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A God of Old

by majicman21©

The Egyptian sun blazed down upon the sands, where Stacy Aumont and Kristin Mora were riding along on camels. The rowdy creatures were loud and smelled terrible, but they had been useful in getting them to their destination, which was dead ahead. They were checking out a rumored recently discovered pyramid. One of their peers, Kyle Cummins, had told them about it, about how it had mysteriously appeared in the Egyptian desert. So the two women had set out, intent upon being the first to enter the pyramid. From what Kyle had told them, the locals steered clear of it, and had warned adventurous types to do the same. Kyle had passed on the warning as well, but had still furnished them with a map of the area.

Exploring is about taking chances, Stacy thought to herself. Where Kyle and some others would be careful, her and Kristin, her exploring partner of six years, would push the envelope and find out what, if anything, was hidden inside the pyramid. If it contained untold riches of Egyptian gold, they would be ecstatic. If it turned out to just be a collection of the pharaoh's best recipes and jokes, they would also be happy. If it was empty, they would at least know that they would be the first inside. Kristin was in it for the archeological import, whereas Stacy enjoyed the excitement of exploring unknown places, unearthing ancient treasures and artifacts.

The pyramid itself was unspectacular. The duo had seen and been in a few, all of which were bigger and more impressive. This one was more of a dome than the classic pyramid shape. They began to go around the perimeter, checking for any visible entrances.

"How many charges do we have?" Kristin asked as they rode.

"Eight. We each have four."

There were no entrances they could see, even after a few times around the pyramid. So after debating and considering their options, they slid off their camels, resigned to a more forceful method of entry.

It took three charges to blow a hole in the side of the structure. Stacy knew some other explorers, and many archeologists, who would have been horrified by their cavalier brutality in getting inside. But what mattered to them was just that, getting inside.

The camels brayed, frightened by the noise, but the duo managed to calm their mounts. Despite their occasional stubbornness, the camels had been well trained, so when the two women headed into the hole they had made, the camels stayed where they were.

"When they make a movie about this," Stacy heard Kristin say, "Who do you want to play you?"

Stacy laughed. "Jessica Chastain."

"You're not a redhead."

"Aw, can I change my answer? You asked who I wanted, I want Jessica Chastain."

Kristin shrugged. "I'd choose Kerry Washington."

"You're not black, you dummy."

"Oh, can I change my answer? They can make me black if they want."

"Who's 'they'? It's our movie."

"You know, the writers. Producers. Whoever handles the whole 'making people black' thing."

Stacy shook her head, bemused. The duo found a wide passageway in front of them. At the end were two corridors leading in opposite directions.

"You take the left, I'll take the right," Stacy said. "Keep your talkie at the ready." Kristin nodded, and they parted ways.

The corridor branched off into three other corridors. The tried-and-true method of 'eenie-meenie-miney-mo' led Stacy to take the one on the right.

That corridor led to another chamber, this one with hieroglyphics on the wall.

I really wish I spoke ancient Egyptian.

Across the chamber were three doorways, and Stacy took the center portal.

As Stacy explored, some time passed. Kristin would occasionally check in on the walkie-talkie. A few of the corridors sloped down, until Stacy was unsure how deep into the ground she was. She wondered how long their camels would wait, and if they were already running away, back towards home.

At the end of one long, narrow corridor was a series of steps, leading to a large, tall door. The door was covered in hieroglyphics, with two pillars on either side. At the top of the door, a bust of an eagle was perched, wings spread. No other place in the temple had been as well decorated as just this door. Stacy spent a good few minutes searching for some secret lever or button to open the door. She had heard stories about chambers stocked with booby-traps, to take out any thief, but her desire to get inside this obviously important chamber overruled her desire for safety.

No guts, no glory.

Stacy eventually gave up, and resorted to a few charges.

"If you hear a boom," she warned Kristin on the walkie-talkie, "it's just me trying to get into a room."

"Cool. Be careful of booby-traps."

Stacy set the charges, and hustled back down the corridor. The door blew open, and Stacy went to her reservoir of reliable tricks by throwing one of her boots into the room beyond. She waited a few moments, but nothing happened, so she walked in and put the boot back on, looking around while she did.

