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My Mistress is My Wife

by slavetohiswife©

My Mistress had to leave for work. She left me in my pink thong which she chose for me to wear. I couldn't help but be excited every single time the fabric brushed against the head of my cock. I was instructed by my Mistress that touching myself was allowed but jerking off was not allowed, and until the cock cage arrived I was on the honor system. I rubbed and played with every inch of myself and wanted so badly to jerk off but I am a good pet as my Mistress calls me and I follow her every command. I drifted off to sleep, my mind racing about what would be next.

My wife and I have been married a little over a year and just recently discovered a whole lot of interesting stuff about our sex life and we were running with it. My wife has become amazingly skilled in a short time at doming me, the way she spoke, the way she walked, the way she could make my dick hard with a perfectly timed look. She is perfect for this, and I suspect she's starting to really get a taste for the power she has now. The woman was built to be a dominatrix, and when I awoke from hearing her unlock the door I couldn't help but smile.

"Are you awake?" She asked as she sat down at the foot of the bed.

"Yes Mistress." I replied.

"Good, get down here and kneel in front of me."

"Yes Mistress." I quickly replied, and all but jumped out from my warm cover to get to her.

I had a bad case of morning wood, and had to pee very badly, My Mistress say my hard on poking out through my pink thong. She wasted little time lightly kicking me in the balls with her sneaker. Each kick sent a wave of pain mixed with intense pleasure through my body, and also reminded me just how badly I had to pee.

"Mistress I have to pee, may I please?" I asked because Mistress has decided I must ask to pee at all times.

She paused her kicking for a second, smiled at me and said "No you may not."

She lifted her right shoe to just an inch of my face and told me to take off her shoe. Mistress knows I have a huge foot fetish and uses her feet to tease and please me, but this was the first time she asked me to take her shoe off after work. My mind raced wondering what she had in store. I took off her shoe and she placed her sock right on my nose, and then she said,

"Do you remember when you told me you didn't mind how my feet smell pet? You even said you kinda liked it. Well sniff my sock you little foot slut."

"Yes Mistress." I said then started breathing in through my nose so she could hear me smelling.

She put her hand down her pants and began playing with her clitty. She lifted her other shoe to my face and said, "Now take off my other shoe, but first take off my sock and starting cleaning my foot with your tongue while you take off my other shoe."

I love serving this woman, and I love feet so I was rock hard when I said "Yes Mistress", and began my task. I removed her sock first as I was told and though her foot was a little stinky all that did was turn me on more. I licked from heel to each toe and licked between each toe slowly while I removed her other shoe. I took my time because as I said I love feet. I wanted to keep licking her foot forever but she took away her bare foot from me and placed her other foot with the sock on on my nose. I didn't move as I eagerly awaited her next set of instructions. The urge to pee was now intense and it caused me to try and put my knees together to hold in the pee. Mistress noticed this and giggled. She looked me in my eyes and said,

"Awwww does my little pet need to go pee? Well you can wait! Right now you're going to remove my other sock and clean this foot."

I didn't hesitate. I licked from heel to each toe, licked between each toe and sucked her toes one by one. While being lost in my Mistresses feet was easy, I could spend all day licking her feet, so soft, so sexy, but the urge to pee was growing and I strained to hold it in. I must of lost my concentration because I felt a drop of pee leak from my head. My heart raced! Did she notice? Should I tell her? What will she do? I didn't have to wait long to find out. She had definitely noticed. With her big toe in my mouth she said,

"OH my, it looks like my little pet had an accident."

She took her toe out of my mouth and set it right in the little drop of pee on the floor. She smiled, and said,

"Oh no pet. It looks like my toe is dirty again. I guess you'll have to get your mouth down there and clean that toe for me."

I hesitated. I never did this before, but at the same time the thought was turning me on. Mistress must have sensed my hesitation, because she pulled my hair and yanked my head down till my mouth was a centimeter from her toe.

"Now pet...You always obey your Mistress, now clean that piss off my toe or your going to wish you had, you dirty little panty wearing slut."

