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Life's a Beach

by Truien©

It was a balmy summer day and I was happy as a clam!! My wife was sitting in the passenger seat and my 19 year old daughter Misti was listening to her iPod in the backseat as we bounded down the road towards Camp Gulf where we had rented a beachfront cabin for the week.

With times being as tight as they have we decided to downplay our annual family vacation and stay within the state, but wanted to have a good time nonetheless so we arrived at the conclusion that a beach cabin would be perfect. At the last minute our son Robby decided he'd rather go camping with a group of friends so it was just gonna be me and the girls.

The three hour drive out there was pretty uneventful, Diane (my wife) fell asleep about an hour into the ride and Misti started to doze a bit herself. Needless to say they were full of joie de vivre when we got to the cabin and both ran inside to change into swimsuits as I unloaded the 4Runner. I knocked out the chore in short order though and when they came out looking as cute as could be ten minutes later we all decided to go down and enjoy the beach for awhile.

The ladies, giddy with excitement and babbling like schoolgirls, soon took the lead hand in hand as I casually strolled behind. While doing so I took stock of their bathing suits as they had gone shopping for new ones and I hadn't yet seen them. Diane had on a little white bikini style number covered in a gossamer sarong and was sporting a wide-brimmed floppy beach hat. Altogether I thought it was very stylish.

I have always had the hots for her even after 22 years of marriage. She had kept herself in pristine shape and looked at least ten years younger than her actual age of 47. She had shoulder length auburn hair cut in a very contemporary fashion that flowed down to her soft, lightly freckled shoulders which rolled into a lean strong back that faded into creamy smoothness before jutting abruptly back out into the most adorable heart shaped butt you could ever hope to see. I liked her ass even more now than when we first got together because after all these years it had gained little weight and still stood up hard and round (yet delightfully soft to the touch) unlike a lot of women her age who had flabby, saggy asses.

Also, her tits were just great. They too showed little signs of sag again so prevalent on most women in their late 40's. Even having nursed two children who went on breastfeeding for over a year (who could blame them) they still looked amazing and below them was one of the flattest tummies I'd ever seen in my 49 years of life.

Misti's suit however left slightly less to the imagination. She had on a black tankini with a thong bottom. I shook my head as I chuckled to myself not entirely chagrined over the fact that any horned up surfer boy could gawk at her twin moons so easily.

Misti too was a knock out and could very well pass for her mother when she was 19 the only difference being that her hair was a chocolate brown and they wore slightly different hairstyles.

Breaking my inner monologue Diane blurted out, "Oh shoot...I forgot my iced tea. I'll meet you two down there." With that she scampered off while Misti and I continued towards the beach.

We arrived at a spot about 50 feet from the water line, Misti first with me in tow as it had been from the cottage and I think I stopped about ten feet short of her because I noticed a rather unique dragon shaped kite soaring overhead. I noticed that Misti was staring out at the water when my eyes swept back over to her.

I couldn't help looking at her suit bottoms again and the lightly tanned buns, each slightly more than one handful that engulfed it. I had to admit that daughter or no Misti had a cute little ass (oh who am I kidding it was flat out phenomenal!!). While I'm confessing however I feel I should come clean and tell you that this wasn't the first time I'd ogled my daughter's ass. For the last few years I had especially enjoyed her penchant for wearing pajama bottoms everywhere as they allowed her softness and definition to be easily seen and still gave her some "wiggle room" which I definitely delighted in.

As these thoughts were convoluting my mind's eye. I felt a hand wrap around my now engorged manhood which shocked the hell out of me and it was immediately followed by a sultry bedroom voice that said, "What beautiful scenery, eh?" This was followed by my wife's signature cynical chuckle.

At this Misti turned her head toward us and saw her mother holding my obviously erect penis in her hand angled out in her direction. I think she also caught the direction of my gaze (I hadn't averted it). She just snorted and shook her head laughing at our childish and perverse antics.

"Mmmmm...," Diane purred as she gave my cock another squeeze "we're definitely gonna have to do something about this soon." Then she dropped my Johnson (not that it fell very far) and took my hand closing the distance between Misti and us.

When we were standing alongside of her Diane quickly pulled us all into a group hug and excitedly said, "Ooooooh I'm just so happy we're all here together. What a great week we're gonna have!!"

I had to agree this week was gonna be a blast, but at that particular moment my mind was more focused on the fact that I had a boner that could slice diamonds that was at the moment slicing into my daughter's stomach. Then as if it could be more awkward for me Diane grabbed my arm and placed my hand directly on Misti's ass. Now, I know Misti hadn't felt her mother place it there and I expected her to freak thinking that her sick old man was grabbing her butt, but she didn't and actually snuggled into my throbbing manhood; it sliding along her belly. At this point I thought to myself, "What the's not like I haven't been checking her butt out all these years. Enjoy the moment." With that, I let my hand rub and cup her left cheek. I wasn't quite bold enough to let my hand venture to the right and slide along her ass crack but a part of me definitely wanted to.

Then I kissed her on top of the head and then turned my head and kissed my wife on the lips as we all looked at the blue green water and I openly fondled my daughter's ass with my wife's permission and encouragement.

We had stood there embracing and enjoying this tender moment for a good 15 minutes when Misti said, "Do you guys wanna go down and get in the water?"

Diane looked at me and gave a slight wink saying, "No that's okay honey. I think your dad and I are gonna go relax in the cabin."

Little did Diane know that Misti had caught that conspiratorial, naughty wink and had no intention of wasting time checking out the beach now.


We parted ways with Misti and it seemed as if we couldn't get back to the cabin fast enough. As soon as we hit the bedroom door we stripped in such a hurried fashion that we'd put those kids on A Clockwork Orange to shame. Before I knew what was happening I was on my back and Diane was impaling herself on what was definitely the most turgid hard on I'd had in a long time.