The room was small, with nothing interesting to speak of; it looked exactly the same as any other room in the pyramid. To her right, there was a doorway, as tall as the one she had just blown up. Stacy shrugged off her pack, putting it on the floor, stepping tentatively towards the second door.

"What'd you find?" Kristin asked.

Stacy turned from the door for a moment. "Looks like nothing. Just another room. Another door too."

Kristin began to respond, but static came over halfway through. She smacked her walkie-talkie against her thigh, but the static kept prevailing.

She heard a voice behind her, and spun. In front of her, just inside the second door, was a tall, pale man wearing only a loincloth. He stared at her, confusedly. Stacy stepped back, reaching for her Taser.

"Who the fuck are you?" she asked.

He said something to her, in what sounded like another language.

Of course he wouldn't speak English, if he's from here.

He continued staring at her. Stacy was nervous, considering how strange this person looked. He was well-muscled and hairless, a regal look to the way he was carrying himself. A strange light began to seep into the room from behind him, a strange sound accompanying it.

"Who are you?" she asked again.

"What year is it, priestess?" he asked. His voice was deep, but he spoke haltingly, as if unsure of the words.

"So you speak English?"

"What year is it?"

She sighed. It was probably just some prankster, or maybe a local who had made a home in the depths of the pyramid.

The man stepped forward, and she raised the Taser.

"Don't come any closer," she warned.

"I mean no harm, priestess," he soothed. "You have released me. For that I thank you."

Stacy gulped. "Seriously, if this is a prank, stop it right the fuck now, it's not funny."

"Calm down, priestess."

"I'm not a priestess."

He shook his head. "How else would you know where I was? Although why it took so long I know not."

"I didn't know you'd be here," she said slowly, still aiming the Taser. "I don't even know who you are."

He began to walk towards her again.

"Take one more step and I'll tase you."

He tilted his head, and after a few tense moments continued to walk forward.

Stacy fired the Taser, but to her shock and dismay it had no effect on him. He simply brushed off the volts, continuing to walk forward, the wires falling off to hang uselessly in the air.

The only thing she could do was stand there, stock-still, deeply nervous now, as he approached. When he was right in front of her, he loomed over her. Stacy felt small and vulnerable.

"I thank you for your help, priestess," he said.

She nodded, mind racing. Behind him was the hole she had blown to get into the room.

"Uh, you're welcome, your...highness?"

He smiled. "So you are a priestess."

"Yuh-huh," she said, nodding. He began to speak again, but Stacy leapt past him, dashing for the hole.

When she peeked over her shoulder, he was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she smacked into something solid. As she fell backwards, she looked up to see him in front of her, standing tall. Stacy gulped, hurrying backwards on the floor.

"There is no need to flee," he said, again walking towards her. Stacy stood on shaky legs, pressing herself against the wall.

He was close to her again. His hand came up, and as Stacy shivered, he cupped her cheek in his palm, stroking her.

"It has been too long since I have enjoyed one of my priestesses," he said softly, "and perhaps you have heard about the pleasure I can give you."

Stacy's eyes went wide as his other hand reached for the loincloth. He deftly unwrapped it, the white fabric dropping to the floor. Her eyes went wide as she stared down at his cock, veined and large, hanging down with a regal thickness.

"I can sense the change in this world," he purred, still stroking at her cheek. Stacy was terrified now; not only was this some strange person, but he was packing and ready to go. Since she was the only woman in the room, she could imagine his plans.

"This world needs a steady hand, as it did in the past. It would take some time, but I can remake it, bring it back to its glory."

He raised his head, closing his eyes. "I can see it now," he said, "it will be beautiful."

Stacy took the opportunity to run again, darting past him. She raced through the blown-open door, and gasped as he stood there in the corridor, arms crossed.

"I do not know why you are so skittish," he commented, starting towards her. Stacy stammered, walking backwards. She tripped over the lip of the door, yelping, but was caught by strong hands and helped back onto her feet. Her helper behind her was of course this strange man, who was now smiling. Stacy backed away, until yet again she was up against the wall, staring at his nakedness.

"I shall change this world. But first, I shall partake in you, priestess."

