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Elle's Group Fantasy

by JohnMav©

The majority of the short scenes I write are done as requests for people after we have chatted on-line or they have contacted me after reading something already posted. The story below is one such request from a couple that I have recently been chatting with. SSeams95 my apologies for the delay but this one is for you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Elle, Her Husband, Her Friend a Lover and Another

Elle, freshly showered, sat at her dresser wrapped in her favourite pamper me supersized towel with a thoughtful expression creasing her brow. She could hear Jay downstairs pottering about and knew it wouldn't be long before he was upstairs wanting to get ready himself. They were going for a night out with Rob, his girlfriend, and old school friend of Elle, Suzanne along with John who they had been chatting to for several months on-line.

Rob was a long-time friend of Jay's and they had regular get-togethers at various times throughout the year; Jay was adamant that he had a little crush on Elle and took every opportunity to tease her that every time he looked over Rob was eyeing up her gorgeous legs and arse. Elle was quite proud of her legs, slender and shapely she thought they looked great in stockings and was quietly chuffed if he was a little fixated and thought it best not to let on to Jay that she might like a little more than looking, and from more than just Rob.

It had been at their last regular get-together that Rob had introduced Suzanne as his girlfriend. Suffice to say the two gents had been surprised when Elle and Suzanne instantly recognised each other as old school friends and it didn't take long for the dynamic duo to be back in full flow teasing the lads throughout the night; as various stories came out it was revealed that the two girls had spent most of their teens remorselessly teasing the local boys.

Elle looked at her latest dress hanging on the back of the door; it was a little black number that sat just above the knee with a double zip up the front that could be undone from the top or bottom and was highlighted by a belt round the middle with gold style buckle that hid where the zips met; this was matched with a pair of patent black heels with a gold accent and metallic stiletto heel that still managed to scream come fuck me whilst still being comfortable enough to wear throughout the night. The problem she was having was deciding what exactly to wear underneath it.

Several weeks ago Suzanne had dropped in and, as ladies are wont to do, the discussion got around to shopping, sex and, by convoluted routes, lingerie in particular. It turned out they had both developed a love of stockings and suspenders and so Elle had introduced her friend to a well-known stockings retail site she used; they had spent the afternoon perusing and buying a variety of suspender belts, stockings and lingerie sets. On a whim Elle had even pointed out the forum section where people chatted, shared knowledge and posted the occasional stockings related photo.

'That's it,' she thought and reached for the phone to ring Suzanne.

After several rings a slightly breathless voice answered, 'Hi Suzanne here.'

'Hi Suzanne, Elle here, hope I didn't disturb you?'

'No worries, just dived out of the shower, what's up? Everything still good for tonight I hope?'

Elle looked at herself in the mirror, 'Yeah, still on but I'm struggling to decide what to wear under my dress!'

Suzanne thought she could detect a little catch in her friends voice that she hadn't heard since those teenage years, 'Fancy teasing the boys a little tonight do you?', she asked almost on instinct.

'Hmmm yeah, a little, but what in, that's the problem?'

'Well, to be fair, I had been thinking along the same lines. Rob has been driving me mad about some of this stuff I bought off that stockings place and this might be the perfect opportunity for a little show and some pay back!' She knew her friend well and suspected that if Elle was already planning some teasing she wouldn't turn that idea down.

Elle gave a little giggle, 'OK, should be great, that purple and black number you got should look stunning and with the right dress will be perfect for teasing Rob!'

'Ooh yeah, I have just the thing; don't you forget that red and black set with the matching stockings either. And it won't just be Rob being teased we should go all out and make sure the three of them hardly know where to look by the end of the night, OK?'

Elle could just picture the impish grin spreading across Suzanne's face, 'OK I'm game and you obviously are, ready for 8ish?'

'Yeah, see you soon. I need to get off now to sort a few things out and I need to get dry!'

Feeling more giddy and lightheaded than she had in years Elle reached down to her lingerie drawer, the special drawer where she kept her favourite sets for those occasions and events that required a little bit of extra attention, and pulled out the Roza Rufina box that Suzanne had mentioned.

