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Cinderella Submits Ch. 05

by 1000dreams©

Dear Reader,

The kinky version of Cinderella's Sexy Saga continues.

This story is taking a life of its own and is becoming much more than I had anticipated when the idea came to mind. As this is a first for me, please forgive me any inconsistencies between the chapters. I realize now that if I am going to undertake such a project in the future, I should sketch out a full plot and backstory to all my characters before getting into it... Oh, well! Live and learn as they say...

You will find some forms of:


• exhibitionism,

• incest/taboo,

• spanking,

• anal,

• fisting,

• lesbian strap-on,

• and some forms of nonconsent/reluctance.

I realize and understand that some of these categories might be a great turn-off for some...

So, reader beware and consider reading something else if any of these bother you.

Please don't be shy and let me know what you think.

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Enjoy! ;)


Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella Tremaine,

Was not as fragile as she looked,

Take a bite and you'd get hooked,

she will disarm and seduce you,

and make an addict out of you.


Poor Prince Oliver, he hadn't even consumed his love with Cinderella and yet she had gotten under his skin. She had affected his insatiable libido. All other women seemed bland in comparison. He had played with Molly, Holly and Dolly but he could not get the young woman out of his system. What had she done to him. He wanted her... No! He needed her... and he didn't need anything... as the saying went.

He was obsessed with the idea of the young woman. Yet, he could not really put a face to her. Cinderella had been under the spell that had protected her identity. The prince remembered a magical night and an impression of a perfect woman who had submitted to his every whim. It was intoxicating. The prince would go door to door and he would knock on everyone of them throughout the kingdom, glass slipper in hand, to find the owner of his broken heart.

Not too far away, Cinderella laid across the wooden horse at the center of Lady Tremaine's secret sex chambers with her arms and legs attached to the feet of the apparatus. Her stepfamily had just injected the sex potion into her rectum and she was experiencing a never-ending orgasm that had brought her beyond the gates of the 7th heaven of ecstatic carnal bliss. She was loving every minute of it.

Lady Tremaine and her daughters were hoping to break all the inhibitions of their charge to get her to submit to them. They were hoping to educate their captive to the pleasures of sex and make her a compliant submissive who would then introduce them to the prince.

The stepmother wanted to mend the relationship that she had broken with Cinderella when her dear husband had passed away. Lord Tremaine had introduced his wife to the secret world of Bondage and Domination. Maybe she could finally return the favor with his daughter.

As she contemplated these thoughts, Drizella and Anastasia were taking turn with their ebony strap-ons on Cinderella's hyper excited sex.

Cinderella was asking for more and more all the time and the two young women tried to dish it out as best as they could. They would tease their stepsister with long slow strokes then they would surprise her with unexpected quick bursts of intense fucking and then slow the pace back down to a crawl. They would drill her tight little hole nonstop for long extended periods of times. They would insert their glass dildos into her ass and would double penetrate her. They would play with her tits, caress them, pinch her nipples and fondle them. They would spank her and use her and attempt to embarrass her. Yet, Cinderella accepted it all and took it all. There was never any reticence, never any hesitation, nothing seemed to repulse or bother the young woman. It was difficult to imagine that she had never known any physical relations until earlier that night. Cinderella was a hot mess and she loved every single peak of her everlasting orgasm as it surged through her.

The sisters were at their wit's end. The goal was to bring Cinderella to the limits of ecstasy in order to convince her that she needed their help and tutelage to keep up with the prince's sexual appetite. The problem was that the potion had rendered her insatiable and there did not seem to be anything that she was not willing to try.

Drizella and Anastasia were brunettes like their mother. They were petite and fair just like her with shiny black eyes. Like all the ladies from respectable families of the time, they lived a sheltered life with very limited physical activities. The two sisters were not used to strenuous exercise and the workout was affecting them. They were slowly reaching their own physical limits as they kept on trying to take control over their stepsister.

