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Sibling Seduction Ch. 28

by SIB-Factor©

Jeff watched her as she turned around and pulled the sliding door shut, his eyes on her pale, skinny ass. It shook with the movement. She turned around, reaching behind her and undoing her bikini top and pulling it off. It didn't reveal anything new, she was already practically naked. There was something to be said about walking around the house naked with your hot sister.

Amy's eyes trailed down her brother's body to his cock that was dangling between his legs and her pussy tingled again. The little minx walked over to him, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him. 'Smack'

"Do you feel like having a shower?" she asked, coyly. She could feel her brother's cum begin to leak out of her vagina.

"Yes!" he replied, smiling. She could feel movement against her belly.

"Okay, I just have to pee first!" she said, breaking apart. The two went up the stairs, his eyes directly on her little ass as she led the way. Fuck! How many times does he have to fuck Amy before he stops wanting her so badly? His gaze was locked on her creamy white ass as she walked in front of him. He was inside that ass! His tongue was in that asshole!

In the bathroom, Jeff watched as she bent over in front of him and turned on the shower. Looking at her ass yet again, his cock grew to near full hardness. He quickly stood behind his baby sister and placed his cock at the sopping wet entrance to her pussy, just beneath that ass. Amy was caught off guard as, within a matter of a second, she felt a cock press against her vagina and then slip inside.

"Ohhhhh..." she sighed, closing her eyes as she felt a hard penis ease into her tightness halfway. Jeff could not control himself. Grabbing the sides of her bum, he pulled back a bit. Then he rammed his groin forward, slamming his long organ all the way inside her hard. "UNH!" she cried, happily. Bolts of pleasure fired up her body at the sensation. He loved how her ass cheeks looked when they rippled upon impact. Holding her waist tightly, he began to fuck her hard from behind, right there in their parents' bathroom. 'Slap slap slap slap' he was watching those cheeks shake every time he slammed against them.

"Ohh! Unh! Ohh God! Unh!" she moaned, loving every second of this. In the back of her mind, she knew that she had to go pee, but her big brother was fucking her so hard she didn't want it to stop. 'SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP' he was ramming against her little ass, almost knocking her into the tub with his force.

"Unh! UNH! Oh Fuck!" Amy whined, her brother's fat manhood driving deep inside her treasure from behind. She loved how his penis felt gliding along the walls of her sensitive cunt. She loved feeling his groin smacking against her bum, and how his strong hands held her waist tightly, keeping her in place as he had his way with her. She was caught off guard when she suddenly felt his pole slide out of her body.

Amy stood up, stepping into the tub as she turned to him. She was breathing heavily, heart pounding as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Her tongue darted into his mouth and he could sense the urgency in her kiss as he stepped into the tub to join her. His hands slid down her back to her soft ass, squeezing the wet skin as the shower poured down on them.

She was conscious of his rock hard pole pressing against her belly. She also was made aware of how full her bladder was. She had to go badly, but was too turned on to stop this kiss! Her tongue went far into his mouth, exploring it in its entirety. He broke the kiss, and Amy looked at him erotically, smiling. She arched her head back and soaked her hair, and when she straightened out again it was slicked back sexily. He kissed her mouth. 'Smack' their lips kissed softly. Jeff kissed her neck, his hand trailing down her belly to her bush. He ran his fingers through the curls of his baby sister's bush until they found the sopping wet folds of her pussy.

"Ohhh..." Amy sighed, her hands running through his hair. "I have to go pee." She was smiling. She desperately wanted this to continue but she really had to go! Tingles shot up her body as she felt his fingers rub her clitoris. His mouth was kissing down her chest.

He sucked a nipple into his mouth, his tongue teasing over it. He dipped a finger into her snug, steamy hole, slowly easing it all the way into her. "Ohhhhh..." she moaned softly. She looked down and watched her brother pull her nipple outwards with his mouth. She was writhing her crotch against his hand, panting. She was barely holding in her pee!

"Jeff," she gasped, "I seriously have to go!" The shower continued to pour down on her as he released her nipple and sunk to his knees, kissing her belly on the way down. He wanted to let her go to the bathroom, but he wanted to taste her again. A part of him was becoming aroused at the thought of Amy urinating! His tongue slid into her belly button, circling inside it.

"Ohhhh...God Jeff I can't hold it much longer!" She begged. His tongue in her belly button almost made her lose control! He kissed her furry mound, his hands sliding between her legs and up behind her, grabbing her ass cheeks and holding her still. He opened his mouth wide and ate his sister's pussy. He had as much of it in his mouth as he could, his tongue diving between the folds. Her head was arched back, and both of her hands held his head between her legs. His mouth released her pussy lips, and his tongue licked up just inside them until it reached her clit. He loved the taste of her cunt!

"Ohhh fuck!" Amy moaned. Bolts of electricity shot up her body and she nearly pissed right then and there! He pulled his mouth away, and she was gasping for breath above him.