I didn't hesitate a second time. She never raised her foot off the floor so I knew she wanted me to clean the pee from beside her toe too. I liked the floor first, and my reward was her lifting her foot. I laid down on my back so I could get under the toe and put the whole thing in my mouth, Mistress put her other foot against my balls and rubbed and pushed and pulled my balls with her foot and toes. I got every last drop of the pee off her toe and she withdrew it from my mouth but placed her foot over my nose while she continued to rub my balls with her other foot. I liked and sucked her foot till she pulled it away and told me to stand up. I did as I was instructed. She pulled down my panties and told me to turn around, bend over, and grab my ankles. I had to pee so badly now, and bending over added extra pressure to my already full bladder. I heard her get up and walk out of the room, but I knew better than dare move. I held my place. I heard her come back in and without warning I felt a sharp sting on my ass and heard the loud sound that came with it. It surprised me and again some pee leaked out. SMACK! Another smack to my ass. This time no leak. I was prepared. I whimpered a bit and Mistress said,

"Does it hurt pet? Does my hairbrush smacking your ass hurt? Aww it must hurt because I see you peed again. Well slut I'm going to have to punish you. We pee in the potty, not the floor!", and with that I received ten hard spankings. After each one she required that I say "Thank you Mistress, please may I have another." After the tenth spanking my ass was on fire, and Mistress commanded I clean up the pee. I immediately put my tongue to the floor and cleaned up. When I finished I kneeled at her feet again, and softly asked,

"Mistress, please may I go pee?"

"First stand up." She said.

I stood up and realized my panties were around my ankles. I wanted to pull them up, but knew I must wait to be told to do so. Mistress had grabbed some rope and was tying it around my cock and balls. She didn't mess around when she was tying. She made it nice and tight. It made me jump a bit, much to her delight. She finished tying it around my cock and balls, and took the other end in her hand pulling just enough so I could feel it. I wanted badly to pull my panties up, as I knew it must look ridiculous, but Mistress must have been enjoying it because she stood up and started walking towards the bathroom. I was left with two choices, follow or have her pull my balls all but off. I followed stumbling because of the panties being around my ankles. She led me to the toilet and tied the end of the rope in her hand to the shower curtain rod. Standing there in front of the toilet I wanted nothing more than to pee, but I knew I must wait till I was given permission to do so. I waited, rock hard and tied up. Finally Mistress spoke the words I was waiting for,

"You may pee now slut."

I began to pee. I was only peeing for a few second when she yelled for me to stop! The pain caused my knees to buckle, but the pleasure of the pain just made my cock start to throb. Mistress laughed and commanded me to stand up straight. I did not hesitate. I was hoping she would let me pee again, but this was not in her plans. She commanded me to take off all her clothes, so I eagerly did. Standing there with my cock tied up, attached to the shower rod, panties around my ankles I felt humiliated which only served to turn Mistress on, and truth be told me too. Mistress began rubbing her clitty again, and as much as I wanted to touch her anywhere I knew I did not have permission to do so, so I had to fight that urge and the urge to pee all at once. Mistress was getting herself very close to cumming and I was going mad with lust. I needed to touch her. I knew I shouldn't, but her eyes were closed so I reached out with my right hand and touched her left nipple. Mistress stopped rubbing herself and looked very displeased. She untied the rope from the shower curtain end and told me to turn away from her. I felt the rope go between my legs and pull up tight in between my ass crack. This caused my dick and balls to also be pulled back between my legs. Mistress pulled harder and tied the other end off on the shower rod again. My dick was now pointed back between my legs and Mistress took advantage of this. She lightly touched the head of my cock and said,

"You know you're not allowed to touch me without my permission. So here is your punishment. You may pee, BUT only if it all goes in the potty. If one drop hits the floor I will dig my nails into your balls and not let go for five minutes."

Both Mistress and I were well aware that with my cock pulled back like that, if I peed it would all go on the floor. I whimpered and begged to please untie me, but she just laughed and began rubbing herself again. I couldn't see but I could hear just how wet she was. Judging by her moaning she was close. All I could do was stand there, hold my pee in, and feel humiliated, my cock rock hard but pulled back between my legs, panties still around my ankles. Mistress let out a moan that told me she had cum, and then I felt the rope loosen and my dick sprung back up in front of me. Mistress walked to my front and began untying my cock and balls. Just her touch was enough to make me think I would cum. She untied the rope and ordered me to start the water for the shower. I set the water temperature and she ordered me to lay on my back in the shower.

