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Mood Slime: Sex Shop Ch. 12

by maestro84©

One floor down Cindy was sleeping in on her day off and didn't hear all the commotion happening upstairs. She also didn't notice the little bits of slime that had started to drip from her ceiling above her bedroom.

The first few drops landed on her blanket. A few seconds later her blanket began to slide off of her. A few more drops landed on her panties making the come to life and slide down her legs. Her night shirt was the next thing to go as the slime landed on it and the 2 buttons holding it shut popped apart and the shirt opened up slowly so not to wake her exposing her bare breasts. The slime had planned it's attack and began to position itself so the next few drops would land in specific places. A few drops landed on her nipples and began to force itself inside her breast's filling them with pink goo. The next few drops landed on the lips of her pussy and began to drip inside her. The slime forced the sides of her pussy open letting more slime poor In to her.

Cindy was sound asleep and was not aware of what was currently happening to her as the slime continued to invade her body. She started have extremely erotic dreams as the slime made her more and more horny the more it filled her. Her breast had started to expand a little filling out and becoming more perky.

Suddenly she was awakened by the sound of someone knocking at her door. Before she could open her eyes and focus the slime pulled the few streams coming from the ceiling back up. Her underwear slid back up and her shirt button itself closed.

She rubbed her eyes and grabbed her bathrobe before heading to the door. She opened it up a little as she had a chain on it.

"Can I help you?"

"I Ma'am, sorry to bother you, I'm from the Ghostbusters. Have you noticed anything strange this morning? Or any weird pink liquid anywhere in your apartment?"

"Pink liquid? No everything had been fine, I just woke up but everything seems fine.

"Ok just let us know if you see anything strange, there was an incident upstairs so we are just checking around. Have a nice day."

As Brian walked away she saw other Ghostbuster walking up the stairs with what looked like vacuums strapped to their back. Cindy shrugged it off and shut her door before going back to bed.

As she laid back down she noticed something a little odd. Her breast felt larger all of a sudden.

"What the hell?" She said as she cupped her boobs, they definitely felt larger, not by much but enough to notice. Also her nipples felt very sensitive to the touch. She also felt very turned on all of a sudden. She thought back to all the erotic dream she was having before she was awoken. "God I need to get laid!" She said before getting up and heading to the bathroom to shower. She pulled her clothes off and stepped in to the warm water letting it hit her skin. It felt so nice and warm as it washed over her.

As she washed herself she found herself starting to play with her nipples, she circled them with her finger while her other hand began lightly caressing her clit sending shivers through her body. She was so turned on and she needed release. She shoved her fingers deeper in to her pussy trying to pleasure herself the best she could when she suddenly felt something very strange. As she went to pull her fingers out here pussy seemed to be sucking on them. She looked down and saw her pussy lips moving on their own like a mouth sucking on her fingers.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" She yelled as she pulled her hand out and fell to the floor of the tub in a panic. She looked at her fingers which were covered in a pink slimy liquid. "Holy shit! What the hell is going on?"

She jumped as she suddenly heard a voice that was not her own.

"that was nice wasnt it?"

"What the... who's there?"

"Down here Cindy!" She heard a woman's voice say before she looked down in horror as her pussy lips were now moving even more like a mouth and speaking to her. "Right here honey!"

Cindy screamed out in horror as her pussy had been possessed but something.

"Screaming isn't going to change anything so you better calm down!" it said.

Cindy was In no way ready to calm down as she had become hysterical. She suddenly stopped when she felt something very strange as what could only been described as a tongue was moving around inside her pussy. It was licking all around and sticking out tapping on her clit a little making her squirm as the pleasure made her body shiver.

After a few moments she heard the voice again. "That's better, now that I have your attention we are going to have some fun!"

Cindy tried to catch her breath as the shower water was still beating down on her. She felt like she was loosing her mind and was trying not to freak out at her talking pussy.

" what do you mean fun? What do you want from me?"

Her pussy formed a smile before it responded with "pleasure!"

"Pleasure? I don't know what you mean."