His hand went up to her shoulder, and Stacy trembled as he pushed down. Numb, Stacy dropped to her knees, his cock inches away. As if feeding off her terror, it began to swell, coming to life. She glanced up to him.

"Perhaps you were not trained as the priestesses were in my time," he mused, stroking her cheek again, "but I will show you."

He leaned forward, his cock now pressing against her closed lips. Stacy was in a nightmare, she was sure of it, but then, why was it so real?

"Open your mouth," he commanded, and she numbly obeyed. His cock slid past her lips, her tongue instinctively licking at it. Stacy enjoyed giving blowjobs, and considered herself good at giving them, but at this point, sweating and terrified on her knees, she was unable to do much but let him occupy her mouth.

"Relax," he said. The smoothness of his voice, combined with the insistent stroking at her cheek, actually did soothe her somewhat, her body relaxing. It seemed at least that he meant her no harm, seeing her as some 'priestess'. And he tasted good, a subtle yet strong muskiness tickling her taste buds.

His cock glided further along her tongue, and she steadied herself as it nudged the back of her throat. He sighed, his other hand resting in her hair. Still he pressed forward, Stacy gagging a bit as he pushed into her gullet. Not only was it long, but thick and throbbing, making matters more difficult. His grip tightened in her hair, his hips bearing forward. She reached up, to push at him, but he ignored her effort. Drool began to collect at her lips as they were forced to remain wide open, and as he went inch by inch into her throat, the drool began to run down her chin, dripping down her neck. Stacy looked back up; he seemed pleased, and that strangely made her feel proud. She reached up, to check to see how much was left, and her hand collided with his testicles, heavy and fat.

In less than a minute, they were pressed against her chin. She gagged, choking on his cock; she had never had anyone so big and thick in her mouth before. He simply stared down at her. Her wide eyes locked on his, begging him to let her breathe.

He showed mercy, pulling out. Stacy fell forward, coughing, strands of saliva breaking off from her chin to drop to the floor. He gave her a few seconds to recover, but pulled her back up to her knees and plunged back into her mouth. Stacy barely had time to adjust when he began to move, pumping his hips. Each thrust drove him into her gullet, his balls smacking at her chin. She reached up again, to feel them, squeeze them, and he groaned, pleased. Stacy groaned back, surprised by his pleasure, and squeezed his balls again.

She knelt there, taking his cock in her mouth, his tight hold on her hair keeping her steady. Her knees began to ache, on the bare stone floor, her jaw soon following suit as it was made to stay stretched wide. Stacy began to moan, the sounds muffled due to his assault on her throat. A chill went through her body, and she realized that she had at some point absentmindedly stuffed her hand in her pants, bypassing her panties to touch herself. Whenever she gave blowjobs, she would also touch herself, so this was par for the course, albeit scarier. This stranger seemed so sure of himself, so supremely calm and confident, and Stacy had to admit it was weirdly attractive. And she could not deny that he was handsome, with an impressive body to go along with that. If she closed her eyes, Stacy could almost pretend that this was back home, not on the floor deep in the bowels of an ancient temple.

He shoved deep into her mouth, and stayed there. Stacy rubbed at her slit, getting wet, gagging again. His grip kept her throat stuck on his cock, so she opened her eyes to look up at him again.

Again he showed mercy. Stacy coughed, leaning back against the wall.

"Take off your garments," he said. Stacy froze. A blowjob was one thing, but sex was something else entirely. She still had no idea who this strange person was, and she was already blowing him.

He helped her stand.

"Scared, priestess?"

She nodded meekly. He smiled. "Do not be afraid," he said, again stroking her cheek.

"Take off your garments," he repeated after a few seconds.

Stacy briefly looked around. If she made a dash for it, he would again appear out of nowhere and stop her. The walkie-talkie was still static-y, so there would be no help from Kristin, and there was nobody else, although the second door was still wide open. The light and growling-like sound from whatever was beyond that door gave her pause.

So she made her choice. As he watched, she stripped off her boots, pants and shirt. Underneath, she had on practical black bra and panties, and ankle socks. Feeling small next to his naked display, she undid her bra and slid her panties down. The socks went last, and she was naked in front of him.

She stood there, forcing herself to keep her hands at her sides. As she shivered, afraid, he came forward.

