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Women in the Workplace Pt. 01

by MissKateKees©

This is a follow-up to 'Maid's Revenge', following the progression of Laura, Michelle and Miranda.


"They're ready for you now Laura."

Stacey offered a supportive smile to Laura as she was shown into the boardroom. The portrait of their absentee Company president, Mrs Carruthers stared dispassionately down. She had inherited the company on her husband's death but in truth had no involvement with its affairs. That was the only hint of a female presence in the room. Around that all-powerful table sat the five members of the board. Five men.

Upon entering Laura was met with five leering pairs of eyes, shamelessly mentally undressing her. Just as they did to all the female staff. The board members of 'Osiris Investments' liked to style themselves on Mad Men or Entourage; confident that they were above reproach, they therefore treated the women to occasional groping, belittling and verbal harassment. Unless you had a cock, you weren't getting promoted.

"You're looking particularly frisky today Laura, care to stand over there and give us a show?" With that, Robin gave his subordinate a wink and a wolfish grin.

Laura chose to let slide the Chairman's remark, she had waited months for an opportunity to give her pitch. Moving towards the computer she bent over and uploaded her presentation. She only realised she had offered a perfect view of her cleavage when she heard them sniggering. Straightening and psyching herself up, she gave the board a fake but beguiling smile and began her pitch. Even while she was talking, she grew disheartened. They looked entirely bored, completely switched off. Tom was even playing around on his phone. As she reached her conclusion she was met with silence.

"Niche investment packages tailored for female clients?" Robin snorted in derision.

Trying to summon a smile, Laura replied "Yes, it's something our competitors have been introducing, but not to its full potential, we will be -"

"Save it missy, leave the blue skies thinking to us alright?" With another wink, Robin gestured to the door. As she made to leave, he threw his hand hard at her ass, an audible CRACK had the men guffawing in laughter at this hilarious putdown.

"And that's why we don't let women in the boardroom!"

Half running the final steps out of the room, Laura stifled a want to cry as the laughter stripped her of all dignity.


That evening she was consoled by her work colleagues. Miranda, the Spanish beauty that looked up to Laura as her mentor. Michelle, who had started way back with Laura. Her long blonde hair and schoolgirl looks were always a target for the men's entirely unoriginal dumb blonde jokes. And Stacey, whose DD breasts and smooth ebony skin were the constant recipient of unwanted male attention. They drank through the bottles of wine as they lamented the way the men were running the company into the ground. Lament turned to anger. Fierce anger and hatred. Emboldened by the wine, all their suffering and dismay at was happening came to boil. That night a pact was made, if the men wanted a gender war, they were going to get one. It was time for the men of the office to get screwed over.


"Why did we agree to this!?"

Robin shifted nervously next to Tom and the rest of the board. The small waiting room they had been ushered into earlier had been locked from the outside, but they could hear the party in the next room. Like gladiators locked away awaiting their fate in the arena, they could do nothing but listen to the progression, or rather decent, into raucousness on the other side of the wall. Dance music was pounding and their female colleagues were clearly enjoying themselves. Enjoying themselves a lot. In the largest room of the office, Laura and her friends danced together, unencumbered by any domineering male presence. When the few male subordinates of the company had got wind of what was about to happen to their male superiors, most had sensibly skulked away from the party. Only the gay guys had stayed on to witness the main event.

Stacey hugged Laura tightly, the feeling of those large breasts pressed against her chest was not lost on Laura, and she gave her friend a long, tender kiss on the lips. There was a tantalising sense of anticipation in the air. It was electric, girls gathered closely and whispered in each other's ears; hushed, amazed tones on what was about to happen. And all had fixed smiles of delight. The two dozen female staff that had been invited to this 'charity' event could not quite believe what had been promised. They could not believe their imperious bosses were about to go through with this.

"It was that black bitch that has done this. This is not at all how she described it would be." Robin spat out the words in anger but betraying his fear to the other men. Pouring a large vodka (the only 'refreshments' that had been provided for the board in the small room) he drained the glass and poured another. "Come on lads, dutch courage and all that."

One by one, the bottles were emptied, and not one of them noticed the odd taste.

They sulked with bitterness on how the sluts had duped them into this. When Stacey had made this proposal to them, with her tits practically spilling out of her blouse and visible suspender lines through her tight little skirt, they had loved the idea of it. All that female attention, all those nubile secretaries telling them how fit they were, worshipping them, paying money hand over fist to get their hands on the lads. They had argued over who would get the highest bid, debated over the hottest bitch to be bought by. But this was different, the women were clearly not fawning over them, they were in complete control.

