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A Sudden Decision

by BrettJ©

Rachel Jackson and Valentina Vonn were sitting at a table in the back of the ball room, getting blissfully drunk and incredibly bored with the wedding reception. The two girls knew both the bride and the groom; they had all been friends since kindergarten. The two brunettes, who were cousins by marriage, adored Meche and hoped for long, happy years for the 26-year old bride. She and her husband had been in love since the second grade. Everyone in their small town thought it was a pipe dream, their impending nuptials. You don't marry someone you've been in love with since you were seven years old. Rachel and Val had been the only two who had never faltered in their support. Sometimes, even then, you just knew. Meche had been Ken's little tagalong and never once had he voiced an objection. Lucky Ken, because by the time Meche turned 15, he had plenty of competition for her favors. Fortunately, Meche's devotion never faltered. She was loyal to all of her friends, to a fault, including the man to whom she was now happily wed. Rachel had teased her "cuz" that even if Ken looked like Quasimodo, Meche still would have married him. Val said that Meche might have suggested a few cosmetic changes, with a laugh, but likely she would have agreed. If only their own men were as supportive as Meche and Ken, or, for that matter, Rachel and Valentina themselves.

In Rachel's case, she knew that her time with Derrick was coming to a close. In the early stages of their relationship, he had pursued her with due diligence and been loving and attentive. She hadn't really been interested in dating him, not at the beginning. His attentions had been so sweet and ardent that she had finally agreed to a date. That had been two years ago. In recent months, his interest had waned. Once Derrick had made his "conquest", he moved on to another pursuit. Derrick was, in the popular parlance, a "player". Even now, he was openly flirting with some of the other bridesmaids. Rachel knew that she should be incensed but she could not summon up the energy to care.

Valentina's boyfriend was Derrick's polar opposite. Randy was totally faithful, he was just - dull. No imagination, no spontaneity, their sex was almost always vanilla. Were she to initiate something a little naughty, Randy balked at the very idea. Once, she had wanted to fuck him in the cowgirl position and one would have thought she had grown horns.

"Why do we put up with them?" Rachel sighed as she grabbed two glasses of champagne for herself and Valentina. "Look at Meche, she's so happy! She's with a man who loves her, don't we both deserve as much?"

"Sure we do," Valentina said, giggling as the bubbles from the expensive champagne tickled her nose. "Wow, this is really nice champagne. Meche's family went all-out!"

"They can afford to, they've got more money than they will ever spend," Rachel smiled as she drank her champagne. "My family would never think of spending this kind of money on a wedding. Of course, my mother and father think that I'm never getting married. Given my track record, they're probably right."

"You and Derrick on the outs?"

"No, not yet. I just know that he isn't `the one', y'know? What about you and Randy, do you talk about tying the knot?" Rachel questioned.

"Oh lord, no!" Valentina protested immediately, drawing a large laugh from her friend. "Randy is a nice guy - for someone. That someone isn't me." She explained to Rachel about her boyfriend's lack of imagination in the bedroom.

"I'd go insane dating a man like that," Rachel sighed as she found herself another drink. "I like sex wayyy too much to settle for uninspired lovemaking. I've pretty much tried everything and done most everything on my list."

"Your - list?" Valentina sat up and her dark eyes stared into Rachel's unique blue-green orbs. "What list are you talking about?" Her movements had caused her short skirt to ride up high on God-made glorious stems, attracting attention from several of the male guests and not an inconsiderable number of the women as well.

"Oh come on Val, don't tell me you don't have a sexual `to do' list?!" When Valentina demurred, Rachel's hand went to her mouth to stifle a loud guffaw. "Babe, I've had a list of things I wanted to do in bed from the time I was, oh, I dunno, just past 18? I've checked almost all of them off the list by now and neither of us are 30 yet," she concluded.

"Well, you're more of a slut than I am," Valentina teased. "Seriously, I've never really thought about it. What kind of things are we talking about here?"

Rachel was just drunk enough to actually open up about her escapades. "You really want to hear the details?" When Valentina nodded in the affirmative, Rachel began telling her. "Okay, well, I've had sex with other girls, I've had sex with a black couple, I once had a gang-bang, been to an orgy, seduced a couple of my parents' friends, had sex with a couple of younger people, public sex - how's that for adventures?"

