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Cinderella Submits Ch. 01

by 1000dreams©

Dear Reader,

This is the first part in what I am hoping will be a multi-chapter story.

I was not sure where the story fits as there are elements of BDSM, exhibitionism, anal. So, reader beware...

This chapter is a bit slow going, but things will move along faster in the next chapters.

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The ball had started before sunset and he had noticed her the minute she stepped into the hall. Her dress was beautiful but it's magic only worked to accentuate her natural beauty.

He was drawn to her; attracted like a predator to its prey.

The attraction was mutual; like polar opposites, the minute they had seen each other they couldn't help but be drawn together. The glances were short and brief in the very beginning but a current passed between them whenever their eyes met.

Etiquette had dictated the first steps in the courtship. He had fought his natural instincts to rush to her side and had waited for the formal introductions before approaching her. However, the other guests seemed to disappear the minute his hand grabbed hers. The minute his lips met the soft skin of her hand their souls were set a braise.

Cinderella did not know what was happening to her. She was a good girl from a good family. Her heart had always run steady and true. However, since the beginning of the evening she had discovered that this organ that she had taken for granted could beat to rhythms that left her flush with heat and desire.

The Prince had not released her hand after he had brought it to his lips. He did not want to let her go. For the first half hour, he dragged her around the room introducing her left and right to the noblemen and ladies of the court. So many names and faces; she was sure that she would not be able remember them all. Between these introductions he prodded her on her life, her story, her beliefs.

She was not afraid or intimidated by the Prince. She talked to him as if she was his equal with wit and humor. How refreshing and modern he thought. Finally, a girl who did not seem to be tainted by the societal rules of the time. The prince was intrigued by this young woman.

Cinderella was in a whirlwind of emotions. She felt as she was being tossed in all directions. Her heart was barely fluttering a minute and the next it was beating as if it was trying to escape from her chest. She was out of breath and felt intoxicated and euphoric. The incessant questions, the unfamiliar faces, everything was a blur and such a contrast to her world. She had been so isolated after the death of her father, so removed from everything else that she did not know how to behave in the present situation.

The Prince had made his way across the ballroom Cinderella in tow. He had fulfilled his duties by welcoming and entertaining all the good people of the kingdom. It had been a sprint from one side of the room to other but he felt confident that he could now step outside with the young woman without drawing too much attention. The room was full and the party was now well underway.

He pulled her hand and dragged her past the royal guard in an isolated part of the palace. Alone at last, he gave her a big smile and leaned in for their first kiss. She responded in kind attracted by his hypnotic gaze.

Their lips made contact and they both stepped back looking into each other's eyes surprised by the emotion that they felt. The first kiss was timid but then came another and another, each new kiss more passionate than the previous one.

Cinderella had never been kissed but her body, her mind, her heart all reacted to the electricity that was coursing through her. She was soon out of breath trying to keep up with the Prince's hungry lips.

After a few minutes of heavy lip to lip kissing she began moaning in his mouth. Though his embrace had remained chaste he could feel the heat through her dress. She was struggling for air. Her corset was preventing her from breathing freely. She was light headed and she was hot and the desire that the Prince provoked was building up an unknown pressure within her. A new sensation, a knot, a big ball of nerve, a heat, a need to explode was forming within herself. The Prince gently parted her lips and tenderly slid his tongue into her mouth. That new sensation sent her over the edge. It was strange and unexpected; she was left wide eyed as her body reacted to this sweet invasion by releasing an electric wave that coursed through her. "Ooohhh!"

The Prince sensed her body tense in his arm as she shook in his embrace. The kiss had been interrupted by her orgasm as she melted in his arm. She had lost her balance and would have slid to the floor if he had not been holding her in his arms.

He was now staring at her quizzically. Had this virginal beauty just orgasmed from a kiss?

Cinderella was in a panic. So much was happening so fast that she did not have time to process and understand what was going on. She was a romantic. She had read the stories about love and fairytales and kisses and living happily ever after but what was that? What was this fever coursing through her? What was this heat at the core of her soul? What was this sensation? Why was she light headed and hot? What was this unbridled desire for the Prince to kiss her, for him to touch her?... And more importantly what had just happened to her!?

