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Heidi's New Life

by goldenmyst©

Heidi stooped down to adjust her high heel shoe. She was wearing turquoise lingerie covered in a gossamer dress. Her gown rippled as she moved across the floor. She was a walking seduction.

As Heidi stood up, she was startled by a burly man grabbing her shoulders. He taped her mouth shut with duct tape. Then he ushered her into another room. The room was bright white with a marble table in the middle. Two men lifted her and placed her on the stone slab. She heard a woman giving orders. "Undress her. Bind her. Blindfold her. Prepare her for the market."

Heidi felt hands ripping off her dress and underclothes. Soon she was lying naked on the slab. The rock was cold against her skin. She squirmed as they pinned her arms and legs. She tussled with the men. Then she felt the strictures wound round her ankles and wrists. Her buttocks were slick with sweat. They slid as she flexed them against the slab.

Finally, exhausted, she succumbed to her captors. Heidi felt fingers probing her clitoris. The attention to her sex, though invasive, turned her on. Her breathing grew rapid as she responded to the rub. It was a woman's touch she knew. That made it all the more taboo. The erotic heat of womanly love bestowed on her labia was thrilling. She came in the throes of a submission so deep she never wanted to be free again.

The woman whispered in her ear, "We have a woman patron interested in you. You would like to be a slave to a woman. I can tell by your response to me masturbating you. Now we'll bathe you in freesia and scent you in myrrh."

"I love you". Heidi said. The wet cloth cleansed her in circles of purifying heat.

Heidi lay on the slab while maidens in virgin white dresses gathered around her. They lit candles. The lit wicks illuminated the cavernous church of sensuality. The woman who bathed her said, "We like to make it a religious ceremony when we induct our women into their sacred duty to serve our clients."

The angelic maidens gathered around the altar, upon which Heidi lay, like a flock of doves and prayed for her survival. The Goddess whispered to Heidi in her Gethsemane night. Her acolytes circled her in a wreath of women.

The Priestess of this pagan mass stood over a pedestal upon which a bowl of incense rested. She ignited it and breathed the scented smoke. Heidi inhaled frankincense and myrrh deep in the witching hour of her midnight magic.

The girls cloaked in Easter lily gowns cast their feminine spell. They laid their soft hands upon Heidi's head to bring her comfort in the hour of her deepest need.

Heidi felt the flutter of their silken fingers as they grasped her arms. They undid Heidi's bindings and led me to the bath where stripped of her clothes the wren girls anointed her portals of pleasure in holy water. Her labia rejoiced. The wet kiss of their touch upon Heidi's bare skin left fingerprints deep within.

They embraced Heidi's nakedness in a ring of votresses. The contact high of their estrogen scent took Heidi into deep delirium. They washed her of her sins. Her tarnished soul was made deep sky blue.

Heidi rose from the steamy tub in naked liberation.

Soon Heidi's trance came in the embrace of dope tentacles. She was to be dominated again at the hands of a woman. In her dark bedchamber she couldn't distinguish between night and day. But she sunk deep into the oceanic bliss of her twilight dream sea. Her eyes twinkled open in the shadowy chamber. A statuesque blonde Goddess gazed down upon her supine form. Firm resolve was written in the Goddess' obsidian eyes. Heidi's trembling voice offered acquiescence to her regal dominion.

Goddess' slender fingers grasped the hypodermic as she ordered Heidi on her side. "You have to be sedated to ensure you sleep well for tomorrow. You will be sold then to your new mistress."

Heidi was excited to know she'd be sold to a woman and not a man. That was her deepest desire. The handler decreed that she expose her posterior. Her compliance was inadequate. Therefore, The handler nimbly grasped the sheet and in one fluid motion, she briskly tugged it down, leaving Heidi's nether regions bare and vulnerable.

The handler pressed her fingers into Heidi's supple flesh. Her needle was poised for insertion. Heidi felt the prick of pin point on her sensitive skin. The handler injected the elixir of psychic peace into her quivering body.

Then she gently pulled her sheet upward. She covered Heidi's nakedness in the silk soft cotton. Heidi's dark angel departed, leaving her in the afterglow of sweet obeisance.

Heidi adjusted well to her new home and role in life. And then one night her mistress whispered a marriage proposal in her ear. Heidi was starry eyed with delight. With gratitude, Heidi collected her wits for wanton witchery. She sashays her derriere across the bedroom in a subliminal seduction.

It always felt new to be lusted after by female eyes even though it had become her life. She opened herself to ravishment by ruby lips in a sisterly soiree. She was enticed by the promise of her familiar flesh.

Afterward, they strolled hand in hand through the Bourbon street risqué. They were beautiful dreamers on the shore of woman.

Written by: goldenmyst

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories