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Day Dream

by Nymphadoria©

I'm sitting at my desk as I do everyday mindlessly entering data and wishing I could be someone else, do something else, be somewhere else, or at the very least become the person I am in my fantasies as those are the only things that help me through my day.

They say that men fantasize all day and women not so much, but after 5 years working here I would beg to differ. When you combine a work force full of alpha men, and small windowless office, and mind numbing remedial work your mind tends to wander. Mine does a lot. I'm sure most people here think I'm just a clueless flake too shy to even hold a normal conversation, but in my fantasies I am so much more. I am desired.

My boss walked in and asked if I could ride out to the point with him to survey it for an upcoming project. He wanted someone to take notes and remember the important information, the girl that normally goes was out and I was the only one in the office left that could go. "Sure" I said with way too much enthusiasm eager to jump at the chance to get out for a while. An afternoon with Scott alone, you bet!

Scott is very laid back but he has a dirty mind and loves to push you with it. I enjoy flirting back with him, but I can never take him seriously. He asked me once if I would consider having an affair with him, I'm sure he has asked all the girls in the office this. I told him no, but if he really gave it some effort or I thought he was serious I'd consider it.

I jump into his truck and we head out. It's about 30 minutes to the point and we fill the time with idle chitchat. Just before the main road entering the point, Scott turns off on to a small side road. It's rather hidden and if you didn't know where it was you would just drive past it. "Where we going?" I ask.

"It's just down this road a bit." Scott replied. We drove another 10 minutes deeper into the wooded area. I was just thinking to myself great place to murder someone when Scott turned into a small clearing and stopped. "We're here" he said with a smile. "Grab the black bag behind you".

I got out of the truck and grabbed the said bag, it was heavy and felt like it had lots of different things inside. "What are we doing out here?" I asked meeting him at the back of the truck. He pulled the tailgate down. "We are here to start your instructions." He turned locking me in place with his steely gaze. "What" was all I could say and that came out more as a whisper, Scott had never looked at me that way before. I was so intimated and I felt my sex drive fire up. Why was he looking at me so intensely? It was like he had a switch he just flicked on. Oh good grief, get a grip I thought to myself.

"Uhm," I cleared my throat to bring me back to the task at hand, "what do you need from me?" I turned my eyes to the ground just to avoid looking at him.

"Firstly is to look at me when I speak to you and secondly when you respond to me, call me Sir."

"Excuse me?" I snapped back at him. It's one thing for me to be helpful, but I don't need to be treated like this.

"Don't give me your attitude. I've taken just about enough from you and it's time you learned what you can and can't do to me anymore. I'm going to teach you what it feels like to be around you and be denied by you over and over. You with your little comments, your flirting, your looks, your smell, dam it Jenna you drive me insane and its high time you know just how I feel. I will break you, you will be mine, and you will beg me for it. I brought you here, to the middle of nowhere. No one can hear your screams, no where to run; just you, me, and our little black bag of discipline." He glared down on me and I coward under his gaze. Was he serious? Is this some kind of office prank? My flight or fight senses where screaming at me, but so was my inner sex maniac.

I couldn't speak. I was just staring at him. He stepped closer to me and I involuntarily took a step back. He quickly grabbed my arm and had me pinned down across the truck tailgate before I knew what was happening. He opened the bag, took out some zip ties, and before I could move I was tied to a ring inside the truck bed. "Guess, we need to reaffirm what we are doing here in a way you can better understand." Scott breathed into my ear. I tried pulling free, but to no avail. He started to place items from the bag on the tailgate next to me; a ruler, paddle, rope, a metal bar with cuffs on each end, and a small black box that was closed. I started pulling harder at my bindings. "Scott. Stop this. Let me go. What are you doing? Let me go!" I started yelling, panic setting in.

Scott ran his hand into my hair and inhaled deeply. "I love the way your hair smells and feels so soft. Stop pulling, you will only hurt yourself and though I would love to look at those bruises everyday as a reminder of our time here, I don't want to hurt you there today." I stopped yanking on my bindings and just stared at him. How could he say just the right thing to calm me down? I was still a good bit scared but I knew Scott wasn't going to kill me or harm me permanently. Maybe if I played his game, I could get away. However, my inner sex hoar was dancing and doing cartwheels.

"What do you want from me?" I asked tentatively. This question was answered with a sharp pull of my hair, bordering painful. Scott pressed his lips to my ear and replied, "when you reply to me, address me as Sir. I will not remind you again so nicely."

