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Pleasing Her Boss

by aj90©

I heard Cai's voice first, her Chinese accent thicker than usual meaning she was either angry or otherwise worked up. "Mister think it make me look younger," she said to someone I couldn't see. Cai always called her husband 'Mister' at the restaurant, but insisted the rest of us address him exclusively as 'sir'. Cai had lots of little rules like that to let everyone know exactly where they stood.

She was leaning back against a table in the back pantry, facing away from me. It was 45 minutes past close - most lights were out and nearly everyone had gone home to forget the evening heat of this local chinese hole-in-the-wall eatery. I'd left 10 minutes earlier but had come back for a forgotten homework assignment I'd worked on during lunch break. I couldn't see who Cai was talking to, someone stocking or taking inventory of some lower shelves I thought, and nothing looked unusual but a gut feeling made me become still and quiet instead of marching right into the room.

Cai looked down and let out a playful giggle, something I never thought I'd hear from the woman dishwashers call 'Nazi Bitch' when they think she can't hear. (I'd tried explaining that 'Nazi Bitch' isn't a good fit for a chinese woman - maybe something asian/communist oriented like 'Yellow Menace' - but I guess 'Nazi Bitch' had a better ring to it.) "You hurry tonight, hmm? You have somewhere to be? Slow down for me." She let out a slow purr.


I stepped lightly into the room, then ducked left behind a tall, wire-frame shelf loaded with oversize prep pans. I almost rested a hand on the shelf loaded with precariously balanced pans out of habit but a sniffle from the unseen person jarred me back into stealth mode. Could have been a female sniffle... I quietly continued some ten feet down the narrow aisle, then turned a corner. Five feet to the end of this shelf, then I could look right and see what the hell... I crouched low, almost against the floor, a couple feet from the end. I didn't want Cai to catch peripheral movement at eye level. If she caught me there I had no idea what I was going to say - she'd probably accuse me of trying to rob the place. She was always pulling shit like that.

I heard a sharp slapping sound, then Cai's stern voice, "slow!" I peeked just my eyes around the corner and felt my jaw drop open and breath seize - one of the young, non-asian waitresses was kneeling before Cai, looking forward just below Cai's waist level. Janka (Yahn-kuh) had only been here a few weeks, very happy for the job at first but steadily growing quieter and withdrawn as the days went by. Janka is a pretty brunette with no trace of the Polish accent her parents have. She was very young when they moved to the US from eastern Europe and now she was a thoroughly Americanized college-age girl. But I didn't know as much about her as I thought. At first I thought she had a 'scrappy' personality but she turned real moody. I'd been flirting with her successfully for awhile but she shut me down recently. She's got blue eyes and slightly puffy, extremely kissable lips. I really wish I'd gotten further with her.

I was positively gobsmacked as I watched Janka lean slowly forward toward Cai's jean-covered crotch. For her part Cai started rubbing the front of her tight jeans with her open palms in anticipation, but her face kept a look of bemused condenscension. Thing about Cai is that while she's older (late thirties, forties... she has a kid in college but it's hard to tell age with asian women) she's just as hot as she is bitchy. And she always wears tight jeans to show off her ass even though she'd never admit to it and acts as if she dresses professionally. My guess is her modest tits have a bit of sag without a bra, but she's got a flat tummy, tight ass, and ego to match. The one thing she never gets mad about is male staff checking her out - even the ugly guys, and Cai hates ugly people. But she'll take the non-verbal praise of a proper ass-stare from any man, or boy for that matter. Smug bitch.

Janka leaned forward and pressed her pretty face against Cai's crotch, then I heard her inhale deeply through her nose. Cai let out an exultant sigh and moved her hands to stroke Janka's hair. "Good," she whispered. Janka gave a slight nuzzle, then leaned back. Her eyes were watery with tears and she had an empty, defeated stare, but something compelled her to continue. She leaned forward again and kissed the jean material covering Cai's pussy, then looked up as if to see whether she was doing a good job for the woman standing over her. Cai looked down at her, the corners of her mouth turned up with faint amusement, and said one word: "okay."

At this Janka reached up and unbuttoned Cai's pants, slowly drawing the zipper down, then returned her hands to her own lap, kneeling with her back straight, watching the dominant woman standing before her. Despite her sadness and obvious unwilling part in the scenario Janka looked beautiful. I was conflicted by outrage at this scene and the boner developing in my pants. I'm such an asshole.

Cai did a sexy little hip shake as she pushed her jeans down. I don't think it was for anyone's benefit, it's just how she takes them off. With a graceful balance she pulled off one leg, then the other, and took the time to properly fold the pants, setting them down on the table behind her. Then she turned toward the kneeling Janka again and leaned back against the table with her hands holding the table's edge. Her white panties matched the white t-shirt that didn't quite cover the lower part of her midriff. Janka leaned forward and pressed her nose against the panties, inhaling deeply again. Cai tensed and held while Janka pressed against her, only relaxing as the young waitress pulled back. It could have been my imagination but I swear the smell of sex was reaching my nostrils ten feet away.

When Cai spoke next she adopted a tone of concern, as if she cared deeply about Janka's plight. "Give some kisses first, then you can hurry, okay girl?" Janka looked up at Cai's face as a tear ran down the cheek facing me. Her lip quivered in frustration and resentment. I didn't know whether she was going to hit Cai or run from the room. "We don't have to do this," Cai continued. "I can stop at the police station tomorrow instead."

Janka seemed resigned and leaned toward Cai's pussy again. Cai reached down and guided Janka's chin up a little, "tummy first." Janka closed her watery eyes and gently kissed Cai's flat stomach several times slowly, as a lover might appreciate her partner's body. Cai watched patiently, then turned to look straight at me. She knew I was there and brazenly stroked the top of Janka's head to show she was in charge. She gave me a smug smile then gently pushed Janka's head back down toward her crotch.

