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Sailing Lessons

by EllieB©

When her breathing had returned to normal, she opened her eyes and sat up on the table, then stood up and went to the counter. She produced the can of whipped cream, came back to the table and said, "You're not going to let your guest go hungry, are you?" motioning for me to take her place on the table. I sat on the edge of the table, in my bathrobe, and let my feet dangle over the edge. She put a hand on my chest to get me to lie back, and as I did, my now rock-hard cock popped from between the folds of the bathrobe.

"Breakfast of champions!" she said as she proceeded to squirt whipped cream around the base of my cock and covering my balls. Then, holding the swollen purple head of my prick straight up, she spread the cool, white whipped cream up my shaft until only the head showed through. Still holding the head up, Audrey licked each of my balls clean and then gently sucked first one, then the other into her mouth.

Once she had lapped my balls clean, she lapped her way up the underside of my prick, stopping at the top to tickle the sensitive underside. Her tongue tantalized my cock until I was sure I'd blow a nut any second. She realized I wouldn't last long, and slid her mouth down over the head of my cock as far as it would go. I could feel it touching the back of her throat and her tongue swirled and darted along my shaft.

She had my cock in her warm mouth, bobbing her head up and down. One hand pumped the shaft that wouldn't fit in her mouth, while the other gently tickled the underside of my balls. It was too much for me to resist, and I erupted, spewing gob after gob of hot come into her mouth. She swallowed most of it, but some dribbled out onto my stomach. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and watched the head intently as she used her hand to milk one last drop of sperm to the tip. As it appeared at the peehole, she reached out with her tongue to lick it off.

Chapter 5

That afternoon, we had managed to connect two more cabins up to the network, and I was again amazed at how much help she had been with the work. Of course, there were dozens of occasions where she had found a way to rub against me in the most erotic and shameless way. I found myself with a tent in my shorts almost continuously. Luckily, there was nobody in the cabins we were working in to witness our antics. We had finished putting most of the stuff away, and were relaxing in her cabin, drinking a bottle of wine from Uncle Ed's collection.

Audrey and I were just filling our glasses in the kitchen, when she said, "Wanna see if any of these keys work on the cabinets in the master bedroom?" holding up the huge ring of keys.

We wandered into the master bedroom, and I sat on the edge of the bed sipping my wine while Audrey tried one after another of the keys on the ring. Eventually, Audrey found one that fit in the lock and gave it a turn. The cabinet opened up. She pulled open the top drawer and looked inside.

"Anything interesting?" I asked.

"Just swimsuits and dive gear." She said, as she dug carefully through the contents of the top drawer. She eventually pulled one of the bikinis out of the drawer and held the top to herself.

"Look like it'd fit?" She asked.

It was one of those very skimpy ones that didn’t hide much more than a few square inches.

“Would you like to see me in this?” Audrey said, with a twinkle in her eye?

“Sure.” I said.

Audrey reached down and pulled her tee shirt over her head. She was wearing a yellow bikini top underneath, and reached back to undo the clasp. She pulled it off and handed it to me, while pushing her chest out a bit like she was stretching her back. She lightly scratched the underside of her breasts, saying, ”Mmm, it feels good to get out of that.”

I reached up to help her, and toyed with her splendid breasts for a bit. She smiled and allowed me to fondle her boobs.

“You know, you shouldn’t really watch me change. It ruins the whole effect.” Audrey said.

“What?” I asked.

“Why don’t you put some tunes on, and I’ll be right back.” She said as she ducked into the bathroom. I did as she said, putting on some sexy dance music. She reappeared moments later in the tiny bikini.

“Wow!” I said. “That’s hot!”

“You really think so?” she said, as she moved to the music and slowly turned all the way around so I could see the all of her.


She looked at herself in the mirror as she did some sexy dance moves. She seemed pleased.

“How does it look from the back? She asked. With that, she bent at the waist and touched her toes, wiggling her bottom at me.

“Delicious!” I said.

“I wonder what else is in here.” She said, going back to the drawers and opening the bottom one. After looking a bit, she brought out some fabric items and a box. She set them both on the bed next to me. She held up the outfit on top. It wasn’t much more than a couple of scraps of lace. It was a very revealing bit of lingerie.

