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Finding Time for Us

by FloridaCoast©

My wife, Chrissy, and I were lying in bed, wrapped in each other's arms, enjoying that wonderful feeling of satisfaction you get after a great fuck. I was still inside her – a feeling we both enjoyed – and every now and then she would squeeze me with her pussy muscles as sort of a reminder to both of us that I was still there and we'd smile at each other. This was often how an afternoon would end when I came home early from work now.

We'd been married almost ten years, and we'd had our ups and downs, but our marriage was stronger now than it had ever been, thanks to her. I kissed her gently on her sweet sexy lips.

"I love you, sexy babe." I whispered. She smiled at me – that wonderful, lazy, just-been-fucked smile I love to see on her face. She nuzzled her lips into my neck and squeezed me again inside her in emphasis.

"I love you, too, sexy man." She whispered against my neck.

A couple years ago I had been wondering if our marriage had been coming apart. I had been so into work, she had been so into raising the kids and her own part-time job. We never seemed to have time for each other or interest in sex. It was like we had been spending most of the time since the honeymoon growing apart. And I knew now, that a big part of that had been my fault. Too focused on work, having to succeed, thinking I had to do it all myself, etc, etc. It's a long story, though, and not what I want to talk about here right now. Suffice to say, my wife helped me recognize the problem, and fix it.

Then I started living life again. I still own my company, and still work, but I let the very competent people I hired to work the company do their jobs more than I used to. And I take time to enjoy the fruits of my labors over the years.

Which includes coming home early from work afternoons like this now and then while the kids are still in school so Chrissy and I can steal some time for the two of us.

When I had gotten home earlier, I had walked from the garage into the kitchen and out into the main portion of the house. I bought this place because it was a nice large house, but especially for the back yard. It's large and has a beautiful pool with a spa and summer kitchen, lots of grass around it and shade trees on one side. But most important of all – it's totally private.

So, as I hoped, the sight that greeted me when I walked into the main living area and looked out the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass wall was the beautifully naked, tan, form of Chrissy laying out by the pool. Ever since we'd bought the house we had enjoyed the privacy by indulging our love of nude sunbathing and not having to deal with the awful feeling of clammy clinging wet bathing suits. Seeing her out there, all 5'3" of her petite, toned body, blonde hair, and her pert firm tits oiled for the afternoon in the sun provoked a smile on my face and the expected reaction elsewhere.

Still smiling, I walked to the master suite and got undressed. From the bedroom there I had a different angle of the pool area and my sexy wife laying there. Even as I removed the last of my clothes and freed my erect penis I noticed she had raised one knee and let it fall to the side, exposing her shaved pussy even more to my view. Such a sexy pussy she had, too. So delightfully lickable. I hadn't even realized I had wrapped a hand around my hard cock until I became conscious of stroking it as I watched her fingers slowly tracing her pussy lips.

I wondered what – or who – she was thinking about as she was teasing herself. My smile was growing almost as much as my arousal as her other knee bent and she opened her legs wide. Her pussy lips separated with that motion and her fingertips danced along her labia.

Glistening dew was gathering on her lips as her fingers moved around her pussy and her head went back. I couldn't hear her inside the house, but I knew she had moaned. How I loved the sound of her moans. I felt the cooling sensation of precum being spread by the stroking action of my hand and looked down.

My hard cock was reddened and eager for my wife, certainly. As I looked back up at Chrissy I was torn between walking out and joining her and enjoying the beautiful sight of her pleasuring herself. I arrived at a compromise of sorts, by quietly walking out through the French doors from the bedroom. As soon as I opened the French doors I could hear the music she had playing outside. That kept her from hearing me for the time being at least.

I walked around behind where she had her lounger facing the pool, she had her legs spread wide, knees bent and to the sides, feet pulled up somewhat. Her head was back, one hand was squeezing her tit and pulling her nipple and the other hand was now furiously pumping two fingers in and out of her soaked pussy. I could even hear the wet sounds over the music. All intentions of just watching fled from my mind as soon as the breeze carried her wonderfully scent or arousal to me.

I moved around and leaned over to kiss the side of her neck, expecting her to be startled and jump, but all she did was moan and say "It's about time! Suck my nipple!" I laughed and sucked her nipple – hard.

She moaned and fucked her fingers in and out faster and arched her back, pressing her nipple up into my mouth even harder. I moved a hand down to rub my fingers over her clit as her pussy jumped up and down from her finger fucking.

"Oh God, yessss!" she screamed in my ear. "I'm cumminnnnggg!"

Her hips thrust rhythmically with her orgasm and she uttered guttural sounds as her pussy contracted on her fingers in orgasm. I felt a small surge of moisture from her orgasm on my fingers where they played on the upper portion of her pussy.

Eventually, her hips fell, her shoulders relaxed, and her face turned to me.

"Wow..." she said, sounding exhausted, "I needed that." And then she giggled when I kissed her nipple.

"I'm surprised you didn't jump off the lounger when I first kissed you." I kidded her. She smiled at me and slowly removed her fingers from her soaked pussy.

"Oh... " she smiled as I took her wrist and guided her fingers to my mouth, "I saw your silhouette inside when you got home." She giggle again as I sucked her fingers clean and made a show of savoring her taste – which really is extraordinarily good. She always has this hint of citrus to her juices. I always joke it's one of the best things about living in Florida.

When I was done cleaning her fingers she let her hand fall beside the lounger and found my now-flaccid penis. I could tell she was using her finger to wipe what must have been a dollop of precum from the end. She brought that to her mouth and sucked it off, eying me provocatively.

"You taste good, too." She said with a sexy tone to her voice, "Come with me." She stood up and took my hand.

She led me to the edge of the pool and had me sit with my legs dangling into the water and then she walked around and into the pool itself.

"I was getting hot," she explained, "so I figure why not cool off and get some protein at the same time." I laughed.

She waded over to me and the depth of the pool put her head at the perfect height to take me into her mouth. I caressed the aide of her face and her hair as she sucked me to life. She always says she loves the feeling of me getting hard in her mouth or her pussy.

"I love you." I said, meaning it more these days than ever. She smiled and pulled off me with an audible "pop".

"I know." She giggled and went back to sucking my know rock hard penis while I chuckled and then moaned as she did what she does so well. What she had said was our inside joke from the movies.

Before long she had me to the point of no return, sucking me and caressing my balls as if urging them to bring forth what she craved so much. I warned her that I was going to cum soon and she just increased her efforts and moaned onto my cock, making it feel that much better. With a groan, I began spurting thick cum into her mouth. Chrissy swallowed quickly to keep up with my flood even as she stroked the shaft with her hand. I tend to cum a lot more than average, we've determined, so her being able to take it all is something of a challenge. And she almost managed it. Just a little bit escaped from the corners of her mouth by the time I was done. Even the way she licked it from around her mouth and wiped the rest away with the back of her hand was sexy to me.

I scooted forward off the edge of the pool and let myself drop into the pool and wrapped her in my arms. We kissed and I wasn't put off by the taste of my own cum in her mouth. After all, if she's okay with the taste of it – actually claims she likes it – how can I complain about it. And on the flip-side, I absolutely love the taste of her, so I figure it's the same sort of thing.

We stayed in the pool together for a bit, holding each other, kissing, with my hands on her tight sexy ass. Before long, it was becoming obvious I was interested in more, as she made a joke about my poking her in the belly button - I'm a foot taller than Chrissy. I glanced at the clock we have out back and saw that the girls wouldn't be home from school for another hour.

I took Chrissy by the hand and we walked from the pool into the house. No words were needed. The smiles on our faces communicated our desires more than clearly.

Written by: FloridaCoast

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