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by hisemerald©

He strolled casually into the parking lot. It was dark and, despite the fact that it was Saturday and there were several bars around, the parking lot was not busy at 10:45. She would be getting off work soon and he wanted to be ready for her. He slipped a small screwdriver from his pocket and knelt by her license plate. He quickly removed the one screw, catching her spare key as it fell to the ground. He replaced the screw and let himself into her car.

In the back seat he took a few other things out of his pocket; a small cloth, folded thick, a tiny bottle, a gag and some lengths of rope. He grinned. She was going to be surprised. He settled himself to wait. Another 10 minutes and her shift would be done.

He must've dozed because the pinging of her remote starter startled him and he almost sat upright. He slouched down further as the locks popped up. "Lazy bitch," he thought. "What's so hard about turning the key?" He tipped the contents of the bottle onto the rag and sat up as she sat in the driver's seat. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear after she inserted the key. "Hello pretty slut." He slammed the cloth over her mouth and nose.

She had two coherent thoughts before the chloroform took over. One was, "What the hell is he doing here?" And the other was, "Chloroform for a kidnapping, how quaint." Then she knew nothing.

She woke to the rhythm of the road. She panicked when she found she couldn't see, then realized she was merely blindfolded. She tested the rest of her body. She was bound with her wrists in front of her and she couldn't even wriggle them loose a little. Moving her legs she found rope wrapped around her ankles, knees and thighs. She found a cloth gag with her tongue and grinned behind it. He had thought of everything. Then she got worried again. This was not how they had discussed it. He wasn't supposed to knock her out.

He checked on her to find her quietly testing the ropes. He chuckled, "there's no point in trying, you're not going to get free. Just go back to sleep." A muffled shriek greeted his remarks and he laughed. But, almost as if her sleep cycle operated at his command, she dropped off again. She awoke with him trying to pull her out of the car. She whimpered a little when her ankles bounced off the doorframe. She gasped and twisted when another pair of hands grabbed her under her knees.

Her kidnapper whispered soothingly in her ear and she leaned against him, trusting him. She was carried into a house and she could hear muffled voices. She was dropped on a cool tile floor. The ropes were removed from her legs and her clothes were cut off. She moaned with despair at that. Those pants were her favourite! Her ankles were restrained again and she discovered it was a spreader bar, probably 18 inches long. Enough to keep her legs apart, short enough to allow her some movement. Her wrists were untied and her blouse and bra cut off too. Her wrists were cuffed loosely with steel cuffs.

Soft hands took over, pulling her across the room. She was lifted into a shower stall and stood in the center. Her hands were lifted and she was suddenly pulled taut upright as her cuffs were hooked into a ceiling. She was on her toes and unable to move. She heard the sounds of running water and those soft hands touched her again. They parted her ass cheeks and a warm slippery gel was massaged into her anus. She gasped and wiggled when a tube was slid up her ass. Warm water flooded her and she moaned. The tube was soon pulled out and a butt plug took its place. The blindfold was removed after soft instructions were given for her to keep her eyes closed. Water cascaded over her body, trickling between her breasts, slipping between her labia and she moaned again.

Her hair was soaked and hands massaged her scalp, working the soap in, cleaning her hair. The shampoo was rinsed out and moisturizer combed in. A soft cloth washed her front, teasing and pinching her nipples, swiping at her clit with no where near enough pressure to do anything but tease her. Her legs and feet were washed then her front was rinsed.

By this time her ass was desperate to release its contents. She was wriggling and blushing. She had no idea what was going to happen when the plug was removed but she was horrified at what they were going to have her do. Sure enough the spray was set so it cascaded down her back.

Those soft fingers probed at her again, even as she heard a soft clink. The plug was brutally yanked from her and she cried as she was forced to endure the mess that gushed from her. The fall of water rinsed it from her body as quickly as it appeared but she was humiliated anyway. Her head dropped forward and her chest and faced burned a bright red. She was checked, rinsed and checked again. A voice said, "she's clean. Finish up, they are waiting and losing patience." She was washed again from shoulders to ankles. Then she was rinsed and patted dry. Vanilla scented oil was rubbed into her skin, every inch of her, and she moaned at the touch. Her hair was brushed roughly and blow-dried a bit to keep it form dripping.

