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Taxi Cab

by pamie69©


Cassie had been working as a maid for Mr. and Mrs. Jantzen going on two months now. She knew both Mrs. and Mrs. Jantzen wanted to ravish her young, hot, sexy body by the nasty, naughty way they looked at her as they watched her bend over or get on all her fours to clean something. Cassie realized it was only a matter of time until the Jantzens would invite her into their bedroom.

One night Mr. and Mrs. Jantzen were out for the evening, and all the other help had the night off. Cassie had the house to herself and she decided to take advantage of the situation by taking a swim in the pool, in the nude.

When she got out of the pool, Cassie relaxed in a lounge chair and sipped on a very old, expensive bottle of wine, which she was sure Mr. and Mrs. Jantzen would never miss. Cassie was down to last glass of the bottle of wine, and feeling very tranquil, and buzzed. She headed towards the house to get another bottle of wine. Cassie was in the wine cellar standing naked, deciding on her next choice of wine. That’s when Mr. and Mrs. Jantzen appeared in the doorway of the wine cellar.

Mrs. Jantzen was first to speak, ”Well Mr. Jantzen, look what we have here, our maid naked. And appearing to be drunk on our wine? What do you suggest we do with this naughty maid of ours Mr. Jantzen?”

”Well my love, I think first of all we should make our bad naughty maid suck my hard, stiff cock,” replied Mr. Jantzen, ”What do you think Cassie, would you like to suck my big, fat cock?”

”Yes I would,” replied Cassie.

Mr. Jantzen and Mrs. Jantzen then entered into room and joined Cassie. They both undressed, and then Mr. Jantzen positioned himself against the wine tasting table, and told Cassie to get on all fours, and crawl over to him. Cassie did as he told her to, and got down on all fours and crawled over to him. First Mr. Jantzen put one of his fingers into Cassie's mouth, that she immediately begun to suck. He then took out the finger and placed his cock to her lips. She licked his cock's head like a lollipop, as her pussy became wet, and her hot pussy juice begin to seep down her legs. Mr. Jantzen then slowly slid his cock into Cassie's awaiting mouth. Cassie felt Mrs. Jantzen’s tongue start to taste and indulge in Cassie's hot, sweet pussy juice from behind. Mrs. Jantzen then kissed and licked Cassie's ass. Then Cassie squealed as Mrs. Jantzen would slap Cassie’s ass.

”Oh yeah Mr. Jantzen. This naughty girl likes to have her cute little ass spanked,” exclaimed Mrs. Jantzen.

”She likes to suck cock too,” Mr. Jantzen added.

Cassie squealed even louder as she came and sprayed Mrs. Jantzen’s face with her come, in addition Mr. Jantzen moaned as he sent his wad down Cassie's throat. Cassie was then ordered by Mrs. Jantzen, who was now sitting on top of the wine tasting table with her legs spread open, to come and satisfy her hot, horny pussy. Cassie's tongue fucked Mrs. Jantzen, as Mr. Jantzen fucked Cassie from behind, first in her pussy, and then in her ass. The three of them came together.

Mrs. Jantzen then asked Cassie if she thought that this had been enough punishment for what Cassie had done.

Cassie answered, ”No I think I deserve to be your sex toy for as long as you both want me to be.”

This brought a smile to both Mr. Jantzen and Mrs. Jantzen’s face.

”Well then if that what you believe you deserve, then that's what you'll get,” said Mrs. Jantzen.

They took Cassie up to their bedroom. In one corner of the room hung a swing, the kind you buy for adult entertainment. Mr. Jantzen inserted a movie into the DVD player; it was a porno tape of men fucking men. Mrs. Jantzen then revealed to Cassie a strap on dildo, that she helped fasten on to Cassie. Cassie knew what was coming next, and it was making her hot and excited. Cassie had never seen a man suck cock and be fucked by one before, but had had fantasies of it. Reality was much better than fantasy Cassie quickly realized, as Mr. Jantzen took the dildo into his mouth and begin to gulp it down. He then positioned himself on the swing with his ass sticking up. Cassie applied warm oil onto his ass, and to the opening of his anus, and then she applied some of the oil to the dildo. Cassie slid the dildo into Mr. Jantzen inch by inch, until he had taken all of the 8" of the dildo. Mr. Jantzen shook his ass when Cassie started sliding the dildo in and out of his asshole and Mrs. Jantzen stroke his dick. Cassie only wished she could have sent the explosion of come that was spraying out of her cunt as she came, into Mr. Jantzen’s ass.

Needless to say, Cassie became the Jantzen’s sex toy, one that they never grew tired of.

Written by: pamie69

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