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Dirty Filthy Fucking

by theprince©

Fred lay on his back on his palatial bed. He was lying naked. His body freshly oiled and taut after the workout. His big thick cock was erect and throbbing. He had a glass of champagne in his hand and was sipping it gently, savoring the dry fruity taste of and the sight in front of him.

Standing over his naked body was Jenna, the dirtiest, nastiest slut in the world. She was a cum hungry nasty slut whore who loved to get fucked like a pig. And that of course made her Fred's most favorite girl in the world. He just could not get enough of this bitch. He wanted to fuck her and lick her and suck her till she was screaming and grunting herself silly.

Standing over him, Jenna was swaying gently to the pipe music in the room. Her fingers were running over her cunt, teasing the lips and tickling her clit as she looked at Fred with lusty eyes. He loved the lewd show and his erect throbbing cock was proof. She turned around and bent over, exposing her tight nasty asshole to Fred. He could see the nasty slut's puckered asshole swaying in front of him.

"That's it slut. Show me your fucking ass. You know I am going to fuck and drill your asshole today don't you? I am going to wreck that that fucking tight nasty shit hole of yours till you scream and beg for more. My cock is going to ravage your ass you anal whore. Stretch it and fill your dirty asshole with cum till oozes out of every hole in your body. "

Jenna loved the nasty talk. She loved to be the dirtiest, cum slut in the world. She was looking to get degraded and humiliated and fucked like a cheap whore by Fred. She wanted to be the kinkiest animal and fuck Fred like a pig whore that she is. She knew Fred loved hard, nasty, rough sex and she was going to give it to him.

"Bring that nasty ass here you filthy slut. Bring it close to me." Fred said.

Jenna shuffled back and stuck her ass out at Fred. She bent forward and stretched her ass cheeks apart, exposing her asshole to Fred. She ran a finger over the crack of her ass. Slowly fingering her asshole.

Fred got on his knees, his face inches away from Jenna's ass. He loved this slut. She got him so horny. He kissed her ass cheeks lightly. Nibbling on the flesh, licking it. His fingers were near her wet pussy. He rubbed her puffed pussy lips and pushed in two of his fingers into her dripping snatch. Jenna gasped from the two fingers entering her cunt. It made her horny body itch for more.

Fred wiggled the fingers around and pulled them out. They were glistening with her cunt juice. He licked her nasty ass, savoring her sweet, slutty taste. He could feel Jenna grinding against his face, trying to get his tongue to go deep inside her dirty asshole. Fred spat on her asshole and SHOVED in the fingers that were wet with her cunt juice. Jenna squealed from the assault on her ass. The two fingers rammed into her painfully and she could feel them stretching and moving deep into her hot tight ass.

"Take that you fucking slut. Take those fingers deep inside your whore ass. OH YEAH! Fuck them. Fuck them with your bitchy ass you gutter slut. You like that bitch. You like my fingers fucking your ass like a cunt. TAKE IT as they fuck the shit out of you." Fred spat hard into her stretched asshole. His fingers were coated with the slime form her ass and his spit. He was furiously fucking her ass with his two fingers. Jenna was grunting like a pig. She loved the way Fred was ravaging her ass.

"Fuck it. Fuck it harder you bastard. FUCK MY ASS. I want you to bust my ass. WRECK MY FUCKING ASSHOLE. Harder motherfucker. Is that all you got? FUCK MY SLUT ASS...AAAARRRGGHHHHYYYEEEAAHHH!!! FUCK IT FUCK IT. You are a horny dog aren't you. Dying to get your dick side me. Fuck my ass fucker." she screamed

Fred knew this horny slut wanted more. He knew that till the sex was really nasty and dirty this cunt would not be satisfied. And the same was true for him. He pulled his fingers out of her ass. Jenna turned around and knelt down in front of Fred. Her face wet with sweat, her breathing heavy.

"Open your mouth and lick these filthy fingers slut. Taste your nasty ass bitch. LICK IT"

Fred shoved in his slime covered filthy fingers into her mouth, gagging her. He moved them around coating her mouth with the slime and grime from her ass. He was ramming it in like a cock making her gag and gasp. He pulled them out. The drool and slime hanging from his fingers on her chin.

Jenna moved close to Fred's face and spat hard into his open mouth.

"Is that all you got for me you horny bastard? Fuck me like the cunt lapping ass licking dog that you are. Make me scream in pain, you bastard. I want to feel your cock split my ass and cunt into two. FUCK ME. Make me spew cunt juice motherfucker."

Fred savored her nasty spit in his mouth. He loved her trash talk. He grabbed her hair and pushed her on her back. Her wet dripping cunt was lying exposed in front of him.

