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Little One

by Little_Otter©

"Don't you fucking dare look me in the eyes again, slut!" the man shouted as he kicked the small, frail girl in the ribs. A crack could be heard and she cried out from behind the ball gag, but the man just laughed. The torture had been going on for hours now. All because she continued to look him in the eyes. Her face was cut up and bruises colored her body in every conceivable place. Yet she still maintained eye contact.

With an animalistic growl he yanked her by the right arm, pulling her shoulder from its socket, causing her to shake violently from the pain. He dragged her along the concrete floor to a set of chains hanging from the ceiling. He cuffed her wrists and pulled her up till she was stumbling on the tips of her toes so she could keep the weight off of her dislocated shoulder.

"I'm going to whip your sorry ass until you're dripping blood and begging for mercy." He sneered. Her nearly starved body trembled and her raven black hair hung down in a sweaty, bloody mess, but her near coal black eyes remained deviant and open and up.

This one had spirit, he had to give her that, but they all broke. She was so close. He knew this was her last day.

He grabbed his harshest whip from the rack on the wall. Wicked flicks of metal tipped the braided strands of leather that pooled together at the handle. It was made to maim the body and mind.

Without ceremony, he attacked her viciously with the whip on her back and ass. Her screams were terrible, and any normal human being would have stopped. But the man continued. Blood started trickling down her back and down her legs. He turned his attention to her front. Soon every part of her tiny body was in blinding pain. She was screaming and begging and crying.

"Fucking submit you whore. Look down!" He screamed furiously. The whip was raised again, ready to strike the girl.

That was it. She simply could not take anymore. She'd been fighting for so long, over two months now. Her eyes dropped. She stopped crying. Within an instant, the girl retreated into a drop subconscious state, unaware of the outer world.

The man only witnessed her sudden submission, and that was really all so he wanted. He smirked and almost kindly caressed her bloody cheek, and then slapped it. She swayed in the chains but reacted in no other way.

The man exited the punishment room and ordered a fellow worker in the compound to put the girl back in her cage and to forgo cleaning her up.

Thus it was done so. The second man unlocked her wrists and she tumbled to the floor and stayed down. He dragged her by her uninjured arm out of the room and straight into the compound. It was a warehouse of slaves. One hundred cages exactly were lined up on the walls, stacked three high. Nearly all of them were occupied by poor girls. Some were quiet, others cried loudly, some protested, but none of them had a bright future. The compound was full of young kidnapped girls of varying races, who were forced to submit and be trained for auction.

Catalina, the particular girl in question, had been procured little over two months ago and had proven to be a demonic spitfire for the trainers. Even her original abduction was difficult.

She had been driving home from her job as a secretary's aid at a small private school. It was the last day of school for the year and summer vacation had begun, so no one would be looking for her anytime soon. She lived alone in a small cottage by a lake, which seemed like the perfect setup for an abduction, but Catalina was harder to snatch than the usual girl. Two men broke into her house that night. She was a small girl for sure, standing at five feet even but her temper made up for her height. They had snuck up on her making dinner, she held a large knife in her hands and she managed to gash one man in the cheek and the other in the abdomen before they subdued her, tied her up and thrown her in their truck. A few well placed matches and all evidence in the house was destroyed.

Even with her tricky capture to foreshadow her defiance, those in charge of the compound still thought she would be a wise investment.

At five foot nothing, with wonderful curves and a little extra weight and large, round, dark eyes and silky hair, the little lady was the ideal picture of innocence. Despite being chubby, Catalina gave off an air of cuteness desired by many men. She had round cheeks and a slightly upturned nose with red, Cupid's bow shaped lips. She was more adorable than sexy, more ladylike than tempting, and overall just exuded the dainty attitude of a fairy.

But her personality often contradicted her looks. She was opinionated and loud and the life of the party. Yet, she was very content to do whatever was possible to make others happy. Despite being so bold, she was also servile. Brave but submissive.

They perfect combination for a submissive slave.

Yet, things were not panning out as predicted.

After two months of daily rebelling and making sure her captors got bell for everything they did, her curves and fluffy stomach disappeared as she was starved to weather her fight. Her hair lost its luster. Her cheeks lost their color. And now, finally, her entire will lost its pride.

Normally, the compound would have continued to train her till she was perfectly obedient, but everyone had just about had enough of the rebel and wanted nothing to do with her. That's why the next day she was being sent to auction.


