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Saturday Night

by BiLaura©

It seemed too good to be true. The thought of being dominated by one person was hot, but the thrill I got thinking about surrendering myself to a couple was off the charts.

We arrived at their house Saturday night. I was feeling more than a little nervous at the thought of seeing them in person, especially after all of the things that had transpired between us since the night we met. As expected, the first few minutes were a bit awkward, but soon we were able to relax and talk comfortably like we did over drinks the week before.

Erik and I were both very curious about seeing all the toys they had told us about. I was brave, yet bashful, as I addressed Sir and Miss, politely requesting that they give us a tour of their collection.

They invited us into the bedroom to show us some of the things we talked about at the bar. Just entering their bedroom had a profound effect on my body. I knew full well this wasn't just your average tour at a friend's house. I was blushing. I felt jittery, my body starting to shake to the point that I hoped they would not notice. Perhaps it didn't matter anyway. I had a feeling they would enjoy the feeling of keeping me a bit off balance.

I was particularly curious to see the elk skin flogger that they told us about. I asked if they might be so kind as to show it to us first. Sir suggested that perhaps I might even need a demonstration. I did technically owe him a spanking for distracting him at work earlier in the week. The thought of Sir using the toy on me made my body respond in all sorts of delightful ways, but apparently that wasn't quite what he had in mind.

Miss ordered me to bend over with my chest leaning over their bed, and to present my ass for a spanking. I had received many orders from Sir so far, but having Miss give me commands was still new to me. I felt a shiver of excitement run through me at the thought of letting go and having her control me. I was still fully clothed, but already I was finding the scene highly erotic. I lie there with my face buried, anticipating the flogger, feeling just a slight amount of panic wash over me. Would I be able to handle the pain? The fear only seemed to enhance my arousal. With the first strike, I could feel my pussy gush just a little bit, and I let out a soft moan. Miss teased me with the flogger, alternating between gentle tickling, and forcefully striking me to the point where I had to muffle my cries against their comforter. After a few minutes, Miss ordered me to rise. I felt a bit dazed as I looked up. I noticed distinct bulges in the front of Erik's and Sir's pants. It looked like they were enjoying the show that Miss had given them. Then again, who wouldn't? Miss is a Goddess. She is intimidatingly beautiful, with an unmistakably dominant presence, but at the same time, friendly and warm.

I wasn't really sure what was going to happen next, but whatever it was, I knew I would feel powerless to resist. I felt a little uneasy about Erik's presence, and wasn't exactly sure what I would be comfortable with when it came to him being there. I decided the safest thing would be to restrain him, so that at least I would have some sense of control over my submissive. I asked Sir and Miss for help suggesting a way good way to secure Erik. They offered to let me use some wrist and ankle cuffs, and even a ball gag, just to make him feel a little more helpless as he watched the rest of us. I stripped him down to his underwear and set him up in the corner with a good view of the room.

Once Erik was secure, Sir told me that it was time to begin my training. The first thing that I needed to learn was how to properly worship Miss. Sir told me not to worry, and that he was a very good teacher. Sir suggested that my task would be easier if there were a few less clothes in the way. Miss began to remove her clothing, leaving behind just her panties and bra. I followed her lead, taking off my dress, leaving behind my bra and my thong. Sir gently took my hands and guided me over to where Miss was sitting on the edge of the bed. He placed my hand on her thigh. I looked into Miss' eyes for her consent, and then slowly started to acquaint myself with her exquisite body. I was timid at first, but gradually began to gain comfort, caressing her soft skin in long strokes. Listening to Sir's voice was like an aphrodisiac for me. He offered me plenty of reassurance and encouragement, praising my progress, suggesting areas I might want to explore next. Miss smiled warmly at me. I felt emboldened by the gesture and began to explore her body a bit more eagerly.

"Miss, may I please have permission to kiss you?"

"You may, Pet."

We kissed, very lightly at first, but it quickly became more heated and passionate. I nuzzled her neck, kissing the soft skin, and gingerly caressing her collarbone with the tip of my tongue. I moved lower to her breasts, first cupping them in my hands, then reaching around to remove her bra. I used both hands, rubbing my face in her bosom, happily switching back and forth between her nipples, nipping and sucking them, feeling almost giddy as I felt them harden in my mouth, and heard her let out a soft moan. I wanted so badly to please Miss. I moved lower down, slipping the tips of my fingers around the top of her panties, and looking into her eyes once again.

