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by Side-wind-er©

The next morning Sisko and Kira where at the unloading bay meeting the Medical and Science officer, who was an old friend of Sisko. Kira was saying,

“Commander, if you would like me to give them a tour of the station?”

“You and Doctor Bashir go-ahead I’m afraid I have to put Lieutenant Dax to work right away.”

Doctor Bashir nervously spoke to Dax,

“Jadzia; maybe we could get together later for dinner; or, or, or…”

“I would be delighted.”

As Dax and Sisko walked away from Julian and Kira, Sisko whispered in Dax’s ear,

“He’s a little young for you isn’t he?”

“He’s 27, I’m 28.”

“328, maybe. Did you tell him about that slug inside you?”

“Yes Benjamin, he knows I’m a Trill, he finds it fascinating he’s never met a joined species before.”

“I wonder if he would have been as fascinated if you still looked the way you did the last time I saw you?”

“Perhaps not!”

Sisko whistled, as he looked Dax up and down,

“This is going to take some getting used to.”

“Don’t be ridiculous I’m still the same old Dax; more or less.”

“How can you say that Dax; this time round you have tits and a cunt, instead of a prick!”

“Ah, Benjamin you don’t know how good it is to be a woman again. Do you know that Julian is the only good looking man to make a pass at me since I became joined. Who knows, if he plays his cards right I will probably let him fuck me. That doesn’t preclude you though Ben.”

“Thanks for that old man I may take you up on that offer.”

Kira eventually took Julian into his surgery, like most of the other rooms it was in a shambles. As they both picked their way through the rubble Julian righted an examination couch and set it back in its place. As Kira looked at the smashed display cabinets she explained,

“I’m afraid we’ve had some security problems. It looks like looters have gotten in here too!”

“Major it may not look much now but with hard work, his could be made in to a fully functional hospital and lab.”

Striding up within inches of Julian she said,

“I hope so Doctor Cardassians left behind a lot of injured people so hopefully you can bring Federation medicine to my people. You’ll find us friendly folk.”

As Kira turned to leave she tripped on a piece of debris and stumbled into Julian’s arms. Julian held her close to his body. Kira could smell the freshness of his new uniform and the aroma of a clean man. She wondered what she must smell like after all these days and weeks of dirt and filth she had to endure. Their eyes met and she held his gaze, her lips parted as he kissed her, his tongue slid gently into her mouth. She moaned softly as his tongue explored. She could feel his hands moving down her back towards her arse. He cupped the cheeks, pulling her closer to him, she gasped as she felt his rock hard cock nuzzling into her love mound. She let him lift her off her feet: he carried her towards the couch, She murmured,

“Oh! Julian, Julian!”

Gently he laid her on the couch reaching for the fastenings at her neck he slowly opened her top revelling her deep cleavage. Julian slipped his hands into her cleavage; then slowly spreading them up and over her large firm breasts he lifted her tits from the confines of her uniform, bending his head to one of her nipples, he sucked it deeply into his mouth; his tongue swirled around the hardening mound. His other hand began to stroke, fondle and squeeze her other breast rolling its nipple between his thumb and forefinger, both nipples soon became hard and erect While Julian was playing with her tits Kira managed to open more of her a uniform exposing lower body. She slipped her hands between her legs and began to massage the outer lips of her cunt; slowly she inserted her fingers inside and peeled the lips back revelling her inner sex. Her fingers slipping ever deeper into her twat finally meeting at her clitoris taking hold of her clitoris she began to rotate her fingers round and round the hardening nub.

Distracted by this Julian slid off her and stood by the couch watching her finger fuck herself. By now his dick was bursting to get out of his uniform. Opening his uniform from neck to crotch Julian pulled out his throbbing dick, the precum was steadily oozing out of his cockhead; carefully pulling back the foreskin he rubbed the precum over the shaft until it was well lubricated and glistening. Julian could see that Kira’s cunt was ready to fuck; standing by the bottom of the couch he reached forward and grasped Kira by the hips he pulled her towards the edge of the couch. When he had positioned her on the edge of the couch, with her hands still inside her cunt he inserted his dick. She felt him slide into her. With her hands and Julian’s dick inside her she was stretched to the limit. Once inside her Julian leant over her body squashing her tits into his chest. Taking hold of her head he began to kiss her eyes, nose and lips pushing his tongue once again into her mouth. In rhythm with his probing tongue he began to push his cock in and out of Kira, soon Kira was in rhythm with him, meeting his thrusts with her thrusts. As their bodies parted momentarily Kira slipped her glistening wet hands from the confines of her cunt and began to wash Julian’s face with her love juice. Now that her hands were out of her twat Julian’s prick sank deeper into her. Kira’s love muscle tightened around his prick holding him. The sensation was electrifying for both of them, Kira orgasmed first followed a split second later by Julian pumping load after load of his cum deep into her. The fire that raged through Kira’s twat caused her to scream in ecstasy. With Julian’s head resting between Kira’s breasts and his now deflating cock still embedded deep within Kira. Thoroughly exhausted they both fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter four

