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A Few Sips Ch. 16

by sinagainChris12©

When Spencer hit the water the first time, it was cold and stung her naked skin as she slid deeper into it, her legs instantly coming together and changing into her mermaid tail before she'd even turned and jumped above the surface to suck in a much needed breath of warm air. The freshwater of the lake felt good against her skin, though mermaids could change in salt water, as well. She had always been in Wisconsin, though, and had only ever known freshwater. Going back under, she opened her eyes to look around her, hoping to stay on the far side of the lake away from Klaus' territory as she looked for the merman that she knew was somewhere within these depths. Swimming slowly, she tried to concentrate on the vibrations in the water, but could not feel him moving. Which let her know that he was very aware of her presence. It made her shiver and she swam forward cautiously, her eyes darting side to side, her body on edge, poised to retreat if she needed to, hoping that she could get away from him if necessary.

A minute or two went by and she was unable to locate him, but felt that he was somehow getting closer to her. The water was pretty clear, but there were lots of places he could be hiding, fallen logs, rocks, and plant growth, all of which he would know, all of which could hide him from her. Frowning, Spencer kicked up and started to swim towards the surface, she felt like her skin was crawling, looking for someone who she knew was watching her. The moment she lifted her head up towards the moonlight above her strong hands surrounded the base of her tail and yanked her back down into the water, making her gasp and jerk around to see him. Her eyes widened the moment she saw the merman, she hadn't expected him to be so much more muscled, and so big. He had long, brown hair and broad, strong shoulders. His abdomen looked to be chiseled in stone and his arms were powerful looking, well, they were just plain powerful, his grip was tight, unmoving and she could do nothing but look at him as he pulled her closer to his body.

His green eyes stared at her closely, and he slowly removed one hand from her tail to cup her behind her head to move her face closer to him. The feel of his hand on her made Spencer shiver and she felt little bolts of electricity shoot through her body as his other hand slowly ran up her tail and over the curve of her ass before settling on her lower back.

When he kicked up with his own powerful tail, sending them to the surface, Spencer inadvertently wrapped her arms around his neck and when their heads were above the water, she gasped, taking the time to breathe before she looked over to the edge of the water to see the elf females waiting expectantly by the edge of the lake. Shaking her head, she wanted them to back away a little, it would do no good for him to see them right now.

He spoke to her in a language that she didn't understand and Spencer shook her head, "Do you speak English?"

"Who are you?" He asked in a heavy accent as he held them just above the surface. She could see his face clearer now, he was rather attractive, and his hands on her body had pulled them tightly together.

"Spencer. You?" And are you a dark siren or just a regular old merman, she wanted to ask.

"Astor. Why are you here?" He asked, she felt his hand move low on her ass, and then it slowly swept forward to wrap around the side of her waist.

"I needed to swim." She shrugged her shoulders, trying to swim from him when he moved a hand around to the front of her, to her groin area. She could feel his fingers searching for the fold of her that was half hidden by the downy soft fin that sprouted out just within her hip bones.

Spencer gasped and pushed from him when he would have slipped a digit within her body. When she was a few feet away, she glared at him.

"That's not how I typically say hello to someone I've just met." She hissed at him, watching as he smiled knowingly at her, and she watched as he swam a little closer to her.

"You must not have spent a lot of time around your own kind. This is exactly how most of us would greet a member of the opposite sex. Mermaids aren't very common around here." He told her, dipping under the water for a moment and coming up behind her.

Spencer bit her lip, she did not have time for his courting, "Do you work for the vampire that lives there." She waved a hand absently at the mansion in the background.

Astor frowned at her and she felt hopeful suddenly, "I don't require employment, and certainly not from that one."

"But you live so close to his land." She pressed.

"I was here well before he came to this area. I damned well won't leave my home to please him, or his goons." Astor shrugged, moving his hands back around her body, this time holding her against him as he pushed a finger up inside the warm, moistening crevice at her groin.

Spencer whimpered and closed her eyes, letting her head fall back against his chest.

