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The Italian Stallion Ch. 05 Pt. 03

by sexynursechef©

I motioned for Amanda to climb off my face and I cradled her in my arms like a sexy baby. I sat against the luxuriant tiger striped pillows of my bed and placed her trim tiny body between my legs. Mario sat expectantly on his haunches awaiting instructions. I turned her head towards me and we shared an erotic, sensual kiss. Mario watched fascinated as our beautiful full lips played together and our tongues swirled in each other's mouths. I spread her legs by putting my hand between them. I began to play around the edge of her pussy while caressing one of her hard-nippled breasts with the other hand.

She was purring like a kitten. Her head fell back and gentle moans sounded from her supple throat. Mario was stroking is massive cock and growling like a tiger. He had a far away look in his eye as if he couldn't believe this erotic scene was happening. I started rubbing her tiny little clit in circles, causing her to cry out. I still wouldn't let him touch her and it was killing him. I kissed down her body and started suckling at her beautiful titties. She cried out that it felt amazing. When I got to her wet and fragrant clam, I pulled out my vibrator that is for inside but also has a nubby head that stimulates the clit. I gave her a few little licks and sucks of her dainty little vaginal folds before I put it inside of her. She screamed. She said "Oh my God, it feels like you are eating me and fucking me at the same time. I smiled a sexy little smile and started to lick her around the "head" of the clit vibe part.

I twisted the vibrator so it was still inside of her but it was stimulating her labia not her clit. I took her whole clitoris in my mouth and sucked hard saying, "MMMMM MMMM GOOD!" the Campbell Soup commercial. She started to shake uncontrollably and said "Oh my God, I'm gonna squirt!" And she did...she flooded the bed with her delicious spunk. As she did, I pulled her off the bed with me. Mario was still on the bed like a dog waiting for instructions from its Master. And Master I am lol.

"LICK IT UP!" I said, forcefully and pushed his head into the comforter. He immediately answered "YES, Mistress" with a catch in his voice, which I know means he is getting close. When he was finished, I said "GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES, YOU HORNY BASTARD!" He obeyed. I said to Amanda, "Honey, you get behind and lick his asshole...he's been a good boy."

She said "Mmmmmm...yes, Chef" and complied. He let out a shout because he LOVES when I do that to him and here was an incredibly hot and beautiful woman half his age doing it. She eagerly rimmed his little chocolate starfish. I got the anal beads out and put some lube on. She pulled back and started to play with his huge hanging fun bags.

"Ohhhhhh fuck"...he said..."I'm gonna nut" I switched the vibe on and ease the butt plus into his ass. "OH OH OH OH OH OH FUCK!" he yelled. I took a silky tiny rope out of my Pandora's Toy Box and swiftly tied off his nutsack. He jumped and got even harder. I motioned to my Sous Chef to crawl underneath him and suck his straining cock. She slid underneath of his big sexy heavy body and took his Meat Thermometer in her mouth. "OH...MY...COCK"...he screamed.

Amanda and I began edging him...she was licking and sucking his huge veiny shaft and I was rhythmically fucking his out...twisting the anal beads...pulsing the fake cock. Amanda gurgled and choked on his dick because he was thrusting and she wasn't used to such a huge Horse cock. I said, "Take it easy on her, baby..not everyone can deep throat like I can."

He said, "I'm sorry Mistress!' I reached down and twiddled her little cum basket. Wet my finger and flicked her G spot, applying firm pressure as I felt it swell and become rough. Mewling sounds were coming out of her mouth "oooooohhhh oooohhh oooooh" and she began to suck more ferociously on Mario's dick. The more I stimulated her G spot, the more passionately she swallowed his cock. Mario bellowed "I'm gonna CUM, you bitches"

I said "THE FUCK YOU ARE!" and both Amanda and I stopped everything immediately. He let out a strangled gasp in protest. But we kept going...I climbed on top of him and starting riding him. Amanda dangling her perky little boobies in his face. Then she took a turn riding him. Then he got on top of me and started fucking me with gusto while Amanda wet her finger and poked around in his little secret place. We did this for hours. Now, Mario can go for hours as it is but this was incredibly intense. Amanda and I laid down side by side on the bed and had him alternating between licking our sodden cunts. "Who tastes better?" I teased him. He smiled a smile of pure delight.

I released the Shoestring from his balls and got some my hands and knees. Amanda laid down on the bed and spread her legs for my eager tongue. I began to lick and suck her pussy again as Mario plowed me from behind. I was letting out guttural deep moans. "FUCCCKKKKK SOOOO FUCKING GOOD BABE...YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMM" Amanda was thrashing around moaning. I felt the throb...

Mario pulled his dick out of my tight fuck-hold and Amanda and I laid prone upon the bed before him. He reared his 6'4 rangy body like an exquisite and powerful Arabian Stallion from Lands Afar. Eyes flashing, nostrils flaring, he pulled at his Horse-cock viciously and his cum shot three feet into the air. His boy batter covered Amanda and I splashing our tits, our cunnies and our mouths. He then collapsed between us and lovingly cleaned every bit of his jizz off our sweating bodies. We all curled together and drifted into an deep and dreamless sleep.

Written by: sexynursechef

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