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Cinderella Submits Ch. 02

by 1000dreams©

Dear Reader,

This chapter is still a bit verbose and do forgive my tendency to repeat myself...

I am still laying the setting for the story but we are slowly getting to the nitty-gritty...

This is purely a fantasy so don't be surprised if it seems completely unrealistic... That's what fantasies are all about, right!?

I am still unsure where this fits... There are elements of BDSM, exhibitionism, anal, and lesbian cunnilingus. So, reader beware...

Don't be shy let me know what you think and please vote... oh!... and enjoy! ;)


Poor, poor, poor Cinderella! She went to the ball to meet prince charming and she got a prince who was not; he was kinky and naughty and my oh my did he love to play games... ;)


Cinderella and Oliver were still on the dance floor. Cinderella was recovering from a massive orgasm. She was panting and breathing heavily, her face was flush and Oliver's hand was still resting on her ass. His fingers were still inserted in her tender virgin orifices.

The young woman was bewildered. She had never felt the way this man was making her feel. It was all new to her and she loved it. She was going through a fast and furious initiation into sex and the rush of emotions was making her dizzy. Her body had been set afire with the gentle kiss that he had laid on her hand at the beginning of the evening and her desire had not relented a minute since that time. The prince had provoked her first orgasm with a passionate kiss. Then, he had brought her in the middle of the crowded ballroom and had managed to masturbate her to an intense orgasm without waking the suspicion of the other party revelers.

As she slowly regained her composure, she looked into his fiery eyes enamored and enraptured with the sensations that were coursing through her being. She smiled at him as he slowly guided her off the dance floor his naughty fingers still inserted in her dripping and sweaty intimate flesh.

Oliver was impressed by Cinderella's composure. He was seeking a playmate who would keep up with his greedy lust and the young woman had not yet shown any reluctance to his advances.

He had purposefully skipped any form of foreplay. He did not have time to be pussyfooting tonight. He needed to know if she would be the one for him. He hated balls and big social gatherings and if Cinderella could not keep up with him then he would implement his failsafe plan.

In anticipation of a disastrous evening, Oliver had chosen Molly, his favorite courtesan, to play the role of a young maiden. He would pick this lady of the night as his bride and thus be guaranteed to have a sophisticated lover to tend to his desires for years to come. He was no fool and he knew that his relation with Molly would never amount to a truly meaningful marriage but after a lifetime spent in the palace he had lost all delusion in terms of relationships.

All this planning was put on hold the minute Cinderella had walked into the room. He wanted to get to know her first and he reasoned that he could always start implementing the back-up plan later that evening if she walked away.

There was a simplicity and a softness about her smile. She did not seem to be carrying the proverbial mask that all the courtiers and nobility wore in front of him. In all his years at the court, there had only been a handful of people to show these qualities and Oliver had sought them out and had established meaningful friendships with all of them. He was attuned to detecting the genuine nature of his subjects. Cinderella did not hide behind any artifices and her reactions were true. If she could keep up with the voracious nature of his sexual appetite, she would make the ideal companion. So, Oliver decided to press on to see how much more Cinderella would take.

Masked by the big flowing cape that Cinderella was wearing, Oliver had managed to open the buttons located in the back of her dress. He had burrowed his hand beneath the layers of undergarments and was currently squeezing her ass as his middle finger was a knuckle deep into her vagina while his index was inserted in her anal opening. The palm of his hand rested on one of her butt cheeks. The moisture, the excitement and the sweat caused by the heat and the exertion on the dance floor had made Cinderella very slippery to the touch. There were enough fluids from her earlier orgasm to lubricate the soft flesh of the young woman thus ensuring that she would not be hurt by his incessant probing.

When he had guided her away from the dance floor, Cinderella had been hoping that the public embarrassment would stop. She wished for the prince to take her back to one of the private rooms away from the guests. Cinderella wanted privacy. She was discovering her sexual needs and desires for the first time. But unfortunately, it was a discovery that she was making in front of a gathered assembly. It was overwhelming, exciting and scary all at once. She wanted to scream and let out her jouissance, her pleasure, her ecstatic enjoyment but she had needed to restrain herself. What a cruel twist of fate, she thought. She wanted to be alone with him but alas the prince had other plans.

The gathered crowds could not see what was happening. To the assembled guests the royal couple looked like a young couple holding each other with their arms around their wastes after the dance. The prince was not behaving according to the established etiquette but then so were all the other young subjects attending the festivities. High society would let its youth break a few rules here and there as long as it was done in public to insure that no hanky-panky was taking place... Little did they know.

