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Back To The Club

by sexvoyeur©

"They will!!" Stephen said immediately in a protective manner.

David and Paul looked at each other briefly, giving each other an, 'I can't believe she is going to let us' look just before they started to slide down onto the bed. As they moved closer to her, both the nude men looked with longing as they studied her body. Emily didn't turn to face the two men as they approached, she still looked at Stephen and I could tell that a game of seduction was still building between them.

When Paul reached Emily, he sat on his knees close to her shoulders as David sat accordingly near her waist. Sitting there for a few seconds but with no response from her, Paul boldly used some gentle force as he grabbed her right shoulder and pulled her over onto her back.

Emily's immediate response was to bite down on her lower lip as she looked up to him, silently indicating to him that she didn't object to his mild aggression. He smiled as he looked down at her, just as he slid his hands across her chest to softly cup her breasts into his hands. As he gently squeezed and fondled her, she breathed deeply, closing her eyes from the feeling of his aggressive yet intimate touch.

With her legs still closed, David soon followed Paul's lead and began to caress her lower body with his fingers for several minutes, eventually moving his left hand to the middle of her lower body so he could run his fingers through her soft pubic hair but intentionally avoided her vaginal area directly to build her tension even more. As two sets of hands caressed her body, Emily lay there with a delicate smile on her face, still breathing deeply as she concentrated on the pleasing sensations they were giving her.

In time, David started to focus the caress of his fingers up and down the length of Emily's thighs, which soon led to his discovery of Emily's building thirst when she started to subtly spread her legs, allowing him to pet the more sensitive aspect of her inner thighs.

Excited by her obvious approval, David's complete focus soon became a seductive tease as his fingers slowly moved there way up her inner thighs, an inch at a time. As he worked his way up her body, her legs slowly spread further and further apart until eventually they were completely bent at the knee, her now soaking wet pussy exposed to everyone in the room once again.

With her legs fully open, David soon moved his body so that he was now between them and proceeded to tease her further by running his fingers up and down her thighs and over her lower abdomen, but continued to intentionally avoid her vaginal area.

While watching, Paul continued to play with her breasts, occasionally bringing the tip of a finger to his mouth to wet it, then lowered it and ran his finger around her nipple, watching it grow hard with his touch. Watching these men touch Emily, I knew what they were attempting; they were working together to seduce her into going further.

It was working and Stephen knew it. By watching her breathing and body movement as his friends fondled her, he decided it was time to take things a step further. With confidant and authoritative tone he said, "Boys, I really think she needs some attention! What to you think?"

"I think so!" David said, looking directly at the light reflecting off her wetness.

Emily stayed silent. Her silence was taken by all as permission to go for more.

Now knowing that he had permission to satisfy his furious lust, David's time to tease was over. As he lowered his upper body, he adjusted his hands to grab underneath her thighs and proceeded to push them forward, lifting her bare feet off the floor. Then, with her in a position that appeased him, he lowered his head and buried his tongue deep into her pussy, quickly becoming enraptured with the sweetness of her juices.

Emily gasped loudly when she felt his tongue probe deep inside her, her eyes opening wide. As she began to feel his warm tongue move skillfully to please her, she showed her favor even more when she arched her back and tightly grabbed a hold of Paul's forearms for leverage. Feeling her grab him as he watched her writhing from the oral pleasure she was receiving, Paul started to lightly pinched her nipples for even more stimulation.

As David continued to work his tongue on her pussy, he soon reached up with his left hand and spread her pink labia apart to expose her clit to him. Then, with it now fully exposed, he proceeded to move his tongue around it in various directions to please her as intensely as he could. When he felt her grind her pelvis into him to increase the direct stimulation, he quickly wet two of his fingers on his right hand and slipped them deeply into her vagina.

The beauty and eroticism of Emily's reaction to the pleasure David was giving her was too much for Paul. As he continued to watch, he adjusted himself and began to teasingly flick his tongue over Emily's right breast until he hungrily engulfed all of her nipple into his mouth. Then, as his hands continued to explore her body, he took turns moving from one nipple to the other, enjoying how his tongue made them hard.