"Yes, Sir." My voice sounded so shaky, my panties got a little wet. Why was my body betraying me so bad.

"Now, we need to get you a little more exposed. I've waiting a long time, so I will take my time. You are to look at me while I undress you. I will try not to tear anything, but if you look away. I will punish you. Understand?"

"Un huh" I shook my head to indicate a yes. I was still nodding when I felt his hand slap my cheek. It wasn't hard enough to leave a mark, but it got my attention. "Yes, Sir" I answered, glaring at him.

"Yes, that's the look I've grown to admire. That look in your eyes that tells me your all hot and bothered but too prudish to take a leap. I want to see that look melt away from you." He came closer to me, pinning me against the tailgate.

Without leaving eye contact with me, he oh so slowly began unbuttoning my shirt. He let it fall to my tied up hands. He ran his fingers over my skin, tracing my bra. My skin felt like it was on fire. I was getting so worked up. It was like he was looking into my soul. Like he knew I had an inner sex goddess dying to come out and play. He unfastened my bar and it too landing at my bound hands. I was standing there topless, breathless, and wanting.

He moved on to my pants, slowly pealing them off me. Then he ran his fingers along the waistline of my panties, "Your so wet. This makes me happy." He said as he bent to run his nose along my inner thigh. Why this remark made me happy, I don't know, but it felt so good knowing I had pleased him. He pulled my panties off and laid them next to my pants on the tailgate leaving me naked and still tied to the truck.

"Your nipples are so hard and your pussy so wet. Your body betrays you." He says before moving back to take in the sight of me. He was right. I didn't want to be here, but I was so turned on. He began to run his hands all over me. Feeling my breast, grabbing my ass, cupping my pussy. I was breathing heavily and wanted him to release my tension. Then he stopped. Leaving me wanting. He leaned over and grabbed the bar thing, bending down, he attached it to my ankles and pulłed the bar out. My legs were spread open wide. I could feel the air cool down there.

"I know your wanting, I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it on your nipples. I can smell it on your pussy. Now you get to know how you make me feel everyday I'm around you." He grabbed the rope from the bag and wrapped it around my wrist then around a ring attached to the back of the truck bed. This left me face down on the bed of the truck from the waist up with my feet on the ground bent over. My ass exposed to him and my legs spread far apart.

"Wait what are you doing?" He had fixed me like this so fast. It didn't even register until I was compromised. Smack! His hand came down on my ass cheek. "Sir" I yelped. He rubbed my cheek. "I told you, I want you to beg for me to fuck you. I want you so worked up that you would hump my truck for release. Shame this tailgate is just high enough that your pussy just dangles out of reach. No friction for you." He picked up the paddle and knocked it on the bed so I could hear.

"Five years I've had to wait. How long before you beg me?" He proceeded to land several striking blows on my ass. I yelled, I screamed, I cried. The desire to fuck building up with each smack. After about 20 strikes, he leaned over to lick my tears. "I really like these." He said. "Let's make more of these." He proceeded to spank me again. I could feel the bruises forming on my ass. Every few strikes he would pause to lay his hand on my ass cheek. "Your skin is so hot and red. I love it." He began again.

"Ok, stop. Fuck me. Just stop." I yelled the words before I even thought them. More striking blows. "Stop, Fuck me. Sir."

"No." More smacks.

"Please!" I yelled louder than I ever yelled before. My wrist were raw from pulling on the ropes. My ass was on fire and all I wanted in that moment was to stop the pulsating of my pussy but he was right, there was nothing to rub against, no relief.

He dropped the paddle and pulled on the ropes to lift me onto the bed of the truck. He flipped me over so I was faced up. "Frustrating isn't it? When you can't get what you want." He was glaring down on me.

"Yes Sir, yes it is. Please Sir will you fuck me?" I asked begging him with my stare.

"No." He reached for the box, opening it he pulled out two little silver clamps and climbed on top of me. "These will pinch. They will hurt you but only a little. You are just now beginning to understand what I have felt. Our lesson continues." He said just before placing the clamps on my hard as nails nipples. I let out a scream and started crying again.

"Why, ow! I did what you asked, I begged. Ow! Take them off, please. Take them off!" He flicked one with his fingers, pulling and twisting. It hurt, badly. If this was only a little I was afraid to find out what a lot was. He pulled on them stretching my nipple out raising me off the bed of the truck, the pain was so intense. "Sir!" He let go.

