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Farm Family

by hammertime©

“I just happen to be working late today. I think I will join you weather you like it or not. I’m sure Mr. John would be interested in knowing just what his son is doing with his wife and daughter. Looks like you have two women and since I don’t have one I think you should share. He quickly stripped and dove in the pool.

Don would have liked to stop him but he knew that he wasn’t man enough to physically stop him and if he did tell his father then he was going to catch hell. When he looked at his mother and sister they didn’t look like they were going to object. Both were now standing in shallow water where their cunts and tits could be seen by all.

Ty moved up to Mary. He was close enough that her tits were touching his chest. “Well mother are you going to welcome me or shall your daughter?”

Mary knew that this was what she had been hoping would happen. There was no way she was about to turn him away. She put her arms around his neck and drew his face down to kiss him. Don couldn’t believe his mother was willing kissing the black man. He was even more surprised when Donna moves next to them and he stopped kissing Mary and turned to her. Ty buried his tongue in Donna’s mouth while he was squeezing Mary’s tits.

Ty broke the kissed and looked over at Don. “Looks like the ladies are ready to play. You better come get you one while you can. I don’t know if I can handle both at the same time.”

Don knew when he was beat. He moved to his mother and pulled her to him. He started kissing her. Mary didn’t mind which man was with her she just wanted to be touched all over and feel a hard cock deep in her cunt.

Donna preferred her brother but she wasn’t going to turn down Ty. She moved back to him. “It looks like it will be us two.”

Always before the three of them had used the pool as a preliminary to sex. Tonight the sex was taking place in the pool. Ty had picked up Donna and let her down on his hard cock. It buried in her cunt up to his balls. Her legs were wrapped his waist as he stood in the middle of the pool and worked her up and down on his cock.

Don moved to the side of the pool and sat Mary on the edge. He spread her legs and went to work eating her cunt. In no time at all both women were cumin.

When Mary finished she moved to the lounge chair and Don left the water and covered her with his body. His cock was hard and ready as he took his time plunging his cock in his mother’s cunt. Soon they were both ready to cum again.

While they had been busy fucking, Ty and Donna were going at it them selves. She was on the edge of the pool and he was standing between her legs, ramming his cock in and out her young white cunt. He was surprised how much she felt like her mother as his cock worked in her.

After they all had at least one good climax they horsed around a while before they decided to go in the house. Without asking who was going with each other he took Mary’s arm and let her to the house and her bedroom. Don and Donna watched them go before going to her room. Now that everything was out in the open there was no use closing doors or slipping around. At least until John came home.

Once in her bedroom Mary was all over him. Seeing him fucking her daughter made her want him even more. Still naked she pulled him down on the bed with her. “I’m glad we can finally fuck without hiding. They wouldn’t dare tell their father and let him find out about them. Now we can be together anytime without worrying.” Mary knew that Ty could give her what she needed. So could John and Don, but John wasn't home, and Don had to split his time between two horny women. They spent the night in her bed for the first time since they first started screwing around. By morning Mary’s cunt had been well fucked. She had a hard time getting up to cook breakfast.

Donna met her in the kitchen. Both men were still fast asleep. “Mom, I didn’t know you had a thing for black men.”

“ I don’t necessarily have a thing for black men. I just have a thing for men. When your father was home he was all I needed. I’m just not one of those women that can take it or leave it. I have to have sex on a regular basis. I think you of all people could understand that. Here you have been sleeping with your brother all this time. Since I don’t have to worry about you and your brother telling your father I can tell you the rest of the story. Ty and I have been fucking each time we had the opportunity since you went to orientation. Where I am sure you and your brother took the opportunity to do the same.”

“I have to confess that Ty and I have already been together before to night. In fact, It was my idea for Ty to join us last night. It worked out just like I thought it would. You and I needed another man in the mix. As much as I love my brother, he wasn’t going to be able to keep up with both of us. Now we all can have fun until we leave for college, then you can have Ty all to yourself until dad comes home.”

