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Molesting Kate

by Lionheart72©

Hank found Kate on the couch in one of the back bedrooms. The leggy brunette, in her loose tie-neck halter and short skirt, had a dreamy smile on her pretty face, her eyes unfocused as she listened to the music coming from the party downstairs. Quietly, Hank pushed the door shut and turned the lock.

"Hi," she said, smiling at him as he sat down next to her. "Having fun?"

"Oh yeah," Hank smirked. "I think I'm about to have a lot of fun."

Grinning, he leaned in and kissed her. She purred like a cat as her lips parted, gently kissing him back. He tasted alcohol on her lips, sweet and bitter mingled with the warm taste of her. Hungrily, Hank kissed her harder, his tongue dancing past her lips. Pressing close, he felt Kate's soft, warm curves against his side.

Panting, Kate lowered her head, breaking the kiss. She looked up at him, a little shyly but smiling. Hank leered down at her. He wanted her desperately. It was a need that washed away all pretense of self-restraint. His hand grabbed the back of her hair, pulling her head up. Kate gasped as Hank's lips crushed into hers again. He kissed her passionately as his free hand roamed down her arm, along her side, finally rising to cup her firm, pert breast.

"Hey," she laughed, squirming and pushing to dislodge that wandering hand.

Hank grinned at her, pulling her back into the kiss. After a moment, his hand wandered again, up her side, along her back and again to the round curve of her breast. Kate squirmed again, but Hank held her firmly, and with a sigh against his hungry lips, she relented.

Hank kissed her with even greater passion while his hand squeezed and caressed her breast. Slowly, his fingers sought out the edge of her loose top and slipped under to brush the bare skin of her cleavage.

"Hey," Kate whined, pushing his seeking hand away.

Growling, Hank pulled her back into the kiss again. Shifting, he pushed his body down against Kate's, pinning her to the couch as he kissed her. No pretense now, he cupped her breast, pushing his fingers under the side of her top, pulling at it.

"Hey," Kate cried, pushing him back. "No."

Frustrated, Hank pushed Kate back, his weight holding her down, his fingers pawing at the triangle of fabric covering the firm curve of her breast. Kate's hands flailed back, swatting and pushing at his arm. As quickly as the struggle started, Hank stopped, raising his offending hand away in a conciliatory gesture.

With a rueful sigh, he smiled down at Kate. Then he leaned in and kissed her gently. For a moment Kate's expression was wary, but as their lips met again, she yielded. Hank kissed her softly at first, then with slowly renewed passion. As her soft body relaxed again under his, Hank's hand began to wander again, cupping her breast through the fabric of her top. After a moment, Kate purred against his lips and arched her back a little, pushing her curves into his caressing hand.

As he kissed her, Hank noticed over Kate's shoulder that his hand, behind her now, was resting on the tie that held her top on. Carefully, he shifted his grip to hold one end. With his other hand, he squeezed the firm young breast he so desired to really touch. Fuck it, he thought and slid his hand up her bare arm, to rest on her shoulder.

Kate moaned a little as Hank kissed her hungrily. She didn't seem to notice that his open eyes were now fixed on the knot of thin fabric that was the obstruction of his desires. Slowly, he took a grip on the other end of the tie. Kissing her hard, he pulled and felt the knot part. Kate started a little, breaking their kiss. Before she could do more, Hank pulled hard on the ties, dragging with them the little triangles of fabric that covered Kate's breasts.

"No," Kate whined as her breast was suddenly bared.

Quick, like a striking snake, Hank dipped his head and took Kate's naked tit in his mouth, sucking hard on the little pink bud of her nipple. Kate moaned and writhed under him, the shock of pleasure mingling with reluctance. Grinning, Hank let her tit drop from his mouth and looked at her.

Kate squirmed in his slackened grip. Her arms came up, doggedly covering her nipples again. Growling in frustration, Hank grabbed her wrist and forced her arm away, leering again down at her exposed curves.

"No. Stop." Kate struggled in his grip, trying to cover herself.

"Quit it," Hank growled.

"I want my shirt back," Kate pleaded, pulling her arms once again protectively over her bare breast.

Hank roared wordlessly, furious. Unthinking, his hand lashed out, seizing Kate around the neck , forcing her head back. She whimpered, wide-eyed as his grip caught her breath in her throat. Violently, he forced his lips against hers. He crushed his weight against her, pinning her helpless against the back of the couch.

Hank felt more than heard the little whimpering sounds Kate made against his lips. He pawed at her tit, but in spite of everything, her arm desperately blocked him. In a fury, Hank thrust his free hand between Kate's legs, up under her skirt.

Startled, he leaned back, breaking off his wild kiss, and looked down. Between Kate's legs, Hank's fingers were pressed against bare folds of wet, soft flesh, unimpeded by any fabric.

"What the fuck?" Hank chuckled, as his fingers slid easily into Kate's soaked pussy. The pretty brunette gasped as his touch penetrated her.

"You're just a fucking slut," Hank snarled. Kate moaned as his fingers worked inside her, her eyes wide and panicked under his leering gaze.

Hank jumped to his feet, roughly dragging Kate up by his grip around her neck. Carelessly, he pulled her across the room to the bed and tossed her down. The pretty young woman fell in a tangled heap, looking up at him. Her top hung in a loose bunch around her midriff, her pert tits with their little rosebud nipples finally bare to his gaze. Her little skirt was tangled around her waist. Before Kate could move, Hank seized hold of that short skirt, yanked it off and tossed it aside. He leered down at her bared hips and the nest of wet, dark hair between her legs.