"Look how big your pussy is. How your trying to hump the air just for some friction. Your juices flowing down your leg. You really are frustrated aren't you." He rand his hands down my clit and I could feel it quiver.

"Yes, yes Sir. Please fuck me, fuck me Sir." I begged. But I only got a "No" in return. He got up off me. Left me laying in the truck bed hands over my head, legs spread open, ass throbbing, nipples pinched. I was sex crazed. I wanted some release so bad I would have agreed with anything he asked of me.

I could hear him at the foot of the truck, then I heard a thump like plastic hitting something hard. He climbed back up so I could see him. He was holding the ruler bending it slightly to show me its flexibility. "Please Sir fuck me." I whimpered. I could feel myself trying to grind my hips into the air. The need in me was so intense. If I could just stop this I could start thinking clearly again. I wanted him to fuck me, I really did, I needed it.

He just stared at me, watching me squirm. He rand his fingers in my hair. Used the edge of the ruler to trace shapes across my skin leaving lines of sensations in its path. Tears were streaming down. He just smiled at me. Watching. I tried pulling on my restraints, my body jerking, trying with all my might to free myself from his tournament. After several minutes I was so worn out. I fell limp on the bed of his truck.

"You're so beautiful right now," he was still tracing the ruler around on my skin. " I'm glad you've learned that I am in control of your body for now and what it feels like for me being around you everyday. Now I'm going to teach you how I feel when you thoughtlessly tease me. You bat your eyes, wear your sexy clothes, bend over close to me at my desk. I know that you know. You want me, you want to be desired and I do. You let me squeeze your ass when we hug. You leave your shirt hang open for me to see. You linger so close I can smell your perfume for hours after you leave. Then you tell me no when I ask you to satisfy me. You say no. It drives me crazy." He gently pulls on my nipple clamp. Turning and twisting. He removes the clamp, taking my nipple in his mouth begins to suck sending a new wave of desire through me.

"Please, please stop. Your killing me." I groan, the need filling my insides. My eyes roll back, my back arches off the truck. I want more than anything to satisfy this man and myself right now. I can feel his dick pressing against my sides growing bigger, this only fuels my longing for him. I did that to him. I made him feel like I feel right now over and over. I lose control and start really crying hard. I let out a groan. "Aug! Stop, please I'm sorry. I'm sorry I did this to you. Please fuck me." The scream I let out after the ruler hit my pussy was so loud the birds flew away. My eyes flung open. He hit me again. And a third time. "Sir!Sir" I yelled. "Sir, I'm sorry Sir". He bit down on my nipple stretching it out before it release from his teeth.

"Thank you" he was gazing down on me, wiping the tears from my face. "You are so beautiful like this. I will keep this sight of you tied up, helpless, at my mercy, wanting, and crying burned in my heart. You belong to me." He removed the other nipple clamp and began needing my breast. My heart filled with a new desire to please this man that desired me so much I pushed him to show me just how much I caused him suffering. It's only been an hour or so, he has had to endure this feeling for five years. I thought back to all the days I've spent flirting and teasing him. I wish I could take them all back.

I fixed my eyes on his. "I'm sorry Sir. I know now how much pain I've caused you. I want only to please you now. Please allow me to rid you of your suffering. I am yours. Do to me what ever pleases you. Let me be yours. Let me belong to you. Please kiss me Sir." He hovered over me eyes burning into my soul. He leaned in closer.

"I will let you go now, if you want. I will let you go and never touch you again if you ask. But if you stay, you will never again tell me no. I will worship your body, I will punish you when you misbehave, I will hurt you for my pleasure, I will comfort you in your suffering and you will belong to me." He was pressed so close to me. My breathing so shallow. I could feel his rock hard dick pushing against me. I wanted this man. I wanted all that he offered. "Jenna?"

"Jenna" Scott's voice was sharp, jarring me back to reality. I jerked my head up starring at him. "Jenna, I need the statistics for the point project. My meeting is at 2. Can you type them up for me?"

"Yes Sir" I replied, looking deep in his eyes, willing him to read my mind. I want you.

"Why are you starring at me like that?" He asked. I blinked.

"Sorry Sir, I'll get that report for you." He nodded his head and walked out of my office, leaving me wanting. Always wanting.

Written by: Nymphadoria

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