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Stacey and the Forest Shoot

by IndieScoundrel©

Stacey still couldn't believe she was doing this. That thought kept racing through her mind as she drove up and into the mountains, towards a certain cabin for a very special shoot.

She was s photographer, a very professional one, and also married, which is why she was still questioning taking on this job.

She'd met Jeff a few days earlier. He was dark-haired and handsome and while he'd been chatting about his private project he had also flirted quite a bit and she couldn't help but smile at the thought and the compliments. It had been a while since she'd heard words like that.

Finally she arrived and walked up to the door, carrying her equipment. She'd worn a light, flowery dress on her voluptuous body and finally, after a trepidatious moment, knocked on the door.

Again Jeff was quite charming, complimenting her on her dress, her hair, thanking her for agreeing to do what he knew was an unusual project.

She followed him out of the cabin and into a small clearing/backyard where there was a nice garden and lawn surrounded by several large trees. A blanket had been set out and the shoot began.

Jeff began to slowly undress as Stacey took pictures. He'd confided in being a bit of an exhibitionist and wanted some professional shots done for a certain website he was on and he had made quite the lucrative offer too.

And so here she was, taking picture after picture of this handsome man as he undressed, showing more of his muscular body, all the while looking at her with an attentiveness she hadn't received in years.

He was down to his boxers when she started reaching back and wincing a bit. He noticed this too. She confided that her back had been bothering her lately and after a few denials Jeff had her sitting down on the blanket for an inprompto massage.

He had good hands too, she had to admit, and as they moved up and down her back she couldn't help but feel aroused at his firm touch.

He was bold and she had no illusions about innocence on his part and as his hands worked the tension out of her back she found that everything outside this moment was starting to fade.

He had moved closer too. She could almost feel him up against her, rubbing her shoulders, his breath on her neck, then his lips, a soft moan escaping her own, then another as his hands slide down her front, feeling and massaging her breasts.

Everything but this moment was gone as she leaned back against him, moaning again as she felt him tease her nipples and kiss her neck more and more, turning her head to kiss his lips passionately.

He lifted the dress up and off of her and now she was out in the wild wearing just her pink bra and panties.

She turned around and smiled wickedly as she pushed him back. Kissing down his body and pulling his boxers down to reveal a very hard and thick cock.

She licked it slowly, teasing him all along his shaft, up and down before finally engulfing him, feeling his throbbing cock enter her hot and wet mouth again and again as her head bobbed down onto it. She could hear him moaning and enjoying himself and this turned her on so much. Her panties felt drenched now as she continued sucking and licking and slowly rubbing as she moved down and licked and sucked on his balls.

Then it was her turn to be yanked down, have her bra and panties thrown aside and his tongue wax inside her, fucking her, licking her clit as he fingered her, her beautiful breasts out and moving up and down as her breathing grew very heavy.

She couldn't believe this was happening. Being tongue fucked and pleased out in the relative wild. Any hiker passing by could get a peek too.

She was so hot now though, so full of passion and so was he, and it surprised her how quickly she obeyed when he ordered her onto her knees. She gleefully bent over for him, and even complied as he told her to put her hands together behind her back, which he tied together with his soft and silk tie. She then felt his hard cock up against her pussy lips, teasing her, rubbing up against her clit again and again until she was growling like a beast in heat.

Yet still he teased her, he leaned back down, kissing her ass all over, sliding his tongue down and in between her cheeks, licking her asshole just a bit, teasing her clit just a bit, then standing up and moving around, telling her to stay very still, and though she had never done anything like this before, she complied for she was so very turned on.

He played with her breasts, teased her nipples, pinching them and pulling on them before finally moving back, noticing that she was barely keeping still, prompting a hard smack on her naughty bottom, but he wanted her too. The animal inside him was also growling and as he teased her pussy lips with his cock some more, teasing her clit over and over again, he finally could not hold back and slowly started pushing inch after inch of his cock deep inside her.

He kept it slow at first, letting her only feel a little bit at a time going in, but this he could hold back for only so long as well before his hands were on her hips and he was ramming his hard and thick cock deep inside her now soaking wet pussy.

He pounded her again and again and again, mounting her and taking her like the horny, sex-crazed beast she had become, or maybe always been and just needed to he unleashed.

He finally untied her hands then and let her use them for balance as he continued to fuck her out there in the wild.

Her hair was pulled back and her ass bounced hard as his cock slid deep inside her wet pussy, soaking wet pussy, again and again and again until she cried out loud and came all over his hard and throbbing cock.

She'd soaked him in her juices but she wasn't down yet. She slid off him and looked back with a fierce look in her eyes and practically tackled him to the ground, mounting him and riding him hard.

She felt his hands all over her body, squeezing her ass, smacking it, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples hard, his hand then reaching up and squeezing her neck, choking her as she smashed down onto his cock, his thick and throbbing member filling her over and over and over again. His hands on her ass again, fingers soaked from her juices, teasing her asshole again and again and again until sliding inside.

This made her even more wild and she knew he was close she tightened even more around his shaft and rode him for everything he was worth. She could hear his moans and groans at the intense, massive amount of pleasure flowing through him because of her, and soon he was crying out, his voice echoing with hers as his hot seed started flowing into her.

It was so much, she couldn't believe he was filling her with so much hot cum that for a third time she reached an unbelievable climax.

She finally collapsed on top if him, panting and he turned her over, slowly kissed his way down her sweat and juice soaked body, and began to eat her out again as she lay there, his cum slowly dripping out of her and...she couldn't believe it, he was licking it from her.

Finally he kissed his way back up and kisses her deeply and she could taste his cum and her juices intermingling on his lips and after she lay there, feeling his cum and her juices running down her legs, and she knew that it was going to be a very interesting day indeed.

Written by: IndieScoundrel

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