Meanwhile in another part of the space station Sisko and Dax where in the science lab, discussing the Prophets Orb. Sisko was saying,

“ We do have one advantage; the monks have been studying these things for ten thousand years. I have had a computer set-up to interface with their historical data banks.”

“That should give us something.”

“As soon as possible Dax. The eight other Orbs are probably in some Cardassian lab being turned upside down and inside out.”

“Benjamin; I was happy when I heard you’d excepted this assignment, I’ve been worried about you.”

“It’s good too see you; perhaps we could get together soon!”

“I’m sure we will Benjamin, now let me get on with setting up this database.”

Sisko left the science lab allowing Dax to study the Orb.

Later that day Commander Sisko, Kira, looking none the worst for wear after her fucking romp with Julian, Chief Miles O’ Brien together with other officers where in the Ops room. They were all watching a large view screen that covered one wall. The screen was active, showing an approaching Cardassian vessel.

Chief O’Brien advised,

“A message is coming in from their Commander, Gul Dukat.”

Kira spat out,

“Gul Dukat; he used to be the Prefect of Bajor!”

Chief O’ Brien called out,

“He’s requesting permission to come aboard, to greet us!”

Commander Sisko replied,

“Mr. O’ Brien tell Gul Dukat that I am looking forward to meeting him.”

A short while later Sisko was in his office when the double doors opened and Gul Dukat walked in. The doors closed behind him.

“Good day Commander.”

“Gul Dukat.”

“Excuse my presumption; but this was my office only two weeks ago I’m not used to being on the side of the desk. I’ll be honest with you Commander I miss this office, I was not happy to leave it.”

“Drop by any time you’re feeling home sick.”

“You’re very gracious; allow me to assure you that we only want to be helpful in this difficult transition; you’re far from the Federation alone in this remote outpost with poor defence systems; your Cardassian neighbours will be quick to respond to any problems you might have.”

“We will try to keep the dog off your lawn!”

“So: tell me what did you think of the Kai; I know you went to the surface to see her. I understand you brought back an Orb, we thought we had all of them; perhaps we could have an exchange of information, pool our resources?”

“I don’t know anything about an Orb!”

“We will be in close proximity should you wish to reconsider my suggestion; in the meantime I assume you have no objection to my men enjoying the hospitality of the promenade?”

Sisko pondered for a moment, then slowly nodded his head in the affirmative.

“In that case Commander can you tell me the whereabouts of that Bajoran whore Kira Nerys?”

“What you mean by that Gul Dukat!”

“Nothing Commander, nothing at all. But when I was Prefect of this station the Major used to service my senior officers and myself. Put it another way; we fucked the living daylights out of her. She couldn’t get enough of it, I’ve personally fucked every orifice in her…”

Sisko was beside himself anger,

“Get out of here Gul Dukat before I throw you out!”

Gul Dukat, smiled; turning he walked out of the door.

It took several minutes for Sisko’s anger to dissipate. Tapping the combadge at his breast,

“Major Kira, report to my office immediately!”

As Kira entered his office Sisko invited her to sit down, he then sat down himself across the desk facing her. Hardly controlling his anger he said,

“Major, Gul Dukat has laid some serious charges against you. I think an explanation is in order, don’t you!”

“What charges?”

Enquired Kira savagely.

“Gul Dukat has inferred that you offered sexual services to him and his officers…”

“He did what!”

Kira screamed rising from her chair, flinging it across the room,

“How dare he…!”

“Enough Major; calm yourself!”

Sisko picked up the chair Kira had thrown across the room and placed it at his desk. Taking hold of her shoulders he guided her to the chair.

