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A Flat In The Rain

by craigool©

Tami came home, drenched to the bone/ frazzled to the limits of her endurance. "What happened?" I asked.

She kissed me, completely without thinking of how wet she was, before she answered me. As she started taking her clothes off, leaving a puddle in the entranceway to our Cleveland suburb hone, she told me about her day. "First, they screwed up the copies of the proposal I had to give today at work. Then they changed everything about it, the whole concept, a fucking half hour before the meeting! A half hour before the damn meeting! 'This is the computer age' they said! 'do it now, have it ready!' Then they screwed up my lunch order. Then my secretary quit, filling a sexual harassment suit against MY boss. I'm going to have to do depositions with damned attorney's in two weeks. My computer is acting up, and some of my files are missing or trashed. Then, to top it all off, I had a blowout on the freeway on the way home, in the middle of the pouring rain. No one would stop to help me, for over a half an hour, even though the traffic was so backed up they weren't able to move, fucking women's lib! Can't we be kind to each other anymore?" Tami ranted as she stomped around the entranceway.

"That must have been ghastly for you." I tried to soothe her with my words. Tami is a luscious muddy river southern blonde. She was raised where men treated women like princesses, and our move to Cleveland had been a real culture shock. I couldn't tell you if she even knew there was a spare tire in the trunk, or about the jack, or how to change a tire. One thing I did know, she had been confused, alone, and uncomfortable. I hugged her cold naked body to mine, trying to provide her with some warmth as we climbed the stairs to the shower. Tami continued her story.

"I tried to call you with the cell phone. I must have left a dozen messages, but I know you never check them, and you must still have been on your way home. I got so wild I took the stuff out of the trunk, but I didn't know how to work it. I just fell down on the pavement and cried for several minutes. Then a dark haired man came out of the rain, and he knew just what to do. He fixed the tire, put the dead one in the trunk, put all the other stuff back in, and was just going to walk away. I stopped him, and invited him to dinner. He said he was married. I told him that worked out fine, I was married too. He told me he was devoted to his wife, didn't fool around. I told him he misunderstood, I just wanted to thank him with a nice dinner. I told him I'd love to meet his wife. They're coming to dinner next Friday, we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Then I got back in the car, and was five miles down the road before I realized that I had soaked, all my papers for the presentation, all my notes ran together into one big blue blur. I just want to cry for a while, as you hold me." Tami sobbed.

"Sounds good to me." I told her as I rubbed my hands up and down her soft body. The warmth of the shower took back the chill from Tami's well rounded body. Her tragedy today had been my gain, as I got to see my wife's beautiful body hours before I otherwise would. I rubbed the soap into her large

round breasts, rubbed the knots out of her back and neck, even stretched the muscles of her sweet, firm legs. I ran my hands over the wide globes of her ass, marveling at how her broad hips could swivel the way they did when she walked. Her peach colored muff just reminded me that she was from Georgia, and the pink lips were firmly closed. I could read my wife's body like an open book, and knew all these attentions had just brought her back from a hellish experience to normal life.

I could understand why the man had been sure she was asking him to go to bed. With her sultry southern drawl, she could say "Good morning?" and it would sound like "Why haven't you asked me to fuck you yet?" But I knew when to quit, and when to press on. I toweled her dry, and took her down to the dinner I had fixed for us. It was microwave, nothing like her cooking, but it was hot and ready. We watched TV in our bathrobes, then I gave her a full body massage, as she read to me from one of our favorite magazines that carried sexy stories. Tami loved the pictures of the women too, and we enjoyed being fully open sexually. We went to a local swingers club once a month, and enjoyed the company of other open minded people. The stories never failed to make Tami hot.

"Ray, I need you." Tami said softly as she reached for me.

"I'm here, honey." I replied, reaching out my hand to her.

"Polly wants a Cracker." Tami teased as she pulled me to her, and her soft lips just took all of my tension away. I could still feel that her nerves were jangled, and took a lot of time soothing her with my hands. I kissed her big breasts, licking her rosy nipples, then trailed my tongue right down to her pink lips. My tongue split them, and I licked her, plainly and simply. She came, not with a bang, but a whimper. She sought me out, taking me into her soft mouth, and her expert lips sucked the spunk right out of me while she came one more time. She really enjoyed eating her Georgia Cracker, just like I loved to eat my luscious Georgia Peach.

