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Replacing My Cum Bucket

by Bobby T©

“Is anything off limits mom?”

“What do you mean honey?”

“Can I ask you to do anything?”

“Of course baby, anything you want. After all, Mrs. Smith sounds like a total slut. Now, give Mrs. Smith some thick cock meat and shove that big fucking thing down my throat. Fill my tummy, er I mean Mrs. Smith’s tummy with hot, sticky cum. Talk dirty to her baby”

I had to laugh a little under my breath. This was so preposterous. Who gives a fuck! From the looks of things, I was about to get my very first blowjob!

Clearing my throat and making sure my voice didn’t squeak too much, I gave it my best shot.

“Alright you horny fucking slut, isn’t it about time you sucked this big cock of mine? I know you want it. You’re cunt is probably dripping wet already, isn’t it you fucking whore?”

“Yes Sir, my little cunt is sopping wet for you. I hunger for your cock. Please may I suck your huge cock for you now, please Sir, let me suck your big beautiful cock.”

Funny enough, for the moment at least, I really didn’t see this little sexy package as my mom. She was just a warm, sexy, moist mouth that was about to suck my virgin cock and eat my load. What would it feel like to blow a load in someone’s mouth? I guess I was finally going to find out!

I walked over to the chair that she had pushed out of the way and sat down. I spread my legs as far apart as possible and made sure my big balls were hanging over the edge of the chair. Mom spun around so that she was facing me and crawled between my legs. She looked up at me in eager anticipation and was licking her lips as she looked back and forth from my face to my cock. She was almost whimpering. I could tell that she hadn’t been kidding. She really wanted, no, needed to, suck my cock.

I grabbed my cock in one hand and gave it a slow stroke right in front of her face. A big dollop of precum oozed out the end and ran slowly down the shaft of my cock.

Pointing my cock at her mouth I said, “ Lick that up bitch and make sure you don’t waste any.”

“Oh, yes Sir, it will be my pleasure.”

She dipped her head slowly towards my cock and I watched as her lips softly eased over the head of my dick. She was sort of holding half the head of my cock in her mouth and was sucking and licking at the same time without removing the head of my cock from her mouth. She purred like a kitten and was making a low, moaning sound as she sucked on the fat, spongy head.

“Do you like that my little slut?”

Taking my cock in both hands and removing her mouth off my cock just enough so that she could reply, she said. “Oh yes Sir, I love it, please give me more.”

She used her little hands to pump up another dollop of precum and seemed to take great pleasure from savouring the taste. “Mmmmmm, you taste heavenly Sir.”

I knew that because of my inexperience and heightened state of arousal, there was no way I was going to last very long. In fact, I was surprised that I hadn’t shot off already. I knew though, that when I did cum, it would be the first of many and thanks to my tender age and my ability to produce large volumes of cum, I would be able to give my mom all the cum she could handle. Or, at least I hoped I could. All of a sudden I was overcome by a powerful need to get this first load over with. Man I wanted to cum so bad.

“That’s enough of this fucking around you little slut. I want to blow my load right into your belly so get sucking and I want you to suck hard. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir, I will try not to disappoint you.”

With that, she took a two handed grip on the base of my cock and almost brutally started to jack me off. She shoved her mouth down hard on the head of my cock and I watched as her cheeks caved in from the suction she was applying. I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum at this pace. Fuck me it felt good! This was the first time I was going to cum without stroking myself off. This was great! I kind of sat back a bit to watch my sexy mom suck my big cock. It was only then that I started to notice things that had completely escaped me until now.

First of all, my mom’s mouth looked like it was stretched to the limit as it surrounded the shaft of my cock. It was a wonder she could get it in her mouth at all. Secondly, with mom flailing away on my cock like she was, I finally looked past her face and saw that her big tits were swinging back and forth wildly as she pumped my dick to and fro. I became fixated on her tits and was dying to get a better look.

Wait a minute! Mom said I could do anything I wanted. Let’s see if she meant it!

I grabbed my cock and pulled out of mom’s mouth with a loud popping sound.

“Oh no, please Sir, please out it back in my mouth, please let me suck your cock, I need it so badly!”

“In a minute little one. There is something I want you to do for me.”

“Anything Sir, just please let me suck your cock some more. I need your hot cum Sir!”

“Take off your blouse.”

Without giving it a thought and without missing a heartbeat, her fingers flew to her buttons and before I knew it, she was throwing her blouse to one side. Now I could see a deep valley of cleavage and the rounded top half of each large breast as it rose from her bra. Her breath was coming in gulps and her tits rose and fell within her bra. Fuck she’s sexy!

“And now the bra. I want to see your big tits”

“Yes Sir.”

