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A Beautiful Young Wife

by qualitywheat©

Lacy Barker's life was turning upside down week by week. From being one half of a successful team, her husband and her, things were collapsing before her very eyes. In one fell swoop, more than half of their combined income was wiped out. Her husband had been given one month's notice, and now he spent his time doing menial and worthless jobs. The reason for that was the recession everyone was going through, and there were no jobs to be had.

But their ensuing downturn was exacerbated by the fact that Michael her husband, who was an extremely clever young man had remortgaged their house for a new inverter pump he had invented. If it had worked first time then there would be no problems, but it hadn't, a vital component that was extremely costly to have engineered had broken. The tolerances were more than he had expected, and now the renewal of the part had not worked either.

He had gone to the banks for more money, but they had turned him down, he had tried all sorts of places and nothing. Now the banks were asking for payments, they had made some but at the cost of missing two mortgage payments, which Lacy had said was foolish. Now time had moved on and if money wasn't found to make the pump, then they were in danger of losing their beautiful new home.

They had moved into it with fans blaring, all was well with their world, and now it wasn't. Their parents couldn't help, they had no real money. They didn't have good enough friends to ask, there was no one. The beautiful 22 year old new bride was bereft, they had lived together for 6 months, but had got married only one month ago, even though this was all looming over their heads they had gone on with it and married, better or worse.

Lacy was every man's dream woman, soft, curvaceous, full bodied, 5ft 7" tall. Her hair was dark brown, luxurious, shiny, down past her shoulders. It was parted in the centre, but she had a wonderful fringe that was long enough to catch her lashes when she moved, giving her an even more sensuous look. Her face was mesmeric, she was a siren of the highest attraction. She had deep and innocent eyes, addictively appealing to be looked at by her, and addictively appealing to be looking at her.

Lacy had a body most women craved for, even if they would never admit it, she was not thin, not even skinny. She was wonderfully rounded, smooth and sleek. "I'm a girl who a man can get a hold of!" she would laugh and giggle. And she was, her new husband had trouble keeping up with her, past boyfriends had too, but she was also a giver of her love. She took part in love making as a lot of girls never did.

Lacy wasn't a dominant type of woman, far from it, she was as coy and reticent as the next girl, but when she got into it, she went in all guns blazing. It was in her nature to give her man total and full satisfaction, she always thought of herself as a man's woman. Unfortunately for her husband she was getting exacerbated, he had told her with full confidence that he was on a winner and they would get rich, very rich. And while she did believe him, things were going tits up big time.

"We're lucky I have a full time job Michael, or we would be homeless by now," she said to him one night, "but we have to find a way out of this or we'll lose everything."

"Yes Lacy I know, and I'm so sorry, if we could only find someone to pitch in, take a stake in this project, it would be a definite success, I know it would."

"I'm sure you are right Michael, but who can we turn to, we've asked everyone we know," she said.

They sat for a while, each lost in their own thoughts, then her new husband said. "Maybe I have an idea Lacy," he looked at her with hope in his eyes, "what about Jack?" he said.

"Jack," she asked, "Jack who?"

"Your boss Jack Lake," he said somewhat excitedly, "he's a wealthy man, has lots of money, maybe if we went to him, asked him, explained things, he might want it Lacy, what do you think?"

Jack Lake was an entrepreneur, fiddled with this that and the other, and was also into big engineering sales projects, which was where he had made a lot of cash. Lacy knew this because she was his PA. Lacy wasn't sure about that, asking him, it might go the other way and she could lose her job too.

"I'm not too sure about that Michael, Mr Lake might not like me asking for money, even if it was a loan," she said.

"Please Lacy, if he says no, then he says no, things can hardly get any worse than they are right now, can they!" he told her. They talked about it all night and went to bed with heavy hearts. In the morning they talked even more, and finally Lacy gave up and agreed she would mention it to Mr Lake.

Michael offered to go with her so he could explain in fine detail to him, make him see the value of an investment. But Lacy said no, that she would broach the subject, and ask his advice. Lacy knew Mr Lake had the hots for her, every man she ever met did. She was used to the stares and looks from men, and she routinely just smiled and got on with her life.