Feeling a man eating her pussy and another sucking on her nipples had placed her in a sexual arena she had never experienced. For the next five minutes, she became lost in the sensations their tongues gave her until she reached a new peak. As I watched her, I saw her reach up and grab Paul's hair just as she curled her toes—I knew she was very close. As they continued to please her, her heavy breathing turned into a pant, her face becoming a mask of concentration until she suddenly locked up; then, she exploded as another powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

Viewing the scene before him, Stephen's mouth dropped and he looked like he was going to salivate as he watched Emily cum forcibly, the men holding her down as she squirmed beneath them. As he listened to her loudly moan, almost scream throughout her orgasm, his masturbation intensified until the spasms coursing through her body settled down. Then, as he watched her breasts rise while she breathed deeply to recover, he decided it was time to push things even further.

"Did you enjoy my friends making you cum so hard?" He said, enjoying the sight of her flushed face.

"Ahh, Huh!!" She said, still enjoying the high from cumming. Her legs were still spread around David, both men now sitting back on their knees. As the two of them lightly caressed her body, Emily relaxed her hand on Paul's thigh.

"What do you want to do now?" Stephen asked, his voice starting to shake again.

Emily squeezed her lips together, only her eyes looked in his direction. She said nothing.

"Do you want more?" He said, lustfully.

Emily bit hard on her lip, closing her eyes as she heard his question, a light gasp escaping from deep within her. Again, she said nothing. It was obvious what she wanted, but something couldn't bring herself to say it. After a few seconds, she looked down to see David stroking his erect penis, his eyes almost pleading with her to give an indication that he could have her.

"They're dying to have you Emily!! Will you let them have you, let them feel you from the inside?" Stephen's voice was husky with lust.

Emily was breathing fast when she reached down with her right hand and started to run her fingers lightly over her pussy. After a few seconds of thought, she had a look showing everyone that she was wanting more, with her voice shaking she said, "Do you have any condoms?"

Her simple question caused the two men to quickly moan, each knowing that she had just given them permission to have her. Nothing further needed to be said.

As Emily continued to play with herself, she watched as David quickly moved to his pants and pull out some condoms from the pocket. Then, as he moved back over to her, he tossed one near Paul and proceeded to rip a package open for himself. As he started to roll a condom over the length of his penis, Emily looked even more ravenous with lust. I knew she was know consumed with desire to be penetrated by these two, older men.

With the condom on, David placed himself back between her open legs and slid close to her body. As he looked at her, he soaked his fingers with his saliva and rubbed them over the opening over her pussy, making sure she was as ready as she looked. After spreading around the lubricant on the condom, he moved just a few inches closer, smiling as she spread her legs further open for him. Then, he teased her a few seconds more as he ran the head of his penis over the opening of her pussy, seeing that she was watching him with a excited look. Finally, he grabbed hold of her body for leverage and slowly pushed his seven-inch penis inside her.

Feeling him slide into her, Emily gasped loudly as she arched her back, enjoying the sensation of finally being penetrated. Not able to feel all of her completely due to the condom, David moved slowly so he wouldn't hurt her by going too deep. However, after seeing her response to him being inside her, he soon increased the speed of his strokes, watching her pink pussy lips as they slid back and forth over the white latex of the condom.

As David fucked Emily, Paul watched for a minute until he found himself boldly moving her hand to touch his six-inch erection. When she felt the heat and hardness of his cock in her hand, she started to stroke the full length of him. However, after a few moments she knew by looking at him that he wanted more. With the knowledge that she could know fulfill a desire she had since early in the evening, she made a motion to him with her left hand, indicating to him that she wanted him in her mouth.

Knowing what she wanted, he quickly moved up to her, placing his cock close to her face. As she grabbed the shaft of his penis, she looked up to him and started to tease him by running her tongue over the head of his cock. Then, after spending a few moments to enjoy the taste of his precum, she grabbed him and pulled him into her mouth. After watching his sensitive cock slide past her lips, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, concentrating on the warmth and texture of her tongue as she proceeded to please his cock with her mouth.

