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Kidnapped Ch. 01

by Cokeman©

"MMmmm sis...I'm gonna cum," he groaned.

Sabrina increased her grip on her brother as she felt his cock stiffen once more and his cum shoot down her throat. She tried to swallow as much as she could but she wasn't experienced enough yet as some seeped out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Her mouth stayed glued to his cock as she took as much of his cum as she could. When he was finished she lifted her head from his cock and licked her lips. Smiling up at her brother. "Morning Brad," she smiled sheepishly.

Brad looked down at his sister and pulled him up on top of him, holding her body close as she rested her head on his chest.

"I'm sorry Brad, I just couldn't help myself, all these feelings just washed over me..." she rambled on before Brad stopped her.

" don't have to explain yourself. It's ok, I wanted it, I enjoyed it," he said.

Sabrina smiled as her brother told her he enjoyed her blow job, relieved that she wasn't the only one who had wanted something taboo from her sibling.

She looked up at her brother as she rested on his body, feeling content for the first time since the ordeal began. "So.......................what do we do now?" she asked.

Brad smiled and opened his mouth to speak but no words came out.

"What?" giggled Sabrina.

Brad shrugged his shoulders slightly, a huge grin crossing his face. Sabrina felt Brad's hand move to her bare ass and moaned softly at his touch.

"I thought we could do what we both clearly want," started Brad, "I want to fuck you so bad Sabrina," he said.

"Ooh Brad! I thought I was the only one! I felt to dirty, so nasty. I thought I was sick," she said. Sabrina bit her lip, "fuck me Brad, fuck me however you want, just fuck me" she said.

Brad squeezed her ass again and rolled her over on her back, grinning when Sabrina immediately spread her legs.

"You still might be sick or nasty for wanting to fuck me Sabrina, but so am I. So at least we will be sick and nasty together," he said.

Sabrina moaned at the idea of being sick and nasty with her brother, forgetting about the room they were in, the situation they were stuck in and the people on the other side of the door. Wanting only to escape from all of this anyway she could.

Brad kicked away his pants and rubbed his hard cock against his sisters wet pussy.

He heard her moan as he mounted his sister for a second time and slid his hard cock home in her wet pussy.

"Mmmmm Brad," moaned Sabrina as she felt her brother sink into her.

Brad gripped his sister tight, holding her body against his as he leaned over to kiss his sister as he started to fuck her deeper.

Sabrina kissed her brother back passionately, meeting his lips eagerly and pushing up to get more of his cock in her teenage cunt.

Sabrina's pussy was wet and tight and on fire as Brad fucked his sister. Her moans filled his head as he fucked her harder and harder. Fucking her harder than he did the first time, fucking her with passion and lust this time.

Sabrina wrapped her legs around her brother's waist, wanting every inch of her brothers cock inside her pussy as he fucked her. Humping back against him as he thrust deeper and deeper inside her.

Brad grunted as he fucked his sister harder and harder. Slamming into her now, filling her pussy with brother cock, his cock throbbing as her pussy buzzed with excitement.

"Ohh yes Brad yes!" yelled Sabrina as Brad fucked her deeper and harder.

Sabrina felt his thrusts become more powerful with each and every stroke. She felt content to let his strong hands roam her body as he fucked her.

Sabrina pushed back against his cock, fucking him with more urgency now, her pussy was sopping wet.

Loud sloppy fuck noises filled the room as the siblings made love. Brad thrust into his sister with more authority. Slamming into her as the bed started to shake with his thrusts.

"Fuck me harder Brad! HARDER!" moaned Sabrina.

Brad's hands squeezed his sisters firm round breasts as the fucked her harder and harder. His cock sawed in and out of her cunt now, finding a strong and powerful rhythm as brother fucked sister.

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!" screamed Sabrina as she suddenly started to spasm all over her brothers cock, showering his cock with her juices. Sabrina clamped down on his cock as be continued to bang her young pussy.

Brad grunted and groaned as he fucked his sister, lost in animal lust as he fucked her with almost reckless abandon. He felt her pussy clamp down on his meat and that was more than he could handle as he groaned loudly and exploded in his sister's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm", "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm","mmmmmmmmmmmm", moaned Sabrina as she and her brother came down from their orgasms, Brad keeping his cock inside Sabrina's pussy, some of his cum leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy as he kissed his sister again, moaning as she returned his passion.

Part 4:

Sex between the siblings continued as they went without any contact from their captors for another five days, making it a full week since they had first had sex.

At first sex was an escape from the situation they were in, days felt like weeks. It was a way they could be together and experience pleasure. But as the days passed and time moved slowly sex became more for the need to be together and the need to feel each other.

Sabrina began to enjoy waking her brother up with a morning blow job and was pleased to have her brother return the favor, first by eating her pussy and then by fucking it.

They tried different positions as well. Brad fucked his sister doggy style, he fucked her on their table, he fucked her in the shower. Sabrina also discovered the joy of riding her brother's cock and would happily spend time bouncing up and down his cock until he could hold out no longer and came in her cunt.