The beautiful young wife normally wore somewhat conservative clothes to work, but today, she dressed in a, not too revealing attire, or even suggestive, she didn't want to give her boss the wrong impression. She chose mid to light grey woolen dress, sleeved down to her elbows, level with her knees. Round necked that showed just a hint of cleavage but that was all. It wasn't tight or figure hugging, it touched where it met her.

There was no doubting what it hid underneath it though, it was her gorgeous voluptuous body. Any red blooded man could tell that what was under that dress was something a bit more than special. The reason she chose it was simple, it had a zip that had a big ring for pulling it up and down from the neck to the knee, and it dangled on a small chain. This dress, she hoped, would take his mind off what she was asking for, enough for him to agree to her fervent request for financial help. And the matching high heels highlighted it.

She went to work with her husband's blessing, he said, as she drove off, "Go get him girl, you'll have him eating out of your hand." Lacy had put her thick dark hair up, held in a gold clasp at the back of her neck, it accentuated how smooth long her neck was. She went in, put her things away, and standing at his door, she smoothed her dress down, took a deep breath, knocked on it, and walked in.

"Good morning Mr Lake, how are you today?" she asked.

"Ah Lacy," he replied, as he looked up, "Wow Lacy," he said, as he espied her, "you are looking real nice today, that dress is magic on you."

"Thank you Mr Lake, I appreciate that," she said softly. Her boss wasn't daft, he sensed something was wrong and wondered what it could be. He had been in business for 20 years or more and knew when things were amiss. The 42 year old fit, quite good looking, none drinking, none smoking man waited for his beautiful PA to get on with it. He had lusted after her since the day she had asked for the job she now had. But he had never once made any suggestion, pass, lewd comment, or asked her out. It wasn't worth any of the trouble that could come with it, but if it ever came his way he would not surn the chance.

"I'll get right to work Mr Lake," she said. Lacy picked up the paper work that was always on his desk waiting for her attention, and walked back out of his office and back to her own desk. He watched her leave, her deliciously shapely calves were enough to make him catch his breath. Jack Lake sat there a moment thinking, then decided to let her take her time with whatever it was she had on her mind.

An hour later Lacy knocked again and reentered, "Here are sir, all done. "You have a Mr Hawkins at 2pm, and a Mr Morrison at 3, okay?" she asked.

He smiled and said, "That's great Lacy, a quiet day, nice, I like that."

"Yes sir, er, Mr Lake may I talk to you please?"

Here it comes he told himself, is she leaving, or does she want a rise, what?

He told her to sit in the chair opposite him and his desk, he also pressed his secret recording button to a video machine, Lacy didn't even know about it, it was for recording business meetings for reference in case things went awry.

"Okay Lacy, what's the problem, I can tell something is wrong," he said gently. He saw small tears form in her eyes, and thought, "Hell, it must be serious."

Lacy looked at him, gulped, took a deep breath and laid it all out, everything, warts and all. It took her 20 minutes and after she finished, she lifted her lovely head and said tearily.

"So Mr Lake, can you, will you help us, we are at our wits end, we'll lose absolutely everything in less than two weeks."

Her boss looked at her sat there softly sobbing, she was so beautiful, and he almost hated the thought that entered his mind. "This might be my one and only chance with her, it could get me into her body?" He actually was interested in the offer of investment, he knew enough about engineering to know what could be good and what couldn't.

"It seems a good thing Lacy, but 20 thousand, that's a lot of money, even for me," he said, it wasn't, not to him, it was a drop in the ocean as far as he was concerned.

"Yes sir I know, but we are so desperate, I hate having to ask you, but there is no one else Mr Lake," she told him.

"When would I see a return on my money if I were to invest Lacy?" he asked.

"In about a year I would think," she told him, her eyes were wet, and full of hope and desperation.

"That would be too long Lacy, I would need something in between, interim payments, to protect my investment," he told her. Her magnificent chest heaved, she sobbed quietly.

"What kind of payments Mr Lake, we don't have anything, what can I do, or say?"

"Lacy, I can invest 20, even 50 grand in the right instance, but I must have assurances that my interests are your own," he told her.

"Mr Lake, I'll sign any document you want me to, whatever you say sir."

"Yes Lacy, I would expect that, and it would be written up in cast iron terms too, but what have you got that you can offer me to get me on board, hmmm?"

"I don't know sir, anything, just tell me," she murmured.