This incredibly erotic scene took place for several minutes, Stephen and I watching wide-eyed as David continued to thrust his cock into her pussy as she enthusiastically sucked on Paul's penis. As time passed I watched her closely, listening to her increased moaning, knowing that she was being carried away with desire, finally fulfilling her long-standing fantasy of having sex with two men at that same time.

They all pleased each other in this position for several minutes until Emily suddenly released Paul's penis from her mouth. To the two of them, it looked like she needed a moment to catch her breath but I knew it was something different, she had a familiar look that I had seen once before—she was becoming intoxicated with lust.

As she looked down at David, still enjoying his penetration of her pussy, she said to him with a hungry voice, "Do you mind using the condom?"

As David slowed his strokes he said, "No, I don't mind! I know we should use one!"

With a tone of innocence, she asked, "Do you always use one?"

"No, not always! I never use one with my wife!"

"Do you ever NOT use one with other women?"

"On occasion, but most women here prefer it!! I don't have any diseases though! I've had a vasectomy, too!!"

After a few seconds, she smiled coyly at him and said, "Would you like to be inside me without one?"

Immediately after hearing her question, he stopped sliding his penis in and out of her. After looking at her briefly in stunned silence, he brought himself to say, "I'd love to do feel you without one!! Are you sure?"

Smiling at him innocently while stroking Paul's penis, she nodded her head and quietly said to him "Yeah!! Go ahead!!"

It was now David's turn to bite his lip. As he pulled out his latex covered penis from her hungry pussy, he looked over at his friend who was shaking his head at him, silently telling him how lucky he was. Then, as he looked down at himself, he quickly removed the condom with a snap and threw it to the side.

With his penis now free, he placed his cock over her pussy and started to rub the length of it over her pink lips. He did this to tease himself; heightening the fact he was about to feel her body in the most intimate and enjoyable way possible. After spending a few more seconds to increase his arousal to a higher level, he grabbed her left ankle and spread her legs even further apart. Then, he leaned his pelvis into her and pushed his now condomless penis back into her soaking wet pussy.

Feeling him slide deep inside her, she gasped loudly as she raised her head to look at him. As her eyes widened, she opened her mouth to ease her breathing, fully concentrating on the blissful sensation that only comes when a man and woman start fucking each other with no barriers between them, both loving the intense feel of being connected skin-to-skin.

Between the sensations of feeling her warm pussy without protection and the sight of her response to him sliding inside her naturally, it wasn't long until he increased the speed of his strokes inside her. After spending a few minutes to watch his cock become caked with the white juices of her pussy as he fucked her, David adjusted his body and threw her legs around his upper arms, leaning over her. Then, with increased intensity, he started to thrust his cock almost violently into the depths of her pussy.

As Paul moved back unselfishly to allow them to enjoy each other to the fullest, he watched transfixed like Stephen and I, all of us fully admiring the beauty of her as she writhed beneath him from being fucked so hard. For the next five minutes, we watched as David slammed his body into her, watched as he fell on top of her and grinded his cock deep inside her, watched as she reached around him with her arms to encourage him to fuck her even faster.

When David eventually moved into a position to pin her arms down to her sides, her bare feet lying over the back of his thighs, the look before one cums was building on his face. As he concentrated on the feel of her pussy engulfing his penis, he couldn't last any longer and announced with a deep, cracking voice, "I'm gonna cum!!"

For a brief second, Emily looked disappointed until that look was replaced with excitement from the pleasure she felt knowing she was going to make him cum. As she looked at him, she said lustfully, "Cum on me!!"

Seeing the look on her face as she said this put David over the edge. With a few more quick thrusts inside her, he pulled out of her and sat up on his knees, jerking fiercely on his cock. Then, as he gasped loudly, a large load of cum started shooting out of the tip of his penis like a cannon into the air. As Emily watched, she soon giggled when she felt a splash of his warm cum hit the side of her face, the rest wetting her breasts and stomach.

David's orgasm lasted nearly thirty seconds, slowing as his body jerked, trying to squeeze ever last drop of seed from his penis. When finished, he sat back down with an embarrassed laugh, sweat running down the side of his face. After taking a deep breath, admiring the semen splashed on her body, he said to her aloud, "Damn, you felt good!!"