It wasn't until after a week had passed that they heard from Zeus again.

The siblings were naked and fucking like animals on the floor. Sabrina was on all fours as her brother plowed into her cunt, she was squeezing her tits as she looked in the mirror, watching their reflection as they fucked. The taboo of their coupling had become an enormous turn-on, something only they could share.

"I have good news!" boomed Zeus' voice.

Brad's hands were on his sisters, hips, he cock buried in her pussy as he continued to fuck her long and hard. Sabrina for her part was giving as good as she got, franticly fucking her brother back, needing more of his cock.

The siblings stopped in mid-fuck when they heard Zeus' voice.

"You will be going home tomorrow," Zeus said. "Tonight you will join us for dinner before the exchange tomorrow," he continued.

"Be ready in one hour" he finished.

Sabrina looked over her shoulder, her face filled with a bright smile.

"Brad! Did you hear that?!!! We're going home!" she exclaimed.

Brad was just as happy as his sister, his cock even grew harder at the prospect of leaving. "I know sis! I was beginning to think we would never leave," he said.

Sabrina started to cry in happiness, she nodded and sniffled, "me too Brad," she said, "I love you."

Brad smiled back at his sister, "I love you too sis, I couldn't have gotten through this without you," he responded.

Sabrina's face swelled with pride, "me either Brad, I can't imagine going through this without you," she said.

Brad's cock was still inside his sister as they looked at each other with happiness and joy, knowing they would be leaving soon.

Brad started to fuck his sister again, fucking her harder than ever before, fucking her in celebration of their liberation.

Sabrina knew exactly what her brother was thinking and moaned as he continued to work over her pussy.

"Mmmm yes Brad, fuck me....oh god...yes....yes....fuck me hard Brad," she moaned.

Brad picked up his pace, his balls slapped against her as he fucked her with more force, SLAMMING into her as his cock throbbed and he came once more inside her sweet young pussy.

Sabrina moaned as she felt her brother cum inside her what had now become countless times. She let go and experienced her own orgasm as her brother came inside her.

After their fuck Brad and Sabrina went and showered to get cleaned up but ended up fucking in the shower again. Sabrina pinned against the wall as her brother pummeled her pussy with hard cock one last time.

Once again the siblings were escorted into a room a room where Zeus and his friends were waiting. They were still wearing masks like Brad and Sabrina were still wearing their hospital pants and gown.

"Welcome," said Zeus. "I see you two have become more........acquainted with each other," he laughed.

Brad and Sabrina blushed, not making eye contact as Zeus continued.

He laughed some more, "You should be proud boy, you made a real slut out of that sister of yours!" he said as the other kidnappers laughed.

"I'm glad you enjoyed the show," Brad said through gritted teeth.

Zeus smiled, "Oh WE did. But now to the situation at hand. Your parents will pay the ransom for your safe return and to make sure those tapes don't get out. So eat up and this will all be over soon."

After dinner Zeus had an awful smile on his face.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Sabrina snidely.

Zeus' smile got even bigger. "We thought that since you two have become so comfortable with the camera we'd make one last video," he said.

Sabrina's face filled with disgust, "what makes you think we'd want to do that with you?" she asked.

Zeus laughed, "you really have no choice. We crushed up quite a bit of viagra and put it in your brother's drink, so either you can fuck him like the caring sister you are OR you can let him suffer in a separate room all night with one hell of a hard-on!"

Sabrina looked over at her brother who looked down at his groin, his cock semi-hard but growing hard fast.

Zeus and his friends laughed again as they watched Sabrina look from Zeus to her brother and then the floor.

"ROLL CAMERA!" he laughed again.

Sabrina blushed as Zeus mocked everything, she wanted to walk away but she couldn't. She couldn't leave her brother like this and she could leave his hard cock, her brother's cock.

"Suck his cock whore," Zeus said.

Sabrina blushed as she sunk to her knees between Brad's legs, his cock growing harder by the second. She licked her lips in anticipation as she pulled his pants down before devouring his healthy and very hard cock.

Brad reached down and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them as his sister devoured his cock. Her tongue swirled around his penis as he started to fuck her face. Slowly at first but then increasing in pace.

Sabrina moaned around his cock, swallowing more and more, she had practiced sucking his cock a lot the past week and had grown quite good.

She took more and more down her throat, breathing through her nose and shaking her head as she rubbed her nose against his pubic hair.

His cock was so hard in her mouth, he fucked her harder and harder, his balls slapping against her chin as he fucked her mouth.

Sabrina moaned loudly as her brother fucked her mouth, her pussy started to immediately water, her juices poured out of her pussy, running down to her ass crack.

Zeus watched the two siblings as brother fucked sister. He smiled and ordered Sabrina to stop, but she couldn't. She was swept up in his hard rock in her mouth.

Zeus again ordered the siblings to stop but they didn't. Brad only fucked his sisters mouth harder, Sabrina only moaned louder.

"STOP!" yelled Zeus.

They stopped.