“Sit down Major and tell me about it. I gather by your reaction it is not true. In your own time Major, or may I call you Kira?”

“What; oh yes Commander, you know I was in the resistance for a number of years. What you may not know is I was captured by the Cardassians and held captive, placed in a Concentration Camp. After a while Gul Dukat had me transferred to the space station and kept me in the Constables holding cells. It was there that Gul Dukat and five of his officers raped me repeatedly. Gul Dukat personally fucked my arse, twat and shoved his stinking prick down my throat. The Bajoran Resistance Movement got to hear of this and after extreme efforts affected my escape enabling me to continue my fight. Vowing that one day I would kill Dukat. Now that bastard is on this space station.”

Sisko still had his hands on her shoulders as she was relating her history to him. Looking down at her he said quietly,

“I can’t begin to understand the predicament you must have been in Kira. Surely there must have been a time you could have inflicted some form of injury on him, for instance, when he had his member in your mouth you could have tried to bite it?”

“That’s all very well Commander I may have been able to do some damage but he was never alone, or if he was I was restrained in a force field so I couldn’t move any part of my body.”

Kira began to stand. Sisko let his hands drop to his sides. Turning she faced Sisko, it was then that she noticed the huge bulge in Sisko trousers.

She thought,

“Oh Gods! He’s turned on by my little story. With your permission Commander, or may I call you Ben, take my leave?”

“You may, to both!”

With a heavy heart Sisko watched Kira exit his office.

Sisko had returned to the lab where Dax was still working on the computer database. She turned as he entered and said,

“What do you know about Denori Belt?”

“Your basic charged plasma field, no one gets anywhere near it unless they have to.”

“In the twenty second century a ship carrying Kia Tuluna was disabled for several days in the Denori Belt, where he claims he had a vision.”

“Let me guess; he saw the Celestial Temple of the Prophets.”

“Not quite; but he did say that the heavens opened up and nearly swallowed his ship.”

“Are we reduced to chasing metaphors to solve this?”

“That’s not all; at least five of the Orbs were found in the Denori Belt. There are also at least twenty-three navigational reports over the years, of unusually severe neutrino disturbance in the area. I’ve correlated all these reports into one analysis grid.”

Dax continued to work at the console, Sisko moved round to stand behind her to enable him to see the monitor better. Dax hit several buttons on the desk.

They watched the computer highlight several star locations on the monitor, Dax said,

“Our Celestial Temple?”

“Worth a look; but we’ve got Cardassians on our back doorstep. We need to get by them undetected.”

A plan was devised to divert the Cardassian attention away from the launch of a shuttle, containing Sisko and Dax.

Later that day Kira, Chief O’Brien entered Quarks’. The Cardassians were mingling with the crowd playing at the gaming tables. Judging by the piles of gold pressed latinum each of the Cardassians had they were onto a winning streak. Kira walked up to the bar, taking a metal mug, she found there, banged on the countertop. Shouting above the noise of the crowd,

“May I have your attention please; this establishment has been closed!”

“What you mean, you can’t do this...!”

Quark shouted as he ran towards Major Kira.

The Chief intercepted Quark saying,

“If you have a problem Sir, you have to take it up with Commander Sisko.”

“I intend to!”

Turning to the stunned crowd Quark hissed,

“This is an outrage, friends my apologies, a minor misunderstanding; this will be rectified!”

Shouting to no one in particular,

“Give them something to put their winnings in!”

A bag was placed onto the table in front of him. Turning he walked over to Kira, who was standing by the bar. Quark spoke to her in a low voice,

“Remember Major, you’ve humiliated me today. After all I needn’t have opened this bar again. I only did it as a favour for you. This is how you repay me, you owe me, remember that!”

Kira’s shuddered, she’d remembered the bargain she’d made with Quark,

“Yes Quark, I’ll remember!”

After returning to their ship two of the Cardassians, one of whom was carrying a shoulder bag, were walking back to their quarters; they were talking to one another, laughing,

“... Because we were winning too much of course!”

The other Cardassian replied,

“Leave it to Starfleet to ruin a fine day.”

Reaching a junction the Cardassian, who had been carrying the bag, hit a button on the wall; a hidden door slid open. He placed the bag into the opening, hitting the button again the door slid shut. The two Cardassians then continued round the corner laughing and talking as they went.