Cinderella recoiled in embarrassment. Her face, her neck, and her chest were flush with excitement. She stepped back and away from the prince. She wanted to run away and hide, humiliated by these sensations that she did not understand.

The Prince was amused. He looked at her with renewed interest and lust.

Cinderella was eighteen and a sheltered virgin. The Prince was no such thing. He was a man and ten years her senior. He had lived the life of a rich libidinous philandering bachelor. He had travelled the world and was very well acquainted with the carnal pleasures that adventurous women had to offer.

The people who knew him called him Oliver. Oliver loved women, loved sex, and had developed a sophisticated passion for kinky play. He had been happy exploring his particular interests with various companions and would have been content to keep on living the simple life.

However, his Royal obligations would not let him lead the easy life that so many of his noblemen peers were allowed to live. His parents were aging and, as the sole successor to the throne, he was expected to pick a prim and proper wife before he could ascend to lead the kingdom.

The ball had been organized to that purpose. Cinderella and all the young maidens of the land had been asked to gather at the Palace so that His Majesty could pick a bride for Himself.

Oliver had dreaded the idea. He wanted a woman with experience in his bed. He did not want a blushing bride. He wanted someone who knew what she liked and most importantly somebody who would know how to please him.

Cinderella had peaked his interest from the minute she had stepped into the ballroom. Despite his reticence to be with a young innocent woman who would most likely be a virgin and against his better judgement her beauty had awoken his lust.

If he had to pick a young maiden, maybe he could awaken within her wanton desires to match his insatiable sexual appetite?

That thought had not occurred to him until now. When the beautiful Cinderella orgasmed from his kiss a new world of possibilities materialized before him. He was intrigued with her reaction and decided that this evening might not be such a drag after all.

The blushing Cinderella was now looking down unable to face the prince. She was a bumbling mess and her flight instinct was telling her to rush out out of the palace. However, her body seemed paralyzed and she stood still not knowing what to do.

"Cinderella," he said, "you are free to go now." He waited for the words to sink in.

"However, as you know," he continued. "I am looking for a bride tonight. If you decide to stay then you need to know this: I am going to test you tonight. You seem to have the quality that I am looking for in a wife but I need to be sure. You can also leave at any time this evening, but if you leave you cannot come back. Is that clear?"

Cinderella timidly nodded yes and that was all the acceptance that the prince had been hoping for. He grabbed her by the hand yet again to bring her back to the center of the ballroom.

Cinderella had attracted the stares of all the guests as the prince placed her in the middle of the empty dance floor. The couple had been away but for a moment and their absence had not been noticed. However, the scarlet flush of Cinderella's complexion could not be ignored. People where whispering and snickering giving her knowing stares. The young woman wished she was miles away, if only she could disappear beneath the warm blankets of her bed.

She was embarrassed and humiliated, her gaze fixed on the intricate detail of the ballroom dance floor. Her vision was blurry with tears pooling in her eyes. Fortunately, the prince was holding her firmly against his muscular frame. Unable to withstand the stares of the assembly she found comfort by hiding her face against him, in the crook of his neck.

The music started at the bequest of the prince and pretty soon the dance floor filled up with the party goers. Cinderella and Oliver were lost in the crowd as he moved her in time to a slow paced waltz.

Oliver gave Cinderella a few minutes to adjust before pushing her face off of his chest. He established eye contact with her. She had slowly recovered from her orgasm and her scarlet flush had faded to a light pink hue. It was time to start playing the game.

Cinderella was staring into his eyes when a mischievous smile crept on his lips.

Suddenly, his fingers made contact wit her bare skin at the small of her back.

While they had been dancing, Oliver had discreetly inserted his hand into her dress. The cape that she was wearing concealed his actions and her corset was so tightly laced around her that she had not felt the dress loosening in her back as he opened the buttons one by one.

"Shhhh!" he whispered. "Don't attract any attention onto yourself."

