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My Sister-In-Law

by longbeach man©

I couldn’t believe what my brother just said to me. “Would you run that by me again, because I must have misheard you?”

“No, you heard me just fine. I know it’s a crazy idea but Judy and I have discussed it and we think it will help us in our dormant sex life.”

“Oh no, are you out of your fucking mind or is it because I haven’t had a date since my divorce? If it is, you can just forget it because I can take care of myself when I’m ready.”

“No, honestly Jim, Judy and I have talked for quite a while about a threesome and we both agreed that you would be good for us. She loves and trusts you as well as I do. Let me fill you in some more. You and I have talked about your marriage problems but Judy and I have been having problems of our own, like she needs more sex than I am able to give her. Right now we don’t want to fool around with strangers and ever since she saw you naked in the hot tub, we have used you in our fantasy stories.”

“When did that happen?”

“Remember when the four of us went to that hotel in the Berkshires and shared one room and we all went into the hot tub naked? Judy was amazed at the size of your dick and often talked about it. Really, it’s much bigger than mine. Later, when we shared the double beds and we both were screwing our wives, you lasted so much longer than me that we ended up listening to Joyce moaning while you humped her. Judy actually played with herself and made herself come just after you both came in the other bed. She loved the experience but we didn’t have the nerve to do anything about it until now. She wants to try two men at one time and I want her to fully enjoy her sexual needs, even if it means sharing her with others. We have talked about the possible problems and feel we can handle it, especially with you in bed with us. How about it, bro?”

“Yeah, yeah, I remember how she looked at me and Joyce told me that Judy had a thing for me. Yeah, and I remember how cute she looked, great figure and perky breasts. But I’m still not sure about this.” Just then I started to hear the music from the stripper song and Judy walked into the room, unzipping her skirt and top. She had on a black bra and stockings and bikini bottoms. I watched in amazement as she sat down on the couch between Bob and me, swinging her ass as she sat and then starting to tongue kiss me while her hand went down to my zipper and she grabbed my dick. “Whoa’, I muttered, as she turned away and started to kiss her husband. He had opened his zipper and taken out his cock and Judy had it in her mouth instantly, slurping and sucking away. Her other hand wandered over my legs as she said, “don’t go way, I’ll be right back.” And she did, taking my dick out of my pants and sucking on it. “Oooh, it’s so thick and long, mmmm, I’m gonna like this, Bobby.”

Meanwhile I watched my brother unsnap her bra, freeing her small breasts as I cupped them in my hand. Judy got off the couch and went between my legs, still sucking and stroking my dick up and down. I didn’t notice when, but Bobby took off his clothing and was kneeling behind his wife as she sucked and rubbed my big cock. She shook him off, getting up as she left my cock in its upright position, and holding both our dicks said, “Bob, I want Jim first, so let’s go fellas.”

Her grip on my cock was firm and I just smiled at her and my brother saying, “Ok, you win, I’m ready for both of you. Just remember, you wanted me to do this.”

Judy stepped out of her bikini bottoms as I undressed in the bedroom and Judy, pointing her finger at us started to say, “Ok, let’s get some basic rules for you Bob, my darling husband and you my sweet, big brother-in-law. I’m not a toy for both you guys to get off on, to be twisted and penetrated as you want. I want to enjoy this experience, so remember to treat me as a woman with needs and not a pickup whore. Also, Jimmy, remember, I love my husband and don’t want to break up our marriage. It’s something we both feel will improve our marriage. If I want to do both of you together inside of me, you’ll know it. Now Bob, Jimmy is first but you stay here with me, hold my hand and watch me enjoy myself and remember, I love you even more for letting me do this.” Saying that, she leaned over and gave Bobby a deep kiss on the lips and rubbed his cock a little. “Don’t go away; I’ll be with you soon also.”

She took my cock in her hands; bringing her tongue to it, making it wet, started to rub it up and down. Then she began to seriously suck on it. “Mmmm, I’ve talked about this cock for the longest time, right Bobby?

“Ever since she saw you and Janice in the hot tub, she has talked of having a threesome, Thanks, bro. Just remember she’s my wife.”

Judy lay on her back, a big kissy smile on her lips, her knees bent and wide apart and her dark hair spread over the bed. To me she was very, very sexy looking. I looked once again at my brother and slowly put my hard cock inside my sister-in-law and began to pump. My brother was lying to us, stroking her arm with one arm and clasping her hand. I felt really awkward and Judy sensed it. “Hon,’ she said to her husband, ‘I changed my mind, go take a shower and rest up for me and I’ll call when I’m ready.” With that my brother left the bed and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him, saying not a word as he turned on the shower. Judy gently stroked my face as she said, “let’s start again and perhaps later we can do all three of us. I want your big, fat cock inside of me now and I want you to push hard and take me from any position you like. Go, go, go.”