"May I, Miss?"

"Yes Pet."

Worshiping Miss in this way was something I had fantasized about extensively. I considered it one of the greatest possible rewards of being submissive. I was nervous, because I didn't have much experience, but I was certainly an enthusiastic student. I started slowly, a few long strokes along her labia with my tongue, She tasted heavenly, and I longed to immerse myself as deeply as possible into the experience. I wanted to take plenty of time to savor this. I was cautious at first, worried I would become so impassioned that I would lose sight of my goal to bring her pleasure. I steadily began increasing the pressure, swirling my tongue and licking her all over, dipping inside her to taste her nectar more deeply. I moistened a finger, dipping in just a little bit at first, but then plunging in deeply as her body welcomed me. I moved my finger in and out, very slowly, but rhythmically, all the while burying my face into her now eager cunt. I could sense her excitement building, and it only made my thirst to please her more desperate. She was moaning now, full of lust, her body writhing around as she let herself open up for me. I slipped another finger in. I wanted so badly to make her cum. I curled my fingers upward, searching for her g spot while enveloping my moist lips around her clit. I pressed my tongue firmly against her pleasure center and began thrusting and licking her in a graceful rhythm. I could feel the walls of her pussy start to pulsate and clamp down tighter around my fingers.

"Ohhhhh, ahhhhh."

I felt my own pussy gush with excitement as I felt her orgasm build, her legs tensing up and squeezing me as if she was giving me a big hug. It was hard to imagine anything more rewarding than showing Miss my devotion. She reached the peak of her orgasm, panting heavily, then letting out a long, low moan as her pussy began to twitch and convulse around my loving fingers, her clit throbbing against my tongue. It was one of the most gratifying things I had ever experienced in my life. I felt as though I had just participated in a sacred rite, and I longed to worship at her altar again and again.

Miss was very kind, and told me I was off to a very good start in my training, but there was something else we still had to work on. She told me that as their submissive, it was my job to be ready at any time to take Sir's cock, in whatever manner he wished, and with as little preparation as possible. Sir began removing his clothing, feeling it was time that Miss introduced me to what would surely become my biggest challenge. Anyone who had ever seen Sir's cock could tell you that this was not going to be an easy undertaking to prepare for. Sir's cock is simply massive. Both in thickness and stature, it is a tremendous monster of a cock, intimidating to say the least. They both put me at ease, assuring me that we would start my training very slowly by having Miss help prepare me. Sir suggested that I play with my toy for a bit while Miss prepared for my lesson.

Erik sat patiently in the corner. His erect phallus was attempting to escape his underwear at an awkward angle. I was kind, removing the offending garment to make him more comfortable. I took his cock in my mouth, getting him nice and wet, then started licking him and sucking him until he was right on the edge. Once I felt he was sufficiently worked up, I removed my thong. By standing in a slight squatting position, I was able to place my already soaking pussy directly in front of his face, giving him full access. He knew exactly what to do. He used his tongue to expertly service me, while I gyrated in front of him, maneuvering my cunt just where I wanted it to heighten my pleasure. I let him bring me to the edge, licking and sucking me. I almost wished his hands were not bound because I was starting to feel like a true slut. I needed to be fucked hard! I knew that I could not cum without permission, so I looked to see if Miss and Sir were ready for me yet.

And oh my, were they ever ready! Miss looked absolutely stunning, taking Sir's mammoth cock deep in her mouth while wearing a massive strap on. We all made eye contact and smiled at each other. Sir gestured for her to take a break, taking his moist cock in his own hand, and stroking himself as he looked lovingly at Miss. Miss started to approach, her giant cock standing at attention as she came up behind me. She removed my bra, and threw it on the ground, reaching around my body and pinching my nipples hard enough to make me gasp. She guided her huge phallus towards my drenched pussy, using her fingers to stroke me and find my entrance.