The next week and a half went by normally, without further incident. Tami recovered her balance, and regained her normally hyper-erotic nature. On Friday morning, as she kissed me goodbye for work, she said "Remember, tonight Ryan and Kim are combing over for dinner. I'm taking off work early and fixing lasagna. Let's show them some real southern warmth and hospitality, shall we?"

The day went smoothly, and I came home to find Tami in her apron, the dining table set with candles and two good wines in ice buckets, lace place settings, our best china and silver, the whole works. She was busy with vegetables, rolls, dessert, and other schemes, and just didn't have time or patience for me. She kicked me out to the den, where I waited for our guests. It didn't take long. The bell rang, and I answered the door. It was raining again, but they had an umbrella. I ushered them inside quickly anyhow.

"I'm Ray. I'm so very grateful to you for helping Tami." I greeted them.

"Hello. I'm Ryan, and this is my lovely wife Kim. I'm surprised

that no one helped Tami out before I got there. She really was a mess. You guys from down south?" Ryan guessed at the obvious.

"Yeah. Georgia Tech. I work for a computer company now. Tami works for a market development and property management firm. We moved up here right after we married." I told him he was right and told him what we did for work.

"Sounds like how we fled Chicago. Hi, I'm Kim. So nice of you to have us for dinner, you really didn't need to do that." Kim said brightly, then smiled as she took each of our hands in greeting.

"Ryan didn't have to stop and help Tami either. Nobody else did. I think if we don't reward each other for being nice, it will just die out as a character trait, the world will goto hell in a hand-basket, and then where will we be?" I said warmly, as I waxed philosophical to chuckles from Ryan, Kim and Tami.

Before anyone could answer, Tami had stripped off her apron, and was wearing her elegant black evening dress as she jumped in to take over the attention of our guests and dominate the conversation. "Hello there, my Knight who rescued this damsel from distress, and his gorgeous queen of court! I'm so very glad you came. It's so hard~ to meet nice people these days, kind people you can count on, like you. We have so few close friends here. You're so very handsome and dashing, Ryan. Wow! You must be Kim! Ryan, you sneak! You didn't tell, me you were married to a fashion model!" Tami purred in her most seductive voice.

"She's not. Why does everybody say that?" he said testily.

I laughed at his distress, saying "I don't know, Ryan. Maybe it's her perfectly styled wavy dark hair, the color coordinated makeup on her classically beautiful face with those electric green eyes, or her simply stunning figure, or the fact that she moves like she's modeling a $50,000 gown in a fashion show as she wears the most fashionable clothes. I really couldn't figure out why anyone might think that about Kim."

"You've got room to talk Ray! Even in the rain, your wife Tami was stunning. Look at her flowing, long blonde hair, those ocean blue eyes! Do you remember how her dress clung to her luxurious body when it was so wet you could see through it? Then she comes up to me so close I could feel her hot breath on my skin, talking in that sultry, swampy hot voice of hers. With that figure, she must be a bikini or lingerie model on the side, I bet." Ryan taunted us.

Kim giggled, saying "I'm so glad that we are appreciated. Do you mind, Tami, if I say how delightfully sexy it is to meet a direct, honest, and very charming southern gentleman?"

"Not if you don't mind how much I like the strong arms and dark mysteries of your eloquent husband, Kim. By the way, the breadsticks are getting cold. I so much prefer them when they are hot and soft, perfect for eating before they get too hard. Please come and sit down. Let's eat while it's hot." Tami suggested, and I momentarily was confused whether she was talking about the rolls or about herself, which is probably exactly the effect she had intended.

Tami had already lit the candles, so she turned off the 1ights, and we held hands around the table to say grace. Tami sat Kim across from me, Ryan across from herself, with the four candle-holders set so that it looked like each person was framed between a pair of candles. Kim's luminous face and wide red lips swam into my eyes. Her cat like green eyes opened wide in the candlelight, nearly fully dilated. It was as intimate a setting as any Tami and I had while we were dating. Tami turned on all the charm in her voice, with those subtle erotic under-currents her voice always carries brought to a new peak of intensity. The conversations were guided by her, and they were lively, vivid, and became extremely personal. Tami started it by wanting to know how Kim & Ryan met, who seduced whom, then openly shared her answers to the same questions as Kim grilled her. The topic of seduction turned into what men and women want from each other.

