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What Happened in Harvey's Room Pt. 02

by Robert_Furlong©

It turned out to be totally different from playing around with girls. For a start, we didn't even get on his bed together and there was cuddling each other or anything like that.

I just hitched the front of my jeans down so my aching hard-on sprung up, and Harvey pulled the back of his down and leaned over a chair. His hairy arse crack gaped open and I shuffled up behind him with my purple acorn level with where his dirt-box would be.

"Just work yer cock up me arse and tell me when yer gettin' close to nuttin' off," he said. "Then I'll bash meself off real fast so we both cum together."

"It's not exactly romantic," I told him.

"It's not supposed to be, you pussy!" he laughed. "It's just a bum-job between two mates... you use my butt muscles to hold yer prick like you was wanking yerself off with it. It's not like we're gonna be boyfriends or any shit like that!"

"I thought ya said it was dead horny and like the next level up or somethin'..."

"It is," he nodded, turning to look at me over his shoulder, "but not in a lovey-dovey sorta way. It's horny 'cause it's two dudes doin' it with each other, and we're both sweaty and hairy and stinky and that's what makes it so fuckin' hardcore!"

I didn't really get it but whacking off looking at Costa's whiffy arse crack had sure got me boned up, so I figured shagging Harvey up his might be fun too.

"Okay, so do I rim you out first?" I asked.

"If you wanna," he smirked. "I reckon you'd like it!"

"I'll give it a go," I said, kneeling down behind his arse. "But if it's too shitty, I'll just get back up and bum ya with me dick instead."

"Fair enough," Harvey agreed, and I had a good look at his skanky arse right in front of me.

It looked god awful if I'm honest. He was really spotty where his cheeks must rub together and the inside of his dugout was a thick tangled forest of black, wiry hair. I could already smell his butt-stink wafting from all the fuzz and the way it was all clumped together about two-thirds down made it clear this was going to taste of dookie.

"Come on, eat my bum out, Grant! You'll fuckin' love it," Harvey urged me. "This is a prime piece o' boy-cunt, mate!"

Except there wasn't anything cuntish about it at all. It didn't look like a gash and it sure as hell didn't smell like one. It was another lad's half-wiped arse and I couldn't believe I was actually considering shoving my face into it.

I was just about to stand up and say, "Naah... I'll just shag ya, mate," when Harvey made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

He said, "If you lick it, Grant, I'll suck your knob to get it wet so you can slide it up me."

"You'll suck my cock?" I checked with him. That sounded like a pretty good deal. I love getting my dick sucked.

"Sure I will," he said. "It'll save fannying about wi' lube."

"Okay," I agreed, pleased with my side of the deal.

Someone had told me that guys give the best blow jobs because they know how dicks work and what feels good. I'd never had chance to test out the theory, though, as I'd never done sex stuff with a dude apart from the odd wank off now and then.

"Thing is, though," he said, "you have to proper lick my hole. I love the feel of it and girls won't go near it."

"You've asked a girl to lick your arsehole?" I said back, hardly believing a lad would ask a girl to do something like that. I mean, it seemed like the sort of thing one skanky lad might do to another, dicking around together like we were now, but to ask a girl to put her mouth between your butt-cheeks seemed totally out-of-order to my derf way of looking at things.

"They won't even touch it, mate. Not even a little chocolate finger."

"Okay, if you suck my knob I'll lick yer brown eye. I'm not shoving me tongue up it, though. If you want that, I reckon yer'll have to ask stink-fiend Whitehouse!"

"Been there, done that!" Harvey chuckled.

I laughed back and grabbed Harvey's bum-cheeks and prized them wider apart. I could see his ringpiece in the nest of fur inside his crack, looking red and swollen from having other lads' dicks shoved up it. I suddenly wondered if Whitehouse's tongue was the only bit of him that had pushed its way into Harvey's butt.

I pushed my face right into the middle of his hairy stink and licked at the puffy hole like I would if it was a cunt. Harvey gasped and started shaking as he wanked his dick off and I lapped at his hot sticky ring, tasting how strong and bitter the slime was smeared around it.

He reached back and grabbed my head, pushing my face deeper into his butt-crack and I started kissing his hole like I would a pussy, eating it out and sucking gently at its pucker.