"Fear not, priestess," he said. She gulped, and nodded.

His hand came up, Stacy shivering as it trailed up her stomach, moving up to a breast. He took one in his palm, Stacy biting her lip as he squeezed it gently, testing her flesh. He leaned down, and Stacy froze, holding her breathe. When his hot mouth closed onto her nipple, she gasped, and his other hand came up to stroke her other breast. She fought back a moan at his eager services but failed as his tongue curled around her nipple. He started to kiss at her chest, his mouth moving around as she stood there shaking. Stacy closed her eyes, not believing what was happening to her, so when she felt something hard press against her stomach she gasped, eyes flying open. His cock pushed against her flesh, leaving a slick trail of pre-cum, its solidness and heat making her blush.

As his mouth went to her other nipple, sucking eagerly, she put her hand on his shoulder, to steady herself. His free hand snuck around, to grab one of her ass cheeks in his strong grip. A finger snuck down to test her wetness. He chuckled around her nipple as he felt her arousal. Stacy moaned, squirming, suddenly wanting more than his finger down there. It would be a challenge, to take that cock in there, but she found herself desirous of such a challenge.

To her brief disappointment, he broke off her chest. She was panting with need, staring up at him. This time, when he stroked at her cheek, she nuzzled into him, feeling calmer now. Calmer, but also aroused.

He moved back, and laid down on his back. No words were needed, so Stacy straddled him. His cock shot up into the air like a proud column, and she began to grind herself against it. He grunted, hands coming up to cover her breasts. His hardness felt so delicious against her channel, Stacy groaning, hands falling forward onto his sculpted chest.

One of his hands moved to her hips, squeezing to get her attention, and yet again no words were needed. Stacy lifted herself, with his help, and settled herself at the tip of his cock. It nudged in between her lips, and then shoved through when he pulled her down. She cried out, her pussy stretching quickly around him. All she could do was hold on as he filled her up, his strong grip forcing her down until she had his whole shaft buried inside her.

She groaned, impaled on his cock. His hands moved to grope and squeeze at her breasts, his palms stroking along her hard nipples. Thankfully, he was patient, because she needed a few moments to ready herself, and to adjust to his size.

Stacy began to move, grinding her stuffed pussy down onto him. Watching for his reaction, she leaned back a bit and took his balls into her hand, rolling them around. He gritted his teeth, exhaling, and she giggled, pleased at his reaction. Her other hand was bracing on his chest, feeling the hard muscle underneath, as she rode on his length.

As she kept riding him, she threw her head back, moaning constantly now. The thickness of his cock, how he rubbed against her walls, stimulating every little nerve, made her tremble. She gave herself over, bouncing on top of him with gusto, shouting out her pleasure. He grunted back at her, hands occupied still with caressing her breasts. Stacy had always thought she had nice breasts, pert and round, but the way he was paying so much attention to them was such an ego boost. To boot, he seemed to be a pro, knowing when and where to get a bit rough, and when and where to be gentler.

He rolled over suddenly, pinning her underneath him. Stacy grunted in surprise, and she closed her legs around his hips, pushing down on his ass so his cock sunk deeper. They both groaned with the feeling, and he took hold of her hips. He thrust hard, and kept himself hilted, savoring her depths.

His cock pulled back, and he tilted her hips up, giving himself a better angle. When he pushed back inside, she felt him go even deeper, opening her up like nobody had ever done before. Whimpering at the intense feeling, she grabbed hold of his shoulders, her legs trembling around him. He smiled at her, and leaned down to kiss her. As he claimed her mouth, he began to move, steadily driving into her clutching wetness. Stacy was overwhelmed; his strong tongue easily defeated hers, taking her mouth as his prize, and at the same time his cock fucked her, his pumping hips building up a rhythm. She groaned into his dominant kisses, feeling small underneath this proud stranger.

His mouth broke off hers, traveling down her neck. He paused there, sucking at the flesh there, making her coo as he soothed her heated skin. Stacy bucked her hips, trying to match his thrusts, but his were stronger and fiercer, pummeling her into submission. With every hard lunge into her depths, she could feel rivers of juices trickling from her cunt as it struggled to take the fucking, forced towards orgasm.

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