"I mean i want to cum! I want us to cum! I want to give you more orgasms than you thought possible."

"Why? What are you? Why my pussy?"

"Enough questions! It pleasure time!"

Before Cindy could say anything else she suddenly felt that tongue roiling around inside her again. Licking every corner of her pussy deeper than any man had ever reached with their tongues before. It kept sliding back and forth inside her sticking out of her and licking her clit before sliding back inside.


She then felt something else strange happening inside her. Her breast's suddenly felt warm and the began to pulse. Her nipples had started to get hard and she felt and incredible pleasure building up inside them like they were being massaged from the inside.

"Oh god...oh shit ...too...too much!" She said as her possessed pussy unmercifully pleasure itself with its own tongue make her squirm against her will as she had no choice but to enjoy!

Soon all the sensations began to build and build making her whole body squirm as she didn't know what to do with herself. She was so stimulated and ready to orgasm but was not in control so her hands were moving around rapidly not sure what to do as her pussy finally licked her sweet spots just enough that she arched her back and finally came squirting out what appeared to be more of that pink goo. Her nipples almost felt like clits of their own as her breasts orgasmed as well shooting little bits of slime.

Cindy laid in the tub reeling from the experience. Soon she heard that voice again.

"Now that was nice, but we aren't done yet,"

Suddenly Cindy's legs began to move on their own picking her up. "What the... what are you doing?"

"I want more, and i think we need some help."

"Help?... oh god where are you taking me?"

She walked to the bedroom and fell on the bed still dripping from the shower. She watched her closet door open on its own. Looking inside she saw more pink slime dripping down the walls of the closet. A little blue dress she wore for special occasions suddenly filled out and stepped out of the closet as if an invisible woman was wearing it. It floated over and slid on to her while she still laid there confused as to what was going on.

"Now let me see... does that cute guy from your dream still live down the hall?"

"Oh god no, no no no no! Don't drag anybody else in to this please!" Her legs pulled her back up and she started walking towards the door. Cindy put her hand against the door keeping it shut trying to stop herself from leaving the apartment. "I have a dildo in the spare room, why can't we just use that?"

"Because I prefer the real thing!" She heard from under her skirt as her legs pulled her away from the door allowing it to open. She began walking down the hall and around the corner heading for Scott's door.

"Please don't be home, please don't be home!" She kept saying as she got closer to his apartment. Outside his door her knee hit the door twice with a knock. She heard someone coming and felt sick to her stomach as Scott answered the door looking just as good as her dream. "Dammit!"

"Dammitt? ... I mean hi Cindy, wow you look amazing today, something I can do for you?"

Cindy could feel her pussy moving like it was reaching for his cock. "Um... this is a little embarrassing but um... could I come In?"

"Sure come on in! He said moving so she could enter. "Make yourself at home. Is everything ok?"

Her legs suddenly pulled out from under her making her fall towards him to which he caught her. "Woah, careful there. Are you ok? You don't quite seem yourself?"

One of Cindy's legs suddenly wrapped around him pulling him close. She could feel her pussy secreting something that seemed to be opening up his pants. "I'm really sorry about this Scott!"

"Sorry? What going on... oh shit!" Scott was stopped in his tracks by the feeling of his cock suddenly being pulled inside her. It was still soft but began to harden quickly. "What the... oh shit...that feels so...what's going on?"

Cindy's possessed pussy had grabbed hold of Scott's cock and was having its way with it as the both fell to the floor. Scott was under her and seemed to be in extreme pleasure as the tongue that had been pleasuring her seemed to be pulling double duty. Cindy didn't even need to move her hips as her pussy was doing all the work for both of them. She removed her shoulder straps letting the dress slide down exposing her breast's. Within second Scott had her hands on them massaging her nipples with his thumbs. Cindy squealed out at his touch as her breasts were still just as sensitive as they were earlier.

The tongue had slid down his shaft and had started molesting his balls making him yell out in pleasure. He had no idea how Cindy was doing this but it felt so great that he almost didn't care. His dick felt like it was getting fucked and blown at the same time.