The siblings looked up at Zeus, "get down and fuck your sister with that hard cock of yours," he said.

Sabrina giggled to herself and slipped her lips off his cock, slurping loudly. Her pussy was sopping wet as she got down on the floor and spread her legs wide.

Brad moved over to his sister and stood over her, his hard cock swinging as he moved down to her open pussy.

"STOP!" said Zeus again.

Brad, annoyed, looked over at Zeus.

"Fuck her we ass," he said.

Sabrina moaned loudly at the idea of being fucked in the ass, the idea of her brothers rock hard cock pistoning in and out of her puckered hole.

She crawled onto her hands and knees and displayed her wet ass to her brother, her juices making her asshole glisten.

Brad moved behind his sister and lined his cock up at her hole. Sabrina could feel his hands on her body, her pussy watered in anticipation. She felt his cock press against her hole and then push inside her.

Immediately Sabrina orgasmed, shaking all over her brothers cock as he pushed deeper and deeper inside her extremely tight ass.

Brad reached under his sisters body and grabbed her tits again, he was addicted to them. He squeezed them as he slowly pushed deeper inside his sister. He pushed deep and then pulled back before thrusting back in.

Brad kept this up as he continued to fuck his sisters ass, slowly going deeper and deeper. Sabrina moaned louder and louder as her brother pushed deeper and deeper. Slowly she started to push back against his cock, wanting to work it deeper.

The siblings found a grove as Brad fucked his sister's ass. He fucked her harder and faster now, pounding into her ass as his cock got harder in her tight young ass.

Sabrina bit her lip as Brad fucked her, he was fucking her silly and squeezing her tits. Her nipples were rock hard in his hands, so sensitive as they rubbed against his palms.

Zeus watched as Brad fucked Sabrina in the ass. He watched and listened as Sabrina screamed like a whore with her brothers big cock buried in her ass. He watched as she thrust back to meet his cock. He watched as Brad brutally fucked his sister and she screamed for more. He couldn't believe these were the same two siblings who he kidnapped over a week ago.

Sabrina started to spasm for a second time with her brothers cock in her ass and moaned loudly as she came. Brad grunted loudly and stiffed as he exploded, unloading his nuts in his sisters ass.

Brad continued to fuck Sabrina's ass as they came down from their orgasm but his hard-on didn't die down. Sabrina slumped beneath him but Brad continued to fuck her sweet, sexy ass.

Zeus and his team couldn't hold it in anymore and pulled out their cocks as they watched Brad fuck Sabrina. Brad pulled his cock out of Sabrina's ass which immediately began to leak his cum. He turned his sister over and in a horny daze slid his hard cock back into her pussy.

He started to ride her cunt as she moaned beneath him, Brad was a man possessed as he fucked his sister. He POUNDED into her teenage cunt like a wild animal, riding her like a bronco.

Sabrina moaned incoherently as she thrust up to meet her brothers cock. She grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples as her brother used her pussy.

Sabrina was lost in lust as her brother fucked the shit out of her, slamming her box with his hard cock, embedding every last inch of his cock inside her.

Brad continued to fuck his sister, curling his upper lip as he fucked her harder and harder, boning his sister balls deep.

The siblings were so lost in lust they didn't even notice Zeus and his friends move around them, stroking their cocks as they watched Brad wail on his sisters tender young pussy.

Sabrina started to cum again from the assault her brother put on her pussy, moaning loudly as she came all over his cock.

Brad groaned as his sister came all over his cock, cumming again, her juices making his cock slick.

Zeus and his friends watched Sabrina cum and scream like a whore beneath her brother's cock. They stroked their cocks faster and faster, hearing Sabrina moan made then stroke even harder until the erupted and came all over Sabrina.

They shot their load over her face, over her chest, in her hair, all over her body. For the first time Sabrina recognized their presence and came again as Zeus and his friends shot their load all over her.

Brad continued to fuck his sister as his hard-on continued, fucking her through yet another orgasm as she bucked uncontrollably around his hard cock.

Part 5:

The next morning Brad and Sabrina were back in their room when Zeus and his team walked in on them as Sabrina was riding her brother's cock.

Brad's hands were on his sister's breasts, squeezing them as she fucked her brother, enjoying the size of his cock and she slid up and down his hard cock.

"You have five minutes, then we never see you again," said Zeus.

They left the room and immediately Brad came in his sister's willing cunt. The idea they were going home too much for the siblings.

6 minutes later they were blind-folded driving in an unmarked van to the exchange. They were still wearing their hospital clothes, Sabrina squeezed her legs together, keeping her brothers cum inside her pussy.

The exchange went about as smoothly as it could go. The siblings were transfered to another van where they were left bound and gagged. Zeus and his friends went to the drop to pick up the money and once they were safe they phoned in the location of Brad and Sabrina.

As Brad and Sabrina returned home from their ordeal the were mobbed by friends and family over-joyed about their safe return.

The siblings knew that from now on, nothing would be like it once was.

To be continued...

Written by: Cokeman

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