This was no way like licking a girl out, but it was surprisingly hot once you got past this being another lad's bunghole that you had your face pressed into. Once you just accepted the smell and the taste for what they were and enjoyed that you were getting a faceful of boy-bum, it was actually seriously horny and I felt my cock throbbing as it stood upwards at full mast.

Letting go of one of his cheeks, I reached down to jerk myself off. Enjoying the feel of my hand on my knob, I went in deeper and pushed my tongue up the tunnel I'd said that I wouldn't. Harvey panted and kept thanking me over and over, and I worked my tongue in and out of him like I was loosening up a girl before I fuck her.

Which I kind of was with his arse. Getting him all wet before I stood back up and bummed him.

I pulled back and said, "Come on, then, suck my cock so I can shove it up ya!"

I stood up and he swivelled around grinning at my big boner, and he said, "Do you see now, Grant? Doin' sex stuff with dudes can be totally fuckin' hot!"

"It's different from with girls," I admitted, as he knelt down in front of me. "There's less messin' about... no kissin' and huggin' and cutesie stuff..."

He grabbed me by the arse and clamped his jaws around my dick, slurping up and down it as he worked up a steady rhythm.

"Ah yeah!" I sighed. "That feels dead nice, that does!"

He was doing stuff with his tongue under my bell-end that I'd never felt a girl do.

I told him, starting to pant with the pleasure of it, "I like the way we just get down to it like this and both get what we want... there's no titsin' around with dates and presents and foreplay and shit."

He sort of grunted in agreement and threw me a thumbs-up. Then he started really sucking at my slit, rubbing his tongue around my cock head and making me gasp and squirm with the sheer awesomeness of it.

Standing there with Harvey kneeling in front of me slobbering away at my dick, I wondered if the term 'blowjob' came from the way girls would usually do it, huffing and puffing over the thing and licking it like a lolly. Harvey was doing it with his mouth wrapped around the whole girth of my cock, sucking the dribble out from my piss-slit like he loved the taste of what my balls were churning out.

"Jesus, I'm getting close, mate," I gasped.

He pulled back and stood up and swivelled around to offer me with his licked-out arsehole.

"Come on, then, bum me, Grant! Grab my hips and butt-fuck me as hard as ya like!"

I'd almost forgotten I was due to shag him up the backdoor, the head he'd been giving me had felt so fucking cosmic.

I did what he'd said and held onto waist as I pressed my bloated cock head hard against his plump puckered ring.

"Shove it up me," he urged. "Come on, slide it up my arse!"

I grinned, liking how much he enjoyed having his turd-cutter porked, and started easing my thick shaft up into his hot, sticky bowels.

He farted and I laughed, "Aw, ya could've waited, mate! That fuckin' reeks, that does!"

"If you think that's bad," he chuckled, "wait until yer humpin' me for proper!"

I grabbed his shoulders for leverage and slid the last few inches of my knob up his mud-chute. Then I started sliding it in and out, sniffing at the stink we were making doing sex up the bum.

"I can see what ya mean about it being horny," I told him. "It's dirty as fuck, this! It's proper fuckin' raunchy!"

"Do you like it?" he asked, grinning up at me over his shoulder as he bent forwards to take as much of my dick as he could.

"I do... yeah!" I laughed. "It feels like fuckin' a girl's tight fanny but it stinks like bummin' a lad's shitty arse!"

He farted again and I started banging him harder, making long fast strokes in and out of his hairy gape.

"Let me know when yer gettin' close, Grant," he muttered towards the carpet. "It'll feel better for you if I nut off when you do."

Suddenly the door opened and Whitehouse leered into the room. I stopped fucking Harvey and just stood there like a prat, holding onto him with my cock wedged between his buns.

"I fuckin' knew you was gonna let him shag you," he grinned at Harvey. "I could see how much you liked the look of his dong!"

He saw how shocked I looked - how blown-out I felt at getting caught ball-deep up another lad's arse - and laughed. "Don't fuckin' sweat-it, dude! Finish yerself off and then I'll have my turn on him too!"

