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A Few Sips Ch. 18: Finale

by sinagainChris12©

Author's Note: Oh, the emotions that are being evoked from this story of two lovers on a not so straight path to happiness. I have read all of the comments, and the feedback that has been emailed to me, and I promise I do take it all to heart in my writing. I've even adjusted things a little along the way to try to explain earlier actions, when you comment/email, I do listen.

As an author, I am honored that you have gotten wrapped up in these characters, whether you love them or hate them, they brought out a reaction in you and that is what every author aims for, and so often on this site, we miss that mark. So I am not offended when someone comments unhappily. I sit here with my big girl panties on (if I'm wearing panties, that is) and think of what you're telling me, and whether or not I would have written it differently or kept it the same.

It would be very easy to pander to my readers, this is an erotica site and I'm not being paid for my submissions, I could very easily just give in and make my stories straight forward and just filled with hard, hot sex, but I would be misrepresenting myself if I ignored my own creative flow. I don't want to write the story that one or another reader is saying that I should write, it's my story. I want to write the story that is in my heart, otherwise, I'm being incredibly dishonest with my own creativity.'s Christmas and may the following end of this tale of Alexandru and Domino be my gift to you. (But remember that Christmas comes once a year, and I will not be held to the expectation that I would do this again. It's a lot of work!)

I am a true child of the 80s, and during my youth, I was a voracious reader and thankfully, my mom made use of our public library several times a week. My younger brother would often get these books that were known as "choose your own adventures" and when I was done reading whatever book I had rented that day (as you can imagine, I read a lot of fantasy), I would grab one of those and read through it. I have no idea if these books were popular in other countries, and I don't even know if they're still produced, so here is just a really quick definition. The book starts out in a single direction, hero/heroine starts an adventure, and then, at one point, the reader is told "if you want them to do this, turn to page XXX," or "if you want them to do this, turn to page XXX" and that happens three or four times during the course of the remainder of the book. It has got to be time intensive, well, it seems that way, these books were never as long as the well developed stories others wrote.

I have so many readers who want so many endings to this story. So I am giving you the option to one of three endings. Read one and leave it be, or read all three and tell me which one you liked better. Regardless of which one you like, regardless of how it plays out, the very end is the same, and it will not change the course of any future stories, so I am fine with giving you what your imagination requires. They all start the same, but eventually, where one goes left, the other goes right, and the third goes barreling right down the middle.

Oh, and consider voting, I have put a lot of work into this finale, and it's easy to read through it and move on, but I do look at how it's doing vote wise, I really do. Not for the "h" but for how I feel my readers are responding.

Ch.18 Finale #1

This is for those of you who just want Alexandru and Domino and JUST Alexandru and Domino. No driver, no dirty talk from our big sexy vampire about his lustful thoughts about Domino with someone else. Just the two of them finding their path. Start reading on Page 1.

Ch.18 Finale #2

This is for those of you who would like a little bit of kink there, don't mind there being a bit of discussion between the two of them about a third party. But in the end, it's all about the two of them. Start reading on Bottom of Page 2.

Ch. 18 Finale #3

This is for those of you that just want it down and dirty and would love to see things get settled with this blood match that Domino has with the driver, and how Alexandru and she finally get their relationship back on the right path. Start reading on Middle of Page 4.

Have a wonderful holiday, be safe out there this New Year's, and be patient as I start typing up the chapters I've written to my next story, 'The Gift She Gives.' It's finally time for Mr. Hughes to shine.


Chapter 18 Finale #1

Date number two was more casual, and Domino enjoyed the meal of chicken piccata and fettuccine that Alexandru had prepared carefully for them. They had sat at the small table in the kitchen of the apartment that he was renting in Oshkosh. It was a basement apartment that the landlord had stated lacked a lot of windows in the ad online. It worked out well for Alexandru, who had told the man that he worked nights and slept all day, anyway. They had talked easily and had finally moved from the table to the couch to watch a movie before he would take Domino home. They kissed again, at her front door this time, and then he had left her to go inside. Leaving her was the hardest thing he did, for it was something he was very conscious of, and never wanted to do again.

