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A Night at Big Joe's

by catecolbert©

"Big Joe's Adult Entertainment. 24 Hours." The flashing, red, neon sign catches my attention from the passenger seat of my boyfriend's car. I expect it to fade into my peripheral vision as it usually does on our way home from the club. But this time, the car slows as he pulls into the parking lot.

"We're stopping?" I ask.

With a mischievous grin and a wink, he replies, "Why not? Let's just check it out."

We have porn movies at home, but I guess there is something exciting about watching people fuck on a big screen. The gravel parking lot crunches under my chunky-heeled "fuck-me" sandals. Nervously, I follow him in. I've never been in an adult store like this one. Videos and magazines line the walls, and all colors, shapes, and sizes of vibrators adorn the shelves on my right. I can't help but giggle at the sign announcing that this store takes used magazines. Shivering, I envision sticky-paged publications.

He presents me with a ticket to the adult theater on the other side of the store. "Go on in, babe. I'll be there in minute," he instructs, already perusing the video titles.

I go in. I am the only girl there. Men dot the theater, and they are all looking at me. One sits next to me and puts his hand on my leg. I get nervous and stand up to leave, but he gets up right behind me. As I walk away, he reaches out and grabs my wrist, pulling me back into an area of the theater hidden by a half-wall divider. The movie screen dimly lights it. He pulls me, and as I resist, he pulls even harder. From the corner of my eye, I see men watching. Two of them get up and follow. I consider screaming for help, but an excited curiosity pulses through me like electrical current.

The room is small, furnished with only a chair or two. A stale mustiness burns my nose as the stranger forces me toward an unfinished cabinet on one wall. My thoughts race as I wonder what he is going to do. Frightening me with his speed and suddenness, he turns me around and pushes me back up against the counter.

I have no idea who this man is. He looks at me in the dim light, and I feel his hand move up under my skirt and push in roughly between my thighs. Instinctively, I clench my legs together and fight him. Stronger than I, he moves in and squeezes his hand between my thighs, touching me roughly, as the other two men move closer to watch.

I glance down and see a bulge in his pants. I continue to struggle. It is instinct. He looks around and I hear him say in a loud whisper, "Come over here and help me hold her."

Two guys come over, one on either side of me, each holding an arm. I can smell their musky arousal. The stranger moves forward and positions himself between my legs. One of the men whispers in my ear, "Oh, yeah, you want some cock?"

I am frightened but aroused. The stranger reaches forward and rips on my blouse as each button pops off and flies into the darkness. My bra bursts into view. He grunts at seeing it and tears on it, until it gives way, exposing my breasts. Puckered and hard, my nipples stand out.

A voice growls, "Those nipples need clamps on them." Shadows jump on the wall as more men gather. I feel the man reaching and raising my skirt to expose my silky, wet panties. He yanks hard, and I hear the material rip and give way, exposing me to his greedy eyes.

"She's shaved," he whispers.

Someone else says, "What a slut . . . shaved pussy."

He lifts me onto the counter. Then I realize what he is doing. He unzips his pants. Two other men have come forward to hold my legs, so I can't kick, and to get a good look at my exposed pussy. This man is going to fuck me, and all the others are going to watch . . . and take their turns.

He says, "I'm going to split your little pussy wide with my cock . . . slam fuck you."

"Yeah, she's just asking to be fucked, isn't she?" another man comments. I feel the tip of the stranger's cock in my entrance.

"Yeah, fuck her good," one growls.

"Spread her open," urges another.

Suddenly he shoves himself into me in one long hard thrust, ramming into me, fucking me. The guys holding my arms encourage him. He is just fucking me ...hard ... pumping in a primitive rhythm. More men crowd around me, stroking their penises in anticipation.

Suddenly, he speeds up. I know he is close to coming

"Pump her full, man," an onlooker urges.

"Sperm her!"

He watches my face and my eyes as he pushes hard and fast building up to come, then lets loose a loud grunt and thrusts into me deep. I feel his come spurt hot inside.

With one last shudder and a satisfied moan, he pulls out and grins at me. "You like that? You like being fucked?" He zips his pants as another guy steps up.

"My turn to unload," the second man says as he drops his pants. My eyes widen in fear when his cock bounces into view. He is enormous. I try to scoot further away, but it is useless. With two men holding my arms and two holding my legs open wide, I cannot move at all. He approaches me, stroking himself. I feel the liquefied cum of the first guy dripping down my ass. He presses the head on my pussy, wetting it, then thrusts hard and deep. I bite my lip and squeeze my eyes shut to keep from crying out, but a gasp and a moan escape my parted lips. He thrusts again, slamming hard, hitting bottom with each plunge. Again the other men offer encouragement.

"Oh yeah, fuck that pussy," grunts one hoarsely.

Another voice admires, "Look at that cunt take it!"

"Hey, don't wear it out for the rest of us, man!"

He rams into me harder and faster. One of the men holding my arms says to me, "He's going to come in you, too. You like that, huh? You want a pussy full of come?" With those words, the man fucking me thrusts deeply one last time, filling me with his hot, thick come.

When the third man steps up for his turn, he grabs my arms, turning me, bending me over the counter. His hot breath tickles my ear as he says, "I'm going to fuck your ass but come in your cunt." With one hand tangled in my hair, the other cupping the roundness of my ass and spreading me open, he slowly slides in. "Oh god," he moans. His hips slam against my ass in a frenzied rhythm, and I wonder if he'll be able to stop himself from coming here. The other men are stroking, each waiting his turn. Suddenly, this one pulls out and jams himself in my pussy. Grunting loudly, he too fills me full.

Each man takes his turn unloading his sperm into me. By the time the fifth man comes, it is oozing from me. My pussy cannot hold it all. I am a receptacle for these men to empty their balls into, the more come, the better. A sixth man, a seventh and eighth. Finally, they are all spent, while I am raw from the fucking.

As the last man zips his pants and shuffles from the room, I lie limp on the countertop. I have been well used A satisfied smile sneaks through my exhaustion as my boyfriend approaches from a dark corner.

"Are you okay?" he inquires. I nod my head yes. His gentle fingers slide under my chin and lift my face to his as his soft lips find mine. "I've wanted to give you that fantasy for a long time." His breath tickles my skin. "I love you," he whispers

My heart soars as our lips melt softly together.

Written by: catecolbert

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