Valentina flagged down a waiter and grabbed another drink for herself. She decided that she needed it to steady her jumbled nerves. She and Rachel had few secrets, but despite that, Rachel's confession had shaken her a bit. "Wow, I never would have thought you capable of anything like that," she admitted to her friend. "You really are a slut," she chuckled as her tipsy state loosened her tongue.

When she saw a scowl cross her dearest friend's face, Valentina decided that she might have taken things a bit too far. "Oh don't give me that look, I didn't mean it as a criticism," she countered. "You're obviously a lot more sexually adventurous than I am." Valentina knew her friend had enjoyed some adventures but was more recently holding herself in check to remain faithful to Randy.

"You could change all of that, you know," Rachel countered. "Look around; there are a lot of options at this party."

Valentina shook her head and reached for yet another drink. She needed a bit of liquid courage if she was going to listen to any of Rachel's insane schemes. "Meche would kill us if we did anything to wreck her engagement party and next to you, she's one of my dearest friends," she said to the loony brunette. "Still, it couldn't hurt to discuss it."

"Okay, so we're discussing it," Rachel grinned. "Want to hear what I have in mind?"

"Could I stop you even if I wanted to?"

"Not likely."

Valentina rolled her eyes. "Okay, out with it. Am I going to survive your scheme and will Meche be speaking with either of us when it's all said and done?"

"Umm - okay, the answer to both questions is - `maybe'."

"Oh good lord, just tell me already," Valentina groaned while downing one more drink. She was now just drunk enough to consider anything shy of a gang-bang. She wasn't quite ready for that - yet - if ever - maybe.

"I was thinking - well, you know about Meche's younger twin brothers, right?" Rachel outlined her plan.

"Tristan and Travis? Of course I do, what about them?" Valentina questioned.

"You do remember they've had a thing for us for a long time, check?" Rachel kept going. "I mean, since they were both kids."

"I do, but - yuck! They're both - well, they're nerds and they're also 5 years younger than we are," Valentina sighed. She then noticed two muscular, attractive young men who seemed to be the focus of attention of several of the single, attractive young women at the party. "Wow, Rache!" Valentina exclaimed. "Now those two are the kind of men I wouldn't mind have a dirty little adventure with!"

"Oh, really?" Rachel countered while trying desperately not to break into a fit of the giggles. "You'd do something dirty with two twin 5-years younger nerds?" She saw Valentina's jaw practically hit the floor in disbelief and nodded, still trying to stifle her laughter.

"Don't you dare tell me that ..."

"... those two handsome young men are Tristan and Travis? Sorry baby, but it's 100% true, those are Meche's younger brothers all grown up."

"Okay, so what the hell happened? Did they get a Fairy Godmother or have some extensive plastic surgery? They never looked like that before!"

"They invented a couple of popular Smart-Phone apps and sold them to the highest bidder," Rachel explained. "Then they used the money to go on a self-improvement kick. Total makeovers, personal trainers, new clothes - the whole nine yards, while still getting a cut of the profits and putting themselves out there. Those two are prime examples of the new nerd chic and from what I'm hearing through the grapevine, they have a lot more going for them than brains and muscle."

"Oh, is that so? What kinds of things are you hearing?"

"You'll just have to trust me. Now, are you interested in a little adventure or do you want to be here all night, getting sloshed and bored out of your mind?" Rachel questioned.

"Adventure, definitely!" Valentina chirped. She watched with delight as the naughty Rachel sauntered over to the two young men and brought them back a few minutes later. As they continued to enjoy their libations, Valentina started to wonder when Tristan and his twin had become so cool. She decided that she really didn't care, the only thing that mattered was did they have big cocks and did they know how to use them?

It turned out that they did and they did. Evidently, money + new, hot, muscular bodies = lots of hot girls vying for your attention. Neither twin lacked for suitors, but Valentina and Rachel led the pack. They were both smoking-hot brunettes, looked great in heels and very, very sexually experienced. The handsome, newly-wealthy twins had long held crushes on the two slightly-older women and once the offer had been extended, neither brother was foolish enough to refuse it.