For the rest of the summer it was one orgy after another. Without having to hide and sneak around there was always two, three, or all four engaged in some form of sex. It was lucky that it didn’t take much time to look after the farm. More time was spent in bed or hay barn than on work. When the time came for Don and Donna to leave for school it wasn’t unusual for them to go all day and never get dressed. Neither the guy’s nor women seemed to get enough.

Ty spent nearly every night in her bed. Both were fully satisfied by the other. The kids would come home every other week or so. When they did the couples all ways swaped partners for the weekend. The Thanksgiving holidays and then Christmas were opportunities for the four to be together. They no longer went to their own rooms when they fucked. Watching each other was such a turn on that often they ended up in the same bed.

During Spring break they had their last big fling together. This was going to be the last time to be together before John was to come home. All week, long it was one orgy after another. Each knew that the fun they had been enjoying was coming to an end. Don and Donna would still be living together and continue to sleep with each other. Don may still have a few times when he could fuck his mother, but Ty would now be out of the mix.

Mary had made up her mind, before she fucked Ty the first time that it would stop when John came home. As hard as it would be to give up what they had together she made it plain to Ty that it was over. He didn’t like it much but he figured if he kept his mouth shut and stayed in the background that she wouldn’t be able to stop seeing him completely. They spent the last night before John came home together. The sex that night was the best since the first time for both of them. He did everything he could to make sure that when she wanted something special she would know where to come.

John arrived right on time. Even with the amount of sex she had been having she was still glad to see him. That night they spent the night making up for lost time. To her he was just as good as he always had been. She hadn’t fucked Don and Ty because John wasn’t good. She fucked them because he wasn’t available. She didn’t feel any real guilt for cheating on him. It was something she just had to have.

John was glad to be home. The place had been kept up good while he was gone. He thanked Ty for doing such a good job and taking care of his wife and kids. He didn’t know just how good a job he did with them. He was soon back in the routine of every day work. Mary was about to finish up the school year, and the kids would be home from college soon for the summer. They had wanted to stay and go to summer school but he insisted that they come home for the summer. He wanted the opportunity to be with them after being gone the whole year before.

Mary had been faithful to him ever since he came back. She ran into Ty a few times at the barn when John wasn’t around. Ty wanted her to give in and have sex with him. As much as she wanted to, she stuck to her vow to behave. She wondered what Don and Donna would do with John around all the time. She knew why they wanted to stay at school. She knew that she would have a hard time keeping Don under control at the same time.

Summer came, the weather was hot and once again the pool was put to good use. No more skinny-dipping for the three of them. The horsing around was toned down from last year. Don and Donna were still sleeping together, but with their door locked. No more running around the house naked looking for a place to try something new. In general it was turning out to be a boring summer.

Donna came to Mary one day. “Mom, we need to do something to dad. He needs to loosen up. What do you think about trying to get him into skinny-dipping? We use to do it some before he left. Maybe we can interest him in a little fun that way.”

Mary had come to the same conclusion. The freedom of last year had made the summer fun. If she could only get John to go along with it she knew that he would enjoy seeing his daughter naked. John wasn’t a prude; he just wasn’t comfortable naked in front of his kids especially Donna. He couldn’t help being turned on each time he looked at her. She was a real beauty; just like her mother had been at that age. He was ashamed that she could make him feel that way. Fathers just weren’t supposed to feel that way about their daughters.

It was Friday afternoon and they had grilled steaks out by the pool. The heat from the day was still with them. They had been swimming before dinner and were back in the pool to cool off. Suddenly Donna said, “Why don’t we skinny dip like we did before? Come on dad you use to do it every now and then, it was fun.”

John said, “I don’t know if that is such a good idea. You are older now and besides, it’s not dark yet.”

She wasn’t going to let him off that easy. “That will make it more fun. Anyway, I see Don at home a lot so it will be nothing new. Just think how much fun it will be to swim around without these tight swimsuits.”