Again, without hesitation, she reached behind her to deal with each of the five hooks that held her bra together. Reaching back like that made her tits stick out even further and as she undid the last hook, she gave a little shake and the bra slipped down a bit. She held each cup and slowly removed the bra until her tits were completely exposed. Wow! They were bigger than Mrs. Smith’s big tits. Way to go mom, I thought proudly! She had her head lowered as if to look at her own tits and lifted her eyes to meet mine.

“Are my breasts to your satisfaction Sir?”

“Oh yes. They are perfect.”

“Are they as nice as the breasts that belong to that fucking slut neighbour of ours?”

“Your tits are amazing and you make her look like a school girl.” (A bit of a lie but what the fuck.) Mom’s face lit up with pride as she held her tits high and proud, one in each hand.

Smiling, she held her big tits firmly, one in each hand and lowered her head to start sucking my cock again.

“Michael, you have no idea how much I love your big, fat cock.” She released the grip she had on her tits and placed both hands around the shaft of my cock, near the base. She started to softly slap her face with my cock and before too long, she was really whacking her face pretty hard with it. Every once in a while she would pop the head of my cock into her mouth and give it a loud suck and then would start smacking her face with it again. She then rubbed her face all over my cock and kissed up and down the shaft. She seemed to focus on the big gnarly blue vein and slid her lips along the length of the vein, sucking softly. Her face was soaking wet with a combination of her saliva and the precum that was flowing freely from my piss-slit and my cock slid back and forth easily across her well lubricated face.

From time to time, she would use both hands to wrap a death grip on the shaft of my cock and pump it like crazy while she sucked on the head. I stared in awe as I watched her huge soft tits wobble and crash around as her arms pumped up and down on my cock.

I wasn’t all that keen to keep up the trash talking and I knew it would take some practice before I got any good at it and began to feet comfortable speaking to my mom in that way. For the most part, I just stayed quiet and watched the show. It was an immense turn-on to watch my own mother making love to my cock. From the signals my nuts were sending me, it wouldn’t be long before I would be blowing my first load all over my mom’s face.

“I need you to cum for me baby. Will you do that for your naughty mommy? Your mommy needs to eat your hot slimy cum baby and I want you to cover my pretty little face with your goo. Please cum for me baby.”

She pointed the head of my dick right at the middle of her face and started jacking me off really hard and really fast. Fuck it felt good, real good! She was squeezing my dick so hard that it almost hurt.

“It won’t be long now you fucking little cum slut. Get ready to eat a big load of hot, juicy boy cum.” (I told you, I’m not very good at this trash talking yet!) “That’s it, pump my big fuck-stick you horny little cunt. You can do better than that! Get your pretty little slut mouth on the end of my fucking dick and suck it while you jack me off you big titted cock whore.”

As much of a rookie as I was, my foul language seemed to be having the desired effect on my mom. She started to go berserk on my cock. It was almost as if she was in some kind of drug induced state and the only thing that existed in her world right now was the big cock onto which she had attached a voracious lip-lock. My only regret was that I couldn’t really see past the top of her head to take a good look at her big tits. I had to tell myself to be patient and not to worry because there would be lots of time to get to know her tits really well. I figured that when it came to my mom, my cock was going to be like having the E-ticket at Disneyland.

My large but youthful balls sent me a signal that they were about to give up the motherload. Mom removed her hands from my cock and placed one under each of her tits. With just the head of my cock in her mouth, she rammed her tits into my balls and cradled my cock between them. They were so soft!

I leaned over as far as I could and took a tit in each hand. She placed both of her hands back onto my cock and started to suck me off like she was possessed, especially when I started to pull on her nipples.

“Pull on my nipples baby Pull the fucking things right off. Pull hard baby!”

I tugged, twisted, pulled and otherwise tortured her poor nipples. I was afraid I might be hurting her but the harder I worked them over, the more she moaned and the harder she sucked.

This was it! The time was near. I was about to blow my first load into someone else’s mouth. My mom’s mouth for fuck’s sake.

I could feel the cum boiling in my loins and looked down at mom’s lips as they stretched over the head of my cock.

“I’m going to cum mom. I’m going to cum into you little mouth. I’m going to give you what you need mommy, a big load of hot cum right from your little boy’s big balls. That’s it, suck harder you little cum slut and get ready to eat the biggest load you ever had.”

All this dirty talk of mine was getting to me too and I felt my knees quiver as the cum raced out of my balls, up the long shaft of my cock and then exploded into the mouth of my loving mother.