The set consisted of a four strap suspender belt, bra and thong, she had matched it with a set of deep black stockings with a flesh coloured band below the welt and highlighted with a stylised rose on the front and back. The set itself was red satin and black lace with highlights of red bows.

Dropping the towel to the floor she reached for the suspender belt and stepped into it, carefully pulling it up and adjusting to her midriff; one of the things she always liked was the feel of free suspender straps moving against the skin of her thighs, it always got her heart racing a little. Next she unpacked the stockings and laid them out beside her on the bed before reaching for the bra; it felt really luxurious, you could tell the quality of the set from the fabric and she slipped it into place and adjusted the cups so that it performed the 'push-up' function to its full potential.

Standing up Elle took a minute to admire herself in the mirror, long shapely legs and bottom framed by just a red and black suspender belt and pert breasts nicely displayed in their cups, 'Not too bad at all,' she thought. She reached for a stocking and carefully rolling it up rested her foot on the stool and eased the nylon over it, gently caressing her skin as she unrolled it along the length of her leg before ensuring any creases were teased out and taking the time to attach the top to the suspender belt, repeating the action for the other leg.

Then reached out for the tiny thong, she wasn't really a lover of a thong but definitely had the feeling tonight was the night if ever, stepping delicately into it she pulled it up over her thighs and adjusted it for comfort. She was feeling naughty and knew wearing the thong over her stockings would allow her to keep them on later for Jay when they got home, glancing again in the mirror she was also a little shocked at how little of her freshly shaved pussy it seemed to cover.

Next came the dress and this was so much easier, the zips were taken all the way down and Elle bit her lip as she inadvertently thought how it would feel to have Jay and another strip her out of it to reveal her new lingerie, she stepped into it and wriggling it carefully over her hips she slipped it over her shoulders and zipped the lower half down with the upper half up before buckling the belt. She smoothed it down with her hands loving the feel of the bumps from her suspender and stockings under the fabric. Still feeling slightly naughty she unzipped the dress from the top and ensured that just a glimpse of the satin and lace bra was showing, then on a whim took up the bottom zip 2 or 3 inches, knowing this would allow a good glimpse of stocking and thigh to show, and finished off the ensemble with a pendant chain that nestled quite nicely and drew the eye to her, now highly visible, cleavage. She stepped into her heels and grabbed her little clutch bag from the side just as she heard Jay bounding up the stairs.

Jay stood in the doorway admiring his wife, she looked absolutely stunning in a figure hugging black number, he remembered her showing him this dress when she got it home and thought at the time how good it would look on her, 'Wow, looking stunning Elle. What's the occasion?'

Elle, gave a little twirl, 'Oh I don't know, maybe us girls just want to give you guys a treat tonight. You like it then?'

A sly grin spread across Jays face and a cheeky wink followed, 'Like it, I love it, and if that dress rides too high so will Rob! What's underneath it then aside from those stockings?'

Blushing slightly Elle responded, 'Pack it in you or I might just flash him for the fun of it,' giving him a poke in the ribs, 'Oh, and you'll find out what's underneath later if you behave. Now get yourself sorted and I'll get us a drink before the taxi gets here.'


The taxi pulled up outside the Italian restaurant on the High Street and Elle went to get out on the pavement side as Jay paid the driver; she couldn't help noticing the admiring glances she got from the small crowd heading off down to the nearby pub and deliberately allowed her dress to ride up a little higher on her thigh as she slid out.

Jay had paid the driver and got out of the cab when he heard the wolf whistle from the group moving away from them; moving around the back of the cab he just caught the final adjustment of the dress as Elle composed herself, 'Having fun already minx, and without me?'

Straightening up, Elle took his offered arm and with an innocent expression said, 'Who? Me? I have no idea what you mean!'

'Yeah right, come on, I'm sure Rob and Suzanne will be on drink number two by now.'