“Wow!” she said holding it up to her front and looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

Answering her unasked question, I said, “I’d love to see you try that on.”

She smiled at me, and with a wink, disappeared into the bathroom. A minute later, she reappeared, dressed in the lacey little teddy.

“How do you like this?” she asked, once again doing a pirouette in front of the mirror. I was starting to develop an uncomfortable bulge in my shorts, and Audrey eyed it with a smile.

“It’s too bad I don’t have a camera.” I said, “That is so sexy!”

“There’s a video camera in the closet.” She said. “You could set it up so I could see the back of me in the TV, couldn’t you?” She was looking over her shoulder, trying to see her back.

“I think I could do that.” I said.

“Why don’t you get that out, and I’ll try on another outfit.” She said, grabbing the whole pile of things and taking them into the bathroom.

It didn’t take long to set the camera up on its tripod, and hook it to the TV. I made sure there was a tape in the camera, and set it to record and display on the TV at the same time.

Audrey came out of the bathroom in a red silk pair of tap pants and a clingy top to match. I focused the camera on her, and whistled in appreciation.

“You like?” she asked with a twinkle. She was really enjoying this. She watched herself in the TV as she twirled around. She did a few sexy dance moves that made her look really hot, and I could see she was watching herself as much as she was watching me watch her.

“That’s really nice.” I said.

“It’s not as sexy as the other one, unless you count this feature.” she said, putting one foot up on the bed, and demonstrating that the panties were crotchless by pulling the flaps to the sides a bit, exposing her luscious pussy lips.

“Whoa!” I said, being sure to zoom the camera in for a close up. Audrey watched the image on the screen, obviously playing to the camera.

“This is obviously a time-saving feature for the girl who’s just too hot to wait to undress.”

She looked at me, checking the bulge in my shorts, and then right in the eye. She was doing her best to get me worked up, and having fun doing it.

“I wonder what’s in the box?” she said, returning her attention to the box on the bed. She opened the box and looked at me with a wicked grin. She pulled out a large, flesh-colored dildo that looked quite flexible and realistic. She held it up to inspect it closely, and I zoomed in on her face. She saw the image on the TV, and with a wicked grin, stuck out her pink tongue to give the head of it a little lick, as if it was a lollipop. The look on her face was of pure lust. I couldn’t think of anything sexier at the moment.

“Are you going to try that on for size?” I asked with a wink.

“Do you want me to?” she asked, with a tone that told me she wanted me to make her do it.

“I think it would go perfectly with your outfit.” I said.

She thought a minute, smiling. She wasn’t deciding whether to do it or not; she was deciding how to do it in the most photogenic way. The music was still going in the background, and she began swaying with the beat. She began a dance that was fascinating to follow with the camera: She ran the tip of the plastic phallus around her breasts, teasing her nipples with it. They stood up in eager anticipation, poking through the silky material of the top. Then, she began to fellate the thing in the most sensuous way. I zoomed in on her face as she did this. She watched herself in the TV as she did this, and we were both mesmerized with the image. Her hips were rocking and swiveling more and more as she got into the spectacle she was putting on for me. Eventually she took the wet, slippery dong from her mouth, and parting the fabric of her crotchless panties, ran the head of the thing up and down the furrow of her slit as she continued to gyrate to the music. As I zoomed in on her crotch, the phallus had apparently found its mark, and began to disappear, inch by inch, every time her hips rocked to the music.

She danced lewdly in front of me, burying the dildo up to its hilt as her head went back and her eyes went closed in sensuous pleasure. She began to slide the schlong in and out, and each time it re-emerged, it seemed wetter and slipperier.

She turned away from me, and bent at the waist. I could see her watching the image of herself on the TV as she plunged the dildo in and out as she rotated her hips. The flaps of the panties were becoming soaked as she worked it in and out.

“Oh god…” Audrey muttered, as her breath became more ragged.

About that time, the music stopped, breaking the spell completely. Audrey stood up and turned around to face me, the dildo buried in her pussy with just the end sticking out from between the flaps of her crotchless panties. She looked at me, her hips still moving rhythmically.

“MMmm…Do you like that?” she asked, giving the end of the dildo a little twist, and looking at me with an evil grin.

“Um… very much.” I said.