Cindy was in a fog as her whole body had started to feel extremely sensitive. He big toe could have an orgasm in her current state as her pussy brought Scott closer and closer to cumming. Scott couldn't hold on much longer as he finally came and her pussy clamped around his cock and continued to suck him as he shot his juices in to her. After a few moments Scott was still cumming as hard as he was moments ago.

"Oh...shit...Cindy I won't stop!" He said as his orgasm seemed to be never ending. Cindy's possessed pussy must have down something to his cock as well because they had both been orgasming for a solid 5 minutes at this point and no matter how hard she tried it would not release him. Scott was moaning out in pleasure until he suddenly went silent. He was unconscious at this point as her pussy was still draining him of his juices!

Once everything had subsided Cindy looked down to check on Scott who was out cold. She checked to see if he was still breathing panicking that she might have killed him. She was relieved when she heard him take a breath and pulled herself up off of him.

"What the hell was that?" She yelled at her possessed sex organ.

"What was what? He seemed to enjoy that very much...I know I did."

"But I... you could have killed him! I can't do this anymore! Please I can't hurt anyone, and this pleasure is too much! get out of me! GET OUT OF ME NOW!"

Cindy waited for a response from between her legs only to hear nothing. She could suddenly move her legs freely and her pussy seemed to be still. She looked down to get a closer look but everything seemed normal. She suddenly felt relieved, was it over? Was she finally free?

she poked her pussy "hello? you still in there?" feeling a little silly as she did it.

She jumped up pulling her dress back up and ran back to her apartment. She closed the door and walked in to the bedroom and looked around still checking her pussy for movement. Cindy smiled and sighed with relief before falling on to her bed. She laid there for a moment so happy it thinking this ordeal was finally over. Suddenly her bedroom door slammed shut startling her.

"What the?" She said when she started to notice everything happening and everything going wrong. "Oh no...oh god no!"

Suddenly Her bed sheet ripped in half and wrapped around her wrists pulling her up the bed and tying her to the headboard. She struggled to get free as her dress ripped to pieces flinging across the room leaving her Naked.

"Oh god no!"

Her pussy began to pulse and the tongue started wiggling around inside her pussy again. Her breast's began to move and start pumping up and down like they were in a milking machine. Her pussy began to throb and swell as the tongue worked her in and out.

Cindy squirmed as her body turned on her pleasuring her inside and out. "Oh god...what are you...doing! I thought you...FUCK...were gone?"

"Im not done with you yet!"

"Wait...what?...OH FUCK!!" Cindy cried out in pleasure as her pussy throbbed even more, her breasts and pussy were slowly coming to orgasm but far beyond the point of relief. The feeling grew and grew to the point she thought she might have a stroke. She was on the edge or cumming but the slime seemed to be holding her there. She squirmed even more trying anything she could to push herself over the edge when she noticed the sensation began to spread throughout her body. The orgasm pressure began to slide down her legs and up her stomach. Her breast's began doing the same as the sensation began to spread throughout her chest and even down her arms. It was an odd feeling to describe, like every nerve in her body suddenly felt like a clitoris ready to explode. She couldn't hold on much longer as she arched her back begging for release. her whole body felt like a Giant penis above to cum everywhere.

"Hold on Cindy this is going to be intense" the voice from her pussy said taunting her.

Suddenly slime started to bubble out of her nipples and from between her legs. She screamed at the top of her lungs as suddenly her body released everything spraying slime all over the walls and ceiling of her bedroom. Every nerve in her body was firing off making her spazm uncontrollably. The feeling was so intense she could hear nothing but the high pitch of her own scream. The amount of orgasmic delight surging through was too much for any person to bare but somehow something was keeping her body from tearing itself apart.

After a few minutes she finally collapsed as her body finally finished up. She was breathing heavily barely able to keep her eyes open. the slime that had shot out of her was pulling itself together in to a single blob of goo and slithering out of the room. Cindy was out cold as her blanket slid up the bed and covered her tucking her in and letting her sleep.

Written by: maestro84

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