He picked up the bottle of champagne lying on the table next to him and RAMMED it up her cunt. Jenna howled from the sudden entry. "Fuck this bottle bitch. Fuck the champagne bottle. I am going to drink from your slutty cunt today" Fred hissed.

Jenna could feel Fred frig her cunt with the champagne bottle, filling it with the fizzy alcohol. She was desperately holding on it, not letting the champagne spurt out of her nasty pussy as it filled her up. Fred emptied half the bottle in her cunt and pulled the bottle out.

Jenna's cunt spurted Champagne like a shower, foaming and gushing into Fred's mouth and body. He held his mouth open as she almost pissed Champagne into his mouth.

"OH FUUUUCK... AAAAAAARRRGGHHH!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! Drink that you bastard. Drink the champagne from my pussy. OH YEEEEAHHH!!!"

Fred pushed her knees towards her tits, making her pussy bend towards her body. Jenna's cunt gushed champagne into her own mouth which she hungrily drank. As the foaming shower trickled down, Fred lapped her cunt up. He could feel her slutty cunt spasming and pulsing as the champagne tricked out mixed with her pussy juice.

Jenna was panting from the experience. Her cunt felt ravaged, first from the bottle and then from the fizzing liquid. She felt her body spasm and convulse. Her tits were heaving as her body tingled from the tongue lashing that Fred was giving to her cunt.

Fred moved up and squeezed her tight nipples. Tugging at them hard. "Get up bitch. Time to get your slutty mouth fucked." He pulled her up with her nipples till she was on all fours in front of him. Her ass sticking in the air and her tits swaying. Her mouth inches away from his throbbing cock.

Fred grabbed her hair and shoved his cock into her mouth. Jenna gagged and coughed from the assault. Fred pulled his cock out and shoved in harder making her choke. She tried to pull away but he held face hard against his cock, fucking her throat.

"Suck that cock bitch. Make it hard and wet. I am going to fuck your slutty throat like a dog. SUCK IT. Take it in that filthy slut mouth of yours. I am going to fuck the shit out of you. My cock is fucking your mouth like a dirty whore cunt. Do you like that you cum eating filthy whore? Do you like my dick fucking you till you puke, you sick cunt slut. THAT'S IT BITCH. GAG HARDER. OH YEAH!! ARRRGGGHHH. FUCK IT you whore cunt. Urrrgh..Urrgghh.. Urgghhh..". Fred rammed and drilled his huge cock to the back of the slut's throat over and over again. Fucking her hard and deep.

Jenna could feel her lips stretched out over his cock. Her mouth getting fucked like a cunt by his donkey dick. Stretching her, fucking her, hurting her. She loved getting her mouth choked with cock. She could feel Fred slapping her face as he yanked her hair and thrust into her mouth like a bull. His cock was caked with her drool. It was streaming down her face onto her tits and on his balls. She was gagging and coughing hard on the cock. Trying to get more of the bastard's cock into her slutty mouth. She wanted him to rip her open with his cock and spurt his cum straight into her belly. Tears were streaming down her eyes as her throat got fucked and drilled by Fred. Her hands were on his ass gripping him hard as he thrust freely and fast into her mouth.

Fred pulled his cock out of her mouth. Jenna coughed and spluttered drool and spit out. They spewed out of her mouth and trickled down her tits and body. Fred slapped her face with his cock. She looked up at him. He slapped her cheeks with his wet throbbing cock again and smeared her spit and his pre cum all over her face, making it look like a wet cum dump. His hands kneaded and squeezed her tits, all the time calling her a slut and a nasty fuck whore.

He then grabbed her by the hair and yanked her face towards his ass.

"Lick my ass you filthy slut. I want to feel your tongue snake deep into my dirty ass and clean it. Lick it like there is no tomorrow. OH YEAH THAT'S IT! Shove it in deeper bitch. EAT MY ASS. Lick harder. Lick my shit hole with your tongue."

Jenna had her face buried inside Fred's ass. Her tongue was wiggling deep inside his ass. Tasting him and licking him. She could feel his hot ass squeezing and milking her tongue. She pulled out and spat inside his asshole. She then stuck a finger up his ass and pulled it out. She licked it clean and spat into his ass again. Then she plunged her tongue in deeper.

"OH YEAH you motherfucking bitch. French kiss my asshole like the dirty cum burping gutter slut that you are. FUCK IT WITH YOUR TONGUE. Lick it. Lap it like a hungry ass licking fuckpig. That's it make those grunting retching noises. You like my ass bitch? Do you like licking my nasty ass like a whore? That's it bitch harder!"

