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Sexy Mom, Horny Daughter

by Tawny T©

She looked at my pussy. "Oohhh, baby, what a beautiful pussy. So young and so sweet. I know Patty loves to slip her tongue inside you. I'd love to watch her eat my Baby's pussy. Relax and let me make love to my Sweet Precious Daughter."

I pulled my thighs wider still for her, my own Mother, spreading my pussy wide. I could feel the cool air on my wet spread flesh. She leaned forward and kissed my spread pussy lightly, gently. I cried out feeling her lips there. She moved downward and I felt her lips brush my back hole lightly. Her tongue flicked out and ran around it. The first time anyone had ever done that to me. I almost fainted. Another light probing touch, then she moved upward slightly and slipped her tongue lightly into my pussy, flicking it before moving it slowly and deliberately upward, spreading and making my inner lips open up for her. She licked again starting at the bottom, her tongue slipping a little further inside me. Her lips met my pussy flesh and I felt the slight suction as she sucked my juices out.

She moaned sliding her tongue a little deeper, then sucked again. Her hot lips covered my pussy, her talented tongue slid into my body. I gasped and my body felt as if it would explode as she slid her tongue in and out of my sex. Patty had done that, but never had I felt this kind of excitement, this much pure lust. A soft finger pad found my clit and began to softly and gently roll it around in little circles, almost exactly the way I did it when I masturbated. Hers was a knowing expert touch, so unlike Patty's rather clumsy fingers.

Mom's lips covered my pussy, her tongue slid in and out of me, while her lips sucked my juices out. I ran my hands through her hair, loving the touch of it running through my fingers. Her finger was moving faster and faster over my clit, driving me upward to a climax. I shut my eyes and just let my body just feel. Feel the fantastic lovemaking Mom was doing to my body.

My body began to shake and tremble as a rushing sensation built up inside me and flowed through my body. I screamed out as my climax tore through my body, lighting fires I had never felt before. My fingernails dug into Mom's scalp, as her finger became a blur as it stroked my clit. Her tongue slid deeply inside me and her lips sucked my juices out. I wondered fleetingly how much juice my overwhelmed pussy was producing. Patty had commented a number of times how juicy I was when I climaxed.

Mom's lips sucked harder, her tongue probed and her finger stroked my clit till I screamed out again and again, my body bowed upward, going rigid under her expert ministrations. My hips thrust upward toward her mouth. I caught my legs and pulled them harder up against my breasts spreading myself as wide as I possibly could. Her face burrowed against me, sucking, and tongue fucking her Daughter's spread pussy.

I came over and over, my Mother's expert manipulations of me taking me from one peak to another. Finally I gave a cry of almost agony as a fantastic climax ripped through my body and I pushed feebly against my Mother's head. She stopped her erotic lapping and slowly licked my pussy, tasting the last of my juices from my swollen and thoroughly satiated sex.

She stayed there for a long time licking my pussy gently, pulling a little here with her knowing fingers, and probing gently there. I looked down and saw her looking at my pussy, as if memorizing every fold and furrow. She looked up at me and grinned.

"You have an absolutely gorgeous pussy, my Darling Daughter. I love looking at a woman's pussy, and yours is beautiful, and so tasty too. You are delicious." She said as she gave it one soft kiss, then moved up to pull me into her arms and cradle me against her erotic body. We just hugged and kissed softly for a long time with no attempt to excite each other. It felt so wonderful to have her hold me against her hot sensuous body. I stroked her breasts, body, and face kissing her back gently.

"When you came just now, your sweet pussy gushed out your juices. It's been a while since I had a woman do that. I love to taste your pussy juices, and yours were copious." She said smiling at me.

"Copious?" I laughed. "I'll have to remember that. 'Copious.' I like that. Patty has said I seemed to be 'very juicy', but 'copious?'" I laughed out loud. "I hope it tasted good!"

"Darling, it was delicious, the sweetest, from the sweetest cup in the world, my own precious Daughter's pussy. I loved every drop of it, and there was quite a bit of it too!" She chuckled.

I grew serious for a moment. "This doesn't bother that we are Mother and Daughter? Incest? That kind of thing?"

"Honey, you are a grown young lady who knows what she wants. I didn't force you in any way. It was of your own volition. I know 'morally' and 'legally' it is frowned upon, and even against the law, but we are both old enough to make up our own minds. It's no one's business that we want to make love. You made the first move kissing and sucking my clit – and very well done too! So it was your decision and I have no problem with it. You and Patty making love together is against the law too, but you are both old enough to know your own minds. No, I have no problems with it. Do you have any regrets?" She asked seriously.

I leaned over and gave her a kiss, slipping my tongue inside her mouth and reached over and cupped her breast and stroked it. It didn't bother me in the least. I found out with Patty that I liked to make love to another woman. Mom was a very experienced woman and so dam sexy too.

