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The Bus Ride and the Bath

by IndieScoundrel©

For Stacey, you know who you are ;)

Unfortunately their car had been in the shop, so Jeff and Stacey had needed to catch a ride via public transportation for the special event they had planned.

Once it arrived, Jeff moved aside to let Stacey go in first, who slowly walked to the back, her hips swaying in her light, red with leaf pattern sundress. She took the seat right at the back of the bus, where there were only a few people nearby.

Jeff smiled as he watched this, enjoying the sight of her beautiful, curvy body, and her long, dark brown hair, before he too sat down next to her, and leaned back a bit as the bus quickly accelerated.

It had been a long time since Stacey had been on a bus, and she had forgotten the amount of vibration which accompanied it. With this came old memories and fantasies from when she was younger. She smiled at the memories and the sensations and felt her body begin to slowly respond to the pleasure as it began to course through her.

Needless to say it did not take Jeff long to notice this. He could see her nipples harden under her thin dress, and he could not help himself as his arm slid around her waist, pulling her close. He enjoyed feeling her gorgeous body up against his and slowly his hand started to move underneath her dress.

Stacey smiled at this, enjoying Jeff's wandering hand, but continued to look out the window as if nothing mischievous or naughty were taking place. Her hair fell down around her eyes, masking most of her face and the blush which was starting to redden her beautiful features.

Jeff's hand moved up her leg and rubbed it slowly. His fingers traced little patterns all over her panties, using just enough pressure for her to lightly feel him. He added a bit more pressure as his finger slowly slid over her clit, again and again in tiny circles, before slipping underneath the thin article and exploring further, delving slowly inside her. He pushed in just a bit, teasing again and again as the bus went through it's bumpy route. He could feel her slowly start to grow more and more wet and this caused a smile to appear on his face.

The bus started to fill up and to make more room Stacey moved astride Jeff's lap, causing her own mischief as she slowly ground down against him, teasing him as he'd teased her and enjoying the reaction she felt while on top of him, and the awkward look he had on his face once they finally departed the bus. Though she kept close to hide what she could of his erection, for she had no worry about hiding her own arousal.

Their destination was a fancy spa in which Stacey's friend worked, so they'd managed to arrange a private spa bath all to themselves. Well, all to themselves and a special friend who would be joining them. His name was John and he was waiting for them once as they stepped down from the bus.

Like Jeff, John was also in good shape, and as they made their way to their bath Stacey smiled to herself. Once in private they all took off their clothes. Jeff smiled as he watched Stacey pull off her dress, revealing a very cute and fancy black bra that he knew she'd wanted to wear out for a while. There was no shame in them as they slowly slipped into the large bath, the men on either side of Stacey, all completely nude.

For a while they simply lay there, enjoying the water and the heat and the company. The room had a pleasant scent to it, and there was some soft music playing the background.

Then, without any need for words, Jeff began to slowly kiss Stacey's neck. While he did this, his hand slid down her leg and John began to kiss her neck as well, though he was very eager and couldn't help himself from moving down to her beautiful, ample breasts. Stacey moaned as he licked them, kissed them all over, sucked on both of her nipples and was clearly very much enjoying himself.

Then they switched, and it was Jeff's turn to enjoy her delicious nipples, but, with a wicked grin, he slowly kissed his way down her stomach after licking her nipples only a few times, and kissed down and underneath the water. There he explored her, his tongue on her lips, tasting her, licking her clit before coming up for air. He delved back down and pushed his tongue as far inside her as he could, teasing and licking all around inside her.

This continued for a few minutes before it was John's turn to enjoy licking and kissing Stacey in between her legs, while Jeff stood up and brought his thick, hardened cock up to her luscious lips, which she eagerly received with her own wicked and mischievous smile. Jeff enjoyed looking down at her beautiful eyes as he watched her take his cock into her mouth, licking the head, up and down the shaft, lightly licking and teasing his balls as she slowly rubbed him up and down before taking him as far down into her throat as she could.

She also tapped John on the shoulder and beckoned him up as well. She then took turns pleasing the two men, taking John's cock into her mouth and teasing and playing with it in the same manner and with the same skill with which she'd pleasured Jeff.

Jeff then sat down on the edge of the bath, forcing Stacey to bend over to as she once again took his throbbing cock into her warm and wet and amazing mouth. John moved behind her and slid his cock deep inside her, easily pushing it inside since she was already soaking wet. He pushed his cock inside her, teasing her at first while Jeff reached down and played with her breasts.

John pushed deeper and deeper inside Stacey, holding onto her waist as his thick shaft slowly moved in and out, again and again and again, going in faster and faster and harder and deeper with each thrust. Jeff could feel her moaning around his cock, knowing she was loving the fact that she was pleasing them both.

Then it was Jeff's turn to be inside her as Stacey slid off of John's cock and sat on top of him, but facing the other way so she could still easily take John into her mouth once again, eagerly sucking on him and licking him as she felt Jeff thrusting up inside her. She could feel his own thick, hard and throbbing cock deep inside her as she rode up and down on him.

Both men were moaning and groaning and she could tell it wouldn't take long. She was so close herself and she worked hard to make sure the timing was just perfect. Easing up on the licking and teasing of John while she moved a bit slower on Jeff as needed. Soon enough they were both ready though and at the same time they both groaned loud as they started cumming. Stacey came hard as she felt Jeff's hot cum shooting up inside her, load after load, as well as load after load of John's shooting into her mouth, most of it going down her throat, but because she too couldn't help from moaning, much of it spilled out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her beautiful breasts.

They all sat back into the bath at this point, much more relaxed, and as Stacey licked the cum off of her bottom lip, she had a very wide smile on her beautiful face.

Written by: IndieScoundrel

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