Kim just had to take it to the next level of intensity. "What men want is too general. Each specific man is different. I'm sure, if we could get them to tell us/ we'd find many differences between Ray & Ryan."

Tami waded right in with "I know there are differences between Ray and other men - some you can only discover by experiencing them. Don't forget how different we women are. I know that you & I, Kim, will respond differently to different men, and even the same woman responds differently to different men."

"Are you just talking out of your hat or do you have personal experience of this?" Kim demanded.

"Indeed I do, Kim. Indeed I do." Tami chortled.

"Come now, don't tease me like that! Ryan & I are very open

minded. Tell us everything about your experiences with all

of these different men you claim to have discovered." Kim begged.

"And women." Tami suggested lewdly, licking her lips.

"AND women? Are you a switch hitter, AC-DC?" Kim bent in close to pay attention, as she was rapt with a laser beam focus on Tami.

Tami plunged into her deepest sultry voice as she slowly shared her secret, hunched over the table, nearly in a whisper as if confiding a precious secret, saying "Our ad for other couples lists me as actively bisexual."

Kim was jumping up and down in her seat. "Can I see it?"

"Sure, but you'll have to come up to our bedroom upstairs." Tami said openly, without any hint of guile or trickery, but I knew what she had in mind.

They left Ryan and I to chat while we waited for them to return. I refilled our wine glasses, and we went to sit in the much more comfortable den. He was curious about all Tami had said. I told him that Tami and I had an open marriage. He was curious about how that worked, confiding to me that he & Kim had fantasies of threesomes and foursomes, especially during making love while watching XXX movies. "Kim has never gotten up enough courage to try it." he said with a wistful note to his voice.

"What about you, Ryan? Would you enjoy a threesome or foursome if you could? Almost every man has that fantasy. Assuming you had Kim's permission, of course." I quizzed him about the curves in the road up ahead.

"I'll never get the chance to know, because I'm loyal to Kim. I will tell you though, if it was OK with her, and Tami was interested, I'd make love to your wife in a split second." Ryan confided with longing in his voice.

"I think she'd like it to last a lot longer than that!" we laughed together at my joke, and settled in to nursing our drinks.

Then we drifted off to talking about work, cars, sports. After over a half an hour, it was obvious we had been deserted. "It's time to check on the girls. Come on upstairs, Ryan." I invited him up to see what I thought would be an innocent conversation between girlfriends. I don't know who was more shocked when we walked into the bedroom upstairs. We saw swingers contact magazines open on the bed, some strewn on the floor. Kim was completely naked, on top of Tami on our four poster bed. They were eating each other out in a hot 69!

"Oh! Kim..." Ryan moaned. "I've never thought you would..." his voice shook as he groaned, cock involuntarily stiffening in his pants.

Taking her mouth off of Tami's juicy peach, she said "That's just the problem, Ryan. Too much thinking, not enough fucking doing. I'm going to stay here, making love all night long. Tami & I would love it if you and Ray joined us." Kim invited us to join them, then studiously ignored us as she concentrated on a long lick from the top of Tami's slit, along the wide open puffy pink labia, dipping inside, then back up to focus on flicking the tip of Tami's clit.

Licking Tami again, with a bright smile on her face as she closed her eyes to accept a climax from her body, she continued "But do it, or don't do it, right now. Don't make us wait while you think it over. I'm too hot to wait anymore. If you give me your cock, I'll guide it into her pussy for you." Kim offered as she returned to Tami's clit, shuddering with Tami's attention to her own slit. Her tongue plunged back into Tami's cunt hole, whose back arched as she accepted Kim's oral ministrations eagerly. I tried to memorize every detail of Kim's revealed body. Deep, luxurious tan, bright white skin where her small bikini had covered her creamy smooth flesh. Her exposed ass cheeks reminded me of two scoops of vanilla ice cream, surrounded by all that dark chocolate skin. Her strawberry pink pie was surrounded by dense dark fur. Tami licked through her bush, spreading her thighs wide open with her hands for easy access and viewing.