Suzanne had been sat at the bar swapping a bit of banter with Rob and an introductory interrogation of John who had arrived shortly after them. She'd been enjoying a little casual teasing of them both, just basic friendly stuff to her eyes, like ensuring when she perched on the bar stool the split in the front of her dress parted just right to allow them both a full view of stocking leg, deep lacy tops and thigh. She had already caught John glancing down, not a surprise as Elle had mentioned he frequented the stockings chatroom, and with Rob leaning back against the bar her legs were almost trapped between the two of them. She had taken the opportunity to quite brazenly ensure as she tensed and fidgeted in her seat that her thigh gave him a little rub in all the right places.

She knew instantly when Jay and Elle arrived without needing to look, 'Put your eyes back in Rob,' she grinned, 'I am assuming that's them just pitched up?'

John's head swung round like it was on a swivel and just caught a glimpse of a sexy stocking leg being covered by a lovely zip front dress as Elle attempted to cover up, though the act wasn't particularly convincing even to him.

'Yeah that's them,' chuckled Rob, 'Elle gave those lads quite a show!'

Suzanne caught the eye of Elle as they walked in the door and waved her over as Jay spoke briefly to the lady dealing with the bookings. Standing up she gave her a big hug at the bar, 'You look stunning and I hear from this reprobate that you've already been flashing?'

'Oh, I thought nobody had seen!' Elle looked round sheepishly, 'I hope you weren't looking too much?'

Rob gave back a cheeky grin, 'Nah not me, not polite that you know, to ogle ladies as they adjust themselves in public. Mind you John here hardly saw anything at all!'

Elle turning to look at John and allowed the split in her skirt to part as she twisted, 'Well we can't have that can we? I'm sure you'll get your chance!'

John reached out giving Elle a quick hug, and as his hand slid down the curve of her back and over her hip he could feel the definite outline of suspender and straps, 'Well that would be much appreciated and thanks for having me over. Four or six strap Elle?'

Elle blushed slightly and Suzanne chuckled under her breath, 'Four you cheeky blighter!'

'Oi, put the wife down John and get me a pint in! The table is ready and we can go through anytime.' Jay approached them through the crowd and on reaching the bar shook hands with Rob and John whilst giving Suzanne a big hug, 'Looking good Suzanne, gorgeous dress and it looks like nylon is the thing this evening for you two girls.'

Suzanne thought to herself, looking fine there yourself Jay, and whilst casting a knowing glance at Elle, let the flirting begin, 'Well at least you didn't try to cop a cheeky feel, not that I would have minded of course.'

All three guys looked at each other and Jay groaned, 'Oh no, it's going to be another of those nights!'

Suzanne perched herself back on her stool, the fold of her dress draping off her leg to briefly show a full glorious expanse of lacy black stocking top, creamy white thigh and taut suspender strap, 'Oh you bet it is,' she muttered taking hold of Elle's hand, 'We're going to love it aren't we Elle?'

'We surely are.'

Just then the young waiter pitched up and, while staring but trying desperately not to seem to be, announced the table was ready if they would like to be seated.

Rob helped Suzanne down off her perch and while the guys grabbed the drinks off the bar she and Elle spun to the waiter, 'Lead the way gorgeous!' as they set off after him.

The three of them took a long moment to admire the view of those curvaceous bottoms swaying off down the aisle between bar and tables and John said, 'Christ this is going to be a long, but I think fun filled evening!'

Jay and Rob laughed while Jay replied, 'Yeah I am not entirely sure what's got into Elle but she is in a really feisty and playful mood, you never know Rob tonight she might not mind a sneaky glance or two!' as he slapped him on the back and then set John off following the ladies.

When they managed to catch up at the table Elle was already squeezed into the booth, Suzanne seemed to have taken charge of the seating plan and indicated that Rob should take the seat on the end next to Elle, 'John, as the single fella and actually probably the only 'proper' guest, you sit in there between Elle and me and Jay can drop on the end next to me.'

Jay looked round the table at everyone, 'Well this is novel, out with the wife and we end up on opposite sides of the table and I'm sat next to,' glancing sideways with that cheeky grin, 'apologies Suzanne, the second sexiest woman out tonight!'

'Ooh you cheeky twat!' Suzanne squealed, with a twinkle in her eye she slapped a hand down on his thigh, giving a squeeze and deliberately leaving her hand there a little longer than required, 'Understandable though it was, I will have to make you pay for that later!'