He undid his belt and zipper and yanked his trousers and undies down to the tops of his thighs. His own thick schlong sprung up, looking a good few inches longer than mine now that it was properly out from his jeans.

Like Harvey, he'd got hard again very quickly. Maybe that's why he'd come back to Harvey's room - maybe after jazzing off over Costa's bum he fancied getting his dick up the real thing for a second coming.

I started fucking Harvey's bum again and Whitehouse came over and stood next to me to take a better look at my cock sliding in and out from the hairy crack.

He bent over so he was really close to Harvey's cheeks and inhaled deeply the smell of our boy-to-boy sex.

"Aw, it fuckin' stinks!" he chuckled, grabbing his cock and wanking himself off as he sniffed Harvey's dumpster getting shafted. "I love the smell of a butt-fuck! There's nothin' as fuckin' horny!"

"I kinda like it too," I smirked. "It's so totally different from shaggin' a girl!"

He grinned back at me, watching me do his mate up the bum, and said, "For a newbie yer a fast learner!"

I kept bumming Harvey, liking that Whitehouse was stood there watching us, and liking that his cock was on full bone as he waited for his turn to take my place once I'd creamed my nut.

He reached behind me and pulled the back of my jeans and pants down, saying, "Let's see yer arse while ya shag him!"

I let him see my bare bum flexing as I thrust back and forth against Harvey's cheeks and he grinned and said, "That is fuckin' well nice, that is!"

Then he surprised me by running his fingers up and down my hairy crack and then raised them to his nose to see how I smell between my cheeks.

"You wasn't lyin' when you said you stink back there!" he leered.

He went in for another feel, really smearing my fudge-stink right across his fingers as he groped around my hot, sticky butt-fur, and then smirked at me broadly as he took a long, deep sniff of it.

"Yer arse is fuckin' well hot, dude!" he said. And then he rubbed the head of his cock with his stinky fingers, daubing his drool onto the smell of my crack.

He sniffed again, letting out a long sigh of pleasure, and I realised he was getting off on what it would smell like if he was shagging me. That was what he was sniffing, the sleazy reek of my arse mixed with the cheesy whiff of his cock.

So then he said, "Let me fuck you while yer bummin' him!"

I snapped back, "No way, dude!"

I wasn't ready for that.

"Go on," he kept at it, rubbing his fingers into my butt-crack again. "You'll fuckin' love it... you doin' him... me doin' you!"

He raised his hand back to his nose and inhaled what my sweaty mulch had left on his fingers. "Just bend over a bit... I'll work it up ya nice and slow," he pleaded. "Come on, I love to smell an arse as ripe as yours gettin' knobbed!"

I said back, "Look, if ya like me arse that much, you can rim me out while I fuck him. That's all I'll let ya do."

"Yeah?" he asked, as if he was surprised that I'd let him.

"I said ya could, so ya can. But ya better hurry up though, 'cause I'm not gonna last long with his bunghole munchin' at me dick!"

Whitehouse moved around behind me, crouched down and I felt his breath against my cheeks as he savoured the flavour from between them. I looked down between my legs and saw his hand bashing away up and down his prick as he sniffed my hairy gape.

I felt dead horny that my bum was turning Whitehouse on so much, and I grabbed Harvey's hips and held them steady, then bummed his arse as fast as I could so we were making loud clapping noises.

He gasped, "Oh fuck, yeah! Shag me real hard, Grant! Fast as ya can!"

Whitehouse's face pushed into my rut and I felt his tongue, hot and slimy, licking around my grizzly. It felt really great to have a lad's face between my buns while I was fucking another one up dead rough up his shitter. It felt real dirty like we were proper scags or something, and I felt my cock throb has hard as it gets at how nasty we were being doing bum sex together as three horny lads.

"I'm gonna cum!" I cried out. "My balls are gonna explode!"

"Fuckin' go for it!" Harvey called back.

And I felt Whitehouse's tongue actually licking up my pooper.

I shot off really deep inside Harvey's fudge tunnel, thrusting right up him as my junk filled up his bowels.

Before I'd even finished nutting off, Whitehouse was pushing me aside, desperate to use Harvey's spunk-coated butt-hole to empty his own bollocks.