My mom went nuts and started moaning like crazy as her mouth quickly filled to capacity. I could see she was trying to swallow fast enough but couldn’t. I think the sheer volume of cum overwhelmed her and she wasn’t prepared to deal with so much of the stuff. She pulled the head of my cock out of her mouth, gasped and swallowed an overflowing mouthful as fast as she could. My cock continued to spew its load all over moms face. Talk about a facial! Before long, mom’s eyes were glued shut and every square inch of her face was covered in thick, creamy cum. What a turn on! Even better, some of it dripped off her face and landed all over her big tits. All the while, mom continued to pump the long, fat shaft of my cock aimed right into her mouth. She was moaning and making mewing sounds like a kitten at a bowl of cream.

She finally chugged back another mouthful and then forcefully shoved her mouth over the end of my cock. I fired off the few remaining shots into her sucking mouth and slumped back, completely drained and wasted into the chair to watch my sexy, cum covered mother. She was sucking so hard her cheeks caved in and she seemed desperate to get everything I had to give. She sucked so hard it almost hurt but there was no way I was going to stop her.

Even though I was kind of wasted, I was so turned on that my cock remained rock hard and when it finally became obvious that my cock had finished spewing cum, she started to soften up the force of her suction but seemed very reluctant to take my cock out of her mouth. Sucking softly now, she took a finger and began scooping the cum out of her eyes and off her face. She would scoop up big dollops of chunky cum, wipe her fingers off on the head of my cock and clean it off by sucking it back into her mouth. Sometimes she would use my cock like a scraper and wipe the cum off her face and then lick it off my cock. Man, she sure seems to love the stuff!

I had no idea if mom might come to her senses and begin to regret what we had just done. Maybe she would regret it and this would be the last time we did this. I could only hope that we had permanently turned a corner in our relationship and that mom was going to be sucking me off a lot from now on. Just the thought of it was enough to keep me hard forever. I could think of much worse things than donating my sperm to such a good cause. Just the thought that I might not have to jerk off any more was getting me pretty excited.

Mom had finally cleaned the cum off her eyes to the point she could open them. She was gazing up at me in what I’d have to describe as a very loving way and was softly and gently nursing on the head of my cock. She removed my cock from her mouth for as long as it took to say, “I love you so much Michael. Thank you for letting me suck your big fat cock and letting me drink down all that yummy cum.”

“I love you too mom. You can suck my cock anytime you want.”

She took my cock out of her mouth again and gave the big spongy head a loud wet kiss, more of a playful smack really, and holding the shaft of my cock against her cheek, she said, “I’m going to go jump in the shower now. I think that we have some things to talk about. To tell you the truth, I’m still very concerned about your opinion of me and I need to know I haven’t completely screwed up our relationship.”

“No worries mom. I’m going to hop in the shower too. I’ll meet you in the TV room and we can sit down and have that chat over another Coke.”

For a moment, I thought about asking to shower with her but didn’t want to rush things. She probably needed some quiet time to think things over before we get together for our little talk.

As I stood under the steaming hot water and showered, my mind was racing a mile a minute. I was really excited about what had just happened with mom and wanted more, much more. In fact, I had to stop myself from jerking off I was so excited. After I let my fantasies run wild for a while, I arrived at a decision to take things slow and let mom make the next move. I just wanted to make sure that she knew I was very okay with what had happened.

I finished my shower and put on a clean t-shirt and a pair of silky running shorts. I wanted to be ready in case mom still had an “appetite”. I grabbed a couple of Cokes, poured them into big glasses full of ice and went into the TV room. Instead of sitting in my usual chair, I plunked myself down on the sofa in hopes mom would sit beside me. I turned on the fireplace trying to set a romantic mood and then switched on the TV.

My plan worked.

Mom came into the room looking more sexy and beautiful than I can ever remember. She actually took my breath away. She had changed into a skimpy, sexy little black teddy that I had never seen before. My horny meter kicked up a couple of notches and I had a feeling that we weren’t finished being naughty for the night. I looked at her hair that was still damp from the shower and thought she was the sexiest woman alive.

She smiled at me and asked if it was okay to join me on the sofa. I simply patted the seat next to me.

Mom came over and instead of sitting down, she immediately curled up and laid down beside me putting her head in my lap. She placed one hand on my thigh and was curled up in a way that made her massive tits spill out over the top of her very revealing teddy.

I was trying to be as cool as possible but could feel my Johnson start to react to all the visual and tactile stimuli mom was subjecting me to.

“Mom, I know we’ve got lots to talk about but I’ve gotta tell you, you’ve got the nicest, biggest set of tits that I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure how long I can sit here this close to you without reaching over to feel you up.”

Mom looked up at me, smiled and even giggled a little. She was watching my cock create a rapidly growing tent in my shorts and was just about to say something and was sliding her hand towards my cock when the front doorbell rang. I pulled back the curtains and took a quick peek out the window and saw that our next-door neighbour Mrs. Cynthia Smith was at the door. Shit!

To be continued…. (If the voting indicates there is a hunger for more of this little tale….and as always, thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it.)

Written by: Bobby T

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