But she had made the rules, and he would follow them. Domino appreciated that, and she happily schedule date number three, this one involving Faith. They stayed at her home this time, Astor and Spencer were in the lake together. She cooked him a meal, though she had to admit that his cooking skills were much better than her own. They drank wine and blood from the supply that Jo always sent her way, and after they ate, they played board games, which she thought was rather comical, a couple of big bad vampires of the darkness sitting around playing a game where you tried not to draw an exploding cat from a pile of cards. But they did, and it kept the air light.

When they tired of playing, they sat on the floor with Faith, who had pointedly been ignoring them as she walked around the room on increasingly steady feet. She'd started to fly recently, as well, and Domino was constantly running along below her, hands out, just in case the little girl should fall. It didn't matter that a fall wouldn't kill the girl, Domino's protective instinct as a mother was high.

Faith had tired of their interference in her play and was over by the little plastic kitchen that Astor had come home with the other day and put together. Domino was lying on her stomach, watching the little girl as Alexandru sat on his rear at her side, a hand splayed over her back, over the smooth fur of her wings. They were still new to him, and he couldn't get over how sexy they made her look.

"Oh, crap." He heard Domino say as she pushed up onto her knees and put her hands to her chest.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked, moving her a little so that she faced him.

"I stopped breastfeeding her yesterday. I'm just a little full is all." She shrugged as she moved a hand to show him the wet spot.

Looking down at her breast, he got hard instantly, his eyes turning fire and he lifted his gaze to hers, his need easy to read in their depths.

"You are so dirty minded." She frowned at him.

"I want to taste you, if you're going to go dry, I won't ever get the chance again." He told her, his desire making him hot, making him move towards and over her until she was lying on her back beneath him.

"Alex, I'm not ready-." Domino shook her head as his hands pulled her shirt up to expose her bra.

"I'm not going to fuck you, Domino, certainly not with our daughter making fake eggs in a dishwasher over there, I'm going to drink from you." He groaned, his throat hoarse and filled with his arousal as he pulled the cups of her bra down to expose two round, full orbs, the sight of them made him groan again and he cupped one in a hand.

She watched as his eyes took in the way liquid beaded up from her nipple and his whole body tensed as he lowered his mouth to run his tongue over the soft, beaded flesh.

"Oh, Jesus." Domino whimpered when he growled suddenly and clamped his mouth hard over the nipple, suckling it in deep, making her milk flow hard into his throat.

She put a hand on either side of his face and held him to her as he slowly, and very exquisitely emptied her breast of milk. When he finally raised his face up to look at her, he spread his lips open in a wide smile.

"I may have to come here every night to do this so that you keep producing. You're delicious." He groaned, unconsciously pushing his clothed cock up against her lower body.

"You're not a baby, you don't need to drink my milk." Domino chuckled as he licked over the nipple on the second breast.

"Oh, but I think I do." Alex groaned before closing his mouth over the full breast to give it the same loving attention as he had the first.

Domino arched her back and pulled his face to her breast, not minding the way his hands fell to her ass to grind her forward against his cock. He began to move his hips to mimic how he would thrust into her, and Domino wrapped her legs around his waist.

"I am not fucking you." She whimpered as he continued to drink from her and she felt his body shiver against her.

"I know." Alex groaned, finally separating from her, but staying over her body as he breathed slowly to calm himself down.

"Da-Da!" Faith's excited voice came from nearby and Domino chuckled as the little girl shoved a plate with a plastic egg on it under her father's nose.

He rolled off of Domino, who quickly fixed her bra and pulled her shirt down, and then sat up to watch as the man picked up his daughter and put her in his lap. He talked to her about what she'd made and then pretended to eat the egg while Faith laughed up at him. Domino smiled at the scene, it was such a beautiful thing to get to see him play with Faith, getting to know her, laughing at her silly little mannerisms.

"Thank you for letting me come over, I really enjoyed tonight." He said to her later, close to dawn, as they walked together to the doorway.