John looked to Mary for help. He didn’t get any help from her. She said, “We did it a few times last summer while you were gone. The three of us enjoyed it.”

John knew that it was left up to him. He wasn’t against it, he just knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep from getting hard. The thought of seeing his beautiful daughter naked was what made him finally give in. “Ok, but we need to wait until dark.”

Donna spoke up, “We didn’t wait until dark last year. Come on dad, if you are shy I’ll go first. “ With that she pulled her bikini top off and pushed her bottoms down her long legs. She then kicked them at her father who caught them. She didn’t turn away, just stood before him naked. He could not take his eyes from her body. He had seen her when she was younger but now she was a full grown women. Her tits were standing high on her chest. Her nipples were excited from undressing before her father. She let him look several seconds that seemed like forever to him.

She walked over to him. “Now it’s your time.” She caught his suit by the waist and pushed it down his thighs. His cock was rock hard and before he could stop her she reached her hand inside and lifted up his cock so his suit could drop to the pool deck. He was starting to turn red with embarrassment. He couldn’t bring himself to remove her hand from him. “Is this the reason you didn’t want to skinny dip? Don’t be embarrassed. I would think something was wrong if you didn’t have a hard cock. Look over at Don. His cock is just as hard.

He looked at Don like she said. What he saw make his cock jump in her hands. Mary was naked and had pulled Don’s suit off. She had both hands on his cock and he was playing with her tits. The scene was so erotic that he started cumin in his daughter’s hands. He couldn’t stop and Donna started working her hands up and down on his cock. She dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth just as the first shot exploded from it. She sucked him dry before letting go of him. Mary was having the same effect on Don. They were just slightly behind John and Donna when he shot his load deep down her throat.

John’s cock never lost it firmness when Donna led him to the lounge chair. She pushed him down on his back. His cock was sticking straight up as she lowered her wet cunt down on him. Her hot cunt enveloped his cock as she lowered herself down until she was resting against his body. Her feet were on the deck as she raised and lowered her cunt over her father’s cock. John realized that a fantasy that he had always tried to keep hidden was now coming to a head. He was fucking his precious daughter’s cunt.

Donna rode him slowly so she could feel his cock rubbing the inside walls of her cunt. She was glad that she had taken matters into her own hand. Now once again she had two men at her disposal. Maybe three if some how she could get her father to include Ty. She leaned down where tits were touching the curly hair on his chest. She moved her lips to his mouth. She had kissed her father many times before, even on the lips, but this time she kissed him like a lover would. Her tongue went in his open mouth.

John couldn’t believe how good it felt to have his daughter working her tongue in his mouth. He in return gave her the same treatment. Her cunt never stopped moving over his cock all the time they kissed. He could feel his cum building up in his balls. “Baby, I’m about to cum. Do I need to pull out?”

“No, I want to feel your hot cum filling my cunt. She broke the kiss and sat back up on his cock. She brought his hands to her tits. “Squeeze my tits as we cum.” He rubbed her nipples through his fingertips as they both started to climax. His cum shot into his young daughter’s cunt just as her juices ran down his cock to mix in their hair.

When they finally finished cumin she collapsed upon her father. She, along with him was totally exhausted. He held her tight against his body. He relished the feel of her firm young body, still with his cock embedded in it, lying on him. He would be perfectly happy to never have to move.

Donna telling him to look brought him back to the world. He looked over at Mary and Don. She was on the lounge and he had her legs wrapped around his neck. He was fucking his mother as fast as his hips could move. It was easy to tell that she loved every stroke he gave her, and that she was only a second away from cumin.

Another fantasy John had was seeing his wife being fucked by another man. He had never pictured her with her son but the sight brought his cock to another hard. Donna immediately took advantage off it. As John watched his wife and son complete their climax he shot again into the hot slick cunt of his beautiful daughter.

After they finished that time they all separated and took to the pool to cool off. The night included another round of love making between John and his daughter and Mary and her son. When they were too tired to continue they called it a night. John leading Mary by the hand to their bedroom, and Don and Donna to theirs. No more were they going to sleep in separate rooms.