She entered me slowly, just the tip at first, but I was so horny that i instantly pressed my body back towards her so that she could enter me as deeply as possible. I let out a loud moan. She felt incredible. I'd never been fucked quite this way before. Sure, I'd had Erik fuck me from behind countless times, but knowing it was Miss behind me, easily one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, made me feel ravenous with desire. Miss thrust deeply inside me a few times, and then Erik leaned forward once again to worship my pussy with his mouth.

"Ahhh, Ooooohhh, Fuuuck, Ahh, Ah... I need to cum. Please may I cum? Ahhh." I started begging frantically, knowing if I didn't get permission right that moment, it would be too late.

"Cum!" I heard Sir's deep voice give the command I had been waiting for, and my body did not hesitate even for a second. I let go immediately, grinding my cunt hard against Erik's tongue while Miss pressed her whole body into me, grabbing my breasts for leverage to go even deeper.

"Cum!" Sir ordered once more.

"Uhhhh, uuuuh, aaaaaaahhhh, oh god, aaaaahh!" I moaned, cumming on command like a good little slut. I loved the way my body responded to Sir's voice, as if it had no choice but to obey.

My orgasms were incredible! It had always been one of my biggest fantasies to be fucked and eaten at the same time. I collapsed forward, half against the wall, half leaning over Erik, feeling weak.

"You're not done yet, slut." I heard Sir's voice once again. He was still sitting on the corner of the bed, his cock in his hand, rock hard, and a lascivious grin on his face. Miss slowly withdrew her cock and guided me over to the bed. She pushed me down hard. I lay there stunned, and still in a haze from the powerful orgasms I had just experienced. Miss and Sir reached under the bed and pulled out a set of cuffs. They quickly secured me to the bed, my arms and legs extended to each corner, leaving me fully exposed and vulnerable. Miss told me it was time to demonstrate how to handle such a massive cock, and that I needed to pay close attention. Miss and Sir crawled on the bed with me, each taking a place on either side of me,

Sir pulled himself up on his knees next to the head of the bed at a bit of an angle, dangling his enormous, erect cock just inches from my face. Miss reached for him, taking the drops of cum that glistened at the top of his glans, and massaging them lower onto his shaft. She bent down, taking him into her mouth, right in front of my face. It was so erotic, watching her suck him right before me while I lie there helpless. I watched him slide through her lips, in and out, throbbing hard, now very moist from Miss' attentions. Watching was making me incredibly horny. I was starting to squirm. I wished I could at least squeeze my legs together, anything to give my twitching pussy a little relief. God, I felt like such a whore! Already, I wanted to be fucked again. Miss continued stroking Sir's cock, licking him, and firmly grasping his long, slippery shaft in her hand. It was clear from his satisfied groans that he was about to explode, and I had a front row seat. Miss' grip tightened around Sir's impressive girth as she pumped his manhood right over my bare breasts. I was so turned on, I almost came myself, watching Miss take Sir' balls in one hand, while sliding her tongue up his entire length, and following closely behind it with her other hand. With every throb, hot, white cum started shooting out all over my naked body, coating my sternum, my breasts, my nipples. I was so aroused that I couldn't hold still, writhing about and pulling at my leather cuffs, feverish with lust.

It was clear that I was in a sort of libidinous anguish, wanton and tortured. Sir took pity on me, removing the cuffs. Miss positioned herself in front of me with her strap on. Sir forcefully pulled my knees towards my chest, putting my dripping cunt on display for Miss. My pussy was so wet and ready. Sir guided Miss' giant cock inside me. She lay her body on top of mine, our breasts sliding against one another, slippery and sticky from Sir's generous contribution. She thrust her strong hips, penetrating me deeply, making me gasp. Both of us started to moan as she began rhythmically grinding into me. I let my legs fall open a little wider, opening my body to her, both mentally and physically, wanting to let go and submit completely. I could hear our bodies slapping against one another. Everyone in the room was breathing heavily. My climax started to build, slowly, deliberately , like a beautiful piece of music working towards its crescendo. I hit my peak, screaming out at first, then letting out a lengthy low groan, and finally breaking out into a smile and giggling just a little bit. Everyone else was smiling too.

"Thank you Miss! I am enjoying my training. You are an excellent teacher," I said, laughing softly.

"You're welcome pet. Take a few minutes to rest. We've got lots more work to do." She said, with a wicked grin on her face.

Written by: BiLaura

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