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Saturday Morning Ch. 2

by Playful_pet©

Lying in bed with you Master, after you have given me such pleasure, there is nothing that I want to do more than return the pleasure to you.

I compose myself and return the touch of your mouth to mine with renewed pressure. Slowly kissing you. Showing you my gratitude. Showing you my love. You lay on your back once more and I take my place beside you, stretching my taut body against yours.

My lips, moving softly and gently gliding along the rough line of your unshaven jaw, continue to caress your skin. When I reach your ear, I pause and whisper, "Thank you Master. Thank you for giving me pleasure. Master, I want to give you so much today."

A simple moan is all that you respond with, but that is more than I need at this moment.

My hand has slipped back to its place across your chest and my nails are once again working on your nipples. I love the way that they respond. Feeling them harden like little pebbles beneath my touch. I gently tweak one between my fingers and I hear your deep intake of breath. I take that as my cue and my mouth begins to descend along your neck, to your shoulder and across to your chest. I smile as I slowly lift my head slightly and let my tongue lash out across your right nipple. It has become so hard from my touch. It is as though it is stretching to meet my mouth, my response it to devour it. Licking and lashing at it with my lips and tongue. Suckling at it, milking it, tasting it. All the while, working the left hard nub with my fingers.

Pulling my legs up under me, I kneel at your side, leaning over and letting my hair caress your skin as my mouth moves from side to side, flicking and sucking each nipple over and over.

My fingers begin to wander again. Slowly working their way down to your stomach, drawing a line down the center of your body. Reaching your navel, my fingers reverse and move back up, only to return their descent once again. This time however, they go a little farther before returning on their trip up. Over and over, my fingers work at making that line a little longer with each path. They come so close to that hardened cock and then they pull away, returning up. This time however, when they begin their downward trail, they are joined on their journey, by my tongue. My lips, never leaving your skin, begin to burn the trail with heat.

You feel my breath nearing its target, the warm wetness of my mouth moving so close to your cock, teasing you. I know how much you want to get the release, yet you are holding back so hard, enjoying the pleasures that I provide you. I feel you move and shift beneath my touch. Your hands spread out on either side of you, gripping the sheets like you were being tortured. But yet, enjoying every moment that is being given.

My mouth moves toward your side. I lay my face along your hip as I change my position, and take my new place kneeling between your now spread legs. I lift my head and continue my journey.

My mouth moves to those heavy cum filled sacs that lay beneath your shaft. Darting my tongue, I reach to lap at them. I lift them with my lips and gently suckle them, feeling them fill my mouth.

"Oh that is a good little pet. Suck those balls. Lap them. You are such a good little cock-sucking pet".

A muffled "Mmmmm" escapes my lips around them.

They are so warm and heavy. They feel so good in my mouth. I adjust my head so that my chin is pressing into the skin just underneath them. Lifting them with my lower lip, I provide access for my chin to give just enough pressure to that spot that you like to have touched.

"ENOUGH pet."

I let your balls drop from my mouth and I lift myself up so that my head is over you. Looking up to your face, I find that your eyes have darkened. Locking with them, I open my mouth and accept your long, hard cock. My tongue begins to dance and swirl around it. First working the head and then moving farther down the shaft. I want to pleasure you Master. I want to make you cum. I want to taste you Master. Feed me.

Suddenly, my head is squeezed in the tight grip of your hands. Moving them from your sides, you grasp my head tightly and begin to guide it onto your cock. Moving it rapidly up and down. There is no more gentleness, no more desire. All that is left is need. All that is left is your need to fuck my throat, and your need to cum.

My head is pushed and pulled, up and down, gliding on that wet cock. It pulsates in the back of my throat. Your hands stop moving. Your grip tightens and holds me down. Your cock is lodged deep within my throat, stretching it, pulsating into it, filling it with your seed.

"Drink my cum, my pet. Suck me dry." Your words are almost inaudible, but I understand your need Master.

I willingly follow your command.

Written by: Playful_pet

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