Jenna's cunt was wet and dripping. She wanted Fred's cock to fuck her brains out. She wanted to be used and abused and fucked like a slut. She wanted to feel like a bitch in heat who is fucked, ravaged, plundered, drilled and rammed senseless by this horny animal whose ass she was licking. She wanted to drip of cunt juice and spit and piss and get rammed like a filthy slutty whore.

Fred turned around and faced Jenna. Her face was a mess, dripping of drool and his nasty slime from his ass. He pinched her nipples hard and licked her nasty messy face. Jenna groaned. Her cunt was throbbing and itching for a fuck.

She rasped into his ear. "Lick my fucking dirty face motherfucker. Lick the slime like a dirty dog. After that I want you to fuck my cunt. Fuck my dirty whore cunt. Make me scream. I want to be as dirty as a pig wallowing in shit. I want you to hurt my cunt and ass. Fuck my ass and tear my asshole open. I want you to bust my ass and make it gape like a crater. I want to see it large enough to fit your fist in. FUCK ME BASTARD. Fuck my brains out. I want to fill my body with your cum. FUCK ME TILL I PISS MOTHERFUCKER. FUCK ME!"

That's all the encouragement that Fred needed. He threw Jenna on her back and raised her legs up. Her cunt and ass exposed in front of his throbbing cock. He held his cock and drove it straight up he tight ass in one rough stroke. Jenna yelled from the pain and the pleasure. Her cunt spasming and squirting juice from the tight cock in her ass. Fred pulled out and thrust in again HARD and DEEP. Jenna was throwing her head from side to side from the pleasure. Her ass was being torn open by a huge dick. She rammed three of her fingers into her cunt and started frigging her clit furiously as Fred ravaged her ass. Splitting her tight asshole with his brute strength. Her fingers plunged frantically into her cunt, frothing up her pussy juice. She could feel his cock plundering her ass from the walls of her cunt as she frigged herself. Her asshole was brutalized and bruised. Her cunt was aching from her fingers. She could feel her orgasm building up . It was going to knock her senseless. She knew that.

Fred was fucking Jenna's ass like an animal. He could feel the slut's ass squeezing his cock. He was stretching and fucking her ass hard. He could see his cock plunge in and out covered with her cunt juice which was leaking and nasty filthy ass slime. He held on to her hips and rammed his cock in harder. He could feel his cum boil up in his balls. He bent forward and spat hard into Jenna's face.

"Do you like that bitch. Do you like cramming your fingers up your cunt as I fuck your shithole out of shape. I am going to rip it open baby. TAKE THAT. TAKE IT. OH YEAH! I love fucking your nasty ass hard. I love to make your slut whore body writhe and heave. I am going to fuck your ass and then dump my cum in your face. OHHH YEEEEAAAHH"

Fred could feel his cum ready to burst out. He pulled his cock from her ravaged asshole and straddled her face. He shoved his filthy cock straight from her ass into her mouth.

"Stuff that cock into your mouth. God you are such a filthy cunt."

Jenna gagged on the nasty cock as Fred shoved it down her throat. Her orgasm hot her just as the cock hit the back of her throat. Her body shook and convulsed from the waves of orgasm. Her cunt was spurting cum and piss everywhere.

Fred too arched his back and spewed his cum deep into the cocksucking slut. Jenna choked on the cock and cum and coughed. Cum and spit splattered all over Fred's cock. Fred was still spurting thick gobs of creamy cum on the sluts face.

Jenna was screaming from her orgasm. Her piss and cum splattering all over her body. Her face was a just a cum dump. It had thick gobs of cum splattered over her lips and mouth. Her mouth was still oozing out the cum and drool copiously.

Fred could feel her hot piss over his back. He turned around and sank his face into her piss spurting cunt. Jenna spurted harder, pissing inside his hot mouth as Fred tongued her cum and pee drenched cunt.

"That's it drink from my cunt you bastard. DRINK MY CUM AND PISS. Gulp it down like a horny motherfucker. Oh you dirty ass fucking bastard. DRINK IT. Drink this slut whores piss. Eat my cum and piss drenched cunt you asshole. Lick it clean with your nasty tongue. AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH" Jenna thrust her hips up, slamming her peeing cunt into his mouth.

He moved up her body, his face drenched in her cunt juice and piss. Jenna spat on his face again. And again. Making it wetter and dirtier. She loved her nasty motherfucking donkey dick horny fucker.

They both lay down satiated. Knowing fully well that this is just the beginning of another long and nasty sexathon...

Written by: theprince

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