"So you won't mind if I sing and help some friends storm in and do away with him, huh?" Spencer felt her body shake, she'd never been touched, not in either of her forms, and the way his finger felt sliding along the satiny feeling fold inside of her was making her groggy with desire.

"You're a siren of the darkness, then?" His question and the chuckle that came from his throat made her push against his hold, but he kept her against him.

"I am. Are you?" She bit her lip when she saw his chin move from left to right.

"I'm of the light." He told her quietly, his hand was moving in little circles inside and it was making her lose focus.

"Would you mind if I sing, I don't want to pull you into anything, but we are trying to rescue a friend." She looked at the sky, dawn was so very near.

"Then we have to fuck." He groaned against her ear and she shivered, her body unconsciously pushing towards his questing finger as it pushed more rapidly within her.

"I don't have time." She moaned, turning towards him so that he could push with more force into her fold.

"You have to make it, if you sing without fucking me first, I'll force myself on you, and you won't be able to. I have to have known your body in order to remain unaffected by your song." He explained to her, wondering how she wasn't quite aware of that fact.

"It's almost dawn." Spencer looked in the sky above them and then gasped in air before he pulled her back below the surface of the lake.

Underwater, she could see that his shaft had risen against his groin and the long, solid looking mass was already pointing towards her lower body. She'd never fucked before, and certainly hadn't expected her first time to go like this, but if this is what she had to do, if this is what would help her friend, the woman who had taken her in as family, then her virginity was a small price to pay. Biting her lip, she nodded at him, her eyes wide, scared, and he moved against her, the head of his cock pressing against the opening as his arms surrounded her. It was long, longer than she had thought it would be, and she couldn't imagine how he would fit inside, but even as she had the thought, he was pushing in, filling her with one heavy stroke that stung at one point, and he held her carefully against him as she jerked away, not letting her disconnect.

He moved them further down so that he could press her against the soft, mossy bottom of the lake and started to move his body over her, into and out of her fold in increasing thrusts, his hands on her arms, holding her in place as their tails began to beat off of one another. Spencer felt something break in her body and she felt moisture rush against him, felt her body accept more of his length, and then the greater pressure as he began to ram inside, forcing all of his shaft high inside of her body, over and over. She felt something snap in him, as well, and he began to pump hard, rapidly, into her pussy until he finally slammed forcefully down and soaked her insides with his cum.

Spencer felt them moving up to the surface as she let her eyes drift closed for a moment, overwhelmed by what had happened. He held her against him as they both breathed in much needed gulps of air. It had been fast, carnal, more of a quick slaking of one's needs rather than a slow, languid loving, and the emotions rolling through her were muddled and confusing. She slowly moved her eyes to his face to look at him and saw him smiling.

"I would have much rather gone slower, but apparently time is of the essence today?" He whispered against her as he moved his eyes to look at the elves he knew were waiting against the tree line.

"It is." Her voice came out a little choked and he put his hands on either side of her face and kissed her thoroughly. His tongue slid inside and Spencer felt herself lost to the caress for a moment before someone coughing near the edge of the water brought her attention back to what she was here for. Looking up, she saw that the sun had just hit the horizon.

"I am sorry for the way we came together, I will make it up to you." The way he spoke and looked over her naked body made her shiver with expectation.

"I need to sing, Astor." She told him, she could not think about fucking him right now, she just could not.

He nodded and grinned, "Can I make myself useful then? I assume they are here with ropes to tie up your victims with?"

"You're going to help?" Spencer was so shaken up, part of her wanted to continue the mission, and the other desperately wanted to go back underwater and let this merman fuck her again. And again.

"Of course. I'm not going to let them have all the fun." Astor nodded to the elves who nodded back and then started to skip over the surface of the water towards the opposite shore.