Cinderella, on the other hand, had cultivated fitness and strength as a result of years of hard manual and physical labor. She stood a good head and a half above the two little waifs who were currently bringing her so much pleasure. Her hour glass figure was amplified by her muscles and athleticism. Her auburn hair, blue-green eyes, and sun-golden skin was a stark contrast to her stepfamily. No one would ever mistake them for sisters. Her body was used to long hours of vigorous backbreaking work. The lovely sexual discoveries she was experiencing today were a relaxing and purely enjoyable experience to her. She could go on forever. Without a thought to it, Cinderella was wearing out her tormentors.

The room was filled with the smell of sweat and the aroma of Cinderella's sexual arousal. With the mounting fatigue, the two stepsisters were starting to feel the tickles and twinges of their own arousal. That was not supposed to happen.

When they were exerting their dominance over a new submissive, their mother had taught them to keep control over their own arousal until the submissive had been thoroughly dealt with. In the lady's view, a good dominatrix was not supposed to let her own excitement dictate the course of a session with a pliable and malleable servant. Yes, the session could and should be sexy to the sub and it could lead towards the dominant's sexual gratification. However, a good dominant should have total and absolute control over the entire proceedings.

Drizella and Anastasia were losing that fight over their own bodies. They had been working on heir stepsister for several hours and could barely stand on their feet. Coupled with the mounting fatigue, the repetitive friction of the harness of the strap-on on their vaginas and the pressure on their clits were starting to arouse their own sexual needs and desires.

They decided to move Cinderella onto the nearby large four post bed. Maybe, it they were lying down, they would be able to get a grip on the situation.

They laid the nude girl on the bed in between them and slowly inserted the ebony phalluses into her ass and vagina. The penetration was slow and controlled and Cinderella was producing so much vaginal lubrication that the faux penises slid into her hungry holes without any opposition. The two small sisters wrapped their arms around their much taller and voluptuous prey.

Anastasia grabbed onto Cinderella's firm c cup breasts as she slowly penetrated her wrinkled anal opening from behind. She was drawn in by the heat of her stepsister's body and her own sex was fully aroused by the time she bottomed out into the anal opening.

For Drizella, it was the unexpected kiss that did her in. As Drizella grabbed onto her stepsister's hips to guide the dildo into her dripping vagina, Cinderella bent her head down and wrapped her lips around the petite brunette's mouth as she pulled her into her arms. The unexpected passion in that embrace lit up an intense flame at the core of the elder stepsister.

When the two stepsisters started gyrating their hips to work their strap-ons in and out of Cinderella's holes it was to get towards their own climaxes. Cinderella's own endless climax was driven to new highs while her stepsisters worked themselves into a sexual frenzy. There was no more pretense of control for the two sisters, they were lost to their own lust. The feverish need to come overtook their senses and they gripped tight onto the luxurious and inviting sweaty heat of their stepsister's receptive body. "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" all three exclaimed in unison as they exploded together.

To Lady Tremaine's dismay, both Drizella and Anastasia collapsed and drifted to sleep as soon as the tension was released. That fact brought back old memories. How many times had she fallen asleep after intense couplings to her husband? Tears started pooling in her eyes as she recalled the sweet intimacy from these tender moments. It had been so long. She had missed it so much. And, at that moment, she longed for her dear departed spouse and for the carnal pleasure that she had refused to experience with anyone else. Despite all the Bondage and Domination tutelage that she had given her daughters in the past few years, Lady Tremaine had remained celibate since her husband's passing. She now gazed onto the scene that had just unfolded before her and, for the first time in many many years, she felt the heat of sexual awakening ignite within her bosom. The warm tears that had been welling in her eyelids now started pouring as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Cinderella had completely recovered and was calmly observing her. Holding her head up with one hand, she was reclining on her side between the sleeping sisters as she studied the beautiful older woman.

"Come here!" she called to her.

Lady Tremaine was astonished. Nobody had used that tone in that manner with her since... since she had lost the love of her life. She stood mesmerized.

"Come! Here!" repeated Cinderella with a more directive tone.

That tone! That Phrasing! Lady Tremaine was transported back to an earlier time and she felt her body comply to the order.

"Take it off! Take it all off!" Cinderella ordered.

