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Island Resort

by His54Vintage©

Tour of the Resort

Layla and Sir were led through organized wildness of tropical plantings. They passed a gazebo where a couple sat at a round table. Was someone crouched under the table?

“You’ll notice there’s a lot of wrought iron around,” said their guide, gesturing to luxuriantly upholstered iron lounge chairs. “The weight is useful. We don’t want anything tippy, unless it’s MEANT to be tippy.” He motioned to a narrow wrought iron table, mounted on a long rocker. A young woman was bound on her back on the table, a man astride her filling her mouth with his cock, rocking her and filling her.

Ten or so people stood there watching, many with camcorders.

“We get a lot of watchers. And people enjoy capturing the memories, building their video libraries for when they’re back home. Of course, one of the amenities here is a huge video library. We have several home theater rooms if you want to watch with a group, and there are naturally good TV setups in the cottages. But then, why watch when you can DO whatever you can think of? We have a full staff of sex slaves of both genders, well trained in both domination and submission. They are at your command, and you are of course free to participate or watch as you please. The slaves are delineated by red collar and cuffs. Guests wear anything BUT red. Here comes one of the slaves now.”

She crawled today them on all fours on the grass at the edge of the tiled walkway. She wore a red chain at her neck and waist, and red cuffs on her wrists and ankles. The woman walking beside her wore a silk sarong, and held a leash that was attached loosely to the collar at the slave’s neck. “Kneel up now,” she said to the slave. “And move to the bricks, hands behind your head, elbows wide, stick those breasts out there and keep your eyes down…. That’s right”

The slave moved toward them, now upright on her knees in awkward movements over the brick verge of the walk. Her breasts, proud and upright, each sported a stainless steel ring about an inch in diameter. From each ring hung about six inches of swaying chain.

“All sorts of uses for those rings,” said their guide. “We keep plenty of chain about that combines with the cuffs, collar, and belts in all the ways you can imagine. Piercings with rings are of course a whole other level with bondage and submission. All our slaves have them – they’re so useful. Many of the submissive guests eventually acquire their own rings, as the doms get spoiled by the ease with which our slaves can be bound and positioned. We do have body slaves specially trained in piercing and tattooing, also at your command. ”

An arrangement of couches on their right held four men and two women, all with camcorders focused on a woman leading a man by a small chain leash which was fastened to a one inch ring like they’d seen in the slave’s nipples. But this ring was fastened to the male slave’s scrotum. His mistress pulled him to and fro, his wrists behind him making him more off-balance. Wrist cuffs were fastened to each other and to a belt at his waist.

“Here is one of three full-service bars on the property – all staffed 24 hours a day. And of course any slave can be commanded to bring food or drink anywhere you want it delivered on the property.”

A boardwalk snaked off the tiled path with brick verges. The boardwalk crossed sand and became a bridge to a big gazebo perched about the water. The center of the building was the bar, and it was surrounded by swings. Most were filled by people in swimsuits and sports wear, but on one swing a woman was standing, naked but for her cuffs and blindfold.

Sir took Layla’s hands and stepped to face her when he heard her sharp intake of breath. “What, darling.” He followed her eyes to the woman on the swing. “She’s not wearing red.”

“Does your woman need a blindfold?” asked their guide.

“No, she’s fine.”

“Well there are blindfolds and all sorts of accoutrements placed about the grounds for the convenience of our guests.” He gestured toward a two foot ring hanging from a tree nearby. Around it were fastened blindfolds in leather, fur, silk, rubber – all sorts of colors, but not red.

They continued to watch the swing bar as a woman approached where the bridge entered the bar. There stood a basket, and she leaned down and inspected it, eventually moving toward the woman standing on the swing, swishing something down by her leg. The woman with the whip was small, but apparently quite strong, as her lashes moved the woman on the swing and it swung about wildly. Some people at the bar ignored the show, but most turned to watch, some filming. The woman on the swing moved her head and neck in abandon with the blows that concentrated on her buttocks, but sometimes crept up her back. She wore fur cuffs and collar.