Spencer watched them go with wide eyes and opened her mouth, she would need to sing before they reached the other end. She needed to have the males under control quickly. If there were any females among them, she just hoped the female wood elves could handle it. Her voice came out in a mezzo-soprano that she knew would reverberate through the air for a little less than half a mile. There was a chance that people who weren't working for the vampire would be affected, but that was what the elves were for, and now that Astor was helping, well, they should be able to handle whoever came their way quite well.

Now, Domino just needed to do her part.


The back of the box truck felt suffocating, and despite the fact that they'd all drank the elixir, and that the box was completely shielded from the rays of the sun, the three vampires in the back of the box truck were hot and itchy and if this hadn't been the only way to get the upper hand on Klaus, Domino didn't think any of the three of them would have gone through the torture of getting in this situation. As it was, Domino felt horrible about her two friends being subjected to this. They loved her though, as much as she loved them, and they were doing this to write a wrong. Domino knew it, Jo knew it, and so did Fionna. Holding anyone against their wishes was evil, and Klaus had done a great amount of evil in his life.

When the truck stopped, they heard shouts outside and then the front door of the truck opened and slammed shut. They could hear Siobhan being asked who she was, and they heard her reply that she had a delivery for Klaus. Apparently, they weren't expected and needed to leave, Domino smirked at that. She wished she could see what happened next, but by the increase in anger from the women who were in the area, Siobhan had started to change into her giant self and they were beginning to attack her. There was a loud crash, and a boom that reverberated under their feet and through the air around them as a part of the mansion wall was somehow torn apart.

Then the truck was suddenly lifted into the air and set down a little less than gently in another location. For a few more minutes, they continued to hear as Siobhan fought with the woman around the outside of the house before the giant finally told them to open the back door of the truck. Domino and Fionna immediately grabbed hold of the handle at the base of the door and yanked it open quickly, knowing they would need to be able to fight instantly if there was someone on the other side, worrying that the sunlight would hinder their ability to if they were hit with direct beams of it. But when they opened the door, they were met with the dark interior of what looked to be a sitting room. Siobhan had moved the truck so that the back was flush against the back of the house.

Looking out into the darkness, Domino snarled, she could see a wolf nearby, reared back and ready to attack, and there were several other women she assumed were different types of nonhumans in the room. Without hesitation, Domino jumped down in the room, her wings wide, ready to take flight and leap, which she did, colliding with the wolf midair and slamming the female beast onto the ground where she landed with a thud and a whimper, knocked unconscious quickly. Her eyes went to Jo, who was already wrestling another woman into submission while Fionna was locked into an attack on a third. A fourth and fifth woman were near the doorway where they had backed towards when the others had been attacked. The mission here was not to kill, the mission was to incapacitate.

Domino's angry red eyes and black wings marking her as a vampire, however, made them a bit more terrified and when she took a step towards them, they turned and fled the room and went further into the bowels of the mansion. She waited patiently as the two women whom they'd left behind were dealt with and tied up, and then Domino walked with her friends out of the sitting room and they walked down one hallway and then another, looking for Klaus and Alexandru, knowing finding them in this enormous maze was going to be tricky.

Siobhan found them in the hallway, back to normal size and dressed in the robe that she'd been wearing since they got going earlier in the morning. It was easier to change, she'd told them, when she didn't have to worry about kicking out of a pair of pants. It was a grueling twenty minutes or so of pushing in doors that were locked, going through rooms, closets, pantries and floorboards looking for an opening that would get them to where they needed to go, and as of yet, they were still unable to find an entryway to the basement. Domino was getting frustrated, she knew the more time that went by, the harder it would be for the elixir to continue working, they were so active, and it was making it wear off faster, she could feel it every time her heart pumped. Fuck, where were they hidden.

"Stop moving, Domino." A quiet male voice said from her left and she looked over to see that Faeron was now inside. That meant that Spencer had taken care of all the males, good. This would be easier with more help.


"We need to listen, there are humans hiding in the house. We need to hear their thoughts in order to find them." He said as he put a finger in front of his mouth.