After making a few more rounds and some idle small talk, the hot brunettes were able to make their excuses and leave the party. With their new "dates", the small talk was set aside. There was no need for it. Everyone in Tristan's Lexus had the same thing on his or her mind - getting laid as often as everyone could manage it.

Rachel's apartment was the closest, so everyone went there. To keep their spirits up, the quartet had a few more drinks and continued with light, flirtatious banter. The brothers were near-identical in appearance, so Rachel and Valentina were on the horns of a dilemma - who went with who? The girls decided that they would sample both brothers and then, make a decision.

"There's only one problem with that," a tipsy Valentina giggled as she partnered with Travis - or was it Tristan? In her not-quite sober state, she couldn't remember. "What if we both like the same twin?"

Rachel lifted her head from Travis' - Tristan's - lap, where she had already started giving him one of her trademarked blowjobs. "We almost never like the same guy, but if that does happen, we'll trade off," she grinned before returning to her oral gratification. That answer seemed to placate her bestie, who started giving the twin she was with - whoever he was - a handjob. From that point on, things got a little bit - shall we say, blurry?

Some indeterminable hours later, Valentina woke up in an unfamiliar room with a somewhat familiar man by her side. She had a small headache and couldn't quite remember coming to - wherever she was - although she still had enough wits about her to realize her companion was Travis - or was it his twin? She was wearing stockings and her favorite pair of high heels, but little else. Her body felt as if she had given it a good workout and she did have a vague recollection of herself and Rachel deciding that both of the brothers were worthy of fucking. She started to remember fucking them more than once and taking Rachel's suggestion of switching off. Why not live a little? After all, it wasn't as if they were looking for a commitment, just an adventure. From the way her body was protesting, they'd had that, in spades.

She knew that she wouldn't have left Rachel's side. Valentina and Rachel always started and ended their adventures together, it had been that way for years. So where was Rachel? She was nowhere to be seen and that's when Valentina looked down and saw - it.

She let out a loud scream and then, she heard one from the room next door. The rooms were adjoining and suddenly, Rachel, in almost the same "clothing" as Valentina, burst into the room. She was followed by one of the twins. Rachel was babbling incoherently and it took a few minutes for Valentina to understand what her best friend was saying. Almost simultaneously, the girls yelled out ...

"We're MARRIED!"

The friends shrieked again and then, they both looked back at the twin brothers, who were now, apparently, their husbands. Both of the women almost fainted as they fell back on the bed. The handsome, younger twins had looks of absolute amusement on their identical mugs.

"What are you two dummies smirking about?" A very pissed off Valentina demanded to know.

"First, it's not very nice to call your new husbands dummies," Travis / Tristan grinned wickedly. "Especially considering that the two of you proposed to us."

"Yep," Tristan / Travis laughed wickedly along with his twin. "This was all your idea, coming to Vegas, having a quickie wedding and a crazy honeymoon."

"You didn't have to go along with it!" Rachel shrieked before Peter Pain started dancing in her head. Just how much had the two of them had to drink anyway?

"Are you kidding?" The first of the twins spoke up. "You know the both of us have had the hots for you for, like, ages! You promised us an adventure and several other things and then, you said once you'd got it out of your system, we could, kinda, get a quick divorce."

"Oh, shit," Valentina groaned. "I do vaguely remember saying something like that. Okay, I think I need another drink."

"Uh-uh," the other twin shook his head, his brother agreeing with him. "If we're going to have the kind of adventure you two promised us, you need to be relatively sober. We should get some food, clean up a bit and then just go for it. What's the worst thing that could possibly happen?"

Valentina and Rachel looked at each other and then, back at their "husbands", still not sure who had married who. "You two could both be lousy in bed," Valentina complained. "We'd have come all this way for nothing."

"Trust us, we've had ZERO complaints," the two younger men said in unison. "In fact, we've almost been practicing for this moment, you know, running like, field tests."

Rachel had to admit that she found all of this a bit amusing. She turned to her bestie and said "Why not? We're in a rut and we can give these two guys, who've so obviously had a thing for us for a while, a really great weekend. The worst case scenario is, I think, would be getting a weekend hookup in Vegas out of the deal."

"Hmm, okay then, so what's the best?"

"They both turn out to be studs and we get two hot new lovers," Rachel answered. "Okay boys, you're on!"