As Emily smiled, she did something that nearly floored us all. With two fingers from her right hand, she reached up to the side of her face to wipe away the good-sized portion of cum that landed there. Then, just as she innocently said "Thank You!" she placed her cum soaked fingers into her mouth and licked them clean, enjoying the taste of his salty bodily fluid.

Paul was to the side of her masturbating as he watched, grunting loudly when he saw her place her fingers in her mouth. When he saw she was done enjoying the taste of his friend, he said with some conviction, "Okay, my turn!!"

Hearing what he said, Emily looked up and him and said playfully, "So, you want me now?"

"Fuck yes, I want you now!!!" He said with conviction.

Without any further words, Paul slid a little to his side and reached down for her body, grabbing her hips. Without asking for permission, he turned her with authority, placing Emily on her hands and knees and moved directly behind her. Then, as Emily looked back with a hungry look on her face, never protesting to his aggression, he placed his hand on her upper back, forcing her face down against the mattress.

With her beautiful ass now high in the air, Paul spent a few moments to run his hands over the back of her body. After taking time to admire her this way, he wet his cock with his salvia and moved closer to her, jerking on his penis to make it just a little bit harder. Then, as his body touched her, he playfully slapped his penis against her ass a few seconds until he couldn't wait any longer and lined himself at the opening of her vagina.

As he rubbed the engorged head of his thick cock against the lips of her pussy, he said to her,"You want to feel my hard cock in your pussy now?"

Emily moaned loudly and smiled when she heard his question, then she said with a soft voice, "Yeah!! I want to feel it!!"

Lightly grinning as he heard her, Paul started to rub the tip of his penis between her reddening labia, watching her lips fold around its large, purple head. Then, after feeling her this way for a few seconds, he supported the shaft of his penis with his left hand and proceeded to guide his thick cock into her pussy until all six-inches were fully inside her, grunting loudly as he felt her tightness and warmth close around him. With the knowledge that he was now inside a beautiful young woman, twenty years his junior, he started to rhythmically thrust his penis in and out of her vagina with steadily increasing speed.

When Emily felt him slide inside her, she drew in a deep audible breath, heightening the eroticism of the scene before us. Then, as she began to feel him thrust his cock in and out of her wetness, she started to moan as she enjoyed the thickness of him expand her still insatiable pussy. As he continued to increase the force of his strokes, he soon used both hands and squeezed the flesh of her bottom, sometimes spreading them apart as he rubbed the pad of his thumb over her backdoor to stimulate her just a little more.

As he played with her this way, the surging hormones in Emily caused her to start pushing back into him to increase the pleasure of each incoming thrust. Within only a minute or two, the intensity of their fucking was getting high, their bodies making noise as he slammed his cock into her, both moaning loudly, feeling the blissful pleasure of their connected bodies.

As Stephen watched, he couldn't sit back and be a bystander any longer. With his huge, nine-inch cock in his hand, he continued to stroke himself as he slid down the stairs and placed himself near Emily's head. Feeling another presence, Emily looked up and her eyes widened as she saw the size of Stephen's cock now just a foot in front of her face. Smiling as she watched him stroke himself, she reached her hand forward and started to run her fingertips over the surface of his scrotum, her body rocking forward as Paul continued to fuck her from behind

As David and I continued to watch, Emily soon placed her right hand around the shaft of Stephen's penis, taking over the jerking motion on his cock. As she stimulated him, he leaned back causing his penis to stand out in front of him, watching her soft hand slide up and down his erection. For several minutes, she continued to please him this way until she decided it was time to play with him differently.

As she stopped the jerking motion of her hand, she pulled him by his penis until he felt a sharp jolt of pleasure, watching as his tool slid past her lips, down into her hungry mouth. As she serviced him this way, she would occasionally look up at him with her eyes, finding him staring back at her, watching as his cock moved happily in and out of her tender mouth. This incredible scene was to last for several minutes; Paul doing her doggy-style from behind as Stephen grabbed onto her hair, helping her move her head up and down as he fucked her mouth with his tool.

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