Next door, Laura sensed it was time for the unveiling. Mounting the makeshift stage they had assembled from office desks, she lapped up the applause and cheers of her female co-workers. They were frenzied, like a gaggle of hyena's waiting to pounce and kill the prey. There would be no mercy.

"Ladies and ladies!"

The got a ripple of laughs as a few scornful looks were given to the three gay guys still hanging around at the back, the only impediment to making this an all-female affair.

"When our illustrious board gave me the task of organising a charity event to help the company's public image, their vague instructions on what the cause should be was 'animals or summat'! Well I think I've chosen a cause more close to our hearts - "FEM NOW". Some of you may know it, the fastest growing female empowerment programme in the country today and all tonight's proceeds will be going into their struggle against misogyny."

This female room erupting into cheering once more. FEM NOW was often in the papers for its aggressive legal pursuits of male-dominated companies. Their latest success had been against a well-established law firm, forcing them to accept over 50% of women into senior positions and mandatory sexual discrimination workshops for all male employees.

"So I think you've all waited long enough...without any further ado, let's get this SLAVE AUCTION started!!"

In the room next door the men went silent. Some actually began to tremble as they listened to the hum of vicious chanting of the women next-door:



The turn of the lock snapped the boys back to here and now. Miranda came in with such a smirk on her face that for the first time in his life, Tom felt truly afraid of a woman. As her heels clicked on the floor towards him, he sub-consciously dropped his hands to shield his crotch. Without a word she grabbed him by the tie and led him out into the lion's den.

The wall of noise hit him like a sledgehammer, a deafening mix of chanting and jeering. As he was led up to the stage he looked on in horror. His secretary was there, chanting SLAVE! SLAVE! SLAVE! at him, he could feel the hatred in her eyes. Laura commanded the baying crowd to settle down as she took Tom painfully by the ear and brought him forward.

"Well ladies, here we have lot 1! He usually insists on being called SIR by subordinates. But tonight we are in charge aren't we girls!? Tonight his name is SLAVE."

The chanting erupted again on cue.


"He's not a bad specimen, six feet tall, good abs..." Her hands groped at his body imperiously.


"Oh..." mused Laura, acting taken aback. "I suppose that's only fair, the buyer should see what they're paying for"

Before Tom could comprehend his shirt was ripped open. The room cheered! He stood there, half-naked, with his tie like a noose around his neck.


Laura feigned shock at the suggestion. But his secretary Olivia screamed it again "I want him stripped!"

The women gladly took up the cause, STRIP! STRIP! STRIP!

Tom knew he should do something quick. But his head felt woozy, the spotlights glared mercilessly on him, he needed to act. Dizzy with the effects of the drink and this fearful situation, he could only look on as Laura invited his secretary up onto the stage. Olivia proceeded to list his faults to the assembled jury of women, his transgressions, his leering looks, how she was made to lie to his wife to cover up his infidelity. This was no longer just a charity auction, this was a sentencing.

The women were baying for him now, a macho pig that subjugated women. They wanted him stripped of all dignity. Olivia took things into her own hands, she feverishly tugged and pulled at his belt, taking it and looping it around.

"Take them off Tom."

She held the belt menacingly, he looked to Laura for aid, but was met with a wicked smile.


Olivia whipped his naked back with the belt. She did it again and again, until Tom was on all fours screaming his surrender. The crowd was mad with lust and anger, they heckled Tom until he stood up and dejectedly began to step out of his trousers.

He stood before two dozen female co-workers, head bowed, in nothing but his little white briefs. Kneeling in front of him like it was her own personal right to do this, Olivia slowly yanked down his remaining modesty.

Laughter. All he could hear was laughter. His eyes were closed, but all other eyes were drinking in his humiliation. Olivia was flicking his little willy side to side, he was a joke and now every woman in the office knew it. Camera phones flashed, enshrining Tom's downfall for eternity.

"We'll be here all night and day at this rate ladies!" said Laura, attempting to regain some resemblance of order. "Don't forget, the slave you buy will be your personal assistant for all next week, you can have him do anything."

"No...that's not what I agreed to..." Tom stifled tears but kept his eyes shut.

Olivia whispered in his ear "You should read what you sign bitch." She did not surrender her position on the stage, she stood next to Tom, one arm clamped tightly over his shoulders, the other hand clasping his balls, threatening to crush them.

"These belong to me! £50!" With that she squeezed his balls in a vice like grip, she would own him.