When the sound of their footfalls had died away, the bag inside the cubicle began to dissolve into a gelatinous pool upon the floor. The pool then moved through the door seal onto the corridor floor; slowly the human form of Odo appeared. Making sure the corridor was clear he quickly moved; searching the corridors until he found the room he was seeking. The room was full of electronic equipment; entering Odo closed the door behind him.

Back on the space station Sisko and Dax boarded the shuttle and took their seats at the pilot and navigational controls in readiness for the launch. Once seated Sisko called the space station over the intercom,

“Rio Grande to Ops initialising pre launch systems.”

Kira replied,

“Confirmed Rio Grande!”

The hangar bay doors opened and the lift took the shuttle to the launch pad.

In the Ops room O’Brien was watching the monitors he called out,

“Scanners are picking up fluctuations in the Cardassians energy distribution net.”

Kira depressed some buttons on her control panel,

“Shields and sensors are down, Odo’s done it. Ops to Rio Grande you’re in business!”

Sisko responded,

“Beginning launch sequence.”

The shuttle slowly rose off the launch deck and flew off into the distance gaining speed as she went.

Kira continue to monitor her systems,

“Odo has reached the transport site.”

“Trying to lock on!”

O’Brien replied,

“I’ve, never done this with a Cardassian transport.”

O’Brien toyed with the controls at his panel,

“Damn it what’s the problem …”

O’Brien stood back from his consul, and he gave it a swift kick: Odo materialised on the transport pad.

Kira smiled,

“Nice work Constable.”

Odo came off the transport pad walking down the stairs past Kira he nodded politely to her, taking up his position at a nearby station.

Chapter five

The shuttle containing Sisko and Dax moved further and further away from the space station. Dax is describing what she is seeing on her monitor to Sisko,

“Approaching grid parameters.”

“Slowing to one quarter impulse,” advised Sisko.

“Computer give me visual, bearing two three mark two one seven, range three thousand one hundred kilometres. Sensors are picking up usually high proton


“Plot a new course towards those new coordinates.”

Dax scanned her monitors,

“All external wave intensity’s are increasing rapidly. Checking: confirmed. There is no corresponding increase inside the cabin. How is that possible?”

Suddenly a blinding white light filled the whole cabin.

Startled Sisko and Dax looked out of the forward window; a swirling mass of energy suddenly erupted in front of their shuttlecraft. Before either of them could do anything the swirling mass of energy engulfed them.

Sisko called out an alarm,

“Sensors not functioning. We’ve lost all communications with the space station!”

In the Ops room back on the space station O’Brien called out an alarm,

“Scanners are reading major sub space disruption at their last coordinates!”

Kira looked at O’Brien in astonishment,

“What the hell is happening out there?”

“I don’t know. There just: gone!”

On board the shuttlecraft Sisko and Dax, because of the turbulence caused by the phenomenon, were fighting with the controls, Sisko asked,

“Are your navigational readings going crazy?”

Dax rejoined calmly,

“I’ll recalibrate when I have a moment!”

“Take your time!”

As suddenly as it had started, the phenomenon ended and they were back in normal space.

“Can you get a fix on our coordinates?”

“There is a star system just five light years away, no M class planets; computer identify closest star system.”

The metallic feminine voice of a computer,

“Edron, a turnery system consisting of twin O type companions.”

“Computer basis of identification?”

“Edron, is based on the analysis conducted in the twenty second century by the Quadrics One probe of the Gamma Quadrant.”

“The Gamma Quadrant, seventy thousand light years from Bajor; I would say we’ve just found a Wormhole!”

Laughed Sisko.

Dax exclaimed in equal surprise.

“Not an unreasonable hypothesis. It’s not like any wormhole I’ve ever seen. There are none of the usual resonance waves. Could this be how the Orbs found their way into the Bajoran system?”

“If it’s true, that would mean it has been here for ten thousand years; Dax we might have just discovered the first stable wormhole known to exist: bring us about Lieutenant.”

The shuttle turned about and re entered the wormhole. Again Dax and Sisko had trouble in controlling the shuttlecraft due to the fierce turbulence.

Dax advised Sisko,

“I’m modifying the flight programme to compensate for this spatial discontinuity, we should have a smoother ride this time.”

Suddenly forward momentum of the shuttlecraft started to slow, Sisko called out to Dax,

“Did you reduce impulse power?”

“No, why?”

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