Lady Tremaine unclasped the big ebony strap-on and handed it to Cinderella who had sat up and placed herself on the edge of the bed. She then removed all her leather clothing and soon stood nude in front of Cinderella. She could not bear to look into the eyes of her stepdaughter. Her face, the color of her eyes, and the look she was giving her were identical to the one she had so dearly missed. She redoubled her sobbing, shaken by the emotions she had repressed for so long.

Lady Tremaine was as petite as her girls. She was 45 but looked so much younger than her age that she was often mistaken for an elder sister to her daughters. She had completely lost any taste for life after the loss of her husband and that fact been reflected in her minimal eating habits. As a result, her body was skinny and her small pert breasts still stood high on her chest. Their skin was not as firm as it had been years ago but gravity had had a minimal influence on her small tits.

Cinderella patted her lap indicating her to come over. The lady instinctively knew what was expected of her. It had been years, but she understood that she was expected to drape herself across Cinderella's knees. She did not hesitate long. She walked over and leaned forward onto the young woman's knees.

Cinderella observed her stepmom for a minute pleasantly surprised by her lack of opposition and her docile compliance. She brought a hand up to the exposed derrière and rubbed it across her small cheeks a few times before winding her arm up in preparation for the first blow.

"Smack!" the first blow took Lady Tremaine by surprise and stung her pride more than anything else.

"You have been a very naughty girl!" said Cinderella.



"Smack!" The blows were not hard and were not meant to hurt much. They stung a bit and the repetitive nature was heating the lady's skin up.



"Smack!" Lady Tremaine had forgotten the lustful surges that she felt when someone was spanking her. Her body was beginning to burn with her long repressed desires.

The spanking stopped and Cinderella pulled her stepmothers buttocks apart revealing her anus and a very wet vulva.

"My! Oh my! Daddy was right! You love this don't you!? You are one of these people who thrives on pain." she spoke as the lady turned pink with shame.



"Whack!" Cinderella was putting a lot more punch into the hits now. Lady Tremaine could not believe it, her stepdaughter seemed to know all of her turn-ons. What was going on?

"You see," Cinderella volunteered her story before Lady Tremaine could form the question "I discovered my father's manuscripts and all of my family's historical volumes a few years ago. I know all about my lineage and the centuries long line of Sexual Dominants that I come from. I have been studying the books and the craft and now I am finally putting it all into practice."

"Whack!" The slaps kept on pouring.

"I also read his letters and I know from his writings of your mutual love for each other," continued the young woman. "I also know of your pledge to him when he collared you. That should anything happen to him, you were supposed to give me my birthright upon my eighteenth birthday over 6 months ago. Now, tell me what happened. Tell me!"

"Thwack!" The hits were now raining down faster and harder than before.

"I am sorry... I am so sorry... I know... I know," started to explain the lady of the house, "I betrayed your dad and all the trust that he put into me. I just could not. His death was so hard on me... On you... You were such a little girl 10 years ago... Both of us were so broken... Ow!"

Cinderella's last hit had forced the lady to stop her recounting of the facts.

"Continue!" yelled Cinderella.

"... And you look so much like him... Every time I see you my heart breaks... I am so sorry for all I have done... His death still hurts... So much! ... and I failed at my promise to take care of you the way I should have...and you look so much like him..." she repeated collapsing into heavy sobs and tears.

Cinderella finally understood. She began crying too and stopped the spanking. She picked the petite woman up and cradled her in her arms as she held her on her knees. It was a tender moment. One that they had not shared in many years since the funeral of her father.

Cinderella began kissing her gently, her lips wiping and lapping away the tears. She was cajoling her and caressing her as she kissed her. She could feel the heated skin of her abused rump on her knees, she could also feel the dripping fluids of her arousal. Soon her lips were upon the crying woman's mouth as she gave her a long passionate kiss.

Cinderella's hand made its way to the woman's fiery hot sex and inserted her middle finger into her without any warning. "Ooh!" This had been the first penetration or sexual stimulation that the lady had experienced since she had become a widow and it forced a mini orgasm.

Cinderella hooked her finger into her. She began searching for her g-spot as she knew from her father's writings that it was the magic spot. She found it easily and Lady Tremaine was now thrusting and humping herself onto the invading digit. "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" After so many years of repression she was coming hard and fast.