"I did, too. I'm glad that you're here." Domino told him as he opened up the door.

"I know we're taking this slow, I know why you feel the need to protect yourself from me as much as you can, but I hate knowing that I walk away from you at the end of each night, that I leave you. I don't want to do that, not ever again." He stepped over the threshold and turned back to look at her.

"I know. You shouldn't look at it as you leaving me, I am asking you to wait. As long as you show back up for our next date, then I'm fine." She told him as he bent forward a little.

"May I kiss you?" He murmured, his eyes going molten as he looked at her full mouth.

"Yes." Domino grinned before she was swept up into his arms in a delightfully complete kiss that made her toes curl and her body filled with heat.

"When will I see you next?" He groaned against her as he slowly lowered her back to her feet.

"I have plans tomorrow with Jo and Fionna in Green Bay. Maybe, maybe you would like to take Faith for a night or two? It would be good for you to spend some time with her."

"My apartment isn't as locked down as your house." He frowned, wanting nothing more than to have the opportunity to care for Faith.

"Then stay here. I'll just stay at Jo's house. I'll be back Thursday, and we can see each other then?" Domino suggested and watched as he nodded, a happy smile lighting his face.

"I'll make you dinner again."

"That sounds fantastic."

Domino spent the next two nights in Green Bay with her friends. Jo was having some computer issues in the lab and she was using Domino's coding expertise to help fix it. Then, they spent some time in the city itself, feeding and doing a little Christmas shopping. The last year, she had pretty much ignored the holiday completely, but she had bought a tree this year and was excited to have Faith open up all the little toys and outfits that she had bought. She even found herself buying Alexandru a few gifts, mostly movies about non-humans that she knew would make him roll her eyes at her. It was a fun few days, but by the time she arrived back at her house shortly after dusk the third night, she was more than ready to be with her daughter again.

Walking inside, she could immediately smell something cooking and it made her smile as she tossed her bag down and walked towards the kitchen. As she made her way through the dining room, she saw that two places had been set at the table, complete with flowers, and long, skinny candles in the center. Jazz music was playing from somewhere in the kitchen and she could see Alexandru stirring something on the stove as she entered the back of the house. Without saying anything, she walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, settling her head just below where his wings erupted from his body on his back.

He was hot to the touch and his muscles tensed ever so slightly as she ran her palms over his abdomen. Domino closed her eyes, just enjoying being against him, feeling him under her hands, knowing that he was really there, that she had really gotten him back.

"Faith is upstairs with Astor and Spencer. They said that they would watch her while we had our date." Alexandru slowly turned in her arms so that he faced her and wrapped his own hands behind her back.

"Whatever you are making smells delicious." She said softly as he bent down and kissed her gently.

"It's potato goulash with pork. It's a recipe from home." She knew when he said home, he meant Romania, it was the only other home he had truly felt connected to.

"Well, I can't wait. I'm hungry."

"Did you feed on the way?" He asked, picking up a glass of blood that he'd been drinking while he started dinner.

"Yes." She ran a hand along his jawline as he swallowed, every time she saw him, he looked just a teeny bit more his normal self.

"Are you still producing?" He asked in a knowing rumble, his eyes lowering to her chest, and she grinned.

"No, I think I'm done in that department." She saw his slight frown but he just smiled right after and moved his mouth to nuzzle her throat for a moment before he turned back to the pot on the stove and stirred it once more before putting the lid back on it.

"It has about an hour before it's ready to eat. What would you like to do while we wait?" He asked, moving her out of the kitchen and towards the living room.

Domino saw that he'd pulled out several board games and even had tossed a couple dvds on the coffee table in the room. Smiling, she turned completely towards him and put her hands on his chest.

"I think I'd like an appetizer." She murmured, slowly unbuttoning the shirt he wore until she was able to pull it apart and expose his hairy chest to her view.

