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No Way Out Ch. 01

by jadewinchester©

I relaxed slightly as I sat down, until I felt a hand rest against my thigh and I froze.

"Did you actually think I wouldn't find you?" My eyes burned with tears as I recognized the voice. I tried to reassure him that the thought never crossed my mind, but the duct tape over my mouth stopped me.

"Take it off," he instructed. The black bag was lifted from my head and I looked down when I met his angry gaze.

"Oh come on beautiful, don't cry." He wiped the trails of running mascara from my cheeks. I shuddered, pressing my back against his goon. I struggled to free my wrists but the rope was knotted too tightly.

"Now I told you Guinevere, I love you! And **nothing** will keep us apart." He reached up and tore the duct tape off in one rip. I cried out a little before I quickly silenced myself.

"Please...Derek. I didn't mean to stay away..." He brought a finger to my lips and it smelled like his imported cigars.

" need for lies dear. It's clear you no longer love me and since you wish to leave me, the least I can do is make sure that you keep true to your vows."

"Vows?" I asked nervously.

"Till death do us part of course." He squeezed my knee a few times and took a drink of his amber colored liquor.

"No baby; I love you! I have always loved you; you know that!" I protested, scooting closer. What had I been thinking? It was stupid of me to run, to think I could ever get away.

"Amazing how compliant you become when you know your life's at stake," he announced cupping my face. I snuggled against his hand affectionately.

"It was a mistake. I don't make good choices if they're not made for me...I swear I won't do it again." The words tasted bitter on my tongue but I said them anyways.

"Well, I suppose I might be inclined to forgive you, but I'm not too convinced you *are* sorry." My lower lip trembled against my will. I knew what he wanted, my ropes were cut and I immediately got down onto the floor of the limousine. I leaned into his lap and started to unzip him, ignoring his goon who stared out the window, equally ignoring us. Derek needed no preparation as he was already straining against his slacks. As I pulled out his length, he wound one hand into my hair. I didn't hesitate, I wrapped my lips around him and began to slowly bob my head up and down. Derek moaned and leaned back, his grip tightening slowly. I'd done this enough I'd almost mastered the technique he liked most. I barely paused long enough to catch my breath. It was only 15 minutes before he grabbed my head in both hands and thrust; his warm cum shooting down my throat. I swallowed obediently and rested against his leg panting. He petted my face affectionately and tucked himself back in.

"I have missed you," he whispered as he patted his lap. I sat down and leaned against him while he wrapped his arms around me and grinned.

"Everyday without you was torture," I pouted, feeling slightly lightheaded.

"You only had to call and I would have come gotten you."

"I was scared. I wasn't sure you'd want me anymore after I'd disobeyed." He slapped me, the stinging sensation spread across my cheek. His hand slid down my face and tightly squeezed my throat.

"Do not **LIE** to me," he growled. I apologized and he squeezed harder.

"I know you better than you know yourself." He kissed my chin then kissed his way down as he brought me close enough to him that I was straddling him. I ground myself against him eagerly and his hand caressed my backside while the other cupped my breast. He kissed me deeply and groaned as his hand rode up my dress, reaching between my legs, I could feel him pressing against me.

"Does Guinevere want this?" he asked between kisses. I nodded, whimpering as my hips moved against him.

"Please," I pleaded. I sounded pathetic and weak and I hated myself for it.

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me" I begged. It didn't need repeating, he thrust up and brought me down simultaneously. I cried out as our bodies hit one another and he pounded into me with desperate need. There was no gentleness, only urgent lust. When we came I leaned against him, breathless. After a few minutes he shoved me aside and quickly cleaned himself while straightening out his clothes.

"It appears you **did** miss me afterall," he announced as he cleared his throat. My heart skipped a few beats, had I convinced him I was worth keeping?

"Almost there boss." announced the driver. Derek nodded.

"Perfect, I have a welcome home present for you darling."

"What is it?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?" He held my hand tightly and I waited until the limo came to a stop before I followed Derek out and past the warehouse doors. He led me into a cold, dark room.

"Derek..." I heard a muffled grunt and suddenly the lights came on. After adjusting my eyes I found Steven tied to a chair, unconscious and covered in blood. I screamed and ran to his side and tried to rouse him. Steven was one of our childhood friends, and a partner at the firm where Derek worked, it was *his* father who hired Derek.

