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Madison's Fall Ch. 01

by Switchfeet©

Madison woke up in a total fog. It was such a weird feeling as she slowly became more awake and aware. She was in her own room laying on her bed. It would normally be a totally comfortable thing if it weren't for the fact that Madison had no memory of how she had gotten here. There was such a haze going on in her brain and the "in control" lady didn't like it one bit. Even during her party days in college, Madison could never remember waking up like this. Besides, she was pretty confident she hadn't had anything to drink.

As Madison sat up in her bed, she slowly attempted to put the pieces together. She was still in her normal clothes and according to her clock, it was only 5 in the evening. While it may mean she was only out a few hours, the more concerning part she realized was her last memory was of her not being home at all. Instead, she finally realized that today had been the day she had went to the hypnotherapist. It was a bit unsettling thinking that this could be the reason her memory was affected. Her friend and former sub Heather had convinced her that hypnotherapy would be the best relaxation experience she had ever had. Right now, Madison wasn't feeling relaxed at all with the existing haze.

"Kelly!", she called for her slave and girlfriend. She hoped the girl could help her figure out what was going on.

Madison heard the scurrying to her room as Kelly entered naked, just as Madison preferred her to be. This wasn't really noticed for a change though as Madison was mainly concerned with whether or not her slave could help her.

"You're awake Mistress!" Kelly said in a relieved voice. Kelly was fairly tall, just a few inches short of 6 feet. She had almost half a foot on Madison, but the girl spoke and acted so small all the time. "I was starting to get worried."

"Do you know what happened, Kelly?" asked Madison. "I don't remember hardly anything other than knowing I went to see Rachel the hypnotherapist. I don't think you came with me did you."

Kelly looked stunned. She had already looked nervous and concerned, but now she just was downright anxious. "You don't remember what happened to you Mistress? I...I was hoping you could tell me. All I know is Rachel brought you home because you were like out of it. You didn't say a word to me and just came in here to bed."

Now Madison was really unhappy. What the hell had happened? "Did Rachel say anything?" she asked.

"All she said is you needed to rest and that she'd send you an email to recap everything that you had covered in your session," stated Kelly.

Madison quickly got off her bed. Well, as quickly as she could with the still existing grogginess. Kelly came over and helped her as she walked to her desk with her computer. Sitting down, Madison started the process of accessing her email. "This better explain what the hell that hypno bitch did to me."

Madison narrowed her eyes as she opened the message Rachel had sent to her to find it blank. Instead, there was just a video attachment. She clicked it open and found herself looking at the face of the captivating brunette, Rachel.

"Madison," Rachel began in the video, "I know right now you're feeling very confused. No doubt that has you upset seeing how much you practice being in control." Madison gave a snort in response.

"I wish I could say this video was about to ease those upset feelings," the video continued. "But the reality is what I'm about to show you is going to upset you more than you've probably been in a long time. Before I do though, I must make a few things clear. I'm not evil. I don't believe in violating someone against their will. Nothing I do could ever do that. All I'm capable of is releasing desires that already exist." Rachel gave a smile that made the rarely scared Madison shiver. "And maybe enhance it to some degree. Please keep this in mind with what you're about to see."

The camera turned away from Rachel's face. The movement made it clear that the camera was just being held by Rachel herself, probably her phone. The camera turned 180 degrees to Rachel's feet. Madison let out a gasp and felt as if she might get sick at what she saw. There on the screen was herself. There was a dreamy look in her eyes as she hungrily sucked on Rachel's toes.

"What the hell is THIS?!" Madison growled. In the video, she was moaning while licking and sucking Rachel's toes.

Rachel's voice came back over the video as it continued to show Madison doing the unthinkable. "I know you're likely in a world of denial as you watch this. But eventually you'll be able to admit to yourself that your desire to worship a girl's feet has always existed deep down. Our hypnosis session has merely brought that out. In fact, you'll soon learn that you won't be able to resist a pair of bare feet presented to you. And every time you succumb to your desire and worship a girl's feet, you'll find yourself in this same dreamy state you see yourself in right now. A dreamy state in which you're totally submissive and eager to be used."

"No...", muttered Madison as she listened and watched. This couldn't be real.

"Madison," called Rachel in the video. "Are you enjoying my feet?"

"Mmm...yes Miss, they're lovely," mumbled Madison in the video while her mouth was still around Rachel's toes.

"And what if I said I wanted to fuck your with my strapon right now?" Rachel asked.

"I would love that" purred Madison as she licked across the glistening toes of Rachel.

"But what if I said I wanted to piss on you or fuck your ass?" inquired Rachel.

It was like a switch went off as in the video Madison's dreamy eye look disappeared and she looked up defensively at the camera. "Absolutely not!" exclaimed Madison.

"Shhh...ok then dear. I won't, just go back to sucking," encouraged Rachel. In the video, Madison looked back at Rachel's toes and slowly lowered her mouth back to them, the dreamy look returning almost right away. Slowly the camera turned back to Rachel's face. She wasn't marking, but looking with that deep thoughtful gaze she often had.

"That last part was to serve two purposes," started Rachel. "First, to show you that I'm not a monster. Second, to prove to you that I'm not capable of making you do anything that you don't desire deep down. Your limits are safe from anything I could ever make your mind agree to. And don't worry, as soon as this video ends I'm taking you home. I will not do anything else to you physically."

"Eventually, you'll learn to accept that all of this is because of your own desires, not from anything I created. Unfortunately I know you're in for a few hard weeks as you learn to accept this. But when you do, I look forward to you thanking me. Now I know you're probably at the end of your tolerance right now so I'll be ending this. Go take care of what you need."

With that the video ended, Rachel's face frozen on the screen. Madison was so overwhelmed she didn't know how to think. Kelly took a deep breath behind her as if she had been holding it for a while.

"Is it true?" stammered Kelly. "Is all that true Mistress?"

Madison turned to look at her with a fiery stare, but soon found herself battling fear of the unknown as she looked at her slave girlfriend. Her eyes wandered on the girl's naked body. When her gaze fell upon her feet, she felt a rush of desire and horniness come on her so suddenly she nearly gasped. She forced herself to look away embarrassed, and then soon grew quite angry about her lack of control over her own body. "No! I mean, I don't know, just, go call Heather for me please and tell her to get her ass over here now!"

Kelly obediently hurried out of the room. Madison was left alone in all her conflicted feelings. Part of her wanted to cry, but she was too proud to let that weakness show. Finally after a few minutes, she clicked the video off the screen. That's when she noticed a second email from Rachel. It was simply two sentences. "The secret to control is happiness. The secret to happiness is acceptance."

"Fucking bitch," she muttered as she turned off her computer. Rising, she prepared for Heather's arrival. That girl better have a good explanation for why she sent her to that evil bitch!

Written by: Switchfeet

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