“Oh she’s fastened quite securely, you see. The swing’s more for effect. Her hands are cuffed to an iron bar above the serving bar and that’s more than able to support her weight times 100. The guy behind the bar has a ladder to get up there, and he’ll turn her if told to. She likes that swing with the sunset view. She’s there most every night of her visits. It’s unusual for her to be there a couple of hours before sunset.”

“So you recognize her habits?” Sir said.

“Sure. She’s been coming here for years. The first time was before my time, thirty odd years ago, but believe me that story is never going to fade. She came in heavy chains and a bridal gown, and seemed hypnotized or drugged. Believe me, even the management here had second thoughts, and that takes some doing. But it was all in order. Her man had a consent agreement, all signed and proper. And she’s still coming all these years later, even now he’s dead. Yes, we do have a dedicated clientele, even though there are always some who aren’t really in the life, just come to gawk for vacation…. And fine gawking it is around here.”

The beachfront restaurant stretched along the shore. This place was profligate with its shoreline, but then there was a lot of it. The resort was an island and the island was the resort, nothing else. Acres of lush beauty devoted to hedonism in the form of games with power and submission. The walkway separated a wide beach from the verdant grounds dotted with playspaces, guest cottages, bars, and restaurants.

“There’s not a bad water view from any table in this restaurant,” their guide claimed. “We get a lovely sunset most every night, but sometimes the seats at this end have a very special and rare view.”

He pointed at a glassed-in room, just past the last restaurant tables. “That’s our branding room. We have slaves willing to obey most every command, but we do not allow our slaves to be permanently marked, other than piercings they agree to. Branding is strictly for guests, and it is not an everyday event, so I won’t tantalize you with details. It may not happen during your stay here.

“Note the large screens suspended here and there. When the provided camcorders are plugged in for charging, our technical staff downloads video. Identifiable faces are digitally distorted. Only the resort’s cameras are allowed on the island. Guests can take home DVDs prepared by the technical staff, but identities are protected in any video that makes the cut. No one need be concerned about showing up on the internet or in a porn movie. Our guests sign an agreement not to use materials from our DVDs for anything other than their own pleasure, and no faces are shown. A continuous stream of what our guests find interesting plays on screens around the resort and is available on one of the broadcast channels in the cottages.”

A woman wearing a black leather hood knelt on gravel outside a building labeled with the universal signs for restrooms. Her cuffed wrists were fastened to the back of her collar, her elbows spread wide to either side of her head. A well-dressed older man was urinating on her, moving his penis back and forth to spray her naked body. A couple and another man stood watching, one of the men already opening his fly. Layla noticed that the kneeling woman was in fact staked to a ring in the gravel by a chain fastened to rings in her labia. Her cuffs and collar matched the black leather of her hood, so she was a submissive guest, not a staff slave.

“While slaves can be used by anyone, submissives are usually available for use by others only with the consent of their dom. The exception is when they are bound and left out in public. If their dom stays nearby, protocol is to ask the dom to use the sub. But if the sub is left alone, the dom is giving consent for public usage. Most often the doms hang out nearby for the pleasure of watching, but sometimes the pleasure is in imagining. Of course, a slave can always be delegated to record the scene for later titillation.

“Hoods are available for fitting. They all have removable blindfold portions, and interchangeable gags. We have quite a variety – ball gags, penis-shaped gags, metal bits, some with metal dildos for throat-training. The hoods are good for playing with sensory deprivation, and of course we have more extreme sensory deprivation measures available for use as well – from tanks of water to coffins for burial. Earplugs under a hood are quite an introduction to sensory deprivation. Then we’ve had some other creative uses of the hood proposed by guests. One dom wanted his sub to learn Italian while here in order to serve as translator on a trip he’d planned. He gave the technical staff a heads-up months before his visit and they fitted a hood out with radio-controlled headphones. That woman didn’t hear a word of English while she was here. She was subjected to day and night Italian lessons non-stop for ten days. I understand he occasionally removed the blindfold, but mostly she served in darkness. I gather she was gagged most of the day when her mouth wasn’t being used or fed. At night she was allowed to speak Italian with a slave who spoke the language. She was fluent by the time they left.”