Alexandru felt a tight shiver work through his body as he stared down at her as she pulled his shirt from his body. Her hands didn't stop moving, and his eyes churned in fiery shades as she unbuttoned his pants and slowly squatted to remove them from his body. He had worn no boxers, he never had, and his feet had been bare. When Alexandru thought that she was going to stand, she slipped onto her knees and took hold of his quickly rising erection and help it before her face.

"Domino." He growled, he couldn't be toyed with, he desired her too much. If she were to want to stop after eating his cock, he would be unable to.

"I want you, Alex." She gulped as she stared up at him, her own body shaking with need.

"You have to want all of me if you're going to do this, Domino. I won't be able to stop, I need you too much." He warned her and watched as she nodded.

Without another word, Domino moved her eyes back to his thick shaft, it was warm and satiny in her hands, yet hard and inflexible. She ran her fingertips slowly down the long length of it, basking in the memories of what he had done to her with this amazing rod in the past, what he would do with it again. Wrapping the fingers of one hand around it more securely, not quite able to make it completely fingertip to fingertip, she shuddered as a drop of pre-cum appeared from the rounded tip. Licking her lips, she watched his abdominal muscles tighten, and she smiled, knowing that he was watching her, knowing that he had imagined her licking him, which she did, ever so slowly. The taste was familiar, salty, arousing, and Domino ran her tongue from the tip of his cock to the very base, loving the way he growled over her and his hands gripped the back of her head.

She moved back up, her darkening red eyes rising to his as she opened her mouth and took the head of him inside. His whole face was tense, controlled, and it was all he had in him to hold his hands where they were and not shove his cock all the way inside of the moist, hot confines of her mouth and throat. Domino's eyes sparkled, and she put her hands on his ass, pulling him forward as she tilted her head in a way she knew would allow her to slide his cock in farther, past her gag reflex and into the clenching tight heat of her throat. He roared as she settled against his base, her face against the hairs of his groin and his control slipped and he held her tightly against him before slowly, pulling away and then forcefully thrusting forward to fuck her face with his aching shaft. He could feel her fingers dig into the skin of his ass as he fucked her this way several more times before he felt his cock burn with the need to come, and he held and shot his load down into her throat, forcing her to take it all before he backed away and breathed rapidly as he looked down at her.

"I had a feeling it wouldn't take you long, Alex. It's been a long time." Domino smiled knowingly up at him as she wiped a dribble of fluid from the corner of her mouth before standing and peeling off the clothing that she was wearing.

"It could just be because you're very good at sucking cock." He murmured in her ear as he helped her unbutton her shirt.

"We all have our talents." She chuckled as he knelt and yanked off her leggings and panties.

"Can I show you mine?" He asked breathlessly, picking her up with his hands on her ass and wrapping her legs around his waist.

Domino smirked down at him as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"Please do." She hissed when he pulled her ass down towards him and speared her wet fold in one hard thrust with his oversized, engorged cock.

"Jesus, I missed you." Alexandru groaned as he backed her against the couch, her ass on the arm and her back against the bottom cushion, it tilted her in a way that allowed him to buck his hips into her and send his cock deep inside with each movement.

Domino moaned and clung to him, her eyes closed as he slowly built up speed to the point where he was hammering in and out, and then alternating with slow, smooth strokes as he built up towards an orgasm that made her cry out and clench her pussy muscles around that furious volley of thrusts that followed. He held his own orgasm for what seemed like ages, and when she thought he was there, that he was about to come, something seemed to snap inside of the large man and he rose to stand straight above her and pulled her thighs up and farther apart.

When his hips pistoned forward the next time, the force was so great that she felt the couch move against the floor. He did it again, and again, and faster, and deeper, and her voice lost the capacity to make sound and she clawed at him as her pussy exploded in another forceful orgasm. He hadn't fucked her this hard before, for she knew he would have hurt her in her former human form, but this, this way, this time, it was amazing, and she begged for him never to stop. Never to stop beating into her pussy, and he growled and sank down over her and suckled on the skin of her throat as he tried to do just that. When he finally did come, they were both breathing frantically and clinging to each other's sweat-slickened bodies as if they were afraid to let go, afraid that if they did, this feeling would disappear.

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