“I’m surprised that you can keep your hands off of yourself.” she said, idly moving the end of the dildo just enough to keep herself stimulated.

It was true that I had a raging hard-on, and I was barely preoccupied enough with the camera to keep from pulling it out and playing with it. I was sure that was what she wanted me to do. Instead, I reached out, and grabbed the end of the dildo protruding from her twat. I twisted it one way and then the other. She reacted with a flutter of her eyelids. I began to pull the thing from her pussy. She acted confused for a moment, and then remembered that she was trying do what I wanted, and let me have my way. I twisted the dildo back and forth until I had extracted it from her pussy completely. I brought it to my mouth and tasted her sweet juices. Her breathing was still ragged, and her nipples were on full high-beam.

“Maybe I should put more music on.” I said. Audrey looked at me like I was completely frustrating her (which I was). Her breathing slowed a bit as I put on some more tunes. She took the opportunity to go to the bathroom to try on another outfit.

When she came out, she radiated lust, and the outfit was no more than a lacy baby doll without the bottoms. She danced into the camera’s viewfinder.

She moved like a sex machine. I zoomed in on her pussy. The hair was matted and wet. Her nipples looked like they would pop through the lacy material. She came over to the bed, and looked down at my bulging crotch.

“That sure looks uncomfortable.” Don’t you want to let him out so I can see how much I turn you on?”

I did just that, and she smiled her dazzling smile as I started stroking it slowly with one hand while trying to keep the camera focused on her with the other. She continued to dance in front of me, and eventually looked in the box again. She pulled out another sex toy. This time it was a double headed dildo. Not one of those for two women to share, but one that had a life-sized plastic penis mounted next to a somewhat skinnier phallus.

Audrey’s eyebrows went up.

“Is this supposed to fit where I think it’s supposed to fit?” she asked. Obviously, she guessed correctly that it was to fill both of her holes at once.

“I bet it is.” I said.

“Are you going to ask me to try this one too?” she asked, looking at me with a funny look in her eye.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

She responded by taking the camera away from in front of me, and setting it aside.

“Here’s what I want.” She said, kneeling between my legs as I sat on the edge of the bed. She grabbed my shorts, and pulled them and my underwear off altogether. She took my engorged cock in her hands and lowered her mouth to it and sucked it in as far as possible, swirling her tongue over the head. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, and then stood up.

“Scootch up on the bed a little.” She said.

I moved back onto the bed and laid back as she climbed up on the bed and straddled my hips. As soon as she had herself positioned over me, she held my cock in position and impaled herself on it, closing her eyes and leaning her head back in pleasure as she did so.

“Oh yeah..” she said, just sitting on me with my cock stuffed in her pussy. I could feel it twitch, and she started moving her hips just a little. She had such amazing muscle control. Slowly, she started to raise and lower herself, pulling almost off before settling back to grind her pubic hairs against hers.

“MMmmm…yeah—I want you to fuck me.” She said, starting to pick up the pace a little.

I was toying with her nipples through the fabric of the nightie, and she responded by reaching behind her and cupping my balls.

“Your cock is so nice and warm.” She said. “It just feels so nice.” She leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips, and let just her nipples rub against my chest through the sheer fabric. Her hips had a life of their own, and they were grinding away, sending us both towards the edge. Her pussy was milking my cock like crazy, and I just went off like a rocket in no time. I spewed what felt like a gallon of cum inside of her, and she moaned her appreciation. Audrey continued grinding away and came with a rush seconds later. She leaned forward, and just lay on top of me, panting.

“God, that was so good!” She said. She made no move to get off of me, and I just left my softening prick lodged inside of her. Eventually we both fell asleep, and I woke up about an hour later, snuggled up Audrey’s backside. I didn’t remember her rolling off of me, and I panicked when I thought how easily someone could have just walked in on us.

I got out of bed without disturbing Audrey, and checked the door to the cabin. It was standing wide open. I went back in and popped the tape out of the camera, and slipped it into my pocket. I was putting the camera away when she woke up from her nap.

“Are we going sailing again tomorrow?” She asked, propping her head up on her elbow.

“We could.” I said.

“I think I’ll need another sailing lesson.” She said with a twinkle in her eye.

To be continued…

Written by: EllieB

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