"Lacy," he said, "looking at you sitting there in that stunning dress, I have to say, you must have something in mind you can offer me, or do for me, or you wouldn't have dressed that way, would you?"

Lacy suddenly felt uncomfortable, "What do you mean Mr Lake, what can I do?"

"You have dressed so beautifully to seduce me into just lending you a lot of money Lacy, but life doesn't work that way, not in the world I operate in, you already know that don't you?" He smiled, his use of the word 'seduce' was a great one. Now he was getting to the meat of this bone. "You ask me what can you do Lacy, I don't know, it's really you who has to make the offer, don't you think?"

"Yes Mr Lake it is," she replied, now she did feel uneasy.

He turned sideways in his huge padded swivel chair, now he was 90 degrees to her. "Well Lacy," he said, "time is money, I can't sit here talking all day, and we don't seem to be getting anywhere do we, what are you offering for me to loan you such a huge sum of money, Hmmm?" He wasn't looking at her now, he was staring at the wall.

Lacy had guessed what he was after now, sex, or fun and games, she didn't know for sure, maybe just a few kisses, a grope maybe, she thought. She looked down and saw her dress, it was like the first time she had ever seen it, "No wonder he is looking at me the way he is, it's this dress. I have put it into his mind that I'm game for a laugh, if he agrees to lend us the money!"

Without realizing she was more or less committing herself, she said, "You will definitely lend us the money Mr Lake?"

"As soon as you make your offer, I feel I can accept and take up the offer, then we agree terms Lacy, definitely," he said smiling happily. He had got what he wanted without even breaking sweat, he had got this beautiful young wife! "Bring your chair round here Lacy, let's talk on personal terms."

Lacy rolled it around his desk, now she saw what it was he wanted, he was sat with her feet wide apart and his legs outstretched. "A blow job," she told herself. It was, but he had a lot more in mind than his gorgeous young married PA had.

"Make your offer Lacy," he told her, and he was gentle too, he knew this would be difficult for her, "at least until she gets used to it," he said in his head, Lacy appreciated that.

He looked up at the pin headed camera and gave a small smile. The beautiful young wife, the new bride, had no choice, not now, she had more or less made the offer of herself hadn't she? She looked at him pensively, half hoping he would say, "Don't be silly Lacy, I didn't mean this," he of course didn't say that, he didn't even think it. Lacy slowly slid from her seat and kneeled on the soft carpet in front of him.

Her hands rose up all on their own, and then she was fingering his zip, a look of joy on his good looking face. He smiled at her, "Lacy, you won't regret this I promise you," he said kindly.

She told herself that she would, but he was talking about the enjoyment he had in mind for her. Lacy would find out what he was meaning shortly.

She worked his zip down and hesitatingly fished for him, she was still doubting the wisdom of what she was about to do. She was sure her husband hadn't meant this when he had said about "him eating out of your hand!" But she was in for a bigger shock, and bigger was the operative word. She found him, her hand closed around it, and she felt right away that he was big.

She gasped inwardly, her husband was a decent size, but this felt bigger by a distance. Lacy tugged him out, and there it was in all its unsung glory. It wasn't fully hard yet, but she knew what she had in her hand. It was a cock of a good size, and unknown to her as yet, it would soon be in her month old beautiful silky shaven pussy. A shaven pussy no one but her husband had ventured into.

Her eyes popped as it grew in her hand, she watched it grow, it had to be at least an inch longer, and about three quarters of an inch thicker than Michaels. Lacy got shot in the head, heart, and pussy by her own emotions. She loved sucking cock, it was one of her favorite pastimes. And here, she had a cock bigger than any she had seen in her young life, not that she had seen too many.

As her eyes were locked on to it, and her jaw was hanging free, it hardened in her hand, it grew to its full majestic length. She gently squeezed it, she hadn't intended to do that, but she did. The bright red, purple head grew brighter when she did, she squeezed it again, and Lacy was amazed at the change in colour, her husband's didn't do this.

Lacy was working herself up, she was arousing herself simply by staring at it, it was like a live animal. Her hand was gently squeezing it for him, and for her! Her cheeks reddened as they always did in these situations. Her gorgeous cock sucking lips quivered, then filled with her engorged blood, and they were announcing her arousal to him sat loftily above her, patiently waiting.