Looking up at him, Kate started to squirm away, crawling on her back over the bed. Hank pounced, landing next to her on the bed. He grasped at the bundled fabric of her top and pulled it upward, to drag it over her head. Kate struggled against him, desperately clinging to the notion of keeping her top, like a talisman. Hank roughly dragged it back up over her tits, over her head and up her arms. In a flash of perverse fury, he twisted the top she had been so intent on keeping into a knot around her wrists, using it to pin her arms over her head as he roughly kissed her again.

Rearing up, Hank closed one hand once again around Kate's neck, gripping tight enough to still her and pin her down, while leaving her just enough freedom to breathe. His other hand slapped hard against the wetness between her legs. Kate gasped and whimpered as Hank's fingers once again slid easily into her wet pussy.

"Oh," she cried as his fingers worked within her. Roughly, he probed her and touched her, his fingers circling her clit. Kate moaned. Hank dropped his head to suck on her naked tits, licking and biting her hard nipples, drawing startled cries from her gasping mouth.

"Oh no," Kate moaned. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to... I'm... I'm cumming!"

Her body bucked and shook under Hank's hands as waves of reluctant pleasure overcame the last of her resistance.

When the final spasms of her orgasm had passed, Hank sat up. His hungry eyes devoured every inch of her beautiful, naked body, from her tangled hair, down her flushed face, the soft curves of her tits, her rounded hips, her wet, swollen pussy and finally to her long firm legs.

With a smirk, he reached out and grabbed her nearest wrist, the tangled knot of her top having been lost somewhere in her bucking passion. He pulled her hand to him, pressing her fingers against the hard bulge straining within his jeans.

"You want that?" Hank leered at her. Wearily, Kate shook her head.

Sneering, Hank sat up and opened his jeans, pulling out his hard thick shaft. Again, he grabbed Kate's hand and pulled her fingers to his turgid cock.

"You want it," he grinned as her fingers closed around him and slowly stroked the length of him.

Roughly, Hank reached out and grabbed Kate by the hair. Quickly, the young brunette struggled to her knees as he drew her head to him. Her mouth opened, and her lips slipped quickly over the thick head of his cock. Hank threw back his head and groaned in pleasure as her warm, wet mouth engulfed his shaft.

"Oh fuck, you're a good cocksucker, aren't you, slut," Hank groaned.

Holding her by the hair, Hank urged Kate's head up and down his length, reveling in the soft warmth of her wet mouth sucking and licking his shaft.

"Kiss it," Hank sneered. "Show me how much you like it."

Whimpering, Kate did as she was bid, kissing and licking his cock, even dipping her head to lick and suck Hank's heavy balls. While her mouth slid along him, Hank leaned over pushed his fingers back into Kate's pussy. Her gasps and moans vibrated against his hard flesh as he worked his fingers in her again.

"You're doing real good, slut," Hank moaned. "Now, I'm going to give you a choice. I'm going to fuck you, no choice about that... but if you do a really good job, I'll let you pick which hole I fuck."

"Please," Kate moaned.

"Good sluts suck cock," Hank snarled, pulling Kate's head back onto his shaft. Seizing her hair again, he thrust her head down.

"Good sluts suck it deep," he groaned, forcing as much of his length as he could into her mouth. Submissive now, Kate complied, accepting his hard length deep in her mouth.

"Show me how you want to be fucked," Hank groaned. "Fuck my cock with you face like you want me to fuck you."

Vigorously, Kate started bobbing her head along the length of Hank's cock, roughly and passionately fucking his shaft with her mouth. Hank shook. His hips rocked and thrust almost involuntarily, fucking the young brunette's face. He felt his own pleasure building. Roughly, Hank grabbed Kate's hair again and pulled her face off his cock. He wasn't ready to be done yet.

"Now," Hank growled. "Which hole do you want it in?"

"My pussy," Kate moaned. "Please fuck my pussy. Fuck my pussy."

Throwing Kate down, Hank settled himself between her legs. His thick cock, wet with her salvia, brushed against her already soaked folds.

"Where?" he asked again, wanting to hear the reluctant wench beg for it.

"My pussy," Kate moaned. "Fuck my pussy."

With a hard thrust, Hank buried himself to the hilt in Kate's wetness. Her body spasmed under him, and she cried out as Hank started thrusting vigorously into her.

"Oh fuck," Hank groaned. "Fuck you feel good. You like this don't you slut?"

"Yes," Kate moaned, her eyes closed, her face glazed with pleasure.

"You like this cock inside you?"


"I'm glad you didn't make too much of a fuss," Hank groaned, driving into her.

"The other guys might have come up, and then I would have had to share you," Hank mused as Kate's body quivered under him, "Still, I bet you would have looked real cute on your knees, with a cock in your mouth and another in your pussy."

Kate moaned.

"What do you think, slut?" Hank looked down at her.

"Think?" Kate whispered. "Can't think."

"You just want me to fuck you, don't you," Hank chuckled, and Kate nodded weakly.

Hank thrust hard into her, feeling Kate's warm, soft body yielding to him. He felt her quiver and shake as he filled her deeply, again and again.

"Another time," Hank growled, "I am going to pull out and cover your pretty face in cum. I bet you'd look so nice with cum dripping off you... but right now... I'm going... to cum... oh, fuck... to cum in your pussy!"

With a final hard trust and a roar, Hank's body tensed and spasmed. He felt himself unload spray after spray of cum deep into Kate's soft and willing body. Shaking, he finally collapsed on top of her.

For a long time they lay together, limbs tangled and sweaty.

Finally, Hank spoke again. "Having fun?"

"Yeah," Kate replied weakly, "I think I had a lot of fun."

Written by: Lionheart72

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