"Oh Jesus!" he gasped, using my jizz juice as lube as he pounded against his mate's arse. "Ya don't fancy rimming me out, Grant...? To help me finish off, like I helped you...?"

I wasn't in the mood now, though. It was bad enough having to wipe Harvey's crud off my stinking dick, never mind shove my face in the hairy trench between Whitehouse's cheeks.

So instead I just shuffled up behind him and worked my hand into his crack as he enjoyed his sloppy seconds. I rubbed around his hole - Jesus, it felt more bloated and gaping than even Harvey's had - and worked a finger up inside his slippery sludge pipe.

"Ah, yeah! Finger-fuck me, dude!" he called out, really slamming his hips against Harvey's splayed butt.

I worked my finger in and out of his over-stretched ringpiece, smiling at how obvious it was that he liked to take cock as well as give it. I bent in towards his ear and whispered, "Next time, I'll rim ya... then I'll bum ya dead hard like ya love it!"

Bloody hell! Who'd have thought I'd ever say something like that to another lad!

He grinned at me and I felt his dookie tunnel squeezing and clamping around my finger as his thick cock pumped endless squirts of goop to join mine up inside Harvey's bowels.

Once his hips had stopped bucking, I pulled my finger out of him - it looked even worse than my dick had after sliding out of Harvey's butt. Just then Harvey called out, "Keep it up there... keep it inside!"

I thought he was talking to me but it turned he was saying it to Whitehouse.

"I wanna cum with yer dick up my arse," he panted, beating his rock hard prick off as fast as he could. "Keep it up there... keep fucking me until I've finished off..."

Whitehouse grinned and kept sliding his softening dick in and out even though the squelchy sounds of spunk slopping out of the manhole we'd both used were totally heinous.

"He does this," he smirked at me. "He likes it up him 'til he's finished creamin' off!"

I smiled back. It was good to know the drill.

Harvey didn't take long to start shooting. Having a todger up his turd-box - even a droopy one that had spent its muck - sure as hell did it for him. He was gasping and grunting as his spunk was splashing all over the carpet and his knackers were leaping about between his legs like a pair of oversized jumping beans.

Once the show was over, Whitehouse pulled out of his arsehole and grabbed a tissue to wipe the shitty goo off his big floppy schlong. He turned to me - Whitehouse that is - and said, "If ya don't wipe under yer foreskin, next few times you wazz off you get a good whiff of the same stink..."

I grinned at him and shook my head. "That is so fuckin' gross!"

"It's not gross," he laughed back. "It just means you can relive the moment by havin' a good sniff when yer polishin' yer bean pole next few times."

"You actually wank off thinkin' of bummin' his arse?" I asked. For all I'd enjoyed it, I'd probably be sticking to thinking of girls when I rubbed one out.

"Sometimes, yeah," he chuckled. "Gives it a bit of variety... you know whadda mean?"

"I think I'll stick to dreamin' of pussies, dude!"

He smirked. "Believe me... after you've given my arse a good seein' to, yer'll be wantin' to re-live it over and over every time ya whack off!"

We chuckled as the three of us pulled our pants and trousers back up.

Me and Whitehouse didn't stick around in Harvey's room too long. It seemed that with guy sex, you have a wham and a bang and then fuck off pronto without so much as a thank you, man.

As we were pulling our jackets on, Whitehouse said something like, "When ya fancy some fun, mate, gimme a nod." Which I took to mean when you fancy sticking your dick up my tush, I'll be ready to bend over.

Showing us out, Harvey was insistent, "Not a word of any of this to Adams and Smiler, Grant. They'd think the three of us messin' around like this was... I dunno... gay or somethin'."

Whitehouse laughed at that which made me chuckle too. He turned to me and said, "I know, mate... it's fuckin' stupid, isn't it? There's nothin' gay about likin' a bit of bum sex with yer mates... well, not if there's no kissin' or sayin' sloppy stuff to each other."

As we left I realised I'd come into Harvey's room believing that sex was something that only happened when I managed to cop off with a girl. Now I knew that the right sort of lads could serve up something totally different but so weirdly hot, I figured that sex was going to be something I got a hell of a lot more of in future.

Written by: Robert_Furlong

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