She had a pretty rough life after Dad died, and I didn't think she had a man in her life. Now I found out she had women in it. I was now one of those women. I stroked her full soft breast. Damn they were sexy! I bent my head and sucked her nipple again. It tasted so good. I kissed and sucked her nipple till it was harder and more erect. I took it in my fingers and pulled it and rolled it, making it longer and longer. God, I had never seen one this long before. The thought came to mind of my putting my pussy over, around her hard long nipple, using her tit to fuck myself. I spent a long time going from one nipple to the other sucking and licking them, biting them gently with my teeth. Mom loved it.

We were both getting hotter as I made love to her breasts. "Damn, you are getting me hot again. Turn around, I want to kiss those sweet breasts of yours while you kiss mine."

I grinned as I got above her on hands and knees. Patty and I had made love in a 69 many times, now I was going to make love to my Mother in a 69 too. The thought was so exciting I felt faint just from having it come to mind. I turned in the big bed and kissed her lips for a minute then moved down to suck those large nipples again.

She caught my breasts and moved her mouth to kiss them. They are apple sized, and pear shaped, the areolas bulging rounded cones set on the end, the nipples small, but now hard and erect. Her lips covered one tip and she sucked on it. I moaned it felt so good. Her touch was so different from Patty's, so soft and knowing. She sucked it and her tongue moved around and around the nipple. It made my whole body so hot. I sucked her nipples going from one to the other, back and forth.

Her hands squeezed and stroked my breasts molding them, making them swell still more. She was good. I sucked her nipples and licked her full breasts. I loved the velvet smoothness of her areolas. They tasted so sweet. I wondered how they would taste if there were milk flowing from them while I sucked on them. Geeze, what a clit stiffening thought!

Slowly I began to kiss downward, over her soft stomach, I looked further down and saw her pussy waiting for me. Beneath me she was kissing my belly as I moved downward. Her pussy smell was like an aphrodisiac to me. I wanted more of it. I had tasted it a little; now I could really explore it, revel in it.

I remembered the first time I had kissed Patty's sweet pussy I was very hesitant. I kissed hers first, made the first move, she was delicious and I was hooked. She almost had to pry my face away from her pussy; I made her cum so many times. I couldn't get enough of her delicious pussy.

I kissed Mom's soft smooth stomach, inching my way down. I nuzzled the soft pubic hair; she kept it rather short, in an inverted pyramid. Below she was clean-shaven. I felt her arms go between my thighs spreading them wide. I shifted my weight spreading my legs so she could slip her arms through my legs, giving her free access to my pussy, letting my Mother eat my pussy. I kissed lower, letting her position my hips, knowing she was looking up at my spread pussy, knowing it was wet, open for her, dripping for her.

She spread her thighs wide for me and I looked at her wet open pussy. It was beautiful, open and waiting for me. I licked her thighs for a moment, but could not resist her wet reddish flesh. I licked up and down the liquid opening, tasting her. I heard her sigh as I did. Her tongue made contact with my pussy and I gasped. I opened my lips wide and covered her pussy and stuck my tongue into her as deeply as I could. Her rich juices flowed into my mouth. I pushed my face down against her pussy and rooted my face into her, pressing downward against her delicious sensual flesh. Her excited odors enveloped me and made my head swim. Her tongue was playing over my pussy and I felt a wet finger circle my ass and press against my back hole. I loved having that done to me.

I parted her pussy lips wide with my fingers catching her full, swollen inner lips and pulled them outward. I pushed my tongue as deeply inside her as I could and sucked hard. Her juices flowed over my tongue and I moaned they tasted so delicious.

Her finger slid inside my ass, wiggling inside me. I loved it. I moved my head a little and pulled upward on her inner lips. Her large swollen clit was hard and waiting for my lips. I encircled it and sucked on it. Mom groaned out loud against my pussy. I loved the feel of it between my lips. I alternated sucking on it, in and out, over and over. It was like sucking a small cock.

Mom began to moan and her body wiggled around. I was really getting to her. I licked her clit while I sucked on it. It was so large. I wished mine were as large. Mine is just slightly smaller around than a pencil, and the exposed head is a little over a quarter inch long. It was my turn to gasp as Mom's lips sucked on my clit and her tongue flicked over the tip like a vibrator. Her tongue was really a wonder. I had never felt anything like it before. Maybe I could teach Patty to do that.

We lay together, me on top of Mom, lying on her soft erotic body, face buried in her now dripping pussy. I slid a couple of fingers up inside her pussy, she was rather loose and I put another and another till I had all four inside her. I pressed inward and my fingers slipped into her velvet sex. I wiggled my hand in and out and pressed my fingers deeper inside her. Her pussy was tight around my hand but I pressed firmly against her body.