As they walked towards one of the opened terraces for some fresh air, Oliver removed both his middle finger from Cinderella's vagina and his index from her ass. Cinderella was relieved and surprisingly disappointed all at once. She had grown accustomed to his touch and to the impassioned excitement it fanned at her core. He gently patted and caressed her behind as he led her through the multitude of guests. His touch was sending shivers up and down her spine.

Once outside, Oliver quickly scanned the surroundings to find a very secluded spot for the next phase of her trial.

Pushing and nudging her forward he brought her against the balustrade in a dark corner overlooking the flower garden. The sun had disappeared and the dusk was giving way to a clear and starry night.

Oliver was standing behind her as he pointed to various spots in the garden recounting childhood memories and old family fables.

"Are you ready?" he whispered in her ear, his breath tickling her ear lobe.

Cinderella had been lulled by his tales into a false sense of security.

He did not wait for her response as he leaned into her from behind.

Cinderella gulped a big breath of fresh air. The hand that had been gently palming her her butt was back at work. Oliver inserted his hands between her legs cupping her damp sex with his four fingers. As he lifted her up to her toes, his thumb began parting her rump on its way towards her anal rosebud.

"Spread you legs for me," he directed.

She leaned against the flowery ornaments of the stone handrail in front of her to keep her balance as she shuffled on her toes to do as he asked.

The tug that he was applying on her sex had sent her heart racing. Her throat was tight as the blood rushed to her head. The feverish heat overtook her senses. The cool evening breeze was such a contrast to the scorching sensation surging over her that it felt as if the night air was partaking in her torment.

Before she could get used to his sensual grasp on her mound, Oliver started applying pressure on her anus with his fifth digit. It was exquisite. He was closing his hand shut applying pressure on her sex and her anus at the same. She was still lubricated and sweaty from her earlier climax and with her legs spread her little wrinkled opening did not offer any resistance to the tip of his thumb. As he pulled her sex backwards with his four fingers his thumb slowly begun penetrating the opening of her ass.

The prince's hand was clasping Cinderella at her core. The pressure on her sex was intense but Oliver had been very careful to avoid any direct contact with her clit. He kept on compressing her mound though and could feel the enlarged clitoral nub within its folds. He removed and folded his index and started fondling her moist labia. With her legs parted, he had an easy access to her intimate flesh. He could feel the grooves and ridges of her humid, smooth and swollen vaginal lips. He slowly teased her vaginal opening as his thumb gradually passed the edges of her sphincter.

Cinderella's heart was pounding within her chest. She was inhaling and exhaling on the verge of yet another orgasm. Her eyes were closed, her hands tightly holding the balustrade, she leaned against the chest of the man standing behind her, using him to steady herself. The fever that was coursing through her body had rendered her delirious with need. There was only the heat, the pounding in her veins, the cool air coming in and out of her lungs, and the unrestrained need to reach carnal bliss.

"Enough teasing!" he thought.

Abruptly, and without warning, the prince completely inserted his index into her. She was so lubricated and so excited that it slid all the way in without causing any pain. As his index topped out, he impaled his thumb all the way into her ass. He then pinched his fingers together and backed his body away from hers. Cinderella was now standing on her toes, legs wide apart, impaled; the fingers of her prince were her only means of support.

The swift change of pace surprised Cinderella and brought her out of her ecstatic state. She had come so close to climatic bliss but he denied her the sweet discharge. Stunned, she opened her eyes. Oliver was lifting her up by her center and soon only the tip of her toes touched the marble floor.

As he lifted her off the ground, he began massaging and squeezing the thin soft lining between her rectum and her vagina. He was heating up the inner most pieces of her being and the friction was building up a sexual blaze even greater than the previous one. She was being consumed by her new need to reach the orgasm that he had just denied her. His two fingers became the center of her universe. She felt the circular rubbing within her and knew that he had complete control over her. Cinderella felt like a puppet on his hand.

"My Prince!" Molly interrupted.

Cinderella shot up in a frenzy. Mortified she gripped the rail in front of her in an attempt to disentangle herself from the prince. To her horror, the prince did not let her go. Instead, he wrapped his free arm around her and pulled her away from the railing lifting her off the ground and backing her into his chest. He was holding her tight against him, his fingers still massaging the inner parts of her sex and her ass.

"Don't move!" he softly ordered into her ear.

"Molly, what are you doing here? Don't you see that I am busy?" asked Oliver to the newcomer.