We started off a little jerky and out of sync due to our uncontainable lust, but years of practice kicked in and soon we had settled into a nice steady rhythm. Diane was riding my dick like she needed cum worse than oxygen, and I was in heaven enjoying her thrashing ministrations and feebly bucking back from underneath. It was after about ten minutes of this that near the point of no return I let my head roll limply to the side of the pillow my eyes at rest in a half open mask of lust.

Though my face was locked in an expression of intense pleasure and my eyes were more closed than open I sighted through our cracked door someone in the hallway watching us. Imagine my surprise when it occurred to me that this voyeur was none other than my sweet, impressionable 19 year old daughter Misti! And more than just on-looking she was living vicariously through our lust! Her hand was shoved into her tankini and she was really going to town on her clit!

I couldn't believe this, first what happened at the beach and now not a half an hour later and Misti's watching her mom and I screw like oversexed teenagers. I started to wonder what might be turning Misti on more just watching us screw or looking at her mom's delicious ass sliding up and down my pole. I decided to test this out by spreading Di's ass cheeks and giving her what would no doubt have been a sphincter shot from her angle.

Sure as I'm telling you this story Misti then removed the tankini bottoms and began wildly grinding them back and forth along her pussy, her face wrought with an impending orgasm. That's when I leaned over to Diane and pulled her down on top of me. I made it look like I was kissing her neck so Misti wouldn't be aware that'd she'd been spotted.

I whispered, "Don't look now, but we have an audience. And get this Misti has her bottoms in her hand friggin herself off! I think she's getting off on your ass!"

"Oh my god!" Diane exclaimed under her breath, "that's sooooo fuckin hot!"

And with that she thrusted her last and came all over my lap in a wailing, cringing orgasm that certainly made her toes curl. As soon as she recovered she whipped her head back to the door. And a shocked and embarrassed (from what we could see of her) Misti bolted down the hall toward her room Then we both heard the door to her room click shut.

"Wow," I thought "she must be as embarrassed as I was earlier."

Just then as I was about to blow my load Diane hopped off and locked a fist around the base of my shaft. She looked me in my eyes and very sternly said, "Don't come yet!"

I had no idea what she was doing but knew she meant business. I watched her walk to the door and bend over. As she turned back to me she held in her hand none other but Misti's soiled bottoms.

"Look what I found daddy!" She beamed and smiled a naughty smile at me. Then in a shocking move (although very little should've shocked me after the events of today) she brought the garment to her nose and inhaled deeply obviously reveling in the smell of our daughter's cunt.

"mmmmmmmm...," Diane moaned

"Here honey...smell how sweet our little girl smells"

She brought the bathing suit to my nose and shocking myself, I took them in my hand and took a deep, man-sized whiff of the amazing scent. What excited me more was the warm wetness that engulfed my nose and crawled up into my nostrils as I inhaled.

I realized that I was smelling my own daughter's cum, and feeling it on my face, and all of a sudden the sensation became too intense and I began to grow dizzy. I took the bottoms away from my face to get some fresh air. As my head cleared so did my vision and once I could see straight, I realized Diane was looking at me.

"Holy shit...," she gaped "I can't believe we're both getting off on this so much! Can you?"

The truth is that I couldn't. We'd certainly never done anything like this before and had never included either of the kids in our sexual fantasies. Even when I would look at Misti's butt it was never for more than a few minutes and even then was more appreciating a beautiful female form than getting off on my own daughter. But this, my friends, was a new animal altogether. I definitely was enjoying sexual thoughts about Misti and it seemed like Diane was too.

"No I can't." I admitted to her "But I'm enjoying myself and I don't wanna stop!!"

With that I again brought the tankini bottoms to my nose and inhaled as if my life depended on it.

"Oh me either...this is hot! I never would've thought Misti would get me off, but when you told me she was watching me..." Diane trailed off.

"Hey...I have an idea," she added. "How about you continue to smell her with your eyes closed while I suck you off? And if you just so happen to slip and call me Misti...well...that would be okay."

Who was I to say no?

I pulled the garment back over my face and leaned back closing my eyes. When first her mouth came in contact with my rod I immediately dispensed with all pretense of a "slip" and said "Oh Misti, suck daddy's cock. Yeah, that's a good girl!"

"mmmmm...," Diane moaned into my cock.

"Oh honey, daddy loves you sooo much"

"mmmmm...I love you daddy" groaned from around my tool.

"Oh baby," I muttered on as I received the most incredible head Diane had rendered in ages; thoughts of Misti with my cock stuffed down her throat swirling in my head.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and when Diane felt my nuts begin to tighten up she stopped sucking and throatily exclaimed, "Tell me when you're gonna blow baby...I want you to cum in her bottoms!"

Well that about did it. The thought of cumming in Misti's bottoms was more than I could handle.

"NOOOOOOOW!!" I exclaimed in a high pitch. Diane yanked the swim suit out of my hands and covered my cockhead with it in one smooth motion. Then just milliseconds before I erupted the biggest gusher of my life I realized I could feel Misti's sticky juices against my cockhead and I knew that I wanted more. I came long and hard spurting over 3 tablespoons worth of jizz right into Misti's swimsuit bottoms.

Diane gave me tender kisses on my stomach while I laid there and recovered, which wasn't happening anytime soon...

But through my haze I did notice movement at our door for a second time that afternoon. Apparently a certain someone had heard our role play and came back to watch. Diane had noticed her leaving as we finished, and balled the bottoms up so as not to spill any of my spunk then gingerly set them down in the hallway before solidly closing and locking the door. Then she laid down next to me with a content smile on her face as we drifted off to sleep wondering just what would happen next...

Written by: Truien

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