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My New Nudist Friends

by horntreeman©

After my divorce, I began living nude at home, and spent a lot of time online. I browsed nudist sites, swinger sites, and all kinds of porn sites for entertainment, and met a lot of nice people in chat rooms. Eventually, I started chatting to Frank, a local, married nudist.

We chatted regularly on the site and on instant messenger, and eventually we started sharing porn and chatting about it. This went on for several months, always talking about trying to meet one day. I had seen pictures of his wife Amy, and he kept telling me that eventually we would meet.

During one afternoon chat session, he said he had mentioned our chats to her and the possibility of us all hanging out nude. She said she would be ok with it if he met me first, to make sure I was fairly normal. We joked about that for a while, and over the next couple of weeks, things never worked out. Eventually, we figured out that we both needed something from the hardware store, and coordinated our trips to Home Depot. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the red car he had described, and parked next to him, and we met face to face for the first time. He looked at me told me I looked normal to him and we laughed, then walked around the store

I was 43, and Frank was a few years older- early 60s, and a retired firefighter. We decided to get a beer before we left, and drove to a bar nearby. After a beer and talking, he said he would talk to Amy and get me invited over for a skinny dip soon.

The next week, we were chatting and Amy was home, and she asked him to invite me over then and there. I was definitely ready to meet, and got the address and headed over. Frank told me to come to the wooden gate on the side of the house, and to knock on the wooden gate door when I arrived. I parked and went to the gate, and Frank opened it, holding a beer and nude. I looked past him and saw Amy laying on her stomach on a float, and immediately saw her nice ass....II knew I was going to like hanging out with them!

Amy got out of the pool, said hi, and gave me a nice hug. As she grabbed a beer for me, I checked her out more fully, and was definitely happy with what I saw. She was about my age, tan all over, short hair, very nice nipples, and of course, that nice looking ass. Before I knew it, Frank said "Amy, I think he likes you!"I looked down, and my shorts were tight against me!

He winked at me, and she handed me a beer and said I should get comfortable. Of course, I didn't hesitate to get nude, but was a little shy about letting my full erection out. I tried to be discrete, but she told me it wouldn't offend them, and that Frank was hard all the time. After that, I relaxed some, and decided to join them in the pool. We all stood in the shallow end talking, getting to know each other, and drinking a little. It felt awesome to be out in the warm sun, in the pool, and with laid back naked people.

Frank gave me a float after a bit, and he and Amy laid on their floats on their backs. I followed suit, and when I did, my still hard cock was pointing straight up. I noticed them both looking at it, and that, of course, kept me hard!

We floated and talked a bit, taking turns to get out and refresh the drinks. When I got out, I turned from the cooler, and they were both staring at my cock as I walked back to the pool. As I handed Frank his beer, he said "you just never lose that, do you?" I laughed and told him that it was almost constant, and Amy told me to let it breathe- they were enjoying it. We stayed in the pool for an hour or more, then we all decided to sit on the deck to dry out.

Amy was sitting directly across from me, and Frank was to her left. We sat enjoying our drinks, and as we relaxed, we all laid back in our chairs. Amy was much more relaxed, sitting back and giving me a view of her shaved lips. Frank was semi- hard, and every couple of minutes he would reach down and touch his cock slightly- not blatantly, but enough so that I couldn't help but notice.

As we sat there, with them across from me, I was still hard, and Amy looked at my cock, and told me to relieve the tension if I wanted to. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but he was nodding, and semi-hard, while she was laying back openly staring.

I didn't need any more requests...I was hard, and obviously ready for a release. I sat back, and started slowly playing with my cock as they watched, enjoying watching them watching me. It was very erotic, and my cock was rigid in no time. As I sat there, I started playing with my balls, letting the shaft twitch around, and seeing the precum start to form on the head. I noticed that Frank was fully erect now, and Amy was looking at me, then at him, and smiling. I had never jacked off in front of others like that,and I was totally turned on by seeing them watch me.

After about 5 minutes of stroking myself, I told them I was going to cum. Frank sat up to watch, and Amy told me to go for it. I laid back, spread my legs, and started to shoot cum everywhere. It felt soo good, and cum just kept spurting out. It felt like I came for several minutes, but I know it wasn't that long. After my cock finished pulsing, they were both staring at me, and he commented on how much cum I shot. She agreed, and also mentioned how she liked the curve of my cock. I was laying there, covered in cum, looking at her hard nipples and his hard cock, and couldn't believe how aroused I was!

That, of course, was just my first visit. Eventually, I'll write down the next chapter!

Written by: horntreeman

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