"Steven?" His eyelids fluttered.

"You see Guinevere, I believe if we eliminate that which tempts you the most, I might be able to trust you again."

"Please, let him go," I pleaded, sinking to my knees. Derek shook his head, as though my answer confused him.

"I'm sorry, I cannot do that."

"Derek, it's not his fault! Punish me, not him. It was my plan. He's only guilty of manipulated by me,." I sobbed, hand trailing Steven's severely bruised and bloodied face.

"All your fault huh?" he asked. I could tell by his tone he didn't quite believe me, but he wasn't quite ready to call me a liar yet either.

"Punish me Master, not him!!" I begged. Derek came up behind me and pulled my head painful to one side.

"My pet wants punishment?"

"Yes, please!" Steven lifted his head, opening his eyes.

"Gwen, don't," pleaded Steven, falling into a coughing fit, blood dripping from his mouth.

"SILENCE!" Derek yelled. I crawled over to where Derek had moved, begging him.

"On your hands and knees, facing him," he ordered. I obeyed quickly, not thinking twice as I offered myself to him.

"Gwen." Steven pleaded.

"It took me months to train her Steven...a lot of time, energy and patience went into this," He circled me but I didn't dare move an inch.

"Even some blood, huh sweetie?" Derek asked, petting my head. I nodded slowly. I had learned, it had taken awhile, but eventually I learned it all..

"You're a sick pig," spat Steven. Derek only laughed as he kneeled behind me, pants already undone, he lifted the hem of my dress up and just shoved his whole length into me. I cried out a little at the change of angles, this one always felt different, deeper. Steven looked away as Derek thrust harder and faster causing me to make more noise, leaving Steven unable to ignore what was going on right before his very eyes.

"Who do you belong to?" he asked.

"You Master!" I cried out as one of his hands felt its way down the front and began massaging my clit. I screamed as I orgasmed around him. I hated him, but the intense pleasure he always brought was like a drug, and I had easily become its slave.

"Tell Steven whose whore you are..." Derek instructed, the sadistic bastard.

"I'm his whore..." I announced, knowing from the past all the right answers that rewarded me with the feeling I craved the most. I came again as Derek shot his load into me with a good and hard smack to my rear. He gave me permission to relax and I melted into the floor, body floating and numb.

"You see Steven...if you give it to them well, they beg for more."

"You're a poor excuse of a man." Derek laughed as he stood and adjusted his pants. He reached into the pocket of his jacket which rested on a sawhorse, and pulled out a large hunting knife. I knew from his collection, this one was one his best. Within seconds, he moved behind Steven and slit his throat. Blood splashed down his chest and hitting me in the face. I screamed, the lazy calm feeling replaced with panic and fear. I rushed forward, pressing my hands to his neck, trying to apply pressure to the wound. He bled too fast, but still I held on even as the gushing turned into a slight trickle.

"Let this be your one and only warning Guinevere; I don't share!" I tried desperately to wake Steven up, my grip slipping because of all the blood. Derek wiped his knife on the back of Steven's shirt and sheathed it. I knelt there, feeling all hope drain from me as fast as the blood drained from Steven. Derek motioned to his bodyguard who picked me up by my arms. I didn't help, motivation left me and I just went limp. When I refused to stand the bodyguard picked me up in a barrel hold and carried me after Derek. I was deposited back into the limo where I sat a huddled mess. Derek answered a call about business and I was promptly ignored. Just the way I liked it. I wondered if the death even registered to Derek at this point. Steven had, after all, been his best friend since childhood. His business partner. Had he planned to kill him all along? Was Steven's lack of remorse the trigger?

Or was he already too much of a sociopath? I glanced at his bodyguard, Jason. He'd known them both for years. Did watching his boss kill Steven affect him? I looked down at my dress, stained red with blood. Looked like someone dumped a gallon of blood on me. I wasn't too worried about leaving a mess in the limo, we already knew blood was easy to wash off leather. I just stared at the floor, feeling deflated and hopeless. Was there even a reason to keep going now? While I craved the things Derek could make my body do, my heart belong to Steven now. The ride wasn't long before we got to the small airport. Nobody seemed to mind I looked like I'd just bathed in a massacre. I made my way up the stairs and into the private jet.