The blind fold was replaced but this time it felt like silk. She wondered what colour it was. The cuffs were removed and her wrists were rebound with the same material. Her nipples, pierced with gold loops in the holes, had a delicate chained clipped to them. The spreader bar was removed and she was led from the bathroom.

The murmuring got louder and she began to understand some of the words. Bits and pieces floated to her ears..."what is taking so long?' " We were promised a treat..." "Better be good..." A throat was cleared and silence descended. She felt soft carpeting beneath her feet and she stood silently, chin lifted slightly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, You were all promised a treat tonight and here she is." She was tugged forward a little. "Allow me to present catie. She is not without her pride, as you can see by the raised chin. She does somehow manage to look defiant, even bound as she is doesn't she?"

catie heard murmurs of ascent before the voice she knew well spoke again. "She has reason, she is, when she wants to be, a slave of the highest caliber. She is very orally talented and has a gift for pleasing. Also she takes pain well and is willing to please her Dominant. The only sticky point is her pride. Do any of you have suggestions as to how we can eliminate that?" She shivered in fear as voices spoke up eagerly.

The most common answer was for her to receive a beating. She thought that enduring the enema would have been enough but no, there was more to come. After all, she supposed, only a couple of people had witnessed that. She hesitated to guess how many people were her but she guess at least 6 Dominants and probably one sub per Dom/me. Finally, someone offered the use of his sub for her punishment.

"donna is adept at the use of spanking instruments. What should we use?" catie gasped in dismay. Bad enough she was to be punished in front of all these people but to have a woman do it! The Dom who spoke smiled, "Look at her, she doesn't like the idea of a woman punishing her!" catie tried to shrink into herself. "I wonder how she would feel if she knew that donna is barely 5 feet and slim as a reed?" catie shuddered as she pictured this slight woman. She was not used to submitting to one who was smaller than herself.

"Can we remove her gag?" Some one else asked. The gag was whipped away from her face and she licked her lips. "mmm nice mouth. You say she is orally talented?"

Her captor said she was, then offered her services, later. "Right now, let's see how she takes a beating shall we?" There was a general agreement and donna was told to do it. The chain attached to catie was grasped firmly and yanked. She winced and stumbled forward a step before gaining her feet. She smelled jasmine and knew that it was someone else who had her now, probably donna. She bit her bottom lip, worrying it for the few steps she was made to take. A hand on her shoulder gave steady pressure, telling her to kneel. catie bent her knees and found that they met a padded bench. She knew where this was going, she was no stranger to a spanking bench. She leaned forward in response to a slight push and met the 'seat' of the bench with her torso. Slim fingers pulled the chain attached to her nipple rings and arranged her body so her breasts were hanging over the side, her arms were outstretched and attached to another piece of furniture and her ass was in the air.

A short pause, a whispered discussion and footsteps made catie wonder what was going on. She felt warm slim fingers play with her hair, trail down her back and over her backside. She tried not to move in response to the gentle stimulation. A chuckle told her she hadn't succeeded in restraining a reaction. Soon footsteps were heard again and a murmured "this one thanks you Sir," made catie tense. She felt soft skin against hers and breath in her ear, "Are you ready, little slut? We're going to start now."

Before catie could answer she felt the air move and a leather paddle crashed into her ass. It was a long one, it stretched across both cheeks and donna wielded it hard. There was no mercy in that first whack. Catie gasped, her skin jumping. Two more like that followed and she didn't know whether to moan or cry. She bit her lip through 5 more before she tasted blood. She wriggled through 2 more.

Then she sighed as a hand swept over her burning skin, taking some of the heat with it. She moaned when those soft fingers trailed over her labia. She was soaked and she knew it. She was embarrassed to have this girl find out too. The spanking restarted. She wriggled and moaned, pushing her ass back for more. Pretty soon she didn't care how wet she got. She was moaning and pushing her ass in the air, begging for more.