Elle watched as her friend carried the flirting on at the table, she was a bit surprised that Suzanne had gone straight for Jay but not disappointed. She noted the glance he shot her way and tried to make sure nothing in her manner suggested she was in anyway upset.

Inwardly the butterflies had started and she felt the first stirrings of true arousal as she began to imagine whether she dared to take this casual flirting fun to the next level; all her private thoughts about sex with multiple partners, bodies pressed close together, touching, sliding, writhing in pleasure; would Jay be up for it? She knew he had fantasies of his own of course but they had never discussed this, for that matter what the hell would Suzanne say about being used to distract Jay so Elle could have the other two to herself?

Her thoughts were interrupted by Rob, 'Come on, order some food, what do you girls fancy?'

Elle immediately glanced up at Suzanne and the decidedly naughty looking smile that spread across her face inspired her, 'Any dish with a hot, white, creamy sauce and personally I fancy a really bad for you dessert, perhaps something that requires sharing amongst the group!'

She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks, blushing furiously, even as she uttered the words; Suzanne burst into fits of giggles and Jay just sat there with his mouth open then also started laughing. Elle nearly yelped in shock as she felt not one but two hands drop down onto her thighs. She glanced at John who sat smiling while running a finger down the menu as a finger on his other hand traced her stocking top under the table. Meanwhile Rob let his hand rest lightly, as high as decency would allow, and said, 'Why Elle, I didn't know you were that way inclined!'

The whole group collapsed into laughter as the table waiter approached; food and wine was ordered and as Elle glanced around she noticed neither men had removed their hands from her legs, if anything they were quietly stroking her inner thighs and she leaned forward a little in her seat to allow her dress to rise that little bit higher.

She also couldn't help noticing that Suzanne wasn't touching her drink and was flitting between questions with John and Jay while her hands had disappeared down to her sides. Elle was convinced she had a hand on each of their legs.

The latest round of flirting came to an end as the food arrived but Elle now fully intended to make sure they all went back to theirs afterwards for drinks as she seriously wanted to see how far she could take this night and if she was ever to explore that fantasy now was the time.


Elle stood in the kitchen getting some drinks for everybody and could hear the rest of them giggling and laughing away in the lounge, but she had been a little disappointed with the rest of the meal. It wasn't the food or the company, both of which were exceptional, it was simply that things didn't seem to progress in the way she had wanted. Biting her lip and feeling that stomach clenching feeling again as thoughts flashed through her mind of exactly how much she had wanted it to proceed in a particular way.

Yes, there had been some more flirting, plenty of saucy remarks and innuendo and both she and Suzanne had undoubtedly been up to the same things under the table, ensuring hands, thighs and hips touched and rubbed at every possible opportunity; oh and of course more obligatory stockings flashes. The teasing of the young waiter, with ample of cleavage on show as he reached for plates, had been particularly entertaining.

There had even been the expected titter and teasing of her as Rob took control of dessert and ordered a large bowl of ice cream and three spoons, thus ensuring that everybody in the group ended up 'sharing' the bowl and a spoon. Unfortunately it had all seemed to relax into just a group of friends having fun and a good time.

The taxi ride home had been a slightly different affair; one of those black hansom cabs like they have in London meant that Elle and Suzanne managed to get the seats facing away from the driver while the lads all piled into the long seat facing the ladies. Somehow Rob and Jay ended up opposite each other's partners whilst John settled for the middle and a view of everything.

Elle hadn't taken long to notice Rob looking down at her legs and took the opportunity to stretch them out on the pretence of smoothing her stockings and made sure that she hitched her dress a little higher as her hands swept slowly back up. She also couldn't help noticing that Suzanne was doing exactly the same to Jay and he seemed to be particularly enjoying himself.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heels clicking towards the kitchen and turned just as Suzanne entered, 'Come on Elle, we're gagging for a drink out here and I can't keep these lads entertained on my own you know!'

Elle couldn't help herself, laughing out loud she quipped back, 'Be fun to see you try though! Jay certainly got an eyeful in the cab didn't he?'

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