She looked back down to her kneeling waitress, entirely unconcerned about me. "Yesss... like that." Janka kissed down to Cai's panty-covered clit, focusing her attention on that magical spot. The asian woman gently purred, "you do this here for me or go back to jail and kneel for lesbians there. Up to you." I'd had no idea Janka had been to jail before.

Janka whimpered "please" but said nothing more. It was like she'd learned from previous sessions to say very little. Cai responded by gripping a handful of Janka's thick, dark hair, reaching her other hand to Janka's mouth, fingering the pretty girl's full lips slightly open. Janka's kisses became wetter and louder with her mouth slightly open and Cai shuddered and worked her hips a few times before regaining self-control. "Good girl," Cai whispered, arching her back as she received kisses, "such good girl." I adjusted my erection as I heard the continuing soft smacks of Janka's wet lips against Cai's panties. Cai maintained a tight fisted grip of the girl's hair but rubbed Janka's jaw lovingly with her other hand.

"Okay, you take these off now," Cai announced. Janka reached up and pulled the white panties down the asian woman's shapely legs, holding them low while the older woman stepped first one foot, then the other out. Cai took the undergarment and patiently folded it, then set it on the table next to the jeans.

"What you think?" she asked Janka conversationally, "is Mister right, do I look younger?" I saw Cai's pussy was cleanly shaven like a college girl ready for a house party.

Janka stared a moment. "Y-yes. It does."

"I'm glad I look pretty for you. A girl should enjoy her work," Cai said with a trace of self-satisfaction for the apparent wit. Janka had no reply for that and Cai wasn't waiting for one as she pressed the back of the waitress's head to guide the girl. Janka let out a single defeated sob as she dutifully started sucking and licking at Cai's wet vagina. The wet sucking and slurping sounds were loud and I realized they must have done this several times before. Cai shuddered and breathed heavily. "You know how I like it," she praised the girl. She worked her hips up and down, catching Janka's nose with the top of her slit on the occasional rub while the girl worked on pleasuring her pussy. This went on for about a minute before she pushed Janka back on her heels.

"You ready to hurry now? You want go home soon, or want knees on hard floor for half-hour?" Janka mumbled something in response. "Speak up, American girl! What you want?"

"I want to hurry," Janka pleaded. I was silently transfixed by this explicit exchange of personal power.

Cai stood up from the table. "You know what I need. Do good job or kneel on floor all night. Understand?"

Janka nodded and watched as Cai turned around. Cai turned slowly in the direction that provided me with a full view of her perfect ass. She paused and ran her hands down her butt and upper thighs once, then leaned over the table. Instead of leaning directly over she leaned at an angle that gave a decent view from my side. Her labia was swollen with excitement and glistened with saliva and her own juices. Janka leaned forward, gave Cai a quick kiss on her right butt cheek, then started kissing, licking, and sucking the asian woman's pussy from behind. Cai sharply inhaled, whipped her head up with closed eyes, then arched her back. She exhaled with a low moan while Janka's pretty mouth and delicate tongue aggressively worked her vagina, clit, and anus. The young woman would only slow down ocassionally to rub her pretty face against the asian legs and butt, then inexorably return to licking and sucking the dominant woman's tender bits. Cai inhaled deeply and held her breath for several seconds of this abject worship, then exhaled with a shudder. Her knuckles were white from her tight grip of the far edge of the table.

Within two minutes Cai's breathing became ragged. Her smug arrogance had completely vanished as her entire consciousness became focused on the young woman's relentless licking. For her part Janka's face betrayed no pleasure from this remarkable servicing she provided. I imagined she was doing what she felt she had to and had been taught to deliver. Heaven forgive me but I was amazed. Cai lifted herself up from the table and began whimpering loudly, but kept her pussy and ass perfectly still to maintain complete access for Janka's soft, reaching mouth. Within all of three minutes Cai began to cum dramatically, holding her breath, then releasing a breathy grunt several times in succession. Her hand loudly slapped the table top and she bit her lip, eyes tightly shut. Janka slowed her tempo a bit but the loud sucking, slurping, and kissing continued throughout Cai's protracted orgasm.

Finally Cai reached back and touched the top of Janka's head, "ahh.. ahh.. ahh.." came from Cai's mouth but she couldn't form words. As if from of pre-arranged signal Janka backed off. Cai remained unmoving, catching her breath after one of the most intense orgasms I have ever witnessed while Janka remained on her knees behind her. Janka looked the older woman up and down for a moment and I've often wondered exactly what went through her mind just then. Was she, in spite of herself, admiring her tormentor's remarkable physique?

Then, as if remembering her part, she leaned forward once more and began tenderly kissing Cai's labia while the woman recovered, staying away from the over-excited clitoris. Just as Cai prefers to recover, I imagine. Cai's breathing gradually subsided and she leaned over the table with half-closed eyes and a small smile playing at her lips. She would blink slowly, relishing the tender, slow kisses from behind.

After some five minutes Cai wordlessly stood up and unhurriedly put her clothes back on while Janka remained on her knees. The older woman ran a hand through her own luxuriant straight black hair and looked down at the waitress. She cupped the young woman's face tenderly in one hand, but said nothing.

The two considered each other for several seconds, Janka kneeling eye-level with Cai's crotch, then Cai broke the silence. "That was sweet. You can go." Janka wordlessly stood and left the room. I remained still, not knowing what to say or do, but Cai apparently had no interest in my presence and left the room as well.

I heard the back door shut as Janka left. I listened to Cai shuffle around in the office a couple minutes to give Janka a chance to distance herself from the restaurant, then quietly went home. I didn't get a minute of sleep that night.

Written by: aj90

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