She was entranced as shivers began running down her spine. This first ever skin to skin contact reawakened her desire and the hue of her skin betrayed her excitement. Fortunately, the room was dim and she felt protected by the semi-darkness of her surroundings.

Cinderella tried to lean back into his chest to hide her face. However, he pulled her away.

"Look at me." His tone was commanding.

Her eyes wandered about the room. No one seemed to pay attention to them. The crowd was too dense for people to see what was going on. At least, that is what she hoped for...

"Look into my eyes and do not look away from me no matter what happens."

Before she could comprehend the full meaning of his words, she felt his warm hand on her bare butt. He had swiftly inserted his hand under the waistband of her half-slip and was now holding her naked ass in his hand.

Cinderella gasped. Her shock was fortunately masked by the crowd surrounding them. Her eyes were like saucers.

Oliver did not give her time to recover as he kept moving her around the dance floor.

Her buttocks were firm, round and muscular and he enjoyed massaging them as they moved around the ballroom. Cinderella's mix of emotions was a delight to him. She was clearly aroused and terrified all at once. She kept on staring into his eyes. There was no refuge for her. How far could he go? He was enthralled to find out.

Cinderella was a bundle of nerves. Her mind was no longer controlling her body. The hand on her bare flesh was turning her blood to lava. He was tightening and releasing his grip around her ass. With each movement of his hand, she could feel his long fingers exploring more of her intimate places. She dreaded to find out where his fingers would go next but another part of her wanted the torture to continue.

The tempo of the music suddenly changed to a fast paced Bourrée and Cinderella gasped again.

Oliver had flexed his fingers vigorously and had pulled up the buttock that was in his hand. Cinderella looked intently into his eyes as she felt her intimate parts being parted by his actions. Finally, when he released his hold on her, she felt the tip of his middle finger sitting at the entrance of her very moist vagina while his index sat at the entrance of her anus.

Time stood still.

He flexed his hand yet again. Her labia and her anus parted as the tip of each finger penetrated her at the same time. It was not much of a penetration, yet when he released his grip on her ass she felt each finger fill both of her virgin holes at the same time. He was there and she could feel the pulse of her heart on his invading digits.

He flexed and released, flexed and released and did so several times until each finger was a knuckle deep into the cavities they were exploring.

Cinderella had stopped breathing. She could not believe how good it felt.

She stood in the middle of a crowded ballroom, surrounded by hundreds of people with both of her holes filled. She breathed laboriously. The penetration had nearly caused her to orgasm for the second time that evening.

Oliver waited for her to relax a bit. For a minute, he wished that his fingers had been longer. He was sure that if his ring finger could caress her clit he would have been able to drive her over the edge as often as he wanted. He would have been able to make her come at his will. Alas the clit was out of reach for now... but there would be more time for that later.

Cinderella, did not need for her clit to be touched. The slight penetration was enough to drive her mad. As the couple kept on twirling around the dance floor she felt her body build up to another orgasm.

Oliver felt it too. This time he would not do anything to prevent her from reaching the apex of her sexual desire. The build up took a few minutes. He wanted her to work for it. He did not insert his fingers any deeper as they sat past the edge of her orifices. His hand now laid motionless; he had stopped squeezing her ass. It was the dance steps, the rhythm, the up and down motion that would bring her excitement towards its ultimate release. The friction, the heat, the physical exertion built up the heat at the core of her being. His hand inside her dress was touching her where se had never been touched before. His eyes stared deep into her soul. Everything was bringing her closer to her climax. She was so close; she could feel the release approaching.

Finally, she felt the dam burst as the flood of ecstasy overtook her body. She leaned back into his hand trying to get a deeper penetration. Oliver tightened his hand around her buttock one last time as he felt the inner muscles contact around his digits. The beautiful Cinderella had climaxed in the middle of the overcrowded Palatial ballroom. None was the wiser, the music had covered all traces of their public display. However, Oliver was sure now that he had found in her the future Queen of the kingdom.

Written by: 1000dreams

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