I made it easy for Ryan and took off my clothes. It was obvious I was going to fuck his wife. He could make a scene, stomp out and have nothing left but a broken heart with a shattered life. Or, he could do what he really wanted to do, what he had proudly proclaimed to me mere minutes before, and fuck my wife all night. Such simple decisions can be tough to make, when the time pressure is on, the situation is totally new to you, and you have only a moment to make them. Kim rolled off of Tami as he got undressed, smiling brightly, then kissing him hotly as she finished undressing him. Tami just laid there, spread open, rubbing herself, until Kim waived at her with her hand to join them. Tami bounded up, taking over kissing Ryan as Kim started bobbing her head back and forth on his prick. Then she moved back up to kiss him, as Tami knelt to take his prick in her mouth. I sat down in one of our two bedroom chairs, stroking myself as I watched them. They teased him like that, switching off kissing and sucking him, for several minutes.

Then Tami pulled him to the bed, mounting his hard flagpole, grinding herself into him for a deliciously slow fuck as she strummed her love nubbin. Kim settled on his face, playing with Tami's large breasts, then looking around the room until she saw me. Kim made a "come hither" motion with her fingers, then as I climbed on the bed, she kissed me hotly. A climax raced through her, and after she stopped moaning into my mouth, she pulled away from me and said "Stand. Cock in my mouth!" I fully agreed with what she wanted, hanging from the canopy of the bed as she sucked me. Her silky soft lips closed around my hard tool, and she applied a great deal of suction. Her mouth slid up and down, then her head started bobbing faster. Tami was bumping up and down on Ryan so fast I thought she'd fly off of him, then land on him, either busting his nuts or breaking his prick in two, but she kept him inside. Kim pulled me out of her mouth.

"Do me into her. Gotta lick her while he's inside her!", Kim commanded me. Kim kissed Tami, never having let go of her tits, and then whispered to her. She got off, had Ryan move all the way up to the top of the bed, then sat back down on him, facing away from him, towards us. Kim piled right in on them, licking Tami's sweet peach as Ryan drove his spear into her, slowly and deeply. Kim spread herself widely with her hands, as she buried her face in my wife's spread and fucked cunt, and I entered into Kim's slick box, tight and so hot. I could slide easily inside her, and started pumping into her. We all started going faster and faster. Kim put her hands right back on my wife's tits, fingering the nipples, flicking them with her thumbs, squeezing her melons gently.

Tami & Ryan really found a rhythm that worked for them, and he could not hold back. Tami screamed as he came inside her, drowning out her previous moans and cries with a real ear splitter. Kim was licking where Ryan and Tami joined, while I was stroking in and out of her so fast I thought I'd get rug burn from the friction of her tight snatch. The dark haired beauty started cumming, and I did too. Our climax together was hot, but we were a long way from being done.

Kim and Tami simply went back to eating each other out when Ryan and I went soft. He and I sat across from each other, stroking ourselves for almost an hour as we watched our wives make love to each other. After they had a shattering series of cums, they rolled off of each other. I laid on the bed, and Ryan guided a dazed Kim to sit on my rigid rod, facing away from me. He pulled my wife to him, kissed her hotly, then pushed her down onto all fours, where she immediately started lick Kim's furry mound again, now with my dick inside. Ryan took his big thick prick, and slid it in Tami's tight cunt, making her moan. We fucked them like that for a long time, in a steady pace, as they came again and again. Ryan was kind enough to strum Tami's love bud, and she screamed and wailed several times. Kim often joined her, and the final explosion of climaxes left us all drained, of fluids and energy. Kissing Kim's soft mouth, the fog rolled in on me, and I went to sleep.

The four of us now see each other once or twice per week. Tami always thanks Ryan for having saved her from her hellish day in the rain. Ryan often thanks Tami for having saved his marriage, which was coming apart at the seams. He'd never known how frustrated Kim was, how deep her passion and needs were, how much the seduction and romance meant to her. It took another woman to seduce his wife for him to finally understand that the more precious people are to us, the more often we treat them as if they don't really matter at all. Kim was tired of being taken for granted.

It was a lucky thing for him that Tami had the flat on her car, that day he passed by. Ryan could see that flat, and he could fix it. It was a lucky thing for Kim that Tami had that flat, and that Ryan rescued her, because Tami could see the flat in their marriage, and she could fix it. So remember to be more helping, kind, and considerate, even to strangers. You never know when your wife will need help fixing a flat in the rain.

Written by: craigool

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