly what I wanted.

She leaned in to kiss me again but for longer. We took turns being the aggressor and I pulled back a little. I ran my tongue along her lips, lightly biting them or lightly sucking them. I could hear her breathing getting deeper and her hands strong against my back.

I took that moment to touch her huge breasts, which seemed even bigger with her white T-shirt. I tried to steal glances at her breast and could make out her nipples and the area around it through the shirt. I played with her tongue, while thinking about licking her nipples.

I jumped a little as she started to rub my front, from the outside of my boxers. She was trying to find the opening where she would be able to feel me. To help her, I stopped a moment and slipped out of them.

As I slipped them off, the wetness absorbed by my shorts rubbed against by leg. She followed me by taking off her jeans and boxers. She was muscular and very tan. I envied her bronze skin compared to my porcelain complexion.

I climbed on top of her like a guy would and I resumed kissing. I began to get into it and was rubbing my hips against hers. That is when I started to moan, "Mmm, ugh, you feel so good."

Tara smiled, "I want to show you how good it can be." I grabbed her tits hard and she fumbled to take her shirt off. This made them jiggle and got me hungry to have them in my mouth.

I placed my lips around one passionately touching and flicking her nipples with my tongue. So that is what they feel like in your mouth? They were firm and soft. I rubbed them against my teeth enjoying the new sensations available to me. I was rubbing her other breast and still grinding my hips.

I was taking turns between rubbing and kissing. Her body got warmer to my touch. Now we were both moaning, louder by the minute. Tara's breathing increased, "You have a perfect ass, I would love to eat it. I would love to eat you. Can I put my tongue in your wet pussy?"

How could I refuse? "Umgh, Ugh, Ok. I am so hot right now. I want you to fuck me so hard." This obviously made Tara hotter: "Shit, Oh god, oh!"

She turned me on my stomach and ran her tongue against my lower back. The little hairs on my back sent shivers up my body. She pressed her soft mounds and hard nipples up and down my back and butt. It tickled and felt so good. She put her weight on me and bit the back of my shoulders. It was the perfect amount of pressure to create pain and pleasure.

I began to rub myself against the bed, thinking I was about to cum. I went from moaning sounds to little puppy sounds (when she would bite lightly). A little pain is so sexy. She knew I wanted to cum and began to rub her fingers in my wetness.

Once she felt that I was ready to explode, she didn't put her fingers where I expected. She slowly moved them into my rear. Alternating her fingers with her tongue.

"What is she doing?" I thought. I was unsure but figured why stop now? It was a weird sensation. She was pressing against my front area with her figures in my ass. She continued for a few minutes before slipping the second finger in. She was also grinding her pelvis bone into my ass.

That is when I remembered the mirror. I turned my head. It looked like she was fucking me in the ass, like she had a strap on and was "giving it" to me good. I squealed, "Oh fuck. That feels so weird...Don't stop."

Tara was obviously enjoying it, "You like when I fuck you like that don't you?"

She was right, I did like it. "MMMMMMMMM......Oh god, MMMM....oh god, oh god" Tara whispered, "If I had a strap on I would stick it right up your ass. I can tell you like it don't you?"

I could feel my body tighten and I took one last look at her tits bouncing around and being squished against my back. The puppy noises almost become screams. That is when I came all over the sheets. I could feel my wetness shoot out and rub against my tummy/thighs. The bed was soaked and I wondered if that could actually be just me. It couldn't be me. It had to be some of her cum too.

Tara smiled, "How do you like it so far?" I wasn't sure what to say, "That was different. I didn't think I could cum like that. Heheeh. I always imagined it differently. I guess there is a lot I need to learn."

Tara smiled, "Yes, there is more than one area for pleasure."

I began to get shy. I was thinking about what she was saying and how she looked fucking me in the ass. My clit was still pulsating.

We were continued rubbing gently and touching. It didn't take long before I wanted more.

She was immediately ready for more. She turned me on my back and got me back into the mood. She was saying all kinds of things to me about my body and the feeling.

Tara rubbed me, telling me, "You are so wet! I love it." "You're skin is so soft." "You are so firm." I didn't know what to say. I was simply feeling and absorbing what just happened.

I really do have a lot to learn!

Written by: kitiara

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