Her nipples hardened, she felt them, her inner body shuddered. She told herself that this wasn't what was supposed be happening, none of it was. All she had wanted to do was borrow money, and now she was being seduced, or was she seducing herself for him? Lacy didn't know, all she did know was that there was no way her hand was coming of this cock. She had never seen its like before, and her mind and body had bolted and locked her fingers around it.

She looked up at him again, he gave her an encouraging smile, he was not going to force her. It could still go drastically wrong, and he could end up with fuck all. Lacy dropped her big sexy eyes, looked at the now shining bright head of his cock. The little pee hole, the heavy weight, the texture of it in her hand. Her sagging wide open mouth neared it, then manna! She closed those lips over it, it was done, he had this gorgeous young, and newly married wife on her knees, on the floor in his office. Lacy had placed herself in this position not him, and now she was blowing him.

Lacy instantly forgot that she was being coerced, she attacked him, her mouth went into overdrive. Eyes shut tight, she sucked hard and long, she licked and tongued him, she indicated for him to undo his pants. He did so gladly, she tugged them down his legs, along with his shorts, and also his shoes. Now Lacy had access to his powerful balls too. Lacy gave him everything, she ravaged him, she sucked each of his balls, fingered him, tried to poke his ass but couldn't get her hand under.

Jack Lake bent forward and got a finger into the ring for the zip on her dress and tugged it down as far as he could reach. He got his hands in and felt for those luscious globes he had wanted to kiss and suck for the year she had worked for him. Lacy wasn't wearing a bra, she had decided not to because the straps showed when she had tried on the dress.

Now he controlled her actions simply by squeezing and rolling the bullet like teats of each tit. He was looking down as it caused her to go even harder on him. She gagged and choked but not once did she pull away. What he didn't know yet, but was in the act of finding out was that Lacy looked upon this as a labour of love, to be fully enjoyed and completely savoured.

In her life she had sucked some cocks especially that of her husband, who was now sat at home waiting to hear if his beautiful bride had saved the day, she was, and indeed had. But Mr Lake's cock tasted different to any she could remember, it was a taste she liked. The smooth skin, the lumpy veins under it, the hardness of his muscle, blood filled cock, the velvet head as it moved in her hot sucking mouth, it drove her onwards and upwards.

Lacy was now up on her knees she was like an electric pump sucking him, he was laid back in the heaven she was creating for him. There was no way he wasn't going to fuck her now, no matter what she said. His cock pulsed, it throbbed and bounced in her mouth. "I'm going to cum Lacy, I'm going to cum!" he warned her.

Lacy's first decision when she had first got it into her mouth was, "there is no way he is blowing his load into my mouth and down my throat." Now she went after him, and it, she wanted to taste him, savour him, feel him spouting it out. She wondered if it would be creamy, steamy, hot, would it be thick or thin, how much will he give to me, a lot or a little?

Mr Lake not knowing Lacy had decided helplessly to take him, grabbed her head and blasted what felt like gallons of hot, creamy, steamy, and thick lumpy cum right into her waiting mouth where she battled valiantly to swallow all of it, Lacy gulped at it, her cheeks swelled alarmingly, her eyes bulged, but she succeeded. Lacy sucked him dry, then she fell to the floor exhausted, Jack Lake sat there in wonder, never had he had in his life, a better blowjob than his beautiful PA just given him.

But he had a job to do, he could wait and try again to seduce her, or he could get to his feet and do her while her head was still spinning, and she was out of breath. He got up from his chair, cajoled Lacy to her feet, she had wanted a couple of minutes to recover, "Sorry Lacy, that's out of the question," he told himself.

Now he turned her ass on to the edge of his desk, and gently pushed her back down on to it. Lacy wasn't quite with herself yet and went where he pushed her to. Then she heard the zip going all the way down, the air when her dress fell open was cool to the feel. He looked at her fabulous body, the full firm now flat tits, the terrific nipples, hard and bullet like. Then his eyes fell on to her newly shaved puffy pussy

His heart almost stopped, the beautiful young wife laid sublimely on his desk had her eyes closed, her legs open and dangling down. Lacy was breathing more evenly now. His eyes on her pussy, it was glistening, he guessed she was hot and very wet, he would find out in a moment. He gently fingered it, it was piping hot, and as slick as newly refined baby oil. He dropped to his own knees and clamped his mouth over it.

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