I strutted into the auction room with confidence. The interior was rich and inviting and full of potential buyers like myself. We were all dressed formally in suits and ties. I ran my hand through my peppering black hair thoughtfully. I was finally going to be buying my own slave girl. I had been into the bdsm scene since I was in my mid twenties, and now nearly twenty years later, I still did not have my satisfaction. I needed more than the power I got from my previous submissives. They had freely given themselves to me, but their all did not lie in me. No, I needed to be the center of my pet's world, and she would be mine. I wanted more than a sub, I need a slave.

So here I am.

I'd been to a few other auctions but hasn't found anything I particularly fancied. But I'd heard positive things about this place so I was feeling fairly confident.

There were fifteen girls lined up on the stage, all naked, all restrained with their wrists behind their backs. All were beautiful and diverse, but one of them caught my eye immediately.

A tiny, delicate girl at the end of the line was shackled heavily compared to the others and she looked to be in terrible shape. All the other girls were interacting fortuitously with buyers but she had curled herself into a little ball. She wasn't clean and seemed to be physically injured in many ways. I walked over to her, no one was looking at her. The biography next to her read:

Age: 18

Height: 5'

Weight: 100lbs

Special skills: fluent in English and spanish

Beginning bid: $8,000,000 USD

This girl is for serious masters only. After two months within the compound, only yesterday was she finally able to obey the simple command to not look a trainer in the eye. She has a high pain tolerance, unnaturally so, making her fit for those with more sadistic desires. Even better, she is an assured virgin.

My heart melted. She was incredibly young and inexperienced. She also looked to be in immeasurable pain. I leant forward and gently pushed her stringy hair from her face. I sucked in my breath. She was covered in bruises and blood and her eyes hardly registered me. My God what kind of abuse did they put her through? Her one shoulder seemed to be held at an awkward angle and her breathing was labored.

"Oh little one..." I whispered quietly. At this her eyes flickered up slowly but when I met her gaze she trembled and looked down, seemingly terrified. What the hell did they do to even make her fear eye contact?

A voice came from the podium on the stage. "The auction will begin now, starting with our lovely little red head on the end." The first girl waved to the room.

No. I had to get this little one out of here. She needed medical attention now.

I suddenly had an overwhelming need to protect her, to hold her close and erase whatever this place had put them through.

I spoke spoke up loudly, "No. This one first. $10,000,000."

The room turned to me. Many were looking at me impatiently.

The auctioneer responded, "Normally, I would insist you wait but we are so sick of that defiant little bitch that I don't care. Going once, going twice..."

An older gentleman stood up, "Eleven."

I turned around, shocked that someone else was interested. He strolled over and stood next to me, eyeing the girl with a certain cruelty. "I would love to see how much pain she could really take, wouldn't you?"

Fuck he just wanted to torture her even more. No Fucking way. She was mine.




This went on for a while. Eventually we were up to $50,000,000. I was getting visibly irritated. The longer this took, the longer it would be before I was able to get her medical treatment. I was ready to just put an end to the bidding. "$75,000,000." I stared the man in the eyes as I said it, making sure he knew that this girl was mine. He put up his hands and stepped back.

The auctioneer watched the altercation and then said, "Going once, going twice..."

I stepped closer to the girl productively, daring someone else to fucking try me.


A man came forward and unlocked her restraints and I handed him my briefcase of cash silently. As gently as possible I picked up the girl and cradled her to my chest. Without a word, I left the building, holding the tiny fallen angel. I took her to my car and set her down in the back seat as though she were a feather.

"My Gosh little one, you're in such bad shape. Don't worry, I will take care of you, okay? We'll be home and I can patch you up and get you a hot bath and done some good food. Would you like that, little one?" I promised as I swaddled her up into a soft blanket and then placed her in a medium sized, travel crate for pets. I mounted a drip bottle to the cage door, she must be thirsty. She didn't register a word I said. It honestly seemed like the whole situation was above her. Oh how I pray they didn't totally break her.

As I began the long, five hour drive back to my home, my heart was pounding. I was honestly enraged at the treatment towards this small little pixie. Starving and beating her till her mind went numb? That's how they decided to train her?? Fucking degenerates! I have no idea why this possessive need to protect this girl came over me though. I understand that none of those girls were there willingly, but honestly I don't care about them. They were obviously sexual beings and had been treated humanely, or add as humanly as abduction can be. But this little one, MY little one, was pushed outside of the limits of acceptable. One would cringe at treating an animal in such a way, but an actual person? A tiny girl? My blood was boiling.

I am going to make up for what they did to her. And then I am going to train her.

And she will devote herself to me.

Written by: Little_Otter

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