Until earlier that evening, Molly had been poised to become Oliver's Queen. She was his favorite concubine and had been one of his most trusted confidents. She was one of the few honest people that Oliver had let into his inner circle. Prior to meeting Cinderella, Oliver had made plans to make Molly his bride. He had reasoned that being with an honest whore who had shown him allegiance on many occasions, a woman he valued and respected would be far better than a marriage to an unknown prude virgin or even worst: an arranged marriage with all the politics it entailed.

Molly knew him and shared the same passion for all his kinks and desires. They were not in love but had a deep respect for each other. In essence, she had become his submissive and the person with whom Oliver could express all his sexual needs and wants.

Molly had been observing her prince since the beginning of the ball. She had seen his attraction to the young Cinderella and had sensed the palpable attraction between them.

Molly was jealous and envious of the young Cinderella. She knew that Oliver wanted a kinky sexually ravenous woman as his bride and she had wanted to be that for him. She also instinctively knew that Oliver was putting Cinderella though a trial. The courtesan had been the only one to notice the carnal nature of their dance in the ballroom. She had followed them out on the terrace and had been enthralled by the sensual nature of Cinderella's response to the prince's manipulations.

Molly knew of Oliver's boundless sexual needs. She knew that he would never put her out to pasture and she knew that Cinderella would never be enough for him. Molly had seen Oliver take as many as four concubines in one evening. He was tireless. She also knew that her services were required in order to test Cinderella's willingness to be with Oliver.

In Molly's mind, if Cinderella passed the test then they would both become part of Oliver's kinky sexual world. On the other hand, if the young woman failed, then she, Molly the little whore from a poor family, would become his wife: the Queen. She was yearning for the latter and she would make sure that Cinderella's trial would be as debasing as possible. Cinderella's tribulations were about to begin.

"My lord, I am here to assist you," said Molly with the smile of a cat who had swallowed a canary.

Oliver analyzed the situation for a second that felt like an eternity to Cinderella. He had not planned on this chain of event so early in the evening. He figured that it was way too early for him to push these types of limits on the young woman but alas the proverbial cat was out of the bag.

As all of this was happening, Oliver's fingers had kept on massaging the inner sanctum of Cinderella's intimate tissues. If it was possible, the embarrassment, the humiliation and the utter degradation had amplified her lustful, immodest desires. She had closed her eyes to avoid Molly's stare as Oliver's hand kept on toying with her hot, moist and liquid flesh.

"Cinderella?" Oliver asked.

She attempted to regain some form of composure as she turned her head to look to him.

"Is this ok? Are you staying or going?"

The young woman was left to decide. Oliver had told her that she did not have to stay. She understood the meaning of his question. When Molly had offered her assistance to the prince, Cinderella's heart had stopped beating for a moment. She understood right away that Molly was here to test her too. When her tormented heart resumed its pounding in her chest she had already accepted her fate and that acquiescence had only served to amplify her yearning for orgasmic release. She felt depraved and decadent and she loved it.

In answer to his question, she lifted her toes off the ground impaling herself further onto his hand. A thunderous orgasm escaped her lips as Oliver covered her mouth to muffle the sound and avoid being detected by the other guests who were standing not too far away.

Oliver called Molly over with a movement of his head. As he instructed his concubine to kneel in front of them he lifted Cinderella higher in the air. Molly was quickly draped and covered by Cinderella's large flowing dress. The young woman was now sitting on Molly's shoulder her pussy inches from her face. Oliver's fingers were still deep in her orifices as he held her in place.

Molly knew exactly what to do. She extended her tongue and slowly started lapping the hand of her prince. She worked her way up to his fingers tickling him in the process. When she got past his knuckles she stuck out her tongue to lick the juices leaking from Cinderella's dripping hot box.

Cinderella was still in the throws of passion that her last orgasm had provoked. She was so sensitive that the wet slippery heat of Molly's tongue reignited the flame and provoked a second orgasmic wave to wash over her right away.

Oliver was still muffling her mouth. The scarce amount of air she could inhale through her nose had the effect of keeping her arousal at its highest peak.

Molly was fascinated by the girl's reaction. Cinderella did not show any sign of hesitation, inhibition or repulsion in reaction to the concubine's oral ministrations. Cinderella kept on coming on her tongue as her juices flowed and poured out of her. Pretty soon Molly's entire face was bathed with the nectars of Cinderella's passion. It was intoxicating and Molly soon realized that this young woman would soon become Her Queen.

To be continued...

Written by: 1000dreams

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