The stewardess threw a sheet down, the leather was just too white. Most the blood had dried, and began feeling like caked on mud. By the time Derek got off his phone I was already starting to fall asleep. He sat beside me and brought my head to rest on his shoulder, not caring one bit if I stained his suit, he was always like that.

"Don't be so gloom sugar. I'll miss him too, but I couldn't let him get away with taking you from me." I didn't respond, it wouldn't do me any good to argue. He just continued to stroke one hand absently down my arm. Eventually I closed my eyes and fell right to sleep.

Unfortunately sleeping didn't allow me to escape. Awaiting behind my closed eyelids were blood covered nightmares. When I finally woke up from a fretful night, I found Derek sipping his scotch while reading something on his laptop. I never really asked him much about the work he did, not that he was much of the sharing type anyways. What I knew from Steven was they worked for a big law firm for some major oil companies. And Derek was a partner, there was no one that could argue and win over a jury like he could. He could sell ice water in hell. I just sat there, watching him, his eyebrow furrowing over something on the screen before him. Just as his scotch would get low, the stewardess would refill it automatically so that he never ran out. She could recall several nights where she'd found him passed out on the loveseat in his office, empty glass in his hand, the smell of scotch clear across the room.

The three of us had gone to the same high school, Derek and I had even lived in the same trailer park, we'd known each other since we were little and our parents had been friends. Growing up in the same park, going to the same schools we'd been close. But high school changed everything. While I'd once been happy to just sit around and get fucked up with Derek and a few others the year before. High school kind of hit me with a dose of reality. I didn't have many years left before I'd be an adult and forced to fend for myself. I'd been taking care of myself for years, but if I wanted to become more than a drunk passed out on the couch like my mother, I needed to strive for something better.

It began the second week of high school, I was in the library, actually doing homework while I waited for Derek to get out of detention. Steven had sat down at the same table, the only one with room left. He broke the ice by asking to borrow a pencil, and realized we shared the same math class. So we studied and he even stayed and met Derek Despite how opposite we were, we became the 3 amigos. Steven was the son of a lawyer, he lived a bit beyond our financial bracket, but he never made us feel lesser for it. If anything he hated the fact he was spoiled and let us help him blow his father's money. When I went out of state for college Derek had gone berserk, ending our relationship. I went to an art institute and both Derek and Steven had left and became lawyers. Eventually Steven inherited the firm. They were like brothers.

I sat up slowly, watching and waiting for Derek to acknowledge I was awake. Sometimes he'd play games and pretend I wasn't there for hours. His black hair was medium length and gelled back neatly. Everything about Derek screamed time and care. He held himself with poise and purpose and just his presence demanded attention. If he didn't acknowledge me, I didn't exist so therefore I wasn't allowed to talk, or move really until he acknowledged me. I just stared at him, patiently. After a few minutes a smile curved his lips and he looked over with a smile.

"Wash up, we're landing soon and we have a lunch we have to get to. Everything is where it's always been." he announced. I nodded and made my way into the back of the plane where he had a suite built. I made myself a hot shower and scrubbed myself clean. once dried I shuffled through the closet of expensive clothes and picked out my little black strapless dress. After makeup, jewelry and my hair just the way he liked it I made myself comfortable in the seat beside him. His hand rested on my leg while the other scrolled down the pages of his memo. I rested my head on his shoulder and stared blankly at the wall.

"I noticed while you were sleeping that your ring is missing..." he announced. I didn't respond or move, frozen in anticipation. He patted my knee reassuringly.

"It's how I found you. You and he left a pretty messy trail, and I picked it up at the pawnshop." I felt the cold metal slip around my finger and my heart sank. He turned his head and kissed me. I kissed him back until he pulled away and took another sip of scotch. Declaring himself tired, he closed his laptop and pulled me close until I lay on my side facing him.