They passed clay tennis courts, a bocce court, several pool tables and pingpong tables – all scattered about with covered pavilions offering shaded seating and other seating areas beneath trees and in the sun. Spread about the grounds were stocks, whipping frames, padded sawhorses, and slings swinging from trees. Some of these were in use, by both slaves and guests. There were lots of places thoughtfully furnished and outfitted for games, and each had its comfortable seating for observers. Probably as many people were dressed as were naked. Most people looked to be in their 40’s, 50’s, and older, the exception being the slaves who were mostly in their 20’s and 30’s.

“Your cottage is just through here.” And their guide turned down a path that ran beside a croquet court where a game was in progress. Also in progress was the teasing of a woman who was staked spreadeagled to the ground in the midst of the croquet court. She wore fur collar, cuffs, and blindfold and she was being teased by a number of croquet players with long feathers which they stroked up the insides of her thighs and under her arms. She writhed and pulled at her bounds. “Oh this is too good, she’s got to SEE this – don’t want her going off in raptures behind that blindfold, do we? Part of this ought to be humiliation, right?” said one woman in the group.

“Not necessarily, but you’re such a creative bitch – sure, let’s mix it up a little… take off the blindfold, but give her a gag.”

“No – one of those throat-trainer bits. I love the looks of that thing, but haven’t used it yet.”

“Hell, who needs a metal throat-trainer bit when we have plenty of good live meat to train that throat on. She couldn’t be bound in a more convenient way,” and the speaker knelt straddling the woman’s head on the ground, pushing his cock into her mouth as another guest removed the blindfold.

Their Cottage

The guide drew them away, saying “Seems like the middle of the action, but you do have a world of your own back here.”

They opened a gate in a tall stone wall and walked into a private garden surrounding their cottage. Moving to the left, they followed the stone walk around the side of the building to a deep open porch furnished with chaise lounges, and a table and chairs. A hammock, leather sling, and some other mysteries were suspended from the rafters of the roof. A deck with hot tub sat between the porch and the beach, nominally separated from the public area by a low hedge of flowering bushes. An opening in the hedge led directly to the pathway and the beach beyond. A couple of lounge chairs, one of which was double-width, and a padded sawhorse were also arranged on the sundeck.

“Your luggage will be along shortly. Everything out here is pretty much self-explanatory, but I do want to demonstrate some of the features of this sling. Look up and you can see that the sling is hung on an iron rod that runs the length of this porch, allowing it to be positioned any number of ways. There are hooks in the walls all along the porch which allow you to fasten it down wherever you want. The pulley system lets you adjust the height for your comfort. Let me show you the cottage.” He opened the door to their quarters.

On the porch next to the door was a basket of towels. “These are the beach towels. There’s another supply of a substantially better grade in your bathroom.” A taller basket held an assortment of whips, floggers, and crops.

The spacious room was dominated by a king-size bed with a mission style headboard and footboard. Chains with hooks were already fastened to the corners of the bed and the centers of both headboard and footboard. In one corner of the room, a large TV screen hung high on the wall. A desk with a computer and telephone filled the corner under the TV. Two armchairs and a small barrel table sat near the desk. A tiltable bondage table stood against one wall in horizontal position, an exotic and specialized version of the ironing board more likely to be found in a hotel room. Iron rings were bolted in to walls and ceiling here and there, offering further bondage possibilities. Vase sconces on the walls held small aromatic bouquets of tropical flowers and foliage. There were also candle sconces on the walls, and more candles in glass jars on the bedside tables.