"Okay," she panted, "if you don't let me go pee right now I'm gonna piss all over you!" His cock twitched at her words, and at the sudden thought. What was he thinking? He grabbed her leg and gently raised it, placing a foot on the side of the tub and opening up his sister for him. He was now looking up at her gorgeous pussy. Amy was wondering when her brother would let her go. She was watching him stare at her cunt longingly. Her pink, swollen lips were pressed together tightly. He kissed them, watching them shake when he did so. He placed both thumbs on either side of her pussy and slowly spread her lips apart. Now he was looking at the pink insides of his sister's vagina. He spread them as wide as he could, staring right inside her. He leaned forward and slowly licked from the bottom part of her spread cunt, up to the top. She gasped.

"I gotta GO!" She whined, barely holding on.

"Go." He said, between licks. He couldn't get any harder! Did he just tell his sibling to piss on him? He licked her pussy again, tasting her flavor. Amy lost control, releasing her bladder. He felt hot liquid spray off his lips and cheeks. He pulled back a little, still holding her pussy lips apart. He watched a stream of golden water shoot out from her vagina and hit his chest. It felt hot on his torso, but he was too busy staring at her cunt. Amy's cunt was shooting a steady stream of piss. He bent down and opened his mouth, catching her pee in it. He could taste his baby sister's hot urine as it flowed into his mouth. He thought he would try and swallow some. Just a little bit. He swallowed and a half a mouthful of Amy's pee went down his throat.

Jeff slowly brought his mouth higher until it cupped her entire pussy. Her piss sprayed hard into his mouth, spraying all over his chin and cheeks. He could smell her urine as she continued peeing. The force of the pee began to slow, and it flowed out of her cunt and onto his chest now, dying down. He spit out what was left in his mouth and put his lips back on her pussy as her pissing slowed to a mere trickle.

Amy became incredibly aroused seeing her golden liquid pour down on her brother's face. She couldn't believe what they were doing! When Jeff put his lips on her pussy again, she found herself pushing out the last of her pee. A long squirt. Then a short one. He felt her hot piss spray off his tongue, and he could taste it.

When she squirted the last, short stream of piss out of her vagina it went straight into his mouth and again he drank it, thoroughly turned on. He slid his tongue into her cunt, tasting mostly her pee, with a little bit of her pussy flavor thrown in for good measure.

"Ohhhh..." she sighed, rubbing her crotch in his face. She could still see some of her golden piss being washed down the drain as her brother mowed on her pussy. She could feel a couple last drips of urine inside her and she let them drip out onto his tongue. She had never been so turned on in her life! She was on the edge of cumming.

Amy aggressively pushed Jeff's face away from her pussy, actually pushing him back in the tub. He nearly fell on his back, and when she dropped to her knees and pushed him again, he did. He was lying on his back in the tub as his 18-year-old sister straddled him, the water from the shower pouring down on both of them.

"That was awesome!" she said excitedly before her lips were on his. She could taste a bit of her pee on his mouth and she was actually turned on by it. She kissed him hard, raising her ass in the air and reaching behind her. Her young hand grabbed his cock and raised it up in the air. She pressed her tight little pussy down on it. Her lips parted for the thick head of his cock and she felt him squeeze inside her body. He moaned in her mouth, feeling her tight cunt grip more and more of his manhood. Her tongue swirled far into his mouth, kissing him passionately as she began to raise and drop her crotch on his lap. She began fucking him eagerly at a very fast pace, sliding that big piece of her brother's meat in and out of her needy tunnel.

All Jeff could do was hang for the ride. He had never seen her like this before! She was going nuts, bouncing up and down on his lap faster than ever! His hands slid down the wet skin of her back and latched onto her ass. He squeezed her soft cheeks, helping her slam down with even more force, driving his dick deep into his sister.

"MMMPH! MMMPH! MMPH! UNH! MMPH!" Her muffled moans were so loud they could be heard throughout the house and her orgasm was rising rapidly. "OHHHHHHHGAWD!" she yelled, breaking the kiss as she came. She had now stopped moving, but her brother held her ass tightly and was driving his rock hard pole up into it hard. She was blowing his mind! He could feel her tight little pussy squeezing and releasing his thick member as she came and came and came. He was losing it already!

"I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. Thrills shot up her spine at his words, just as her own orgasm was subsiding.

"Give it to me!" she cried, eagerly. His hands had a death grip on her ass and he was slamming upwards lightening quick, much to her delight. She was looking down at him erotically, panting hard. At that moment, he took a real good look at his little sister. Her dark eyes had a look of ecstasy in them, and her freckles that were across her nose gave her a look of innocence. She kissed him softly on the mouth as he drove his cock into her, and she looked into his eyes.

"Give me your cum, Jeff." Amy whispered, her pussy feeling his manhood invade it over and over. "I want to feel your cum inside me big brother." She began kissing his face all over. He lost it, pulling her skinny ass downward and holding her crotch against him, forcing his penis all the way inside his sibling's vagina.

His cock spasmed, and a thick rope of his hot seed shot deep inside her young cunt.

"Yesss..." she whispered, "I love feeling you shoot your cum in me." She kissed his cheek over and over as his dick jerked inside her, unleashing another thick load of semen into her fertile womb. Amy rubbed her pussy against his groin, milking the sperm out of him as his cock twitched inside her again. He was finally aware of her kissing at his face and he turned, lips finding hers as the last of his cum trickled into her vagina. Their lips smacked loudly as the shower poured down on them.

Written by: SIB-Factor

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