I did as I was told, and I felt Mistress put her hand around my cock. She aimed it up towards me and told me to begin peeing. I knew what would happen if I did, pee was going to go all over my face, chest and belly, but I knew I dare not disobey, and I truly had to pee, so I did. The piss rained down all over my face, Mistress had moved the shower head so no water was hitting my face chest or belly, just my own hot piss. I thought I'd pee forever, but finally I was done. I was covered in pee, and Mistress was delighted. She told me I needed to learn to use the potty because a good pet doesn't piss all over himself. I begged to wash it off but she said it wasn't time yet, and took a squatting position right above my chest, and began to pee all over me. It too splashed on my face and chest and when she was all done she positioned her pussy over my mouth and ordered me to clean her up. I licked and sucked till she was clean and Mistress rode my face to another orgasm.

When she came again, she ordered me up, and made me wash myself while she smacked my balls, pulled my nipples, and teased my cock in every way possible. When I was finished washing, I was ordered to wash her. I took my time. Her back was to me and her ass kept rubbing on my cock. I finished lathering her tits and knelt down to wash her ass. As soon as I rinsed the last bit of soap from her ass, she ordered me to lick her asshole. I did so. I tried hard to push my tongue into her tight asshole. She pushed and grinded on my face while I did. She ordered me to continue washing her while I fucked her ass with my tongue. It was hard to do as I couldn't see, but I found her pussy and lathered it up. I washed both her legs and feet when she turned around. I was disappointed because I loved licking her asshole, but I knew better than to protest. She ordered me to sit on my ass, so I did.

She stepped down on my cock and balls. Crushing them and she kept her foot there, and ordered me to lick her to another orgasm. My cock and balls ached under her foot, and the closer she got to orgasm the more pressure she put on my dick. She came all over my face, and without needing to be told I licked her clean. She stepped down harder on my cock as she turned off the water. She then ordered me to towel off, and kneel at her feet while she dried herself. She finished drying and dressing herself than told me to stand up. She put me in a black thong, and rubbed me a few times. She then made me put on shorts and a shirt. She walked to our bed and I crawled on my hands and knees behind her. She laid down and told me to give her a good night kiss. I wanted relief. I wanted to cum so bad so I began begging,

"Please Mistress!! Please let me cum!! I need to cum!! Please I'll do anything!!"

Mistress laughed. She smacked my cock and said,

"That's my cock pet. You will only cum when I tell you you may. Now Mistress is going to sleep. She has cum and is satisfied and sleepy. You will go check the mail and then you will bring yourself to the edge over and over again by jerking off, until I wake up. Now kiss your Mistresses feet and go do as your told slut."

I said, "Of course Mistress", and kissed both her feet. I walked out to get the mail, trying to get my hard on to go down. When I got to the mailbox, I noticed a package. I knew what it was. It was the cock cage we ordered. Mistress had instructed me to tell her when it came so I took it back into the bedroom. Her eyes lit up when she say what it was. She quickly opened it and began to put it on me. After it was in place she locked it and put the key in her dresser drawer. She smiled and said,

"New plan pet. You won't be touching yourself at all today it would seem. No you're going to go find watch, and download very freaky porn for us to watch later. When I wake up you will present your cock to me for inspection so I can ensure your cage is safely fastened. Now let me lick your balls once and get out of here so I may sleep."

I moved closer and her soft wet, warm tongue traced my balls. My dick strained to get hard but the cage made it hard to get erect and caused some pain. I was in heaven. I turned and walked out. Sat down at my computer and started my task. I needed to cum. It was very uncomfortable but I knew it would only happen when Mistress wanted it. It was torture to watch the porn and find freaky things, but I did, now I just had to await Mistress waking up, my cock began to attempt growing again at the thoughts of what she may have planned, and the cock cage did its job causing me frustration, pain and humiliation. It was heavenly hell, and I knew my life was about to be filled with sexual fantasy after sexual fantasy. My mind raced, calm down I thought to myself, and I sat there waiting for Mistress. Getting semi hard time after time. This wait may kill me. What would be next? How far will this go? We were going to find out...

Written by: slavetohiswife

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