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Porto San Michele on a Summer Day

by SKNC1992©

It was about 1:00 in the afternoon in Porto San Michele and at this time the town was mostly deserted. We just had lunch by the pool at the Santa Margherita, a nice restaurant inside a beach establishment of the same name. The resort was elegant and full of amenities, private cabins, hot showers and a bar where they served the best espresso in town.

We decided to stay and to rent an umbrella and two lounge chairs. We asked for the nearest spot to the shore and we were told that the closest they had available was a fourth row. This was not what we were looking for, but we liked the place, so we decided to take it anyway.

All we had planned for the afternoon was to rest and enjoy the beautiful sun, so we asked the beach attendant to bring us a couple of Hoegaarden and some chips.

In July, at this time of the afternoon, the sun can be very dangerous for children and elderly people. Since Porto San Michele mainly cater to families with kids, all the umbrellas around us were vacant with the exception of only 2 sets. One was located right in front of us on the third row, with a young kid probably around 20 years old. The other was on our same row and three umbrellas to our left, occupied by a gentleman in his mid 50's.

My wife took off the sheer cover-up and the Panama hat and laid down under the sun with a daring Brazilian swimsuit, a white and unlined number that we had bought a couple of days earlier. Since I am not the type of person that likes to just lay under the sun, I walked to the shoreline and checked the water temperature. The water was warm and clear, it looked shallow for several hundred feet, a perfect beach for little kids and near shore snorkeling.

I was there for only a minute when I saw my wife walking toward me without her top on, wow that was a vision!! She walked passed me and without saying a word she got in the water topless. Following her lead I got in the water as well, and we had fun swimming and jumping together in the waves. No one else was in the water so we fooled around for a while before going back to get dry under the sun. We called the attendant and ordered another couple of Hoegaarden.

Since the beach was practically empty I got my camera out and started to take pictures of her. She has posed for me topless in public several times before but at 50 this attitude was sexier and naughtier than ever. Like the finest wine her allure improved with age, she knew when to be teasing or indecent, racy or just suggestive, risqué or salacious.

She was at ease topless and nowadays her breasts were even bigger, curvier, heavier and sexier than in her 30's. So it would have been a mortal sin to cover them up. To add more spice I asked her to adjust the front of her swimsuit bottom, which she narrowed down to the thinnest strip possible, just enough to cover her pussy.

While I was capturing her beauty in full color I caught the young kid on the third row fumbling with his smart phone. I realized that he could have been taking pictures as well, perhaps to get a souvenir for himself. At first I was upset because I didn't want to see her pictures turning up on the internet, on You-porn or something of that nature. But at the same time, being a top dog, I was proud and turned on from this kid staring lustfully at my wife's tits and pussy.

I told my wife that the kid was staring at her tits and she burst out laughing replying that the gentleman on our left was also staring at her goodies. She told me that he had turned his lounge chair in the opposite direction and from this new position he could see her in all her glory. He wore a pair of Ray-Ban, which provided a protection shields for his stare.

We both started laughing and thought that the old man and the kid were the perfect audience to have some fun with. So I sat down next to my wife and whispered in her left ear "let's have fun with these guys" "Go ahead and start touching yourself." And she did.

Being in a public place she smartly skipped the prelude and went straight to the nitty-gritty. She moved her lounge chair in the walkway, between rows three and four and put her right hand on her tits and her left hand inside the bottom swimsuit. Shamelessly she moved the swimsuit's crotch on the side to show her pussy in broad daylight, for my pleasure, and to the delight of our viewers of course.

I was stunned by this boldness and I was so glad that I was recording it on my smart phone. Our friends' eyes were glued to her body and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Sadly, this moment did not last long. We were interrupted by the arrival of an African beach peddler, one of those colorful sellers that are so popular on Italian beaches. They travel from umbrella to umbrella trying to sell anything from a lighter to a pocket book or fake jewelry.

I can't denied that we were disappointed, his arrival had stopped our afternoon's diversion and brought us back to reality. The kid on the front row left right away while the older gentleman was later joined by the rest of his family.

We then decided to purchase a lady's hand fan and after we had paid him, we asked to our African friend if he could take a couple of picture of us with the new fan. He willingly did so, enjoying her being topless and the view of the swimsuit's crotch, laid between her pussy's lips. She did not bother to covered it up and I had no plan to tell her.

He took several pictures from various distance and angles, then smiling big he went on his merry way.

Written by: SKNC1992

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