Her stepdaughter started adding another finger and another and another.

"Slow down!" said the lady in a panic.

"What are your safe words?" replied Cinderella.

"Pink for everything is ok go ahead, black for pause I need a breather, and purple for stop."

"Ok. Good girl. Are you ready now?" said Cinderella in a cajoling voice.

The lady just nodded in the affirmative.

Cinderella continued her insertion as she started working all four fingers in and out of the little woman. She kept on working her vagina with her fingers in the shape of a "duck bill" coaxing the woman on to get her as wet and slippery as she could.

At some point, she added the thumb into the mix. All five fingers were pulled together to form a cone. She was working her hand into her stepmom's pussy up to the knuckles. In and out, in and out keeping her fingers completely inserted into the the vagina for longer and longer amounts of time with each penetration. After some time, she just left her hand inserted to the knuckle; just before the hand reached its widest part.

Lady Tremaine was transfixed by the act. She leaned back into her stepdaughter's arm for support and stared at the hand pulling at her most intimate flesh. To accommodate the penetration, she brought her feet up onto Cinderella's lap. Digging her heels in, she spread her legs as far as they could stretch in a lewd and graphical display of lust. For the first time in a decade, her heart was pounding in her chest with unadulterated desire; the carnal fever and sexual surrender that she had neglected for so long were coming back with a vengeance. Only the fingers exploring her mattered, the heart beat pounding in her chest, the heat emanating from her sex; there was nothing else in the world at that point in time.

"Michelle!" Cinderella snapped her out of her hypnotic sate by calling her by her first name.

"When you were collared by my dad, he told you that all Tremaine subs were passed down to their heirs should anything happen to them." Cinderella was staring into Michelle's attentive gaze.

"Michelle, are you going to honor the contract you made with my dad? Are you willing to submit to me?"

"Yes, Mistress." She then proceeded to recite the oath. "I am yours to play with, tease, excite and ravage with sexual bliss. I surrender myself to you consensually and entrust you with my care until either of us decide to part ways."

Cinderella replied with her family dictum: "I, Cinderella Tremaine, 11th descendant of the Great Dom, accept you as my submissive as you have accepted me as your mistress."

At these words, Cinderella applied more pressure onto her stepmom's willing sex and fully inserted the rest of her fist into her. "Ooh!" Lady Tremaine pushed onto the invading fist and started humping the hand to a frenzied pace. "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!"

Like a kinky "mise en scène" of the Pieta, Michelle collapsed onto her Mistress's knees. The petite sub was heaving, huffing and puffing trying to get her breath back as she was laid out on the young woman's knees. Cinderella's hand was still inserted in the woman's vagina. She slowly started twisting and turning her fist into the lubricated sex driving the sub to moan and grunt as she started convulsing in pleasure. The motion of Cinderella's hand was like a jolt of electricity running through the sub's body. With each movement, her chest would kick up as if an invisible defibrillator was shocking her back to life. Cinderella sped up her motion and Michelle jolted up to a sitting position. The young woman began pumping her fist in and out, in and out as Michelle pulled her feet up to Cinderella's knees.

The small woman was now squatting on one of Cinderella's knees as her mistress was rhythmically pumping her fist into her. Cinderella brought up her free hand and started massaging the fluids that were dripping out of Michelle's heated sex into her rectum. Her index was playing with her wrinkled opening and teasing the small woman as her fist played with her vagina. Cinderella pressed on the distended skin of the anal opening as she felt the motion of her other hand pressing on Michelle's internal organs.

She popped the index in. There, just past the sphincter, she touched the soft inner lining that sat at the core of her stepmom. She could feel the fullness and the pressures that she was applying on the woman that had maltreated her for so many years. Could she break her this way? Despite all her past resentments, Cinderella had accepted her as her docile sex toy. All the past would be forgiven and as she came to that realization she redoubled her efforts to bring her to the brinks of ecstasy. The skin felt so tight, so stretched, so fragile. Cinderella swiftly leaned into Michelle's chest and latched onto one of her nipples. "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Michelle exploded in a thunderous orgasm with the added stimulation.

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