She started to moan and bounce and began to drive me crazy. I knew I didn’t want to come right away but she did. I could feel her contractions as she made ‘oohing’ sounds and kept her ass constantly moving. I think I lasted fifteen or so minutes before coming inside of her, resting my head on her breast as I was catching my breath. “Pretty good for someone who hasn’t had a gal in six months,” she said while breathing hard. “That was fantastic’, she muttered, ‘just what I hoped for. Kiss me and hold me tight, don’t pull out yet. Can you feel me squeezing you inside of me?”

As I got my breath back I told her that I still was hard and might continue. “Oh, do it, do it. Bobby does it once and then he rolls over and goes to sleep.” I started pumping into her after a few minutes of rest as I felt her squeezing my cock with her virginal muscles. This time I had her get on her knees as I got behind her and shoved myself into her wet pussy. We tried a number of positions and she never seemed to tire of shaking her hips and pushing up against my cock. I didn’t see how long it was but it was great for both of us. I had forgotten about my brother and was startled when he returned to the bedroom. I think he might have been a little worried. But Judy seemed to get extra energy and jumped up and hugged him, kissing Bobby all over, thanking him, and telling him how much she loved him. I quietly got out of bed and went to the bathroom, shutting the door quietly and letting them have privacy. I needed a shower to recuperate from Judy. She did have lots of needs, as my brother had said,

I let the spray hit me as I still felt the pleasures I just experienced with her. I stood in the shower for a long time and then I heard the bathroom door open and Judy came into the shower door with a big grin on her face. “He was so hot and excited and could feel your cum in my pussy that he came in record time. So I told him I needed a shower too and would come back to him in a later. Do you mind?” She took a bath cloth and began to clean her vaginal area while she pushed her ass into my stomach. My cock was red and sore and I told her so. Being a solicitous person, she turned around and started to kiss and gently make nice to my dick. Of course it began to get hard and hurt a little. “Give me a break, baby, we have a long night ahead of us.”

After toweling off she went back into the bedroom and they asked me to join them in be to rest awhile. Judy was in the middle, me spooning her and Bobby facing and kissing her. We were resting, almost fall asleep when I felt movement in the bed. There was Bobby with his head between her legs, starting to suck her. I had noticed that Judy’s bush was neatly trimmed, perfect for sucking and was he sucking away. She turned to me saying, “This is what he can do best; I get all my orgasms this way. I could hear him sucking on her vulva, nibbling on her labia while she would scream for him to stop and then plead with him to continue. Kiss me and squeeze my boobs, Jimmy, she said to me, while he sucks me off.” There we were, two brothers, one sucking her cunt, the other her tits while she thrashed about moaning and crying out, “Ooooh, don’t stop, either of you. It’s so goooood! She must have had several orgasms from the way she moaned. Her forehead was wet with perspiration and her long hair was stringy and damp. After, there was a big grin on her face as she kissed both of us, thanking us for a great time.

Well, all good things must come to an end, I thought, and when bobby stopped pleasuring her, the three of us cuddled together and fell into a deserved sleep. Sometime later, I awoke with a funny feeling and I saw Judy was sucking my not so raw dick and rubbing the head with her fingers. “Shhh, Bobby is sound asleep.” With that she climbed over me and lay down on the carpet aside the bed. “Come down here, I don’t want to disturb him.” Getting from the warm bed I found myself literally sliding into her warm pussy which began to throb and jump immediately. Judy began to make love to me, not just having sex for the third time. She wanted to be on top and very slowly she drew my body into her arms and legs. I realized that she liked being in control. Straddling my body she stroked her nipples and then with eyes closed she pleaded for me to come inside her. When I did she convulsed several times, and then fell forward onto my chest, her body limp and damp. For a long time we lay pressed against each other, looking at the ceiling, our chests heaving. We both had come together and a sweet, warm feeling went through our bodies as our juices intermixed. “Don’t pull out, just stay in me,’ she whispered in my ear.

“Does it excite you to get laid without your husband knowing about it, and him only a few feet away,” I asked.

“Oh, god, yes, It feels so deliciously immoral and fun. How about you, fucking your brother’s wife and he doesn’t know. How do you feel?”

“Tell you the truth, when I’m inside you I don’t remember that you’re my sister-in-law and that I have a brother. Is that awful?” We laughed quietly and Judy got up and shoved me back into bed, reminding me she was a married woman. As we crawled back into bed she whispered to me, “I’m going to tell Bobby that I want you back next weekend, ok with you?” I nodded and snuggled up to her as I felt my brother stir and slide an arm around his wife. Needless to say we slept in late on Sunday.

Written by: longbeach man

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