The two women took inventory of their appearance. Both weren't naked, but these were no longer the clothes they had worn to Meche's engagement party. Someone, in the intervening and blurred hours prior, they had both somehow managed to acquire outlandish lingerie and sexy high heels. The girls both looked a bit tousled but aside from aching heads, there did not appear to be any damage to their bodies - yet.

Valentina and Rachel had learned, on several occasions, that sometimes it was just best to go with the flow. In a weird way, they really didn't have a lot of choice in the matter. The details as to how they had all arrived in Las Vegas were still a drunken, hazy blur. Going to dinner and putting some food into their stomachs might well hope to rectify things and perhaps bring some clarity to their situation. Besides, Meche's twin brothers weren't exactly hard to look at, a fact that still besides all that, the two young hunks were both attractive and rich - not too hard to accept.

"We still happen to have one teeny little problem, fellas," Rachel grinned and winked at Valentina.

"Oh, yeah?" One of the twins, the girls still were not sure which was which. "What kind of problem are we talking about?"

Valentina looked at Rachel, who looked back and said "Which one of us married which one of you?"

Travis and Tristan broke out in fits of loud guffaws. "Oh God, we thought the two of us were wasted, but fuck, I guess we had nothing on the two of you." The men broke apart and each of them quickly stood by their respective brides.

"I'm Travis," one of the men spoke, hugging Rachel close before leaning in to kiss her. "I'm now happy to say this lovely lady is my wife."

"Which, of course, makes me Tristan," the other twin smiled before bestowing a kiss upon Valentina. "This sexy little spitfire is now my wife."

Voicing an as-yet unspoken thought, Valentina said "Uh, just one more thing. Hell, I don't know how to ask this question guys, but last night, did we ...?"

Travis spoke up. "Yes, we had sex with our wives, although it must not have been too memorable if you're asking questions about it."

Valentina shook her head. "No, no, that's not it. Oh hell, I'm not sure how to go about asking this, but did we ...?"

Her best friend bailed her out of the jam she was in. "What she's trying to ask, in simple terms, is did you guys fuck the both of us? Did you switch off?"

The twins looked at each other and then, at their wives, grinning sheepishly. "Yeah, we did," Tristan admitted.

"But it was your inspired idea, sweetheart!" Travis said, giving Rachel a kiss. "You said that you wanted the full-on twin experience."

Rachel groaned and wished the pain in her head would go away. She began to wonder if they both had indeed, shared the full twin experience. Knowing her own nature and what she was like with a few drinks in her, she expected so. Not only that, but if she had done that, so had Valentina. No way was her bestie going to be left behind in the dust.

"Don't sweat it, it's not like we're going to brag about this or anything," Tristan said, hugging his new wife. "You know what they say, what happens in Vegas ..."

"I can't believe we acted like such dumb bitches," Valentina said as she flopped back on the bed. Then, her usual persona took over and she sat back up. "Oh well, what's done is done!" She turned to Rachel and hugged her, laughing.

"Do you realize babes, this actually means that the two of us are on our honeymoon?" She smiled. Rachel looked at her in disbelief and then, she too laughed. "Oops, sorry guys, the four of us!"

"Um, if that's true, shouldn't we all be doing something a bit more, oh, I dunno, sexual?" Rachel said, looking first at Val and then, at their twin husbands.

"What do you call last night's activities and then, eloping right after?" Travis question.

"He's right, but if you want more than that, we sure won't complain about that," Tristan commented as their wives stared at them. "However, there is one little thing the two of you promised us that you never got around to doing."

"What was that?" Valentina asked.

"Do each other," Travis concluded his brother's comment. "When we were fucking last night and we ran out of steam, you girls told us you'd go each other and let us watch so we could get it up again. Then we all crashed and you two ..."

"We've never done that," Rachel said, looking at Valentina. While both women were bi-sexual, they had never before played with each other. They'd had sex in the same room and with the same guys before, although they had refrained from touching and making love to each other.

"I confess that I have thought about it," Valentina said, leaving her friend slack-jawed in amazement. Rachel had never imagined that Val thought of her in that way and while she was aware of her friend's loveliness, she hadn't imagined her as a potential lover.

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