Mary wondered just how she was going to tell John how all this got started. She finally made up her mind to tell him the truth. Well, she might save the part about Ty until later.

No sooner had the door shut before he was asking her questions. She told him about catching the kids and why they wanted to live together at school. Now they had tried skinny-dipping and found that they all liked it. How one thing led to another and she ended up in Don’s bed.

“You mean that Don has been keeping both of you satisfied? What do you do when they are at school?

“I am going to tell you everything. Don’t get upset at the kids. While I was watching Don and Donna it made me so hot that I just had to have some relief. While they were gone to orientation I worked all day with Ty. I couldn’t take my eyes from him. I finally seduced him to fuck me. He refused at first but I kept insisting until he gave in. He didn’t want to hurt you. To make a long story short it wasn’t long before I was in bed with Don and Donna was with Ty. We stayed that way for the rest of the summer. When they went to school it was just Ty and myself. It’s been that way until you came back. I told Ty that it was over as soon as you came home. I haven’t been with him since.” Mary figured it was better to blame her self than Ty. She had no idea what John might do to him.

She shouldn’t have worried. John’s cock was once again hard from hearing about her fucking the black man. He rolled his wife over and plunged his now hard cock deep in her cunt. The thought that he was fucking her cunt where her son and black lover had been before drove him over the edge. His cum shot deep into her womb making her cum once again.

There was a lot Mary didn’t know about John when it came to sex. He had always had fantasies but he didn’t tell her because he didn’t think that there was ever a possibility of any of them coming to pass. He had always wanted to see her have sex with another man. If possible a black man. He would have thoughts about Donna, as she grew older. To rationalized his thinking he would think of Mary being with her son. Now it looked to him like everything he had ever thought about had come to pass. He only needed to see her with Ty to make it complete. Another thing she didn’t know, and he had no intentions of telling, was that he had lived with a woman most of the time he was gone. She was a young woman with a husband and child back home. When it came time to leave, she went home to her family and he came home to his.

Nothing was ever said about Ty, and Mary didn’t bring it up again. She wondered what John was thinking, but if he wanted to forget it then she was willing. They continued with the kids. Some nights Donna and her father spent the night together while She was with Don. Other times they made love with all four in the same room. Mary liked to fuck John while watching Don and Donna going at it across the room. When John was with his daughter he watched as his son fucked his mother. It was turn on that he could never get enough of.

Summer ended and the kids were back at school. Now it was just John and Mary alone. The sex was still good but not like when the kids were home. On the weekend trips home they swapped around and the sex was good again. They were looking forward when the holidays would give them time for continued sex.

Ty still would try to get Mary to meet him, but she refused. As much as she would have liked to have him wrapped between her thighs she was not going to tempt John with that. He knew about them, if he chose to let it go then so would she.

John had been trying to come up with the best way to let Mary know that he would like to see them together again. He wanted to watch and also take part. Finally he approached Ty. He told him he knew about them while he was gone, and that he wanted it to continue. He told him to come to the house tonight after they had gone to bed. He would get up and let him in. He was to go to Mary and not take no for an answer.

That night Mary and John were having sex when the doorbell rang. Mary was about to cum and she wanted him to not answer. He said he would get it and be right back. He left the light off as he slipped on a robe and went to the door. Mary heard him open the door and in just a second close it. In another minute he was back in bed with her. She asked who was at the door but by that time his cock was back in her cunt. He fucked her like he had the last time the kids were home. Soon she was cumin and he shot his cum deep in her. Mary eyes were shut but she heard the light by the bed switch on. When she could open her eyes the first thing she saw was Ty lying over her grinning.

John switched on the light as they were climaxing. He wanted to witness Ty cumin in his wife’s cunt. His cock was hard as he stroked it while watching them finish. He told Ty to move over and he climbed between her legs. Her cunt was full of Ty’s hot cum so he had no trouble at all sinking his cock to his balls in her.

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