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Monica's Choice

by fridaynightguy©

Dear Monica,

We've had an exciting month dating. It's been wonderful getting to know you and your daughter and we haven't gone too fast but I feel a chemistry is there. I appreciate the caution you've shown, especially as any relationship you have with a man inevitably impacts her.

Unfortunately, Ashae has done something that needs to be dealt with immediately. As an older man in the dating scene, I'm used to women's teenage daughters developing crushes on me and I'm always careful to keep my distance. This is different. Ashae yesterday up and propositioned me, sexually, in a series of explicit text messages while she was at school.

Let me be clear: I have not and never have touched Ashae. My only reply: "i won't even talk about sex with you until you're 18." Her 18th birthday's this weekend, of course, which is why she's bringing this up now.

Ashae seems bent on exploiting the fact you have that big investor relations conference that's taking up so much of your time. She says she wants to go out to dinner with me and, once the clock hits midnight, go to a sleazy motel and spend her 18th birthday having sex with me all day long. That's the R-rated version of what she wrote.

It was shocking to read such filthy, nasty language from your daughter. I had no idea girls today could be like this, and it's certainly surprising given how careful you have been in our intimacy, not sleeping with me with her in the house (which has been nearly every night) and requiring me to use the guest bedroom and bathroom the few times I've stayed overnight.

In light of the pace of our relationship, I have considered your daughter's proposition and I intend to accept it the minute she is legal age of consent, even if that ends our relationship just as it was beginning.

Don't worry, Monica, I won't take her virginity. She lost that her junior year, but I'm guessing you may have known that. She did tell me I could have her pussy, ass and mouth all night long, and that's definitely a new and exciting opportunity given how conventional — and rare — our lovemaking has been.

So Monica, you are now in a situation that demands your immediate intervention as Ashae's mother. Because the only way to keep my dick out of your daughter's pussy is for you to go all in and fuck me all day on her birthday. The only way to keep Ashae from becoming a whore the day she turns 18 is for you to be a whore for me. You have to bend over and spread your legs and fuck and suck all night long to keep me from the forbidden fruit of your daughter.

Here are my conditions.

You will tell your CEO you have to leave work early on Friday. I don't care what excuse you give her. You will go to the salon that the strippers visit, and get that big glamorous Penthouse Pet hair I like.

You will spend an hour putting on slutty makeup and God-too-much perfume for me, and then fuck-me heels and a scandalous minidress. This clothing will be provided for you. You will be in the lobby of the airport Sheraton at 4:50 p.m. You're going to wait there for at least 10 minutes because I'll be meeting you at 5. That's right, the first investor for the big weekend conference lands at 4:30. Hope he checked his bags.

You'll walk with me, on my arm, to the registration desk, and then to the elevator, and then our room. I'll be carrying two large shopping bags full of lace and satin. It'll be blatantly obvious who we are and what we're doing.

In the room, I'll lay an envelope full of money on the dresser. You can count it before you go into the bathroom to change into an even sluttier fuck-toy costume from the shopping bags. Fishnets. Gloves. Choker. Crotchless panties. Cupless bra.

You'll strut out and pull my dick out of my pants and suck it to a full erection in front of a full length mirror. Once I'm fully hard I'll fuck your glossy red lips as you make loud, hungry, slurping noises. Then you'll lay down on the bed, spread your legs and throw a smoldering gaze at me from underneath all that whore makeup, and ask me if I want to fuck your tight, pink asshole.

And I will. Hard.

Later in the evening, my dick will be pumping your pussy as you call Ashae and tell her you're at the company dinner and you're sorry you can't be home for her birthday, She'll ask where I am and why I can't take her to dinner. Make up some reply. I'll try to control my voice but, you know, maybe she'll hear me groan when I pull out and spurt cum all over your pussy — which, I might add, you should shave into a pornstar landing strip.

You'll let me cum on your face and all over those big plastic tits your ex-husband bought you. After each time I cum on you, you'll go to the bathroom to wipe up the cum, freshen your lipstick and makeup and hair, and dress in a new outfit, and fuck, suck or stroke me, whatever I want. You'll do this until your pussy is so tender you can't even touch it. We'll fall asleep sometime around 3 a.m.

You'll feel like a whore when the cab I've called rings the room at 11 a.m. and asks for "Nikki." You'll dab at whatever makeup you didn't leave on the pillow or mattress — or my dick — and put on a track suit and sunglasses. You'll pull the hood over your cum-streaked, just-been-fucked hair and tiptoe and totter out of the elevator on a precariously high set of strappy fuck-me heels.

The easel by the ballroom will say your big important meeting is taking place inside. Your CFO will be in there, sensibly dressed, apologizing to all your important stockholders that you could not be present because of a family emergency. Hundreds of people who know you on sight will be behind those closed double doors as you hustle through the lobby, heart racing.

But at least I won't be fucking your daughter.

I'll meet you at your home. Then we'll go inside and sternly confront your confused, crestfallen daughter before you take her upstairs for some mother-daughter counseling. I'm going to listen through the door while you tell your tearful baby girl how shocked you were by her little birthday plan. You'll tell her even though she's 18, she's still a girl, and not a woman yet. You'll tell her only a real woman knows how to keep a man like me satisfied.

You'll tell Ashae she should apologize to me, and that will be my cue to sneak downstairs to sit down with coffee and the paper. I'll tell her everything is OK, and that I'm sorry if I behaved too amorously around you, and that I know she's a good girl who will make some lucky guy very happy some day.

Even though I'll be growling her name when I cum in your ass.

If you're unwilling to satisfy all this and every single desire I have on Friday night, well you can imagine your daughter will be doing whatever I want — and much more — while you drive to every hotel and motel in the city, trying to find us. Those clothes I want you to wear? She'll be wearing them. That makeup? The high heels? That'll be Ashae in them. And I will moan your name when I cum on her face, so that she knows where she gets her sexual talent.

So, your body, or your daughter's? I'm definitely happy with either. Time to step up, Monica. Time to be a real woman.


Written by: fridaynightguy

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