The bids went up and up until Olivia won out at £200. She bowed to the crowd as they applauded her personal victory over her boss, and she yanked him down from the stage by his noose.

Laura wanted to get things moving, after the auction there was still the final reckoning to achieve "Well ladies a promising start, £200 to FEM NOW. Now lets get another SLAVE in here"

Pulling him by his hair, Michelle marched Ethan into the room. Delightful cheering broke out once more. Ethan was the youngest of the board, only just turned 30. He was quite the pretty boy with his curly hair and his effeminate looks. Michelle had tied his hands up so he could merely stand there, a deer in headlights, his head incapacitated by whatever it was they had been given to drink, as the girls lusted over his fit young body.

Playfully placing a hand on his shoulder, Laura asked "Ethan seems a little overdressed for a slave, who would like to strip him and own him?" The bidding began high, with the thought of ripping off his expensive work clothes and getting to uncover his young naked flesh. His relative youth seemed to have stirred something amongst the older ladies of the group, who desperately fought to unleash themselves on this docile lamb. Owning this pretty boy did not go unnoticed to another group. The three gays of the office, who had until now watched from the back in disbelief, grouped together and bid to own his ass. One by one the ladies of the office were outbid, until it was down to Bella, an ageing Jamaican cleaning lady and the gay men.

"I have £300 from the 'gentlemen' at the back" Laura glanced to Bella, would she out-bid them? Ethan look at her pleadingly. The doe-eyed whore begged her, he knew what the gays of the office would do to him. He couldn't bear the thought of being some enslaved gay whore. His only hope was a fat old Jamaican lady he had once dismissed as poor trash.

"£380!! Sold to Bella Wilkinson!"

The brief relief turned to disbelief for Ethan as the elderly cleaning lady scrambled with some difficulty up onto the stage. Ethan was repulsed by her layers of fat squeezed into a tight short dress. Her boob tube barely contained two huge saggy breasts. Shocking everyone with her frenzied moves, she tore his shirt off and dug her nails down his naked torso. She was 56 and had not had a man for twenty years since her husband had left her. Like a wolf tearing into flesh she molested the young man on the stage to the encouragements of the mob. As she was struggling to pull down his trousers, Laura offered something to help. A pair of scissors.

Bella cut down the leg of his trousers and flung them into towards the assembled women. Quizzical looks turned to derision as Ethan's interesting choice of underwear was exposed. A silk red thong. A male posing pouch, with a VERY impressive bulge at the front. Bella screamed in disbelief at his exotic lingerie, she had no idea men would wear such girly panties! She turned him around so all could see he was in a thong.

Forcing him onto his knees with his ass towards the audience Bella did what she had always wanted to do to her ex-husband. She threw her powerful, worn hands at his ass cheeks. A few of the audience gasped and held their hands to their mouths in amazement as this strong woman fuelled by fury destroyed his pink little cheeks was almighty hits. Laura heard a snuffling noise and knelt down next to Ethan, she lightly pulled his head up to her. He was crying. Laura gently licked his cheeks to taste his tears and called for an end to his spanking.

Taking him by the hair, Bella dragged him up to face the crowd and the camera phones. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. Holding the scissors threateningly before Ethan's face, she made a snip snip motion, and proceeded to cut his little sissy thong off. His thick, heavy dick spilled into view and Bella was in love. A naked little boy, crying, with the penis of a bull. She knew from this day forward she would make him hers forever - forget a week! - She would blackmail him to marry her, his wealth would become hers, and he would become hers. Her naked slave for life. She cut his hands free and then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. He did not resist, he felt her huge body press against him. His hands fell down and cupped her large buttocks. He squeezed them and felt his penis tingle with desire. What was happening to him? The audience cooed and clapped. Leading her new man off the stage by his heavy dick, Bella walked other to the coterie of gay men at the back. Ethan bowed his head in fear as Bella explained that if he did not do as she instructed, he would be handed over to these voracious men.

As Miranda was sent to fetch the next slave, Laura took the time to observe the room. Girls were dancing, drinking, completely liberated. The male tormenters were tonight's entertainment and they would never let them forget it. To one side of the room Oliva was sat down whilst Tom knelt at her feet, sullenly nodding as she give him a stern telling off regarding who was in charge now. In the corner, Bella and Ethan were shamelessly making out on a couch. Laura noticed Ethan had a hand up Bella's skirt and his ten inch dick was rock hard! A number of women were sloppy drunk now, and a few were even kissing and caressing each other.

To be continued...

Written by: MissKateKees

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