She hunched her hips upward urging me on. I began to fuck her with my hand while I sucked that fantastic clit. She gasped against my pussy. I pressed firmly against her body and tucked my thumb inside my fingers. I pushed and she thrust hard against my hand. I began to fuck her hard and fast while my lips sucked her clit. My hand began to slide deeper inside her. I wanted it all the way inside her. I had heard of fisting and now wanted to try it on my own Mother.

She raised her mouth a little and moaned, "Yes, Baby, fist fuck me, you can do it, push it in me. Fuck my pussy, I can take it, fuck my pussy, Baby! Push harder! Yessss!"

I pushed in and out turning my wrist slowly. Her pussy was dripping, and slick with her juices. I sucked and tongued her clit and kept pressing harder against her. Her pussy opened little by little till finally my hand slid inside her pussy, and I had my hand inside her body. I tucked my fingers inside my fist to keep from scratching her with my nails. I slid my fist inside her, her pussy riding up my wrist. I rolled my clinched fist around and around inside her touching all sides of it. I could feel her firm cervix against my hand. I was fist fucking my Mother!

She sobbed and cried out, her cries muffled by my pussy as she ate me. Her tongue fucked me and her finger slid deep in my ass. I had never felt anything like it in my short life. Her lips and tongue were magic at my pussy. My body began to tremble and shake as my climax neared. I thrust my hand inside her hard, turning my wrist and making my fist pump inside her body. She screamed out against my pussy as her climax came too. I felt her pussy spasm and closed around my wrist almost painfully.

My body exploded as she ate me and her mouth covered my pussy. I cried out against her pussy and tried to keep sucking her huge clit, sucking it as hard as I could while I made my fist pump and roll inside her. We rolled and tossed together, me atop her fantastic body. We screamed and cried together as we drove each other to climax after climax.

I don't know how many climaxes we each had, but they seem to go from one to the next almost nonstop, till we were exhausted and lay gasping for breath. I pulled my hand slowly and carefully from her pussy and watched fascinated as it began to close up.

I could see deep inside her reddened pussy. Slowly her vagina opening shrunk. I put my mouth over it and slid my tongue inside her as deeply as I could. I sucked and her sweet pussy juices flowed into my mouth. I couldn't seem to get enough of them. I kept sucking gently till her pussy had closed back to normal. I licked her gently, my face buried against her wet flesh. She held me against her body and rocked me back and forth. Her tongue licked my spread pussy gently and softly. Finally we caught our breaths and I turned in the bed and we kissed, both our faces wet with pussy juices.

We slid our wet lips together sensuously enjoying the fantastic odors and tastes of excited pussy juices that coated our lips and much of our faces. We laughed as we licked each other's faces like two big cats. I cupped her large full breasts lifting them and feeling their heavy weight.

"That was fantastic, Mom. I have made love with Patty, but she is nothing like you. What that gal has to learn." I kissed her lips softly. "Maybe I could bring her over and let her learn from an expert."

"Hon, that would be wonderful, but I don't think so. Her mother would kill me if she found out." She said with a frown.

"Maybe not Mom. I swore I would never tell another soul, but can you keep a secret?" I asked smiling wickedly.

"Cross my heart and hope to die." My lovely Mother said crossing her full breast playfully.

"I found out that Patty and her Mom have made it together. This just happened recently. Her Mom drinks a lot, and got really drunk one night while her Dad was away, and Patty went in and made love to her. She didn't put up much of a fight. Her Mom seemed to really like it and ate Patty a couple of times. They even made love a couple of times after her Mom had sobered up. She had never made love to another woman before. Her Mom doesn't know Patty and I make it. She swore Patty to secrecy. Their 'secret.'"

"Well, Lovely Daughter of mine. It's obvious Patty isn't a really adept lover, and needs some lessons. I think we need to remedy that. I know Nelda, Patty's Mom. We went to school together. She was always a little goody two-shoes gal. I really think that you and I can bring Patty into our fold, and later we could conspire to catch Patty and her Mom together making love.

"I think we can arrange that, don't you? Nelda is a very beautiful woman, and I have always wanted to make love to her. I think that with Patty on our side, we can make this work. Think so, Sexy Daughter of mine?" She asked with a wicked smile on her face.

I looked at her, my very sexy, full figured Mom, and tried to picture her and Nelda, the "Ice Goddess", as Patty calls her, in each others arms locked in a lascivious 69. I laughed out loud and hugged my Mom to me hard. I told her what I had been thinking.

We lay on the bed, bodies twined together, naked, sexy Mom and horny Daughter, laughing and laughing at that thought. We began to whisper, and giggle - making plans.

Written by: Tawny T

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