"These past few weeks without you have been very lonely," he announced. I looked up into his eyes, such passionate words, but when coming from the mouth of a cold murdering psychopath, it didn't exactly warm my heart to hear. I buried my face into his chest and waited patiently to see what I should be doing next. And for a while Derek seemed content to just hold me against him. But like always, that never lasted for long. When his hand caressed its way down my side, and his lips captured mine. Closing my eyes I sank into his embrace, letting him lead.

The jet landed with little disturbance and once we touched ground I breathed a sigh of relief. I never felt completely safe in the air. With my arm wrapped through Derek's we made our way to an awaiting car. A bright green Lamborghini. Having been raised in poverty, Derek believed himself entitled to whatever he wanted. Even if that included me. Nobody told Derek no, except Steven. but he wasn't saying no anymore either. Derek sped to the country club. Having been drinking for many years, it took more than a bit of scotch to affect him. His hand trailed its way up my leg and under my dress. I parted my legs for him and his hand found their destination. I moaned and bit down on my lower lip as his fingers explored and exploited.

I slapped a palm against the window and tossed my head back in ecstasy as I panted and tried to regain a small hold on reality, he withdrew his hand. I rubbed my legs together as if that could dampen the fire burning inside me. When I could think clearly again we were already parked. Derek leaned his back against his door and watched me.

"A little something to get you through some of tonight," he muttered. I looked over at him dazedly.

"Thank you for your kindness Master." Derek just smiled at me and finally got out then came around to help me out of the ridiculously expensive car. He helped smooth my dress out before we headed inside. For the first hour we made our way around the room and greeted everyone, a few faces familiar, others I couldn't quite place. A few asked me about my mysterious illness and I just smiled and answered the way I knew I was supposed to. Even when we were younger, I'd never fitted in with these people. My anxiety would rise, I'd hyperventilate. Steven was born into it and somehow Derek just seemed to fit right in, despite having similar childhood to me.

This was his world now, and how he could manipulate most of these arrogant people. If only they knew the kind of person really was behind his facade. Never knowing what to say or how to fit in, I always relied on Derek to see me through. And he'd taught me, day after day until I had it down perfectly. Soon we were ushered to our seats where we eagerly stared up at the podium. I sat on Derek's knee, and if people were staring, I was unaware. None of their opinions mattered anyways. Only Derek mattered. As the scene blended into the background, I found my mind running. I wasn't sure when the Derek I knew became the Derek that was here today. He was different when I came back from college. He was cold, indifferent. Having been my best friend, I'd expected a warm welcome; I'd been stupid.

Once the presentation was finished Derek snuck us upstairs and into an office. He didn't waste time with warm up, he sat me down on the desk, burying his head between my legs. I wrapped a hand in his hair and moaned. He kissed my thigh, nipping the flesh. then he delved his tongue forward and I threw my head back, relaxing into him. He growled and rested one of my legs over his shoulder while lifting the other heel onto the desk. He dug in, tongue lashing wildly while his hand lent him assistance.

"Oh Derek," I breathed. The encouragement sent him into a frenzy and spots of white light flashed in my vision as I came. I fell onto my back, gasping. His head peeked up over my knee and he grinned. Something about his grin always reminded me of the old Derek.

"We have lost time to make up for," he explained. Even with his appetite he'd never been this crazed before. As I lay there in an orgasmic stupor he stood and lifted both my legs up, his member met little resistance. He grabbed my hips and began to pound me into the desk. Each time my backside slammed into the wood I cried out and grabbed the edge of the desk as not to be fucked right off. I flexed my hips up to meet his, matching the rhythm with equal intensity. At the last second he moved to the opposite side of the desk, stroked twice and released himself on my face. He cried out with the involuntary flex of his hips. I licked the mess I could reach and he ran a hand through my hair.

"You're so beautiful..." he announced. I looked away, I didn't feel that way, hadn't for a long time. Derek had turned me into a sex toy, Steven had made me feel like a woman...a person with a mind, with wants and dreams. Things I'd forgotten about a long time ago. Of course it hadn't always been that way. I'd married Derek after all...although looking back I had to wonder which actions were truly mine and which ones had I done to please him? I could feel his spunk, cold clumps drying on my face but until I was told so, I didn't dare move or attempt to clean it off. Derek fixed his suit and handed me a handkerchief from his pocket and I cleaned myself up best I was able.

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