“We’re far from the maddened crowd here, but the world is available to you if you want it. The computers are connected to the internet with DSL. The homepage is the resort’s calendar site. Staff demonstrations draw a crowd sometimes, and guests can plan scenes and invite either an audience or audience participation. Each calendar listing is coded either as A for seeking an audience or P for seeking participants. Just email our concierge if you want to schedule a scene for audience or participation. Of course, you can seek either of those without scheduling, just by moving into the yard of your cottage or onto the public grounds or beach – this whole place is about exhibition and sharing. But there is a degree of formality and anticipation that is only possible by scheduling ahead, so we offer facilitation by means of this daily calendar. It’s an interesting menu of possibilities and we invite you to check it several times daily. The schedule includes non-play-related events such as wine-tastings or other social gatherings, and classes. There are daily aerobic, water aerobic, yoga, and tai chi classes – and sometimes we have theme weeks where we bring in specialists to teach to a theme. Nothing’s on this week, but sometimes spontaneous offerings come from the guests as well. Last week, a chef was a guest here and he presented several lessons on sauces. There was also someone who liked to lead circle dances and she facilitated several of those as well as a full moon ritual on the beach.

“We have 150 satellite stations on TV as well as the resort’s video channel 1. Your refrigerator is stocked with your preferred champagne and some interesting cheeses. The staff will restock those as needed, as well as replenish an assortment of fruit. Anything you desire in the way of food or drink can of course be ordered from room service. And if you’d like anything else stocked regularly in your fridge, just leave instructions. There’s also a full bar, but you didn’t request mixers. Besides the slaves of the property who are at your command, and the staff who’ll clean and stock your room each day – you choose the time for that, by the way -- we also have several specialized service departments you can call on. Each is fully described in our directory of services.” He lifted a thick leather portfolio from the desk.

“The costume department maintains a huge wardrobe of fetish wear, exotic masks and hoods, about anything you can imagine in the way of a costume, even shoes. You can browse by there any time and borrow costumes for the duration of your stay. You can shop there whenever moved, or you can spend some time early in your visit selecting costumes to keep in your cottage if you wish – your own sub or dom resort costume closet. And of course there are seamstresses available to put together whatever you might imagine if you can’t find what you want. The costume shop is located right behind the main restaurant. Everything is noted on this map of the property in the directory of services. Don’t worry about learning your way around. Maps are displayed all around the property and our signage is pretty clear.

“Technical services will fix anything to do with computers, cameras, TV. If you have any problems, just let us know. They will also do specialized films for you, whatever editing you require – or editing lessons if you want your sub to leave with a new skill. I already mentioned the hood fitted out for Italian immersion – that took planning ahead. But if you have any ideas and would like a consultation on feasibility, do call them. There’s a technical services button on your phone.

“Mechanical services are available for help with equipment that’s not technical. If your bondage tilt table isn’t balancing well, if the pulley system on your porch sling is squeaking or not running easily, or if you want a pulley suspension system rigged in the cottage itself, they’re the ones to call. There are bondage stakes spread about the grounds as you saw, but if you need some piece of equipment somewhere it’s not, just let mechanical services know.

“Body services include anything from spa services such as hairdressing, barbering, waxing, massage, pedicures or manicures, to the more exotic tattooing, piercing, and branding. Our staff is experienced and well trained and you can rely on them.

“Here’s a selection of collars and cuffs to start you off. Gags are here also. More are available through costume.”

He opened a cabinet on the wall to a display of gags, blindfolds, collars, and cuffs: purple satin, black neoprene wetsuit material, blue latex, deep forest green velvet, stainless rings sewn in, two of them on opposite sides of the collar. Most fastened with Velcro except for the black leather set which used traditional buckles, and the set composed of heavy stainless chain which clipped. The lower half of the cabinet held various lengths of thick gauge chain, with hooks at either end, and an assortment of dildos, nipple clamps, and other toys.

The bathroom was huge, containing a six by six foot glass brick shower, double sinks, a toilet, and bidet. Their guide opened the shower door, displaying the multiple shower heads, the wide glass brick bench at one end, and yet another sling, this one in neoprene, hanging from the ceiling. “This sling is fixed in place, but adjustable for height. If you raise it all the way up, it’s designed to be out of your way until you want it. Oh, and I neglected to mention there’s an outdoor shower behind your cottage and a hose there too.

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