The spanking stopped as He spoke up again. "What did I tell you?" He turned her face to display it to the group. "Her face is flushed with excitement. She wants more." He trailed his hand down her back and rubbed her ass gently. "See the redness? The stripes are blending into one. Did any of you notice how rapid the colour change was? She didn't go from pink to red, she went straight to red. And look at this," he slipped a hand to her cunt and parted the lips. "She is soaked. She loved every second of it. Watch..." He slipped a finger deep inside her and brought it back out. She whimpered. He slipped in two, then three. He fucked her slowly, her body moved, tried desperately to get more from him. He pulled his fingers out then slipped one into her ass, using her own juices as lube. Then another, "she is very relaxed, very open and far beyond merely willing. She is craving the attention." He pulled out, smacked her lightly and left her kneeling there.

Her head dropped to her arms and she breathed deeply and slowly for a moment. There was talking around her but she heard it more as a buzz, tuned it out. Plans were being made for her but she was unaware of it.

Suddenly someone grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head up and back. Her mouth opened as she cried out and a cock was shoved in. She moaned and immediately began sucking, her tongue stroking, caressing and lavishing attention on it. The owner of the cock adjusted his grip as he moaned. Fingers wrapped around her head, holding her still as he fucked her face. She kept up to his pace, sucking him deep, flicking her tongue over the head when he was almost out. He was shoving his cock deep down her throat when she felt someone else slam their cock into her cunt. The guy in her mouth yelled "oh fuck!" as she moaned around him and her teeth scraped him a little. He smacked her cheek and growled at her to be more careful. The cock in her cunt was thick and was sliding in and out of her slowly. It was buried till she could feel balls slap against her, then pulled almost all the way out.

This continued for several minutes before something new was added. The chain was removed from her tits and a mouth wrapped itself around one nipple. Teeth bit down, gripping her nipple as the tongue flicked the ring back and forth. It was the last straw. catie hadn't been given permission to cum and had been trying to hold it off but she just couldn't help it anymore. She screamed around the cock and a massive orgasm ripped through her from one end to the other.

Suddenly all the people left her. She whimpered, bereft. She heard a hiss, a sound she recognized as a flogger. She tensed just as it connected with her still sore ass. Blow after blow rained down on her back, ass and thighs. Ten, twelve blows later and she was sobbing, gasping out apologies for her audacity. The blows stopped and she sagged in relief. A hand grabbed her hair and lifted her head, a cock was shoved in her mouth again. It was shoved down her throat, gagging her in one long thrust. Another cock, thick and long, forced it's way into her cunt. Both men fucked her hard for several minutes, she struggled to keep up. The one in her mouth exploded, filling her mouth with cum. She tried desperately to swallow it all but some dribbled out anyway. As he pulled out the guy in her cunt pulled out and forced his way into her ass. She screamed as her muscles were forced to stretch to accommodate him. Her ass burned. He waited for several beats then started long slow strokes.

Fingers grabbed her nipple rings, pulling and twisting. Another hand forced her mouth up and she found a pussy shoved against her face. She stuck her tongue out and licked around. She slid it into the slit and found a sopping wet cunt. She licked eagerly. A scrape and thunk happened. The pussy left her face momentarily and came back. This time far more open for her to lick. She surmised a chair must've been brought for the woman owning the tasty treat. Catie's face was shoved deep into the folds and she went to town with her mouth. She was rewarded with a hot gush of sweet cum. The first woman left and another took her place. Six women sat before her, offering their cunts to her mouth. She pleased them all without fail.

The cock in her ass had exploded and left during the second woman. It had been replaced with others too. She had been well used and was exhausted by the time a bell rang somewhere in the distance. The voices again, this time a chorus of thank-you's and oh my she is good and even a why isn't my slave that well behaved? The voice she knew well chuckled when asked where he had found her. She smiled a secret smile. Only she knew that.

She hung her head, resting, waiting.

Soon soft warm fingers undid her bonds, helped her stand and caught her when she fell. She was lifted and carried to a bath. She slid into the warm waters and sighed with pleasure. She winced as the hot water stung some of the welts. She didn't care. It was all good.

Finally the blindfold was removed. She eyed her captor. He blushed, sank to his knees and leaned his head against the tub. 'Mistress, please tell me You'll forgive my boldness. I wanted merely to fulfill Your fantasy."

She reached out one hot, dripping hand and cupped his chin. She looked into his piercing blue eyes, searching. "You've done well. Thank you My pet. You will be rewarded. Richly."

The slave grinned, the picked up the hose at the end of the tub so he could wash Her hair.

Written by: hisemerald

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