Domino nodded and looked around at the others near her. Jo and Siobhan had went to search another area of the mansion, but she couldn't hear them as they moved around. Everyone stopped moving and Faeron closed his eyes to concentrate. Eventually, he gave the slightest little nod and began walking to his left, slowly, quietly, as he continued to listen to the thoughts of one of the hidden humans. A few minutes later, they were standing along one of the interior walls where there was a large tapestry hanging floor to ceiling. He raised a hand and pushed it to the side, revealing a doorway that would have easily been mistaken as part of the wood wall.

She watched as Faeron waved a hand near the knob and heard the click of locks moving out of position. That was a neat trick, she smirked up at the wood elf who then moved his hand to the knob and pulled the door open. Inside, there were three humans, dressed as servants, hidden in the back corner. Their eyes widened in fear seeing an elf and two vampires standing outside the door.

"Where is Klaus?" Domino asked, getting frowns and a shake of the head from more than one of them.

"We can't tell you, he-he'll kill us."

"Tell me where he is and you won't have to worry about that happening." She sneered and saw Faeron nod out of the corner of her eye.

"He is close, Domino. There is another vampire here, a weak one, chained, his name is Alexandru." Faeron spoke gently, nodding again when he heard what he needed from the humans and then he turned away from them completely and walked farther down the hallway, taking a right at one end.

Domino shut the door, closing the humans back inside, and she followed with Fionna. As they reached the turn, she saw Samir come into the hallways and he quietly followed them until Faeron stopped in front of what looked to be a plane wall. There was no hidden door that she could see, just a solid wall. Frowning, she looked at Faeron and waited for him to do something.

"There is a vault within this. The opening is in the ceiling below. Klaus is inside." He moved his big eyes to Domino, and then to Samir, who nodded.

"You guys may want to go back into the other hall for a minute." Samir looked at them.

Domino furrowed a brow, but could already see that Samir meant to change into his giant form, he was peeling away his shirt and pants and tossing them to Fionna. Quickly, they moved away from him and after a few moments, they could hear and feel the vibration as he grew big, pushing in the plastered walls on either side of the hall, and then he was forcefully tearing down the surrounding structure to the vault within the wall. Dust was flying everywhere, and Domino covered her mouth and nose with a hand, her eyes mostly closing as they watched as Samir began to back slowly out of the hall towards where the front of the mansion was located.

"Where are you taking him?" She asked, knowing it would be difficult to open the heavy metal vault, especially inside. But if he was outside, she wouldn't be able to get to the vampire within.

"To Wei."

"Wei? I thought you said you never heard back from the dragons?" This irritated Domino, this wasn't part of the plan. SHE wanted to kill Klaus, she wasn't going to let the dragon family stop her from doing it. He needed to die.

"Domino. I'm tired, we need to find your lover." Fionna grabbed hold of her hand and made her look away from the giant.

"He needs to die, Samir." Domino groaned, fuck, her anger was fueling her and now she could feel that fear start to creep in over what she would find in the basement.

Faeron stepped in front of Domino and put a hand on her cheek to make her look up at him, "Go through the hole. He will be down the hall to the east. Go, find him."

She bit her lip and nodded, Klaus' fate was apparently not up to her, and while she didn't like it, not one bit, Alexandru was more important. Rushing away from Faeron, she knew that Fionna was with her, and she could smell Jo and Siobhan running towards them from another area of the house, Domino turned back into the far hall and saw the huge hole that Samir had created between the ground floor and the basement. Without hesitation, she jumped down into the basement, not caring that her feet were scratched by the bits of plaster and wood on the ground below, she looked around the darkness, finally finding a void that must be the hallway that Faeron had spoken of. She could see a light dimly far within it, and set off in a run towards the flickering beam.

"He's alive." Jo gasped as she came up beside Domino, who nodded and moved a little faster, desperate to see behind the door.


"I've got the blood for him, Domino." Fiona patted the pack on her waist.

"That's a fucking heavy door." Domino stopped in front of the large, metal and stone structure. There was no window to the inside, and the candle burning on a peg on the outside left of it made it look even more menacing.

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